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CABLES TO GO 30564 USB 2.0 Hi-speed Front Bay Hub 4 Port Black

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Product Reviews

CABLES TO GO 30564 USB 2.0 Hi-speed Front Bay Hub 4 Port Black
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.56/10
With 11 User Reviews

Review Date: 02/14/10
Bought to provide simple front access to USB. EZ to install. It was purchased at the same time with a PCI USB card which had 4 external and one internal USB port. This item connected to the internal port with a cable (provided).

Review Date: 02/09/10
This product is good, the only problem is the fact that it doesnt hook up to the motherboard but by the back of the PC... not really a problem but your not really getting 4 extra ports but 3... still good for the price your paying.

Review Date: 02/02/10
A nice product that works as it should.

Review Date: 01/26/10
I hooked it up to the power supply as directed. I hooked it into the USB port in the rear of the computer as directed. Once I did this the Power LED of the computer came on and my computer would not post. If I connected the hub after I turned on the computer, it was not detected in XP. I put it back in it's box and sent it back. I'll utilize the four ports in the rear for now. I will not make that mistake again.

Review Date: 01/05/10
Nice hub , and yes you need an internal usb port or run it to a rear port via the sloted card provided. I little flimsy but workable.Ports are not 100% solid so be careful using them.A good crd for an adults machine. A child may break it in months

Review Date: 09/20/09
Installation was simple and provided just what I wanted. My only negative, 4 stars instead of 5, was it was not made of metal. I can see someone cracking or breaking it if they aren't careful. Once installed it should be ok.

Review Date: 07/30/09
Next day delivery was a real surprise, compared to most other Internet retailers. Easy install, not a fragile product, lights are handy to show that port is functioning. But, when lights are unlit, it does not work, and has not worked for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I can just unplug/replug. Mike Fleming

Review Date: 05/10/09
Quality is good and the LED's only light when a device is plugged in and active,nice touch at this price point. Things to consider: The power hook up is with the same connector as a floppy drive which is no big deal if you have two plugs of that type or your discarding the FD. Otherwise you'll need the adapter. The other concern is with the USB connection which uses a standard Male plug not a pin connector to facilitate a motherboard hook up. On older machines the MoBo pins are USB 1.1 anyway and that wouldn't give the best performance. If you have an add on USB 2.0 card, some have an internal female USB hook up (as is my type) and this works great.If you don't have this feature, it is supplied with a cheater plate for the back panel of the computer with a slot to take the connector out the back and plug into a rear USB port if you have a spare. Workable albeit not very elegant.Be sure to read the product descriptions carefully. All this considered I'm happy with my purchase.

Review Date: 02/14/09
I see someone else came on the same conclusion I did, this product works OK except for one major flaw. Its pictured as internal and lists no external hookup but thats exactly what it has. The USB header coming of the port connects to a cable that you are supposed to run from the back of the hub, through the inside of your computer, out the back of one of the PCI ports and connect it to one your MB USB slots. The other connector for power on the USB hub is internal so why the heck they made such a lame design and ran the USB cable external is a mystery and is a shame. If you are like me and want a all internal system, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AS IT IS NOT AN ALL INTERNAL SETUP.

Review Date: 02/06/09
Works fine, but... I thought this internal hub actually connected to a USB header on the motherboard!! It dont!! It has a cable that goes out the back of you case then connects to your USB port. Really wanted to connect to a on board usb header. Otherwise it works fine as a hub. It also has a 4pin power connector for power devices.
Little Dra

Review Date: 09/09/08
This is a great device to add extra USB ports to older systems. It adds 4 new 2.0 USB ports to any 3.5 (floppy) drive bay. It's backwards compatible with the older 1.1 USB products so, it'll work with most any USB product today. It uses the same power cable as a standard floppy drive unit for power, and it uses an ''internal'' USB port on your motherboard or a PCI/USB card for the data connection. So, be sure you have an available internal USB port inside your PC.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Type: USB
Standards: USB 2.0/1.1
Max Devices Supported: 127
Ports: 1 upstream B header Port, 4 downstream A Ports
Transfer Rate: 1.5/12/480Mbps
Weight: 0.66 lbs.
Features: Adds 4 USB 2.0 hi-speed front-side ports to your computer Easily mounts internally into any available 3.5in drive bay Backwards compatible with USB 1.1 devices Plug-and-Play installation Supports per-port overcurrent detection and protection Works with USB-compliant Windows and Mac computers Certifications: USB-IF, FCC, CE
Package Contents: Port Authority2 USB 2.0 High-Speed Front-Bay Hub Internal power cable Backplane bracket with cable pass-through Mounting screws
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