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Pelican 1920B 2 AAA LED BLK

Pelican 1920B 2 AAA LED BLK (Pelican : 1920-000-110)
VPN: 1920-000-110
Vendor: Pelican
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Pelican 1920B 2 AAA LED BLK
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Review Date: 01/30/14
Cons: -Does not dispense candy or come with a free kitten-Also, no rainbows either

Pros: +Brighter than other 70-80 lumen lights I've used+Warm light output, no blue tint+Fits in the pen spot in my mechanic coveralls+VERY well made, no problems in 18months of hard use+Works very well with Eneloop batteries, good battery life+Inexpensive!!!+Pelican's lifetime warranty is solid
After going through several flashlights as a mechanic, this is the only light I've found yet that puts up with my daily use yet still fits in the small pen slot in my uniform. Brighter than any other 2xAAA lights from Mac/Snap-On/Streamlight I've used/seen, and keeps going where others have failed.I've dropped mine on concrete, in oil and coolant, on hot exhaust manifolds, and the anodizing has held up. The lens has survived through grinder sparks and slag/sparks from oxy-acetylene torch cutting, with just a few scratches. I've put close to 200 sets of batteries through it (thanks Eneloop!), and still the threads for the tailcap are in great shape. The switch has not failed me once, even after dropping it switch-down a few times (my more expensive Mac Tools light had regular switch faults from improper design, my rep got tired of giving me new ones every couple months). The pocket clip has not bent or given any trouble, despite being used constantly every day.If this light fails me, which will probably happen eventually, I'll just get a warranty replacement...I won't trade this light for any other. This light is a winner.

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