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Logitech Black Wired Keyboard Bil

Logitech Black Wired Keyboard Bil (Logitech: 920-000326)
VPN: 920-000326
Vendor: Logitech
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Logitech Black Wired Keyboard Bil
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.91/10
With 22 User Reviews

Review Date: 11/14/10
Cons: not the cheapest, no real benefit compared to cheaper models

Pros: fairly egonomic.
This does the job. It's somewhat ergonomic but there are good enough keyboards for a lower price. It has a lot of extra keys and features that most won't use. I would suggest getting a 12 dollar microsoft OEM curve keyboard as a suitable alternative for budget buyers.

Review Date: 10/23/10
Cons: -Might not type as fast as a keyboard with the keys closer together (i.e. I'm faster at typing on my Media Keyboard Elite - the old version)-Keyboard malfunctioned under regular use of 3 months (no water, food, etc was spilled, the keyboard was never harmed)

Pros: -Ergonomic-Easy on wrists because of design-Nice typing sound-Clean-cut layout/easy to use
Although I would normally highly recommend a product such as this one, it is hard for me to do so after my keyboard just stopped working properly after 3 months of regular use. Only some of the keys work now and the problem just happened all of a sudden one day. If your looking for something that is more ergonomic or aesthetic than your older keyboard and don't mind running the risk of it breaking, then I would say you should get this. Otherwise, just stick with good ol' typee :D

Review Date: 10/13/10
Cons: none

Pros: Very comfortable, amazing type on and looks awesome
This keyboard is amazing, It's the best keyboard I've ever used its very comfortable and has very good performance with typing and gaming. I got this for half price on sale and it was a steal, even for regular price its a pretty good deal imo.

Review Date: 08/12/10
Cons: shortcut buttons are more media centric, wish it was more web centric

Pros: good value, love the calculator key
I picked this keyboard up at half price. It's comfortable to type with and has lots of function keys. However, I wish it had more buttons that are useful for web-surfing, like the microsoft keyboards. The buttons on top seem to be mostly for navigating media player or other media functions.Overall, though, this keyboard is still a great value when it's on sale. The intergrated wrist rest is also great to have and has a nice feel to it.
Roger D ©@NCIX

Review Date: 07/11/10
Cons: None.

Pros: This is a comfortable keyboard, Looks Good, Nice Media Keys.
I actually run a few of these that are the wireless versions for over a year and I love them. I've bought a few of these for customers and they get their friends to buy them cause they love them. What I like is how my hands feel comfortable after long use on these and the keyboard looks good aswell. The media keys are well placed without accidently hitting them like other boards I've owned. For the price of these it's worth the board.

Review Date: 06/12/10
Cons: Function keys are grouped in 3s instead of the regular 4delete  key is a long vertical key instead of a small square keyIt's quite a large keyboard (might be a disadvantage if you have a work space that is cramped)

Pros: Keys are silent compared to my old keyboardErgonomic designNice faux leather hand restSome useful buttonsJust plug and play (though you get less functionality)
I got this keyboard on sale, and it was amazing for the price that I paid. It came with a nice faux leather rest made from plastic. The lights "Lock" keys are easily seen due to their position at the bottom of the keypad instead of the usual top, which was a nice touch. It also came with a calculator key, so I do not have to press the Start button and find the calculator in the Accessories. The other buttons aren't working, but I'm guessing that I need to install the included Logitech CD. I forgot to mention that this keyboard was easy to connect; my laptop immediately recognized it as a keyboard.If you can catch this on sale, this is a great keyboard for the price.

Review Date: 05/21/10
Cons: none yet

Pros: the extra keys, the curve in the keyboard, works with windows 7
this is a really nice keyboard and a big improvement from what i had before. it also works really well with windows 7 all the extra keys work and features such as the 3d window thing. would recommend it because it is a good keyboard also cheap when on sale.

Review Date: 02/15/10
Cons: -n/a

Pros: -cheap-build quality-keys
I bought this on a one day sale and it was a good deal. It has all the keys that I need as well as some that I don't even know what to use it for. It beats all the keyboards that I bought before at the $25 range. Highly recommended!

Review Date: 01/18/10
Cons: a few keys felt a bit sticky, no lights

Pros: feels great, easy to type on, pretty quiet, cables fit under the keyboard which is great for a headset
I love this keyboard! I replaced a really old keyboard with it, and it is a lot quieter not to mention easier to type on. It's a Logitech product, and it looks great, feels great, and wears fairly well.

Review Date: 12/30/09
Cons: Position of media keys.Higher keys than I'm used to. My previous keyboard was the Comfort Curve 2000, which if you've seen, is very low and extremely easy to press.The shape of the DEL, HOME, END section of keys. I like horizontal, not vertical shape. Not a big deal, I'll make do.

Pros: Wrist pad. Soft, but not too soft.Media keys. I like the number of them - play, pause, mute, vol up/down, skip forward, skip back.Function keys. Many and useful. Like music player. Power button.Nice feel to keys. Soft, good feedback.Caps lock lights and etc, are under the number pad, not above. Easy to see.Wave shape feels and looks really nice.
first of all. I got this keyboard at a great deal, It is completely worth the price I got it at. For the regular price though, I'm not sure. The wireless is double this price too. Again I'm not sure that that's worth it. The keyboard is great. Great features. It doesn't redefine keyboards, but it doesn't follow the example of previous keyboards either. The shape of the keyboard is amazing.Just a note. This is NOT a gaming keyboard. First. WASD keys ARE NOT COMFORTABLE to keep in position for an extended period of time. Well, it's good in WASD, but not with the pinky pressing the CTRL key. This is solved for me, not from extended use and getting used it to feel. Actually, if you align the right end and the middle stick parallel to your monitor, and your left hand for WASD is diagonal pointing IN, it gets A LOT more comfortable. Tactile feel is good. Hard to press extremely fast, but getting used to it. Reaction time with it will suffer for a while. The keyboard is also very tall. People using the keyboard in the pullout drawer thing will HAVE to pull it out entirely. I'm using it at the lowest height, and my hands barely fit when the keyboard is inside the drawer.Anyways, it's still an amazing keyboard. If you can get it on sale, it is definitely worth it. But I may just be a very cheap person to be honest. Try it out. If you like it, keep it. It's definitely not for everyone. But if it is for you, or if you get used to it, it is completely worth it.Now I'm wondering what the wireless version is like. I just don't trust wireless because the response is not always the best.

Review Date: 12/16/09
Cons: the keys are a bit soft when you click, even for non-mechanical keyboards

Pros: quietcomfortablemedia keys
I love this keyboard, it's very quiet and comfortable to type on and the media keys are extremely useful. Plus I got it for only $20!

Review Date: 11/13/09
Cons: Keys are a bit loudWired, the wireless version is very expensive!!!

Pros: ComfortableFeels GoodCheap
Had this to replace my 10 year old wireless keyboard. This one feels great and is very responsive. The keys do make quite a bit of sound and the function keys are grouped weird but its great once you get used to the key placement.

Review Date: 10/19/09
Cons: The only thing I can thnk of as a con is the layout of the keys above the arrow keys (home, delete, end, pgup/dwn). They are vertical instead of horizontal, so I hit the wrong key sometimes if i'm not looking...but I'll get used to that.

Pros: Its a keyboard thats very comfortable to type with and game on. As another reviewer had noted, the keys do not make any noise; they are silent.
the f-keys are the only problem i have with this keyboard. they're in groups of 3 instead of 4; they are spaced alittle too far above the numbers imo, and the number of the f-key is printed on the side instead of the top, which can be hard to read and leads to confusion when combined with the new layout of 3 button f-key groups instead of 4.

Review Date: 09/27/09
Cons: -zoom rocker feels a bit loose versus the other "media/vista" keys, but I hardly use this one so it's not much of a big deal. Could just be mine that I got too perhaps.-ergonnoic wave might take a bit getting used to if coming from a flat style. Not a weakness, more like a learning curve. I'm getting used to it. (less typos I'm finding now)-volume rocker setting does not match my Logitech USB headset setting, so you might get some loud audio, but really it's not that big of a deal. I prefer using the keyboard volume over the headset toggle anyways. The headset doesn't respond to the changes right away when using the toggle sometimes.

Pros: -good spacing on keys-keys feel solid-writing on it is clean and visable-built in palm rest with a soft grip padding-nice touch with the Function key instead of an F-Lock-media/vista keys are simple and concise (I liked the use of the volume rocker instead of a wheel)-calculator key (almost every new keyboard has one now, but some are not in always good positions, this one is)-no bs fancy stuff, just a practical design-CAPS, SCROLL, and NUM lock LED are not too bright and annoying to look at. I like how they're underneath the keys instead of above.-rubber feet on the bottom are a good size and provide a good grip-3 step adjustable legs, maximum height is perfect for me-good footprint to keep my mouse pad next to it on the keyboard tray-optical drive open/close funciton key (very handy for people with prebuilt computers that hide their button on the drive, forcing to push the tray to close)-software used is SetPoint which if you have a Logitech mouse...well for those that do, it's just nice to have them both accessible in the same app-easy to install if you already own a Logitech mouse that uses SetPoint.
The Waves feels more like the old Elite to me (aside from the ergonomics).For those that remember the Elite is was nice. The keys eventually felt like they were grinding when you pressed them on the edge, but the overall keyboard was nice.Well, one day I spilt tea on it, took it a part, tried to clean it, no dice.So, the Elite at the time cost some good coin (about $80 bucks retail, got it on sale for about $40). I could not find this keyboard anymore, but did find a Media Elite version which looked very similiar. The price for that was much lower and thought I wasn't going to get the same keyboard quality so I figured I'd just get real a cheap one for the time being. I ended up getting a Microsoft Digital Media 3000. Needless to say, that keyboard was fine for a handleful of months, now the most used keys feel "most used" if you know what I mean.Okay sorry for boring you with a long story, I'll sum it up.That MS keyboard feels cheap now compared to the Wave and I paid less for the Wave than I did for the MS one.Well see how this one holds up as time goes on. This review was modfied by poster f 09-27-09 07:24 AM This review was modfied by poster @ 09-27-09 07:28 AM

Review Date: 09/03/09
Cons: none so far

Pros: easy to type
I bought this a month ago and it seems to work great to this daypros: very nice to type and rest your palms oncons: it probally wont last a year because the keys are sort of sticking already. overall its great for the money

Review Date: 08/27/09
Cons: non wireless

Pros: great price
I got it for 19 bucks, and it's such a great keyboard for the price. Perfect fit the hands and just enough function keys to do most of the stuff real quick. If you don't mind it's not wireless. It's a great choice.

Review Date: 03/12/09
Cons: -None so far

Pros: -Great ergonomic design-Wrist pad provides extra support-Media keys are nice, but I don't use them much-Full numeric keypad-Sleep button is really handy when I leave my computer for a while
I use this daily, it works just as you would hope. The ergonomic design is fantastic for me. Took a little bit of getting used to but now I find that it's fantastic!

Review Date: 01/04/09
Cons: Not recommended for pro-longed usage

Pros: The layout is slick and the keys are easy to use
I bought this keyboard for work and it is quite something. I've never been able to get used to the ergonomic layout of the Microsoft keyboards but this layout was one I wanted to try. It does have a nice feel to it and is well built. The only issue I have is that after extended periods of usage, my fingers start to hurt. Other than that, it's a great keyboard.

Review Date: 09/06/08
Cons: usb cord might be too short for some people's setups

Pros: leather wrist restcurved designed
I have always been a fan of ergonomic keyboards starting with the microsoft natural, then the microsoft comfort curve 2000 which started to fail on me, which lead me to this keyboard. So far I am very happy with this product, it actually takes up less desktop space then I had expected. One thing that may be an issue to people is that the keys are pretty tall so it was a bit of an adjustment for me from my previous keyboard.

Review Date: 08/27/08
Cons: I make frequent typos with this keyboard, and it even screwed up my touch typing, and had to relearn and still having trouble typing on normal keyboards now.and playing games, wasd was frequently missed, and keep pressing caps lock button by mistake when I was supposed to press shift.

Pros: it is really comfortable to type with.it has a high quality feeling to it.over-sized keys, they are really good to play games with.
Its a good thing that I bought this keyboard, otherwise, I would have never felt what comfort was! too bad that I can't recommend this keyboard. I really liked the media features on this keyboard. I like this keyboard, but it did screw up my touch typing skills, if this had never happened, I would recommend it to anyone else.ok, its been a while, my touch typing is back to the way it is now. This review was modfied by poster @ 11-15-08 10:34 PM

Review Date: 05/09/08
Cons: - Logitech SetPoint software is a little bloated for me

Pros: - VERY comfortable- Excellent tactile feedback from the keys- Well labeled custom keys
I've used a TON of keyboards in my days, and NOTHING is more comfortable then this keyboard. I think I'm going to get another one to use at work.

Review Date: 02/28/08
Cons: - USB cord- USB cord too short

Pros: + Comfortable+ Buttons look good+ The wave form actually helps!+ Doesn't take up my whole table
Awesome keyboard, I absolutely love it. I was always a Natural Keyboard type person with the space in the middle and I've always hated the rectangular keyboards but this one is awesome. I told myself I would never, ever go to a rectangular keyboard, but I think I compromised in between and I don't regret it.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

General Information
Manufacturer Part Number:920-000326
Manufacturer Website Address:www.logitech.com
Brand Name:Logitech
Product Name:Wave Keyboard
Product Type:Keyboard
Keyboard/Keypad Connectivity Technology:Wired
Keyboard/Keypad Wireless Technology:Not Applicable
Keyboard/Keypad Features:Palm Rest
Keyboard/Keypad Host Interface:USB
System Requirements:

Operating System(s):

  • Mac OS X (10.2.8 or later)
  • Wave Keyboard
  • Plastic Keyboard Dust Cover
  • CD with Software
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Green Compliance:Yes
    Green Compliance Certificate/Authority:RoHS
    Standard Warranty:5 Year Limited

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