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LG 23EA73LM-P 23IN LED Widescreen Monitor IPS 1920x1080 1MS 10M:1 D-Sub DVI HDMI Tilt Speaker

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LG 23EA73LM-P 23IN LED Widescreen Monitor IPS 1920x1080 1MS 10M:1 D-Sub DVI HDMI Tilt Speaker
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Rating: 8.67/10
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Review Date: 02/10/14
Cons: ok stand, ok speakers, won't run 75hz out of box over hdmi, buttons suck

Pros: Decent price on sale, 2x hdmi, thin bezel, crisp, vesa mount
My first IPS monitor and I'm never going back to TN again. The contrast and color is so much better than any TN panel I've ever had and it works for gaming (I haven't experienced any ghosting).I use this monitor for coding daily and it's a joy to use. Much better on my eyes than any of the TN monitors I've used. I adjusted some settings to get text to my liking, though out of the box it's fine.As with most monitors in this price range the stand is mediocre. If you are going to mount it on a stand (I like ergotron ones), it's not an issue. That being said it's better than some other stands and the lightness of the monitor helps.The super thin bezel is great and means much less gap when running multiple monitors. I want to move all my monitors over to this one now.The 2x hdmi (plus vga) is useful. The speakers are fine for work and I've even used them to game when I can't be bothered to turn on my speakers and sub. I run large bookshelf speakers with a 15" home theatre sub when I want to be immersed, but for hearing dialogue in games or watching tutorials online the monitor speakers are fine. It's great that you can plug in other HDMI sources that require audio directly in a pinch (e.g. dvd/bluray, game console etc).The button are horrible, luckily you won't need to spend much time in the settings. Once you get used to them they are livable, but they are the silly capacitive type ones and either are way too sensitive or exhibit some amount of button bounce (if that's even possible on capacitive buttons). If you've ever experienced button bounce you'll know what I'm talking about. Don't know if that was cheaper than physical buttons or to keep the bezel clean, but it is annoying. Not a deal killer by any means, but bad enough it makes me question why they put them through to production as is. In practice it isn't a huge deal, just seems strange for a monitor that performs so well otherwise.I question whether this is actually a 75Hz monitor as it doesn't advertise it over hdmi and I couldn't find much on it on LG's site. It appears people have been able to send it a 75Hz signal (by forcing their drive to send it), but whether or not it actually is running at 75Hz or it just accepts inputs up to that I don't know. Can't be bothered to spend any more time looking into it and runs fine at 60Hz.

Review Date: 07/30/13
Cons: -Contrast levels out of the box are just okay but black levels are poor at default settings-there is an external power brick-text is comparable to most screens but down quality wise from the IPS226V which is also an LG IPS monitor-stand is a bit wobbly-No DVI port!-No HDMI to HDMI cable included (only to mini)-Could not run at 75hz refresh without software mod?!?!

Pros: -Color is rather accurate out of the box-The external power prick is small-Low cost, very good value-several settings that enhance color and contrast in menu-very good for gaming; impressed-Most of the monitors faults can be fixed in the monitor settings menu-Comes with VGA cable and HDMI to mini HDMI cable-Least Ghosting I have ever seen in a monitor (besting even a 120hz BenQ I purchased in the past but my ISP226V was better than the benQ for gaming as well).-IPS, colours and viewing angles are amazing compared to a regular TN film based LED monitor.
This is one of the best gaming monitors I have used, comparable to my older LG IPS226V when setup for color accuracy. This monitor out of the box looks like a good TN panel monitor, when setup it shines above any TN panel.I could not select the advertised 75Hz refresh rate without a software mod. The contrast was sub par out of the box; colors were a bit dull and black crush issue however the blacks were easily fixed with menu settings.Applies to HDMI connection type, NOT VGA:Out of box black levels are set "low" setting this to "high" improves black and white levels. Super+resolution should be set to "low" improves sharpness; turned off images have a slight blur turned higher you lose contrasts especially in the gray scale. Gamma0 is the best setting for contrast, Gamma1 isn't bad but Gamma2 was too bright. In monitor settings contrast to 74, brightness to about 45.Once configured this monitor is amazing value especially as a gaming monitor... no comment on the built in speakers other than, do not expect much volume or quality. I used Custom Resolution Utility to get my 75hz refresh rate that I believe should have worked out of box.My settings above are what I used for an HDMI connection for best image quality. VGA may no apply to the settings I wrote above; different inputs give different results.The lack of Ghosting is impressive, I've owned many 2ms response time screens but this one beats them all. Would not trade for any 120Hz monitor that currently exists, set this one to 75Hz if image tearing is a concern.Could not rate 5 out of 5 stars after all the work put into this screen. Once setup it is certainly 5 out of 5 (overscan was an issue out of box for me had to correct in order to get use of the full screen). This review was modfied by poster @ 07-30-13 10:05 PM

Review Date: 07/30/13
Cons: minor: controls are a bit too sensitive, stand is a touch wobbly if you shake the desk

Pros: Sharp, great colors, lots of room on screen, good price, viewing angles, no ghosting whatsoever, very thin bezel, great power consumption in live and standby modes, 3 year warranty
Enjoy using this new monitor - replaced the old 1680x1050 monitorBarely wider footprint, but much-much more room on screen. Text is sharper, colors are richer, no back-light bleed around the edges, decent speakers. Was considering an Asus model of similar size, but $53 in price difference decided the choice for me. Also the Asus model uses silver frame and stand, while this one uses black - which I prefer.Good power consumption: only .3W in either off or standby - I don't even bother now to turn it off.Photos look great, text looks crisp, moving images have absolutely no ghosting I could see. Thinking of buying a second one for my parents now...

Product Features

Product Specifications

Screen Size23"
Recommended Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate75Hz
Brightness250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Response Time5ms
Display TypeFull HD
Built-in SpeakersYes
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