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Allsop Widescreen Mouse Pad - Silver Raindrop

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Allsop Widescreen Raindrop Mouse Pad - Silver (29648)
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Product Reviews

Allsop Widescreen Mouse Pad - Silver Raindrop
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.7/10
With 6 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/10/10
This large letterbox shaped mousepad is a great size and I like the water drop graphic. After a solid couple months of use it is standing up well. I wish it were thinner because I like my mousepads super thin. This one is about three millimeters thick. Overall I am happy.

Review Date: 03/05/10
works great for Wide screen set ups and is a must for optical mice!

Review Date: 07/09/09
Got this for my brother who had recently spilled water on his computer, as a reminder not to with its water droplet graphics! I like that it doesnt come in extra packaging to unwrap. Though it is padded, its not as thick as conventional, cheap mousepads.

Review Date: 05/15/09
It's a Mouse pad. Nothing too fancy, but it does what it is designed to do. I was having trouble with tracking with my Laser Mouse on my glossy wooden desk. Now my mouse tracks great. Also since it is padded, I have less wrist strain while using the mouse all day (AutoCAD/Solidworks).

Review Date: 12/11/08
Well what isint bad about this mouse pad? Lets see its wide as can be, its very durable I mean it isint like all stiff its very flexible and works tremendous with my G9 gaming mouse.... Oh yea there is one con..... I ordered one and it came with 2 if that's even a con...

Review Date: 08/23/08
Stylish and durable the wide screen thing isnt that big deal thou bottom line a great value for money
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Product Features

Allsop Widescreen Mouse Pad - Silver Raindrop
Everything is going widescreen. It?s all about the 16:9 ratio. Forget about that tired 4:3 ratio we are still seeing in some old school television shows. From LCD and Plasma TVs, to computer monitors, both of the Laptop and desktop varieties, widescreen is where it?s at. So why not give your computer mouse full use of the screen?

Allsop widescreen mouse pads are for those who find it necessary to navigate their screen without repositioning their mouse when they run into the edge of an undersized mouse pad. We?re talking about graphics professionals, music producers, mechanical engineers and sleep-deprived gamers working through the freaky underworld of Second Life.

While this pad is wider to match your screen, we use the same surface we?ve been famous for since we introduced our first mouse pad, like, 30 years ago. It?s smooth, but not too smooth. It?s soft, but not too soft. And besides all of that, the raindrop image is a nice way to bring a touch of the outdoors to your desk without resorting to a novelty image or photo.


  • Ideal for Optical, Laser, and Roller Ball Mice
  • Non-Slip Rubber Base
  • Gives You the Space You Need to Mouse Comfortably Without Going Off the Edge of the Pad
  • Designed for Widescreen 16-9 Aspect Ratio Monitors
  • 80% Larger than Standard Mouse pads

Product Specifications

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