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Logitech Harmony 900 RF Universal Remote Control

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Logitech HARMONY 900 Rechargeable Remote Control COLOR TOUCH SCREEN Programmable Logitech HARMONY 900 Rechargeable Remote Control COLOR TOUCH SCREEN Programmable $86.40 CAD Shop Now
Logitech Harmony 900 Touch Screen Universal Remote  MISSING RF BLASTER Logitech Harmony 900 Touch Screen Universal Remote MISSING RF BLASTER $159.51 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Logitech Harmony 900 RF Universal Remote Control
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 6.31/10
With 25 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/31/13
Looks like the Harmony A single Lengthy delay when attempting to change the channels. Hit channel up/down and it will be about 1 second lag. The far more times you hit it the much more delay. Often loses connection to the blaster. I am no more than 15' away and my devices are behind a ə" wood door. Tech help is the typical non-american circus.

Review Date: 07/02/13
Works great, didn't take me to long for setup, have accomplished ahead of so I knew what I required to get setup quicker though. Like how several it handles and the variety performs for me. I am 25ft or under even though. Somewhat delay often. Nothing at all serious. sensitivity on side touch screen keys can be annoying. press the right arrow and isn't as responsive as other touchscreen keys.

Review Date: 02/05/13
Fantastic look and feel. Touch screen is clear and relatively responsive. RF is almost worthless beyond 15 feet. Battery life is poor. RF blasters are not effectively made. If you're getting this considering it's a harmony 1 with RF, save your income. The signal is really weak by any standards and the RF blasters are meant to rest on a shelf in front of your components rather than the old stick on pods. Which indicates that you elements have to be arranged effectively to function. I have but to make it perform consistently with Harmon Kardon AVR 354. I'm really disappointed with this buy.

Review Date: 02/05/13
only want 1 remote, can use with the door closed, turns on every little thing, east to use, rapidly setup, feels good in hand, looks fantastic, appreciate the touch screen. there is a 1-two second delay when pushing the buttons but that would be standard for a radio frequenzy remote this is incredible. i have my reciever, dvd player, cable box and ps3 all the closet which is my media center now and have it operating off this remote. the door can be closed and it operates excellent. i even have a soundbar in which it controls the volume as properly. its a ought to have and there is nothing at all incorrect. it functions and sets up with ease.. no difficulties...

Review Date: 11/25/12
Good looking remote I've been a computer programmer for 25 years and I can't system this thing. I've been at it for about 4 hours now and I'm about to give up. I've got it partially working soon after all this work. What does operate is slow. You press the function and it takes about five seconds to process. The IR repeaters don't work properly. The have about a 1 inch range. I had to tape them to the front of my Television and DVD player. This would be a seriously device if it worked. I'm not giving up on it yet. Be prepared to be persistent.

Review Date: 11/22/12
-Does what its supposed to.-Invaluable. -Expenditures a bit.-Inevitable slight delay in rf to ir & blu tooth. Owned it about 6-8 months, occasional challenges. Absolutely worth it for me.

Review Date: 09/26/12
Awesome upgrade from the Harmony 890! This factor rocks. It works with virtually every device you can throw at it. Simple to setup and uncomplicated to use! The RF is super sweet, no a lot more need to have to point and hold the remote at the entertainment center. The price. It is a tad costly, but in my opinion, worth the dollars. There is a way to get it working with your PS3. Purchase http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16879213018&Tpk=nykoຈbluwave from Newegg, and just set the Logitech to understand the commands from the Nyko remote. Simple as pie!(I didn't acquire from Newegg only because my brother works at Ideal Get and got it for me as a gift).4 eggs because of the value (not Neweggs fault, they have to make money as well).

Review Date: 07/29/12
Beautifully, ergonomically designed and comfortable. Most functions are close to hand. Backlit (not that vibrant even though) Screen is attractive but slow. Material and common really feel are not extremely solid, when take it off charging stand in the afternoon it is unresponsive and needs a battery pull to reboot. Online software program is total garbage and options are spread via unique pages. Firmware and software package checks are a joke. All round interface is not helpful at all. Lack of manual in a product this high-priced is an unforgivable omission. I have numerous IT certifications and still cannot get this device to operate appropriately even immediately after over ten+ hours invested. Buttons don't appear like they will final 6 months. This item is not prepared for primetime. I am utilizing only the IR functions and it can't even handle these. I can only picture what the men and women struggling with RF are going via. Its a beautiful searching item, but if it doesn't do what my 35 dollar universal does .......w.t.f do I will need it for. Going to commit one more day with this point and tech assistance. If it doesn't get sorted .... and I mean perfectly.... its going back as defective. I like newegg but this item blows for the money. There are much better remote for a fraction of the price tag.

Review Date: 05/17/12
cosmetics of remote are great If you are expecting to use this for hidden elements. You will be disappointed. You can not use this with a rf extender only the blaster that comes with it. If you do not know the blaster should be in line of sight of remote. If your looking for a excellent remote use harmony 890. The only a single's that can use rf extender is 890,1000,1100. More than priced for what you get.

Review Date: 05/06/12
Effortless to program, including macros. Touch Screen is uncomplicated to see and use. Buttons respond with crisp 'click'. I was using this to work Television in my bedroom and Television on an outside patio (outside the bedroom) sharing identical satellite receiver. The RF function worked nicely in the bedroom, but on the patio was rather weak. I had to walk out from below the roof and point it toward the upstairs to get it to operate. I tried to rearrange the blaster but to no avail. I ended up returning this and obtaining Universal's RF 20 Remote & Blaster. The range and efficiency was Significantly far better. Hamony 900 is cool and effortless to program, but I expected a lot much better range/performance for a 踰 remote (it was bought elsewhere)

Review Date: 02/21/12
The touch screen is good and the menus are simple to use. Not having to individually system the extender and the remote is good and timesaving. Mainly I purchased this as a replacement for my dead 890. This was not an equivalent replacement. I was expecting a remote that was a step up from my earlier one particular but I was wrong. I need to have the RF capability but the RF transmitted/receiver in this remote is terrible. The range is no exactly where as great as the 890 was. It would shed connectivity at 15 feet with the extender inside a cabinet. This was unacceptable and I have sent it back. I assume I will attempt the Harmony a single and a third party extender answer.

Review Date: 12/05/11
if you are looking to have a clean , box cost-free bedroom this is for you. the rf blasters function with no troubles. set up is easy. touch screen is effortless to use and the remotes synchs with apple television none

Review Date: 11/28/11
Works through doors and walls (allows equipment to be hidden)Once setup is completed it has been pretty much bullet-proof (see exception in Other Thoughts)The only way my wife can perform the equipment Occasional Odd behavior (commands sent too slowly)Harmony remote computer software will not enable upgrade from Harmony 1 – necessary I generate a new Harmony One ID and re-add all equipment and settings.The initial setup (adding equipment/activities) was straight forward but tweaking takes time. Example-when a genuine button is not obtainable on the 900 that is readily available on your original remote (i.e. surround mode buttons) you need to use the “soft” buttons on the 900 screen to send that command. Logitech sorts the command alphabetically with six buttons offered at a time. The Surround Mode button for my receiver is on the 8th screen so altering the surround mode is a ten important-press event. The solution is to re-sequence the soft buttons so the prevalent ones are on the 1st or 2nd screen. Do-able but time consuming . My third Harmony remote (replacing a Harmony 1). The 900 allowed the equipment to be hidden behind a closed entertainment center door. I read many reviews prior to buying the 900 and had issues with regard to the range (some reviewers stated they were only finding 10 feet). I am locating 30-40 feet to be the max based on my atmosphere (IR receiver in wooden cabinet).Occasionally the remote will send commands slowly to the devices. This is a difficulty when altering channels simply because the remote needs to send the 3 numbers to the Tivo with out to a lot of a delay or the Tivo will timeout. Example- channel �” becomes 7 (long pause) (Tivo modifications to channel 𔄟”) remote sends subsequent two numbers “ 1 – two” (Tivo changes to channel ” 12”). Has occurred about five-ten occasions. Normally just resend channel and it functions fine.

Review Date: 11/25/11
Wonderful feature set, with Activities and such. They try to make it quite straightforward for non-techie men and women. If you need a non-line of sight range of greater than 10ft-15ft to the balster it won't function or be so flakey you'll hate it. I necessary 25-30ft non-line of sight, there was no way. Even with line of sight to the blaster it was only 15-20ft max. Mis-advertised, 100ft is rediculous. I had to return it. If it were not for the dismal RF range it would have been fantastic, but a small pricey.

Review Date: 11/01/11
It works super nicely. I was convinced that this remote would not work by the way the Cable guy talked when he installed my new HD DVR. Most men and women who setup cable systems generally don't have that high of knowledge like I do. I develop and repair computers and I know a lot of technical stuff. So I doubted him and decided to acquire this superb remote anyway. With this remote I can control every device in our living space. * Samsung Tv* Xbox 360* HD DVR* Sony Music Speaker Technique*Blu DVD Ray PlayerIt can control a lot more. Works perfect with the devices we have.Works Perfectly within my 50ft range. It says it can perform up to 100ft. I doubt that, but within my 50ft it is ideal. None

Review Date: 10/30/11
Works with almost everything. Macros make it straightforward for non-technical users once it is set up. I agree on the channel delay for components behind the blaster. Also would be good if it worked with other RF components naively.

Review Date: 09/27/11
Compatible with several devices and supplies a handy way to control them....if it works as created. I started of with the 890 which by no means did effectively update. I spent hours on the phone with tech support until they finally shipped me a 900. This remote updated but it freezes continually. It will hang though beginning an application, hang at random times so when you go to adjust the volume it just doesn't function and calls for a battery removal reset. This is not worth the funds. I could deal with bugs at a 50 price point but not for the amount I paid on this remote.

Review Date: 09/12/11
Wonderful product but no manual is included for particulars on how to configure it (see Con comments). Prior to you attempt to set it up the initial time, it is critical to make you know the model numbers of each component you wish to control with your 900 and how they connect to every other. I.e my Samsung LN55A950 Tv connects to my Pioneer VSX1019AH receiver by way of HDMI1 and so forth. When you successfully get it set up it works great. One function I definitely like is how it will ask if everything turned on. If one component didn't it will tell you to press the Aid Button and it will attempt to turn on that certain component once more. If it still fails to turn on it will guide you via a troubleshooting routine that may well or might not work. Of course it would be good if a manual was included so you would have some idea of how to proceed as it goes deeper into the troubleshooting questions. Unless I'm missing something Logitech does not contain any documentation or manual on this item. No manual in the box; no manual when I browsed the CD. I checked Logitech's tech support/downloads and no manual obtainable there either. Perhaps I'm diverse but when I obtain some thing I like to know all about it. What does this button do? What does that one do? What does the yellow triangle, blue square, and red circle mean on the touch screen? I gotta press all these items and attempt to figure it out by trial and error to see what they do? Possibly if I had a manual I could figure out how to map a button on the 900 to turn on subtitles when I'm watching a movie. Get what I mean? I'll eventually figure it out but I got greater items to do than mess about with this factor trying to figure out something that would possibly take only a minute if I had a manual. When I initially did the setup I ran into a issue with my PS3. My PS3 connects to my Pioneer 1019 through the BD port not HDMI. The 900 setup wizard did not recognize BD and insisted on one of the HDMI ports. Trying to get about that took me on a path to nowhere and I had to call Logitech tech support to get support. Once set up it works excellent for the most part but not having a manual is a problem. For example, when I choose Watch Tv almost everything appears to turn on but my receiver initial goes to HDMI1 like it ought to and then for some reason goes to Tv Satellite. I have to press the support button on the remote and give it a different likelihood to select the correct port and then it works ok. If I had a manual I could in all probability figure out what is wrong and a fast fix to right it. Not having a manual indicates I in all probability have to search the forums for hours seeking for somebody with a comparable challenge. I have superior use for my time.

Review Date: 08/26/11
Good design, capacity to switch from Television to DVD to CD player with one click is amazing. I replaced 5 remotes with 1. Setup took a couple of hours but was genuinely simple. This remote has been a lifesaver! Our living room is lengthy and skinny, requiring that our AV components are perpendicular to the seating. With the old IR remote this meant falling off the couch attempting to change the channel, and switching to watching DVD meant finding up and doing it manually. Now I can change every little thing from the couch, or for that matter from the kitchen or the basement! The only room in the residence I can't alter the channel from is my master bathroom. I appreciate this remote! There is a slight lag in the volume control and altering channels. This has lead to a couple of deafening volume modifications when the volume catches up with the number of times I hit the button. Other than that, none! I know a lot of the negative ratings are that people couldn't figure out how to program the remote. I at initial was panicked about not getting a manual, but as soon as you install the software I had no issue at all obtaining items working. It took a few hours, but that is due to the fact I spent a lot of time getting selecting and tweaking what each button did for every component. I really should caveat - I researched this remote on newegg but then my wife purchased it for me on a different internet site, so I didn't in fact buy it here. I wanted to review it here due to the fact I owed it to all the other reviewers/prospective buyers.

Review Date: 08/15/11
Controls every thing!Removes tons of remote manage clutter.Works by way of walls and into other room.Uncomplicated to operate.Easy to program. Cost!Require an adapter to manage PS3.Bought elsewhere due to the fact it wasn't carried by Newegg so I missed out on the Newegg service.

Review Date: 02/21/10
Love the remote but it is a bit expensive... works most of the time but every once in a while it doesn't turn on or off my tv... it's easily fixed but annoying. Still a small annoyance to have the functionality that it gives.

Review Date: 02/08/10
Fast service and delivery. Web site is easy to use.

Review Date: 02/04/10
Excellent product Avi Reiter

Review Date: 01/22/10
I had a Harmony One for about 6 months. Never had issues with that remote, but the wife complained about the fact that she couldn't use it under a blanket on the couch. We saw this remote on sale a couple months ago, and decided to get it since it had the same functionality as the One with the added RF capability. I have to say it's easily the best remote I've used, barely edging out the One (RF does make a huge difference when it's cold and you're cuddled under blankets). My only complaint is that it's RF and not Bluetooth; if Bluetooth was added, I wouldn't have needed to shell out an additional $60 to control my PS3 Slim (the USB IR adapters don't do power-on where the Harmony IR to BT box does). Otherwise, it was worth the $300 I paid at the time.

Review Date: 11/23/09
Seriously, I love this gadget - and I'm not a gadget guy. More importantly, my wife loves this gadget. You should have seen her grinning as she scraped all 137 old remotes off the coffee table and dumped them in drawer. The remote did freeze up a couple times on me after I programmed it for my system, requiring a 'reboot' (removing the batteries momentarily). Afterward, it still knew about all my stuff and did not require a reprogram. The clock is wrong now, so I'll need to plug it into the laptop again I guess. And it's too expensive by far. It just seems wrong that the remote costs twice as much as my BluRay player. Despite those nits, however, I highly recommend getting one of these if your entertainment system consists of anything more than a TV and a set of digital rabbit ears. Your spouse will thank you. If you don't have a spouse, well then you'll have a new best friend.
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Product Features

Universal Touchscreen
RF Wireless Rechargeable

Logitech Harmony 900 915-000030 Remote (Refurbished)
Obtain the ultimate control over all your home entertainment devices with the Logitech Harmony 900 915-000030 Remote. This universal remote allows you to control and operate all your home theater devices with a single unit. It can replace up to 15 remote controls so you reduce the clutter in your living room or on your coffee table. With RF wireless, you'll be able to control devices even through cabinet doors and walls. The Logitech Harmony 900 915-000030 Remote also features a full-color touch screen for easy, one-touch access to your entertainment. Plus, it's fully rechargeable and can go a week between charges. Purchase the Logitech Harmony 900 915-000030 Remote right away!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • RF wireless capability; signals reach your components regardless of visibility
  • Full-color touch screen; enjoy easy, one-touch access to your entertainment
  • Rechargeable; can go a week between charges

RF wireless

With the included RF Extender, you can control devices even when you can?t
see them*?so you can keep your entertainment system behind cabinet

backlit buttons

Backlit buttons in logical zones allow you to find the right channel?even
in the dark.

activity controls

Say good-bye to cheat sheets. Everyone in the family can select what they
want to do?such as "Watch TV"?and your Harmony remote
does the rest.Learn more about one-touch activity-based controls.


Your remote recharges in its base station, so you won?t be looking
for batteries when you want to be watching TV

with 225,000+ devices

Support for 5000+ brands and 225,000+ devices, so you know it will work
with what you have today and what you?ll add tomorrow.See how your
home-entertainment setup would work with Harmony. Check your setup now.

touch screen

You?ll enjoy easy, one-touch access to any entertainment activity.


The remote fits comfortably in your hand?making it easier to use.Why
does a comfortable remote matter?

up to 15 remotes

You can control all of your home-entertainment devices with one remote?reducing
clutter and complexity in your living room.

online setup

You connect your Harmony remote to your computer and you?re guided
through every step. If you hit a snag, customer support is ready to help.

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A Closer Look


  • Wireless RF connection: There?s no need to aim your remote, and you can even control devices that you keep behind closed cabinet doors and walls (up to 100 feet away).
  • Easy-to-install RF system: It?s easy to extend your reach and turn RF signals into IR commands your devices can understand. Just place the simple-to-install IR blaster and mini blasters near the equipment you want to control.
  • Replaces up to 15 remotes: Reduce the clutter and complexity of your living room.
    Take control of your entertainment.
  • One touch to your entertainment: No more complicated lists of what to turn on or which button to select. Everyone can select what they want to do?such as "Watch TV"?and your Harmony remote does the rest.
  • Full-color touch screen: You get easy, one-touch access to your entertainment activities?such as watching a DVD, watching TV, listening to music?as well as your favorite channels.
  • Sculpted, backlit buttons in a smart layout: You?ll find the right channel?even in the dark.
  • Ergonomic design: Fits comfortably in your hand.
  • Charged and ready: Your rechargeable remote can go a week between charges. Just set it in the base station and it charges up. You won?t be looking for batteries when you want to be watching TV.
  • Online setup: You connect your Harmony remote to your computer, select the equipment you have and your Harmony gets set up. There?s no trial and error, or looking up and punching codes into your remote to get it working.
  • Live answers to your questions: If you hit a snag, live customer support is ready to help.
  • Constantly updated A/V control database: How can you be sure it will control what you have? With more than 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices supported, you know we?ve got you covered. And with more added every day, what you get tomorrow will work too.

    What's Included

Product Specifications

Brand Logitech
Model Harmony 900
Features RF wireless capability
With the included RF system, you can control devices even when you can't see them—so you can keep your entertainment system behind cabinet doors.

Full-color touch screen
You'll enjoy easy, one-touch access to any entertainment activity.

Sculpted, backlit buttons
Backlit buttons in logical zones allow you to find the right channel—even in the dark.

Ergonomic design
The remote fits comfortably in your hand—making it easier to use.

One-touch activity controls
Say good-bye to cheat sheets. Everyone in the family can select what they want to do—such as "Watch TV"—and your Harmony remote does the rest. Learn more about one-touch activity-based controls.

Replaces up to 15 remotes
You can control all of your home-entertainment devices with one remote—reducing clutter and complexity in your living room.

Your remote recharges in its base station, so you won't be looking for batteries when you want to be watching TV.

Guided online setup
You connect your Harmony remote to your computer and you're guided through every step.

Works with 225,000+ devices
Support for 5000+ brands and 225,000+ devices, so you know it will work with what you have today and what you'll add tomorrow.
Type Universal
Number of Devices Supported 15
Display Color touch screen
Range Up to 100 feet
Wireless Technology RF
Receiver RF receiver
Backlit Buttons Yes
Battery Type Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
Color Black
System Requirement
System Requirement Windows-based computer:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
USB port
CD-ROM drive
Internet access

Mac computer:
Mac OS X 10.3–10.5
USB port
CD-ROM drive
Internet access
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited
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