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Genius - MaxFighter F-23U V2 - PC Joystick

Genius - MaxFighter F-23U V2 - PC Joystick (Genius: 31600022100)
VPN: 31600022100
Vendor: Genius
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Product Reviews

Genius - MaxFighter F-23U V2 - PC Joystick
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 4.3/10
With 2 User Reviews

Review Date: 04/13/09
Plug-n-play my @$$. After trying it in ten different USB ports, both onboard and offboard, my pc flat refused to recognize it. My recommendation: Run away, far and fast, and buy something from another manufacturer. Logitech, for example.

Review Date: 03/14/09
The thumb button was broken when I got it. I just had to drill out the hole in the button and glue it on. The joystick had no packing in the box. Everything works well, but it is hard to figure out intermediate positions on the throttle and rudder dials.

Product Features

Genius - MaxFighter F-23U V2. - PC Joystick
Want the digital edge when taking on the gaming competition? The MaxFighter F-23U V2 PC joystick features digital technology that enhances user precision, speed and control. With eight software assignable buttons, you?ll react instantly to the action onscreen. A well designed trigger button reacts instantly, so you'll never miss a shot. There's rotary trim control for X and Y axis on the bottom of the joystick. The MaxFighter F-23U V2 has a unique 3D reality control system and fully functional viewfinder, throttle, and rudder controls to maintain your mastery of the skies. This great joystick is Vista Capable, and automatically detects whether it should run in digital or analog modes. Software for the joystick is simple and straightforward to install. The Genius MaxFighter F-23U V2 PC Joystick is ergonomically designed to support long hours of play without causing muscle fatigue, and a sturdy base keeps the joystick stable. With tons of features that let you fine-tune your game-play, this is the joystick you need to blow the competition out of the sky.

A Closer Look


  • Digital technology to enhance precision, speed and control
  • Eight software assignable buttons
  • 3D virtual reality control system
  • Full function with View finder, Throttle, Rudder
  • Ergonomically designed hand grip reduces fatigue
  • Auto detects digital or analog modes
  • LED lights display on/off status
  • Easy joystick and software installation

Minimum System Requirements

  • IBM Compatible PC with Pentium processor or faster
  • Available USB port
  • Windows XP/Me/2000/98

What's Included

Product Specifications

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