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Ek Water Blocks EK-BAY Spin 5.25IN Bay Reservoir with Flow Meter & Waterfall - Acetali

Ek Water Blocks EK-BAY Spin 5.25IN Bay Reservoir with Flow Meter & Waterfall - Acetali (EK Water Blocks: 3830046994233)
VPN: 3830046994233
Vendor: EK Water Blocks
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Ek Water Blocks EK-BAY Spin 5.25IN Bay Reservoir with Flow Meter & Waterfall - Acetali
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.4/10
With 5 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/06/11
Cons: Waterfall effectnoisemay not suit all 5.25" drive bays without modification

Pros: Aestheticscool flow indicatorqualityEK
This is a great reservoir however, you will eventually find the waterfall effect isn't really a big deal. I got sick of the noise within a day or two so ended up filling it to the top.Just remember, when you have waterfall effect, it creates more bubbles and it finds its way into the outlet and back into your loop.also for 5.25" bay, with 600T, it won't go all the way in due to the lip to separate each bay doesn't clear the res itself or the other way around So i had to cut and file it down, IF ek made small cut along where it would roughly sit, that'd be better.

Review Date: 01/18/11
Cons: A bit expensive.

Pros: Great build quality. Makes a little "waterfall" noise. Integrated flow-meter. Fits in 2 5.25" bays.
Feels heavy in the hands and it looks very durable. Quite pretty; fits nice with my black case and the waterfall noise it beautiful, it's like always being at Niagara Falls...There's 3 exit holes on the back, so it's possible to choose whichever fits best in your build.

Review Date: 10/08/10
Cons: holes were not exactly on the same level, expensive

Pros: Great looks, great construction
From the moment you receive the box, to the moment you open it up, you feel like you are holding something solid in your hand.The reservoir is a dual 5.25" drive bay reservoir that will mount into 2 slots of the case.The spinning impeller is pretty neat too.The only two drawback are the price and the features.This reservoir is just pretty generic for the asking price of 70$.It could have had an alarm for temperature, flow, etc.Other than that, this product is top quality, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reservoir
Dark Ranger@NCIX

Review Date: 05/24/10
Cons: Takes 2 drive bay but no side encarving for the case drive tray.

Pros: Quality components.Look nice.Waterflow indicator.3 holes for multiple outlet options.The hexa key required to remove the front window is included.
This is a great product, the look is very nice and everything you need to install it is included except the barbs, but since this is mainly a personnal choice and depend of your personnal setup, it's not really a con. There is 3 exits for you to use, personnally, I used only one and put crystal plugs in the 2 others with UV led in them, wow is the only thing I can say. The only problem I had is that since there is no encarving on the side, I had to take my drill out and groove one on each side to be able to make it fit in my case (Cosmos S). The flowmeter works well and do not seem to really slow down my loop and the waterfall effect add a nice effect. Great product.

Review Date: 03/17/10
Cons: None

Pros: Top quality reservoir.
This reservoir is realy nice and it made with acetal...when you got this reservoir on your hands you realize the quality of this produt...it more heavy than the competition and look better too.It a good choice. 10/10

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