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LG 25UM55-P 25" Ultra Widescreen LED 21:9 2560 X 1080 IPS Dual HDMI Glossy Black

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LG 25UM55-P 25" Ultra Widescreen LED 21:9 2560 X 1080 IPS Dual HDMI Glossy Black
Very Good
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Rating: 8.5/10
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Review Date: 02/07/15
Cons: Price point at regular price.Aspect ratio means that most media content excluding games will be letter boxed.Non adjustable stand.

Pros: Good colour accuracy.Sharp image.Slim bezel.Good quality panel.
Great monitor overall, included cable works fine to push the 2560x1080 w 60 FPS. Just wait for a sale.

Review Date: 02/04/15
Cons: Typical IPS glowImage doesn't reach to edge of thin bezelDefault profile colours aren't accurate.

Pros: Good coloursGood viewing anglesUltra wide resolution is great for movies, games and multitasking.Screen split software is usefulVery sharp image/pixel pitchCan enable reader mode without affecting your monitor calibration settings.
The thin bezel seems rather pointless since a black border remains between the image and bezel. Image is still 25" though.Default monitor profile is not good. There are photo, cinema, and game settings. Cinema looked a bit de-saturated, game setting was blueish as was the default setting. Photo produced the best colours and I only had to adjust the brightness/contrast. You can adjust the colours to your liking as well. All settings have extremely bright whites, blinding in fact. You will definitely want to adjust brightness/contrast.The IPS glow is fairly uniform, not too bright, more noticeable in the corners depending how close you are to the screen. Typical of all IPS panels. You'll notice it if you look for it with dark movies and games.You don't need a Display port cable unless you're hooking up 2 input sources for dual link-up/PBP. HDMI works at full resolution/frequency. Initially I had to plug it into the HDMI2 port. HDMI1 port works now as well.A lot of older games will work with the ultrawide screen. There is free software to force some games to work.I bought this to replace a 24" 1920x1200 TN panel. The image on this new screen is much sharper. Colours are much better as well. It's noticeably shorter in height than a 24" monitor but I wouldn't go back to 1080p ever.Great monitor for $200.

Review Date: 01/23/15
Cons: -Rounded edge of bezel makes it hard to line up in multi-monitor set up- Part of the bezel is internal, flush with the screen, so you lose an extra 4cm of screen space top and bottom, relative to the 'physical' bezel. -Can be difficult to get display to max resolution at first

Pros: - Cheap- Amazing quality of picture and clarity- It's ultrawide
I got one of these for Christmas, and I loved it so much that I bought another one. BIG mistake. The symmetry was all wrong, so I had to buy another one. Now I have three.I have some pics of my set up here: http://imgur.com/a/UkuRtI'm running three of these in a multi-monitor set up. Two of the monitors are connected with displayport, and one is with HDMI.The one connected through HDMI took a lot more trial and error to get it to display at 2560 x 1080.The first one I hooked up was using HDMI, and it didn't work(at max res) until I had both updated my graphics card drivers and installed the LG display drivers, and restarted. There is a program that LG installs to run at start up called AutoResUtilityService.exe . I think this really helps in allowing this resolution to display over HDMI. (Yes, you can run higher than 1080p res over HDMI, but your cables(and ports) need to be HDMI 1.3 or higher I think). That being said, there is intermittent horizontal screen tearing on the screen that is using HDMI, but it didn't start happening until after I hooked up more monitors, so that might be my card, not the display. When connected via Displayport, these monitors connect instantly and flawlessly. The default color balances were great for me, and it used the full resolution right away.I didn't know this until I set these up, but they have built in speakers(using audio through HDMI) that are actually pretty damn good!I highly recommend these monitors. At the $200 mark, these are unbeatable for quality.

Review Date: 01/17/15
Cons: You need a displayport cable to use the max resolution of 2560x1080P, which is not included, add anoter 20-30$. In box HDMI won't be able to do it.

Pros: Alot, you can plug two hdmi on it and have both signal side by side. Colors, size and design are awesome!
Overall very nice monitor, specialy for the price!

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