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Cables To Go 24" UV Reactive Ultra ATA133 EIDE Cable

Cables To Go 24" UV Reactive Ultra ATA133 EIDE Cable (Cables to Go: 50029)
VPN: 50029
Vendor: Cables to Go
Price: $327.99 - $451.13 CAD from 2 stores
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Swingline Fusion 5000L 12" Pouch Laminator - 12" (304.80 mm) Lamination Width - 10 mil Lamination Thickness (50029)
Canada's Technology Source Since 2003 
$327.99 CAD Buy Now
Swingline 50029   $451.13 CAD Buy Now

Product Reviews

Cables To Go 24" UV Reactive Ultra ATA133 EIDE Cable
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.9/10
With 8 User Reviews

Review Date: 11/21/09
Excellent cable. I was starting to have problems with my DVD writer. This fixed it.
D. Walker

Review Date: 10/22/09
I use these alot, mostley to help with cooling but I like the look in custom when I build them. Only prob. is with the wraps at the connectors, They tend to come loose and slide down the cable and don't try to disconnect them by pulling on the cable, use the tabs ;)

Review Date: 10/03/09
Using a full tower case I needed longer eide cables. Along with makinge the interior neater and allowing for better air flow, the longer cables fit great.

Review Date: 07/18/09
I had recently replaced my Motherboard with a new one, but the EIDE plugs are on the very bottom, and my disk drives are at the top of my case. I tried to find a longer cable at a local store, but they only had the standard 18'' ones. I returned the $25 cable to Best Buy, and ordered this 24'' one, which does the job nicely at a much lower price, even including shipping. The 18'' cable reached the top drive, but center (secondary) plug was not far enough from the mobo plug. The round cable also allows better air flow within the case.

Review Date: 07/15/09
As cables go, it is really nice and it works.

Review Date: 04/15/09
This is the way to go if you still have IDE or EIDE Devices in your system. These are bright and colorful and really do the job, save space and stop the airflow a whole lot less than FLAT RIBBON Cables, switch them all out! Length and distance between was perfect for me. -JpE

Review Date: 04/05/09
Ordered two sets. One was DOA. Can't RMA because I marked it prior to testing it.
Old Guy

Review Date: 12/06/07
Slick product. I would have liked 1'' more length between master and slave, but moving drives to different bays was painless enough. It sure cleans up ''the box'' and looks great. Air flow and quality are a must have.
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Product Features

Cables To Go 24-Inch UV Reactive Ultra ATA133 EIDE Cable
GO!MOD Molded Round Ultra ATA133 Cables from Cables To Go deliver the performance you demand from your new UDMA IDE drives. The Molded Round Cables minimize clutter therefore adding to increased airflow within your case, which helps to reduce over-heating. The slim-line design saves internal space within the CPU unit for easy movement when adding or removing hard drives, PCI cards or other adapters. Not to mention the GO! MOD Molded round cables add style and pizzazz to any case!

The new high-speed UDMA interface allows host computers to send and retrieve data faster removing bottlenecks associated with system performance. The 40-pin, 80-conductor Ultra ATA133 cable permits higher data transmission rates, reduces crosstalk, and improves signal integrity by providing 40 additional ground lines between the 40-pin IDE signal and the ground lines. Ultra ATA133 ribbon cables are designed for use with Ultra 133/100 and Ultra 66 drives, and backwards compatible with Ultra33, IDE/ATAPI hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-R/CD-RWs, tape drives, zip drives, LS-120s and other IDE/ATAPI devices. Please note: Your burst rates may vary due to cable length, type of drive and controller used.


  • Connectors: 80-wire/40-pin IDC Female to Two 80-wire/40-pin IDC Females
  • Devices Supported: 2
  • Cable Type: Type-B
  • Connector Layout: Blue connector: System, Gray connector: Slave connector, Black connector: Master
  • Supports: Ultra66/100/133 drives
  • Ideal For: 1U servers and gaming/over-clocked systems
  • Perfect For: adding style to cases with windowed panels
  • Color: Day-Glo UV Reactive Blue
  • Weight: 0.32 lbs

Connector Types

Connector A
Connector B

Product Specifications

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