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EVGA GeForce GTX 275 896-P3-1171-AR Video Card - Superclocked Edition

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EVGA GeForce GTX 275 896-P3-1171-AR Video Card - Superclocked Edition
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Review Date: 12/26/09
Cons: Should come with the backplate.

Pros: cool and relatively quiet. Great to OC.
I have this amazing factory OC'd card Oc'd to the FTW speeds. This card is a great gaming and folding card. When i buy a new MOBO I'll definately get another one.

Review Date: 11/13/09
Cons: Too Hot and Too Loud and Too Big

Pros: None. It came in a shiney box.
I purchased this 275 model to replace a three-year-old 8800GTS-512 due to it crashing with red squiggle lines when it gets hot (and it gets hot!). For the cost and hassle and wait they are not worth RMA'ing IMO.The new NVidia cards are 10.5" long (8800 was 9.5"). It barely fits into the Antec P182 ATX case due to the large plastic shroud covering the entire video card -- I had to re-route most wiring and remove the lower hard drive tray -- plus it blocks all of the SATA connectors on the ASUS motherboard except two so I'm stuck with a DVD and one HD. Someone should kick NVidia in the n*ts. At least they put the two 6-pin connectors on the top-side instead of the end, otherwise it wouldn't have fit at all.The system is an OC Q6600 1066FSB 8GB. The 275 runs Crysis/Warhead/Wars marginally faster than the 8800GTS-512, but not anywhere near what was expected for multiple generations newer (5%-10%). With games like these I'm starting to get CPU bottlenecked though.The 275 runs just as hot as the 8800GTS-512! The reviews such as HardCanucks show the temps at 89C avg, I can attest to this fact. For a newer generation 55nm video card, it runs really hot. With the default fan speed of 40% expect 85-89C's in 3D apps.In order to get it running cool enough so that it won't fail in a year from heat, I have to run the GPU fan at 60% and all of the case fans up one speed faster -- it is really loud -- not quite up to my vacuum but really close. At least I can get the GPU down into the 75-79C's with all of the fan roar. My i5-750 HD4870 system is about 1/4th as loud.If it were not for the fact that I must have at least one NVidia video system for my work, I wouldn't buy NVidia at all anymore. They need to re-work their design, go with heatpipe cooling, shorter board length, and better component integration.Sorry NV, time to get back ontrack please. :-/I gave it 3 stars (Satisfactory) because it does the job -- I can see video...

Review Date: 11/02/09
Cons: EVGA warranty, 30 days registration limit

Pros: Fast and stable
Fast and stable card.Make sure you register the day you receive the card. Had to send it back to nicx because I thought it was dead alongside the PSU. The PSU ended up being the only thing that was dead and since the card was in the post for a good amount of time. Now I am left with a card with absolutely no warranty on it because of the way EVGA works. Last time I buy a EVGA product.

Review Date: 06/12/09
Cons: Price if 300. Make sure you get it one sale.

Pros: Smooth, Speed, High FPS.
Performs great in Crysis. Perfect FPS at 1680x1050, Very High settings. Also excels at Supreme Commander with the same resolution and max settings. Helps me out with my graphic design as well. Eventually will go SLI once price goes down. Give it 6 months.Top product.

Review Date: 06/11/09
Cons: It's extream sizeGenerates alot of heat

Pros: Very fast video card
This is a very fast video card.This card easily beat my old 8800gts, in the latest games like Cryostatis. The problem I had with this card is the size. I have a large Antec case and i still had to remove one of my front fans to make room. The card also extended over my SATA conections on my ASUS motherboard, so i had to use SATA cables with 90 degree ends to get around it.Since I installed the card I have had heat issues, but should be an easy fix

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