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Hitachi 0S03339 2.5IN 750GB 7200RPM 16GB SATA2 Mobile Hard Drive

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Hitachi Travelstar 7K750 750GB Hard Drive, 7200RPM,16GB Cache - HTS727550A9E364 Hitachi Travelstar 7K750 750GB Hard Drive, 7200RPM,16GB Cache - HTS727550A9E364 $149.39 CAD Shop Now

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Hitachi 0S03339 2.5IN 750GB 7200RPM 16GB SATA2 Mobile Hard Drive
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Rating: 8.67/10
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Review Date: 03/17/12
Cons: Largest available 7200 RPM at the present time. A 1.5 TB drive would be nice.

Pros: Fast, quiet, vibration free.
I purchased this drive to replace the OEM Hitachi 320 GB 5400 RPM drive in my mid-2009 MacBook Pro. The model of MBP that I have has some issues with certain hard drives and incompatibilities with its firmware that was never really fixed. Many mid-2009 MBP users report problems with Seagate and Western Digital 7200 RPM drives and the same model I have. Because the OEM was a Hitachi, I decided to upgrade with the same brand name as Apple had used.So far the drive works flawlessly in my MacBook Pro. The 320 GB model I had tested at an average speed of 70 MB/sec. This Hitachi 750 GB 7200 model I replaced it with gets a steady 105 MB/sec. This was tested using AJA Kona System Test, a fairly reliable hard disk speed testing suite.It is noticeably warmer, but not unbearable. I don't know for sure about battery life, but I can attest that on the first charge from 100%, I got about 3 hours, and typically I get just over that. All-in-all a good, fast, quiet, vibration-free, and highly compatible drive. Highly recommend it.

Review Date: 09/17/11
Cons: little impact on battery due to more rpm compared the stock drive

Pros: Quite, no vibration, cheap and just like stock drive
I installed the drive last night on my macbook pro (mid 2009). I originally wanted to upgrade with WD 750GB 7200 RPM, but finally chose Hitachi due to many people reported unexplained issues with Macbook Pro (mid 2009) and WD 750GB. So far Hitachi is super quite and has less vibration comparing to the original Fujitsu drive. but a little more strain on battery, which i think is due to its 7200 rpm. Instead of 7 hours, now my mac shows less than 6 hours of operating time with 100% of full battery with just mac mail and safari opened.I may later provide another feedback once I use it for a while.

Review Date: 09/05/11
Cons: yet to be seen.

Pros: Quite inexpensive (got it $70 reg $90) compared to the equivalent version from Seagate or Western Digital.
Disk was sealed in plastic bag, enclosed and sealed in awhite and grey box. On my system, it shows up as model "Hitachi HTS727575A9E364"You can find information on hitachi website:http://www.hitachigst.com/internal-drives/mobile/travelstar/travelstar-7k750Not sure what will happen when Western Digital completes thetakeover at the end of the year. Just replaced the laptop drive, cloned it and rebooted. Havebeen using it only for a day.Haven't noticed any additional heat or noise compared to previousdisk - actually it is quiet so far.Haven't tested the speed yet but from what I seen from passmark,it is just below the performance of the Seagate ST9750420ASand not as fast as the fastest Western Digital WD7500BPKT.I did consider the Seagate due to the way they did the"advanced format" but saw that they may have a problemof sudden failure.

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