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MSI 880GM-E43 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

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I/O Shield backplate For MSI 880GM-E43 Motherboard Backplate IO I/O Shield backplate For MSI 880GM-E43 Motherboard Backplate IO $6.21 CAD Shop Now
MSI MS-7623 880GM-E41 motherboard Socket AM3 DDR3 AMD 880G 100% working MSI MS-7623 880GM-E41 motherboard Socket AM3 DDR3 AMD 880G 100% working $59.34 CAD Shop Now
MSI 880GM-E43, Socket AM3, AMD Motherboard MSI 880GM-E43, Socket AM3, AMD Motherboard $63.43 CAD Shop Now
MSI 880GM-E41, Socket AM3, AMD Motherboard MSI 880GM-E41, Socket AM3, AMD Motherboard $66.06 CAD Shop Now
MSI 880GM-E43 MS-7596 Socket AM3 Motherboard w/ AMD Athlon II ADX2600CK23GM CPU MSI 880GM-E43 MS-7596 Socket AM3 Motherboard w/ AMD Athlon II ADX2600CK23GM CPU $88.21 CAD Shop Now
MSI 880GM-E43 Motherboard w/ AMD Athlon II CPU and 4GB RAM MSI 880GM-E43 Motherboard w/ AMD Athlon II CPU and 4GB RAM $103.01 CAD Shop Now
MSI 880GM-E43 Socket AM3 AMD 880G HDMI mATX AMD Bare Motherboard MSI 880GM-E43 Socket AM3 AMD 880G HDMI mATX AMD Bare Motherboard $179.99 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

MSI 880GM-E43 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.84/10

Review Date: 09/14/13
Really good seeking MB. Appears to have higher grade components. Effectively labeled and laid out None so far. I decided recently to make a new method. Didn't require to be the very latest and greatest parts but anything that would enable me to edit and render video, browse the web, etc. I also like the "bang for the buck" that AMD processors have always provided me. I saw the MB and Athlon II x4 640 processor combo and picked it up. Picked up a Cooler master Elite 430 case and their 460 Watt PS also. Uncomplicated to assemble, a lot of OC selections if that interests you. Operating fine making use of Ubuntu 10.10 at the moment.

Review Date: 09/05/13
Excellent layout and lots of features. Installation of Win 7 and drivers was uncomplicated and speedy. Fantastic efficiency met my expectations. Fit micro ATX case nicely. Lots of BIOS features, even with a poor translation to English. Priced extremely nicely. Couldn't get floppy controller to format an entire disk. Study and wrote disks fine with out errors. Tried several very good drives, cables, disks and OS. Wasn't worth returning for one thing almost obsolete and not actually necessary. I assume this was a fault that would have been tough to catch and only drop it to a three star, would have been a five.Side pointing SATA connectors are a discomfort in my case. Can see the benefit, and if drives have been more than them they would be much better. BIOS update wasn't available on this MB however, most likely also new. two.8 Deneb ࿿ watt), 4GB Ram, 750GB HD, Win 7

Review Date: 09/01/13
-Good overall performance at a reasonable cost-Integrated gig-E and video-Consists of adapter for SATA<->Molex energy conversion and SATA data cable. -ATI video much less than stable (See below) I've purchased 3-4 of these for my corporation and all have worked fine until the newest a single. The user has been experiencing periodic BSODs involving ati2dvag.dll crashing due to an infinite loop. This persists across a number of driver versions and soon after a reinstall of the display adapter by way of WinXP's device manager. Hunting at acquiring an affordable PCI-E graphics card to replace the onboard video. At this point I'm not but about to create off MSI as the board otherwise functions fine, but I've about had it with ATI and will be seeking at boards with other onboard graphics choices in the future.

Review Date: 08/22/13
The board is a solid piece of PCB board it has all the want's of a functionality crazy particular person in compact package. It has the overclocking if necessary, you can Raise and reduced the FSB on a whim with the overclocking computer software along with the fan speed The initially board i got was DOA and i had to RMA it to Newegg it was no huge hassle but for some purpose the Serial sticker was removed when i got it.Also you can't adjust the Clock speed thought the application supplied nor the multiplier and if your spu even get get to 60 Celsius it start out chirping at you which is gets annoying rapidly.

Review Date: 08/06/13
Works well, wide range of overclocking/unlocking functions each in BIOS and accompanying Windows utilities are flexible and understandable. Could use a 1394 connector, one more IDE connector, and far better positioning of the SATA connectors. Constructed-in video is sufficient (far better than the 'built-in' video motherboards came with a handful of years ago) but add a PCIe card asap if you play any really serious games. At times hangs on warm restarts with all accessories plugged in but I've got 13 USB ports overall (and 1394x2 on a card as properly).

Review Date: 08/06/13
This issue is a powerhouse for overclocking. I got my Phenom II X3 720 BE from two.8ghz to three.8ghz. I was also in a position to unlock hte 4th core, but if I did any over clocking it wouldn't post. none GET IT NOW wont uncover a bet matx board out there

Review Date: 07/02/13
MSI tends to make great issues as I've been acquiring out. I used to get absolutely nothing but EVGA but I'm liking all the features that MSI offers on issues.Now on to the Con. The shipping from Newegg is really disturbing. Now I assume when items leave they go out in excellent situation. But here's exactly where my problems get to me. I've been a Newegg shopper due to the fact 2005. Since that year I've received 10 packages that have been destroyed. Each and every one particular looked like it was thrown about and kicked.Now some precautions could be taken by Newegg. 1 getting DBL box specific issues. For example I ordered a HTPC case. When it was delivered the box was destroyed on the bottom. I open it up and the complete front panel fell out. Knowing UPS is garbage Newegg could do one thing to stop harm. Now I know they can't stop it all but some would be nice.A single point I will say is that the Egg requires care of you when points come about. Every single time I had gotten a destroyed box they did an Avanced RMA for me and shipped it over night. So those in charge at Newegg if your reading this please do one thing. Let UPS know that they will spend for each item that comes back beat up. When folks buy from you like I do there is a tiny excitement behind the ordering then waiting course of action. But when the door bell rings and you get your package that is destroyed just removes all the excitement out of the air. Sorry if my spelling was undesirable along with punctuation. I'm college educated but sucked at writing.

Review Date: 06/27/13
- MicroATX- Quite nice layout- Military Class concept- Core Unlocker- OC Genie - The valueThis has to be the easiest Unlock and Over Clock ever, seriously, it took about 3 minutes. All I did was enable the Unlock alternative in the BIOS. As for Over Clocking, all I had to do was move a switch. None at all Turned my Phenom II x3 720 BE into a Quad-Core in no time at all. I just love how fast and easy it was to unlock the 4th core and More than Clock the CPU. My other ASUS board was a pain and their OC utility took more than 20 minutes.

Review Date: 06/22/13
operates, effortlessly unlocked the l3 cache on my athlon IIx4 and overclocked steady to three.8Ghz with the support of a coolmaster 212+ . the documentation if you will need it is quite clear, i looked at it immediately after setting the machine up to support see how i'd price the solution. was worth the additional star the baord itslf appears leading notch and feels heavy you can tell this is nto a discount board only con i can think of was only coming with a single sata cable, normally boards i've bought come with 2... granted i have possibly 20 around the home not in computer systems so it wasn't an concern for me, contemplate this is purchasing and the hdd/media drive you obtain are oem or don't contain cables fantastic quality, my irst msi obtain, and it will not be my last, msi imo is nwo among the elite three for mobo makers at the top rated asus, msi and gigabyte , i am truely impressed with this mobo
Ming Yue

Review Date: 06/20/13
superb board for my purposes, just got what was necessary for me low-cost cmos battery, replaced fantastic to go

Review Date: 06/17/13
applied with amd phenom ii x4. initial start out-up the heat sink fan turned on then shut off. amd sent a new hs/fan and it occurred once again. NewEgg replaced it and all was peaches and cream. i ran it for a couple of days at three.4ghz then switched the oc up 1 notch. it has been running excellent at three.74 ghz. The board installs nicely in a mid tower. all drivers installed one hundred% off of the MSI cd. The video is super and it saves buying an extra board. The manual shows where almost everything goes - no challenges whatsoever. There isn't any cons at this point. This is my first MSI board.

Review Date: 06/17/13
Fantastic mobo it have the baiscs. Runs good for virtualization none so far

Review Date: 06/13/13
Low-cost, AM3 Help, DDR3 Was DOA. Had same issue an additional poster had. Has been running for about 15 minutes, no audible post, cpu not obtaining warm.Have unhooked anything from the mobo to make sure it wasn't one of the front panel usb ports. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued MSI Customer,We would like to apologize for the issue you have knowledgeable with this specific mb. Please e-mail me straight through usersupport2@msicomputer.com your mb's serial number and your complete contact facts, topic heading "EAH880GM". I would like to help you get this resolved.Finest Regards,User HelpMSI Product Assistance

Review Date: 06/06/13
Does anything you would count on from the specs! BIOS is not noob friendly when it comes to setting up the timing for RAM. I don't use the on board video chip set. Nor do I use a RAID setup.

Review Date: 05/19/13
Fantastic board for the cost.Has been running with no troubles given that day 1. None. My previous MSI m/b experience had not been excellent, so I was a tiny leary of trying them once more. I have been extremely happy with this board so far.

Review Date: 05/17/13
1)Core Unlocker-1 click, a restart, and unlocked further 2 cores on my Phenom II X2 555BE two)OC Genie-I'm new to overclocking, so this was a fantastic function to have. Couldn't be less complicated...1 click, a restart, and automatically OCed to 3.68GHZ (from stock three.two). 3) Incredibly effectively constructed. Doesn't really feel flimsy when you manage it. All components installed with out any difficulty4)Excellent Driver/Utilities-Contained all the drivers I necessary to get Vista to recognize anything. Also contained a few intriguing programs (free Music Player) Only 1 PCI two. 16, USB 2. (knew that getting it, so it wasn't a massive deal for me)Video card HD4250-not excellent, but does the job if you're not heavy gaming This was my first make and initially attempt at OC, so I wanted anything that would be effortless to set up. This MB fits the bill.Silverstone PS05 CaseAMD Phenom II X2 555BE (unlocked to X4 B55 OC 3.68GHZƞGB G.Talent Ripjaws DDR3-1333Samsung Spinpoint HD103SJ 1TBSoon to addXigmatek Dark HorseSapphire Radeon HD5770 1GB

Review Date: 04/10/13
- Auto Overclocking tool was good. Overclocked my Athlon II x4 from 2.8GHz to three.5GHz- Was replacing a huge Intel motherboard. The holes on this a single lined up nicely enough to where I didn't have to make new ones in the case.- Lots of USB ports. Usually a plus, I was generally operating out of ports on my old a single. None. Took me a tad extended to figure this one particular out but I had to allow 'OC Genie' in the BIOS prior to I could use the Over Clocking tool, which you have to install from the CD in the box -- thought I'd put that out there just to save everyone else the trouble mainly because I in no way believed you'd have to allow a thing like that in the BIOS initial.Also, this was the initially time I have installed a motherboard and I'd say it was a decent pain to get all the wires in there appropriately. Fortunately there's the great persons on youtube to enable out and the handy motherboard directions helped get it performed in much less than an hour.All in all, awesome motherboard.

Review Date: 04/08/13
Attributes vs price. Can unlock cores. On cold boot will blue screen then recycle boot serveral times. Cycling reboot only occurs when the method is cold (been off serveral hours). It will blue screen then reboot. If I let this go 3 or four occasions then shutoff and restart it will boot OK. Switched out PS, RAM, Video, HD, and attempted safe BIOS defaults. Reinstalled OS. Initial MSI I have that is terrible out of four that I own. Had high failure rate with Gigabyte, with Asus I have owned 8 that have never failed. Got tech assistance request into MSI and have got no response. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued MSI Client,We would like to apologize for the issue you have seasoned with this specific mb. Please email me straight through usersupport2@msicomputer.com your mb's serial number and your total speak to info, topic heading "EAH880GM". I would like to enable you get this resolved.Finest Regards,User SupportMSI Product Help

Review Date: 04/07/13
Cheap, functions nicely if you use a supplemental video card. 2nd of these in a row that suffered the ati2dvag BSOD difficulty. I'm now having to order an further PCIE video card (to the 2 on order for videoless motherboards) to right this dilemma by removing the onboard video from the equation.I'm deducting two eggs from my previous rating due to the blow to my confidence in the solution and brand represented by this issue. This motherboard has been placed on my hardware blacklist and I hate to say it but I'm searching less favourably upon MSI too, as a outcome. At house I have the time to mess with configurations and drivers and alternative OSes but at perform I will need steady, reliable hardware that works without having situation. I'm absolutely through with ATI onboard video and even though I'll give MSI yet another possibility if they have an nVidia-based providing, I'm seeking tougher at other motherboard makers as properly.If MSI is reading this - aside from the video difficulties your motherboards are decent, but repeated BSODs at random intervals and with out any warning are NOT ACCEPTABLE for a company Pc. This problem is effectively a showstopper until I get the replacement video card installed.

Review Date: 03/17/13
This board has excellent specifications and a reasonable value. Regrettably, there are enough minor difficulties that I can't give this motherboard a excellent recommendation. For instance, the simple BIOS screen only reports the 1st SATA drive as detected aspect of the time (even although there was no issue in actually booting from the really hard drive). More seriously, the onboard graphics only look to help connecting either a DVI monitor or an HDMI monitor but not each. To me, there is no point in buying a motherboard that can't support dual digital video outputs. Ultimately, the BIOS has laughably terrible English, and the manual is awful, although I recommend going online to download a slightly far more total manual from the MSI web site. Every thing initially seemed to go well, but I was disappointed by the many tiny challenges that I ran into. The lack of help for dual digital displays is what lastly produced me make a decision to return it.

Review Date: 03/08/13
MSI great features for unlocking and overclocking AMDS My initial board had to rma back to MSI right after jumping by means of there hoops they sent me a new one no issues very excellent attributes for the beginner or advanced as constantly newegg outstanding shipping and value

Review Date: 02/18/13
Simple installation. Clear directions Nicely after i completed assembling my personal computer, i noticed that i lost the cd that includes all the drivers. Does anyone know exactly where i can download those drivers on-line?Not genuinely a Con because it was my fault

Review Date: 02/18/13
As usual, newegg got it shipped proper away. the outdoors of the shipping box was in very good shape, but when opening it to get the mobo box out, a corner was slightly crushed. Couldnt see any damage but it show that it was dropped before it ever was shipped. I installed the mobo and got it all set up expecting it to post, but all i got was the fans operating in the new case. I tried every thing.... unplugged some of the header wiring, usb plugs , even the hard drive and dvd burner, Absolutely nothing! It will not post or show indicators of life. I have a new powersupply, pcu, and memory sticks. It sounds like the exact same challenge a different guy has that posted in right here,Precisely The Very same Situation! Im gonna try to speak to msi using that e mail they left for that other fella and see if i can get this dilemma resolved. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued MSI Customer,We would like to apologize for the challenge you have knowledgeable with this unique mb. Please e-mail me straight by way of usersupport2@msicomputer.com your mb's serial number and your complete make contact with facts, topic heading "EAH880GM". I would like to aid you get this resolved.Ideal Regards,User HelpMSI Item Support

Review Date: 02/10/13
Quite easy to setupTruly good UI you can set up for overclocking that tends to make it easy as pie.Core unlock is fairly cool but I haven't attempted it yet. The little blue LED can occasionally be a mite bit annoying but other than that none. I purchased this as part of my first create ever and it's carried out nothing but excellent issues for me, I'm truly impressed with the top quality.

Review Date: 01/30/13
Stable, painless set up runs impressive. Like the HDMI, eSata, and overclocking/core unlock capability. Great complete size board with 4 DDR3 slots which is good. Overclocking is uncomplicated by means of bios settings or even dip switches on the board. Don't genuinely like MSI's auto bios/driver updating utility. They want to get the bugs worked out of that. This is my 4th MSI board, I've never ever had a situation with a single, can't recognize all the MSI hate on right here. Use ESD precautions, don't over-tighten the stand off screws, be gentile with the board and you're high-quality to go!
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand MSI
Model 880GM-E43
Supported CPU
CPU Socket Type AM3
CPU Type Phenom II / Athlon II / Sempron 100 Series
FSB 2600MHz Hyper Transport (5200 MT/s)
North Bridge AMD 880G
South Bridge AMD SB710
Number of Memory Slots 4240pin
Memory Standard DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600 (OC)
Maximum Memory Supported 16GB
Expansion Slots
PCI Express 2.0 x16 1
PCI Express x1 1
PCI Slots 2
Storage Devices
PATA 1 x ATA133 2 Dev. Max
SATA 3Gb/s 5
Onboard Video
Onboard Video Chipset ATI Radeon HD 4250
Onboard Audio
Audio Channels 8 Channels
Onboard LAN
LAN Chipset Realtek 8111DL
Max LAN Speed 10/100/1000Mbps
Rear Panel Ports
PS/2 1
Video Ports D-Sub + DVI
USB 1.1/2.0 6 x USB 2.0
eSATA 1 x eSATA 3Gb/s
Audio Ports 6 Ports
Onboard USB
Onboard USB 3 x USB 2.0 connectors (6 ports)
Physical Spec
Form Factor Micro ATX
Dimensions 9.6" x 9.6"
Power Pin 24 Pin
Features Superb Stability: Military Class Components

OC Genie: Easy Overclocking Technology

Unlock CPU Core: Unlock hidden CPU core and potential

Lossless 24bit/192kHz HD Audio
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited

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