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Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 PCI-E 2XDVI-I Video Card

Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 PCI-E 2XDVI-I Video Card (SAPPHIRE: 11133-03-20R)
SAPPHIREVPN: 11133-03-20R
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Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 PCI-E 2XDVI-I Video Card
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.74/10
With 19 User Reviews

Review Date: 08/14/09
Cons: Overclock is not very goodHigh tempsCan be loud

Pros: Better cooler than reference design
This is a very nice card. Runs almost all the games I play at a decent frame rate. I ran the ATI Overdrive for this card and it didn't manage to go very far. Ended up switching back to stock speed. If the fan is set to 100% it sounds like a vacuum. 50% is almost inaudible. Idles around 50 and loads is about 70 at 50%

Review Date: 05/16/09
Cons: Card died after 60 days

Pros: Decent cooling system
NCIX warranty is only 30 days. The card died after 60 days. Under the Sapphire warranty I have to pay to ship the card to Hong Kong for evaluation and pay to ship it back. My computer will be down 4-8 weeks. I'm less than impressed. If you buy Sapphire cards I recommend buying them from a retailer that provides a longer term exchange warranty.

Review Date: 04/23/09
Cons: non

Pros: wonderful performance
bought it for my new i7 build, cost 190 on sale. works amazing on my evga x58 board. would propably buy again if it's on sale.

Review Date: 04/06/09
Cons: None so far

Pros: Awesome Price/Performance RatioDecent stock cooler temperature
I'm really satisfied with this card. I bought a custom cooler thinking it would run really hot (my previous card was a 8800GT and would run at 80-90C under load ... and the fan was really noisy) but I was surprised that it ran around 50 while gaming, 60 at full load and the fan while not completely silent is NOTHING like my old 8800GT. So I didn't even install my custom cooler yet.

Review Date: 04/05/09
Cons: Weak OCing ability, 4890s would be better now

Pros: Excellent performance in most games, runs relatively cool, no problems as of yet, comes in a nicer casing than shown here
This graphics card is great, it will do HDMI out, perform great in most games, and is well designed for the most part. Only issue I had was the weak OCing ability (my CPU case is Antec 902 and well ventilated). The 4890 is also out which makes this card a kind of a hard sale at this price...

Review Date: 03/30/09
Cons: warranty is not as good as XFX's

Pros: Price on special, GPU power, very quiet cooling system
An excellent card with a heatpipe/fan cooler (unlike the picture). Good power and esp on sale it's the best bang/buck ratio of any current video card. Sadly though Sapphire does not have as good a warranty as XFX.

Review Date: 03/15/09
Cons: the card i got does not look like the one in the picturesi wanted a hot babe on my card but the smooth black looks nice

Pros: Fast single card and when you crossfire it with a 4870 x2 you get a nice little boost the shaders on ATI is amazing
i got mine during the promo for 200 and i couldnt help myself and i would pay 300 for this cuz it is a nice cardmy 9800gx2 and 260 lags with my shaders at maxthis card runs the same on low and high shaders i dont know what ati did but dam keep it up
Sheng Chun_W@NCIX

Review Date: 03/06/09
Cons: Not good when it comes to crossfire...

Pros: Low cost, Powerful
Well, got it on promo price !! Just around 200! can't beat it. As for how it did in my pc? I do have 9800gx2 and the 3d mark between them are around the same. But the heat is totally different! This one is actually much cooler than GX2. However, if u are looking for a high mark video cards. This might not be the one you are looking for.
Brent C@NCIX

Review Date: 03/02/09
Cons: none

Pros: 25% increase over my 8800gt, sale price, excellent heatsink
Great card, installed with cat's 9.2 without a hitch in a system previously loaded with forceware. All games increased 25% across the board from a 8800gt. COD4 went from 52-74 to 75-92, mass effect from 18-27 to 27-35, tombraider from 43 to 56, etc.NCIX needs to update  the picture of the card to the newer "silent efficency" heatsink (blue and black with 3 heatpipes). Cards runs cool and quiet.Very happy with this purchase, ati drivers have a easier intall package than nvidia as well. Having used both gpu makers over the years, I am happy to be with ati right now. NCIX had them on for $198.00, what a steal.highly recommended.

Review Date: 02/23/09
Cons: - My Visiontek HD4870 (Reference design) could have its memory at 1100 from 900, while this one is at 1050 but it all depend on sample you get so not really a weakness. Anyway it doesn't do any diffrence on performance.- Price when not on sale or price-matched.

Pros: - VERY silent- Stylish design (ok we don't really care..)- Very good performance- Must-have when on sale at 250$.- New heatsink is easily 20C less than reference, and I speak in a very good air-cooled case.
Mine is overclocked at 805/1050 at all time and idle at 45-50. My Visiontek's core was stable at 770 or 790 but just in ETQW. So with this Sapphire you get some little overclocking room but honnestly between me and you, you mostly get this card for silence and low heat.

Review Date: 02/19/09
Cons: -nVidia still has superior drivers-Runs a bit hot even e stock clocks

Pros: -High value compared with equivalent nVidia products-Better cooler (than 1st version)-Headroom for overclocking (when adequately cooled)
As anyone who buys computer parts online knows, pictures rarely match the actual product (google the part# if you need a certain color/style/whatever)... this model was advertised as red board & red cooler but is actually a blue board & black heatpipe cooler (way nicer!). I was still slightly surprised by the size even though I already expected a big, heavy card. Easy to install, comes with all adapters including molexes in case for some odd reason your PSU can push the power but doesn't have 2x 6-pin PCI-E. Was able to max out just about any recent game, but despite the effective-looking cooler it still gets a bit hotter than it should--I may eventually replace it. Highly recommended any 4870 card, probably still the best bang for the buck at the time of this writing.

Review Date: 02/10/09
Cons: None

Pros: In this pictures it shows the regular stock cooler, but I actually got one with an upgraded heatsink, which is a lot less noisy then my stock heatsink visiontek 4870. They need to update  their pictures. Also I got it for $240, so it was hell of a deal.
Awesome card, with a quiet fan on it, not like the stock noisy ones, like on most of the others. Might pick up another to crossfire = ).

Review Date: 02/06/09
Cons: -runs a a little hot-occasionally games will crash if your overclock settings are too high

Pros: -Crossfire compatible-GDDR5 memory-runs pretty much every modern game at max settings-ati software allows very easy overclocking-best card for the money for the money
ATI is definitely on top of the GPU market right now. The 4870 is definitely the best bang for your buck card right now. Budget-minded builders will not be dissatisfied with this card. Highly recommend if you want top of the line gaming on the cheap.

Review Date: 01/27/09
Cons: none

Pros: only $250 when I purchased itnothing beats this in price/performance
250 for a brand new 4870! can't beat that at all atm. This one has the aftermarket cooler on it that keeps it alot cooler and quieter but I would rather got the one with the stock cooler to preserve the look of them in xfire.

Review Date: 01/21/09
Cons: Total and complete lack of any documentation

Pros: Solid build, price, performance, very good FPS-per-$ ratio
There are no manuals provided with these cards, nor are any apparently available from the ATI site. The CD doesn't have manuals either. Frustrating. I had to search various fora to find out if I needed to hook up both power connectors (YES) and use one or both xfire bridges (MIXED, I went with YES)A simple xfire insert  in the box would have been nice.

Review Date: 01/18/09
Cons: none

Pros: SapphirePrice Quality
I recently bought this card on sale for my new computer. It is really well built and really silent.

Review Date: 10/03/08
Cons: Freezes constantly as soon as a game is played

Pros: NoneComplete dissapointement I expected a great video card I realize that ATI is down ion the sewers Nvidia I embrace you after 10 years of unfaithfulness!
Stay far away from this card...problems with fan speed set by default q 25% & then you waste your time updating and changing and finally using Riva Tuner (from Nvidia?) that is only one compatible...to realize all problem was with drivers that are not up to date...stay away...8.8 or 8.9 no good!

Review Date: 08/31/08
Cons: runs too hot(had to follow fan fix instructions)made a profile in Catalyst to cool the situation down a bit

Pros: amazing colour depth,amazing frame rates with superampling and all the bells and whistles activated,beats my 3870x2 np
ATi has really hit a home run with this card,play anything you want at max just about(not crisis...grrrr but close)I run these in crossfire on an x48 rampage and i am stunned at how badly they beat up on my 3870x2x2 on my x38 maximus.....WOW...great cards...just get one...or two..I have found Sapphire to be a little overpriced but I have had so much luck with there offerings as far as reliability and overclocking potential that i continue to buy from them but seem to be one of the few who buy from them..lol

Review Date: 07/14/08
Cons: Power consumption

Pros: Really fast with great quality
switched from 8800gt with two of these 4870... I never purchased from ATI.. This is my first time.. and I don't regret a thing~!!Best purchase ever-!!
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