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Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard

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Logitech G13 (920-000946) Advanced Gameboard
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Product Reviews

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.92/10

Review Date: 01/24/15
Cons: slight Learning Curved

Pros: Comfy,Easy to use,Has its purpose
I have only had it for a week but I am really enjoying it. Super comfy. Its just a bit awkward to use at first

Review Date: 01/09/15
Cons: Get some time to get to use with

Pros: Lot of possible buttons/controlsLCD is a nice featureJoystick can be configured as a joystick or even as mouseApps available around the web to use on the LCDFeels solid/quality
Santa brought me this for Christmas. I've been wanting a gaming keyboard for sometime now and the Logitech seemed to be a good quality/feature/price ratios. I am not disappointed.The Logitech Gaming Software is very intuitive. It is easy to program the keys. It does take some time to program everything properly and I had to use ALT-TAB in games to program and test my programming at the same time. It does take some time to get use to it as well. I never had a gaming keyboard before and been gaming for over 15 years on keyboard...so yeah. I've read that the Razer Orbweaver has better ergonomy, but ergonomy is different for every person.The LCD is quite nice. I use LCDSirReal, a software I have found on the web that collects many metrics such as metrics from Speedfan, GPU-Z and FRAPS for exemple. It is very interesting to monitor your computer status/performances while in game and not having a yellow counter on your screen. I really love that.It is a great device. I enjoy playing with it and even configuring it. It feels solid and not cheap. I highly recommend it.

Review Date: 10/04/14
Cons: Can't think of any atm

Pros: ComfortableLots of buttonsThe joystick is by far the best joystick I've used on a gaming keyboard such as this.Love the menu at the topNot too big for smaller hands as mine are quite smallStays in place wellCan save profiles to deviceCustom colours for each profileReally long cord which I like
I am incredibly glad I bought this instead of a full gaming keyboard. There are just so many options for every game. Multiple profiles, which you can save to the game pad so when you LAN at a buddies you have all your stuff right there. Great for smaller hands which I was worried about at first. Joystick is amazing. I don't know what else to say other than if you are comfortable using a joystick in most cases then I high suggest getting one of these. Granted it took me a bit to get used to it but it didn't take long at all. However, I find it pretty difficult to go back to gaming on a keyboard due to my own set up I have so that may be an issue for some.Either way I high recommend this to any PC gamer that doesn't mind moving with a joystick.

Review Date: 02/22/14
Cons: Takes a lot of practice

Pros: Better, faster control for MMO's
This keyboard has a steep learning curve. You need to get used to it. It was somewhat difficult to set up with World of Warcraft as well. But once done it was nice being able to use the thumbstick to move around. Dominos helps to learn the keys as well.
<[] [POSSE] [] Cptn. Vortex@NCIX

Review Date: 11/15/13
Cons: Not Mechanical, takes a little while to get used to.

Pros: Typical decent Logitech G series build quality, backlit, handy.
I've always thought about getting a gaming keypad of some sort, and this came on sale so finally got one. At first it was tough to get used to and confusing to locate the keys I wanted, but as I used it more, it started to come together. Now I can easily say I enjoy using it for gaming much more than a keyboard alone. The biggest benefit for me is the tumb buttons and joystick. Very, very handy for me!

Review Date: 11/11/13
Cons: Keys become sticky and resist moving

Pros: Logitech! Very solid, very fast once learned
The g-board works very nicely. It is difficult during the first week to learn however once you are used to it this g-board is much better than a keyboard (except when you need to type a message). This g-board must be modified to prevent the keys from binding! You will need to open the unit (warranty voided!) by removing 5 screws hidden under the rubber stickers. Next carefully open and with a q-tip spread some vaseline on the back of all the keys (all 4 sides of each key). Re-assemble and the g-board keys are smooth as can be. This is a very good g-board however as I say it must be lubed to work right.

Review Date: 08/22/12
Cons: awkward key placement & palm design, not really necessary...

Pros: gamepad like controls, looks cool
Looks good and a fine replacement for a WASD type controller other than your keyboard but realistically... the placement of the keys and the palm grip design are awkward. Between this and the Nostromo, I wouldn't recommend this one on the basis that it's much more difficult to use these keys due to the design. I wouldn't recommend the Nostromo either due to a similar design. Find a better keyboard built for your style of WASD key placement and design. Keyboard still works better because you need to type anyways...Would not buy again. I'd recommend getting a real full keyboard designed for gamers rather than a seperate game pad.

Review Date: 05/04/12
Cons: stick isnt very comfortable to use

Pros: weighteddisplay screenjoystick
A great product from logitech. Feels solid and is comfortable to use. The only down side you might have is using the joystick because of the way it is shaped.

Review Date: 12/27/11
Cons: - analogue stick a bit awkward to use.

Pros: - comfortable- easy to program
This is my first time buying a game-board, and I am super happy with it! It is easy to use, program, and very comfortable.When I first bought the board, I was drawn to this particular model because it had an analogue stick. Since getting it, I think I've used it twice... It's a bit awkward to use and some games don't support an analogue stick (WTF?!?), so it basically doesn't get used anymore. Thankfully, the rest of the board is great! Lots of easily programmable keys laid out nicely and backlit (though this isn't particularly important to me). The best part of the board, to me anyway, is the ergonomics. It is supremely comfortable to use, even for long periods of time. I will not go back to using a keyboard for gaming after this. My hands used to cramp up after long periods of use for gaming with a keyboard because of the angle, but this board just fits into the palm of your hand so well... It's great! That is all!

Review Date: 12/17/11
Cons: main keys could be rubberized or more curved.

Pros: Build Quality, ergonomics, lit keys. multiple colors of lights. programmable, LED screen w programmable information
Bought this to play a lot of FPS, works great. Very comfortable and using it way better then a keyboard for your left hand. I wish the WSAD keys though were rubberized or had a bigger indent to identify them better. Great peripheral.

Review Date: 12/14/11
Cons: Self-defeatingly small joystick.

Pros: High build quality.Useful LCD Display.Lots of keys.Customizable back-light
This will give your left hand a nice alternative to a keyboard. The joystick on the other hand is very uncomfortable to use and sue to the unfortunately small head its is difficult to prevent from slipping. In short, until I find a new stick that fits to replace it, I'm only using the keys. Luckily there stick is also a button giving the thumb 3 buttons to work with.

Review Date: 10/24/11
Cons: Learning Curve but if u have good memory of what the buttons do it's ok.

Pros: Many buttonsLCD displayComfortable
I have used the n52te, and by far this is much better. More buttons is what I liked. Mainly I got this cuz it has more buttons and also make more macros. I would recommend getting this instead of the n52te because it just does alot more.

Review Date: 08/17/11
Cons: steep learning curve

Pros: Great for gaming
I bought the G13 to play World of Warcraft since there are so many buttons/commands. This makes a huge difference and gives quicker access to abilities. I set the thumbstick to move/strafe and the other G keys are set to abilities with two of the set to modifiers. That gives me the ability to move and have access to use abilities at the same time.The only drawback is that it took me about 2 weeks to learn the new layout and about a month and a half to become proficient at it.For FPS and other games, doesn't really make a huge difference vs gaming keyboard.

Review Date: 06/15/11
Cons: no adjustable heigh

Pros: ErgonomicEasy to use
I owned a nostromo speed pad n52 for about 3 years and switch to the G13. Awesome product.. really nice looking The led lightning on it is beautiful You can really customize the color like you want. As for the feature got a lots of button I mainly play FPS games and it really suits me. By default its come preconfigured so It can be fast to use.

Review Date: 02/24/11
Cons: Display is slightly brighter on the left side. Probably where the LED placement is

Pros: ComfortableAbility to change the colors of the back lightSmooth quiet Keys
I have used this extensively in the short time I have owned this and I do like it.I did have some issues at first getting used to the shape. I had a couple of days of bad gaming Now 4 days in and am better than when I was using my G15 keyboard.The learning curve is not to bad, considering this my first attempt at a gaming keypad.I do find the mini joystick to be difficult to use with my thumb, but again its a learning thing. I have no doubt that I will become good with it

Review Date: 08/18/10
Cons: As many mentioned, the learning curve

Pros: Decent price on sale for $50
I got this for gaming and the extra keys for macros, since my Logitech Wave keyboard does not have any macro keys. I used to own the n52te, but it lack keys and was not that comfortable to use. This still takes a while to get used to, but once I got the hang of it, it is miles better than the n52te.I many play FPS with this, but I have yet to try it on with MMO, but the experience is pretty good so far. No problems with drivers, and other technical problems. However, it is still quite pricey at the regular price, and it is price the same as many gaming keyboards out there.

Review Date: 05/19/10
Cons: May not see all steam games

Pros: Comfortable to use for long stretchesRGB-selectable backlightingOn-the-fly profile changing
This is very comfortable, solidly built, and has good community/dev support that frequently puts out new game profiles. It automatically finds games on your computer and loads their profiles as soon as you start the game.The only problem I've had with it is that it can't see all my steam games. It misses some, leaving me to have to manually set up a profile for that specific game. This can be very annoying, especially since almost my entire library of games is on steam.

Review Date: 05/11/10
This thing is great. Programing it is a snap. Being able to use most of the keys I need without having to reach all the way across my keyboard is very convenient. All and all, I would recommend this product to anyone that games. I do have two complaints though. The pad is a bit hard on the hand (I agree with previous post) and sometimes when I program something like

Review Date: 05/02/10
i like how i can key the pad how i want it, for more than 1 game, and take it with me to a diff pc and still have the same settings! very handy.. and much easier than rekeying someone elses pc and having them get mad lol.

Review Date: 03/21/10
Cons: it's as expensive as a regular gaming keyboard

Pros: can press all the keys at the same time,small
I bought this to use with my laptop as I couldn't press as many keys at the same time as I wanted on my laptop. Does the job perfectly. Many backlight colors to choose from.

Review Date: 03/12/10
Cons: not free!!

Pros: Logitechilluminated keys(looks really good)millions of way to set your macroeasy to use
i've played bfbc2 with this keyboard, so far so good, i'm amazed there are so many functions in such a small unit, the key profile is very easy to use, get this keyboard if you are a gamer!

Review Date: 02/26/10
I already have a G15(original) so I was familiar with the software. This unit uses the same software as the other G-series. My only complaint is that the wrist rest is not padded, especially the hard plastic logitech logo tab. I ended up cutting up a DrSholes gel shoe pad to fit on the unit. Without it my wrist would start hurting after about a half hour. The gel pad should have been included at the price of the G13. I have used it with Earth and Beyond, Dungeons Online, Tropico3 and Star Trek Online. Programming and flexibility is on par with the rest of the G-series macro keyboards.

Review Date: 02/21/10
I have had my G13 for a couple of weeks now and I love it. It makes game play much more enjoyable, and my hand doesn't cramp up. The G13 is easy to set up and use, the software makes it a snap to configure and save for individual games. The easy to program macros are great too. If you like to play PC games this would be a great addition to your tools.

Review Date: 02/13/10
I was skeptical at first about paying over $100CDN for such a small gaming keyboard. I have a slightly handicapped left hand(due to an accident), and it was difficult for me to utilize the keys on a standard keyboard. I was getting slaughtered in some of my favorite games, because I was having to look at my hand to see where my fingers were lying on the keyboard. I find this keyboard to be perfect, and exactly the solution to my problem. I have three fingers on my hand, that are slightly deformed, and even with this issue, I find the placement of the keys, and the overall design of this keyboard to be PERFECT! I use it for WOW, HL2DM, LFD2, CODMW2, and several others, and have no complaints whatsoever! If someone was to ask me what kind of keyboard to get for playing keyboard & mouse games, THIS WOULD BE THE ONE I'D RECOMMEND! I give it 2 thumbs up, and would dare anyone to try it, and not fall in love with it!

Review Date: 12/30/09
Great Product! Very comfortable and easy to reach all key without moving your hand! The software is not difficult in setting up profiles, macros, scripes, and the LCD display! Very easy to record macros in-game! The platform is very sturdy and doesn't slide around! Also, there are a lot of great applets that utilize background programs! Very satified, loyal Logitech customer!!!!
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Product Features

Logitech 920-000946 G13 Advanced Gameboard
The Logitech 920-000946 G13 Advanced Gameboard gives you game-changing comfort and control. It has a naturally contoured design that follows the natural shape of your hand and fingers for increased comfort during long sessions. There are twenty-five programmable keys, including customizable keys to suit your style of play. The high-visibility GamePanel? LCD screen lets you gather tactical information, including live stats, system info, and communications from fellow players.

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A Closer Look


  • Large, concave buttons: Let you locate buttons by touch on the home row.
  • Solid, stable design: Helps assure that your gameboard will keep up when your game gets intense. Strategically placed feet. Stable weight (650 grams).
  • Quick macros: Assign complex actions to single keystrokes?on the fly.
  • Programmable mini-joystick: Maneuver quickly and easily. The control you need is under your thumb.
  • Backlit keys: Let you easily locate the right key in low-light conditions or lights-out play. Plus, you can customize the keys with any backlight color that you want.
  • Onboard memory: Saves your profiles so you can take your personal preferences with you.
  • Portable design: Keeps the game going wherever you go.
  • Public software development kit (SDK): Upload the latest enhancements developed exclusively for GamePanel? by the Logitech open-source community.

System Requirements

  • 256 MB RAM
  • 20 MB of available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB port
  • GamePanel? LCD requires software that supports Logitech® GamePanel? technology. See front of box for a partial list, or visit www.logitech.com/gamepanel
  • Windows-based computer
    • PC with Pentium® processor or compatible
    • Windows® XP or Windows Vista®
  • Mac computer
    • Mac OS® X 10.4 or later

What's Included

  • G13 Advanced Gameboard
  • Quick-start guide
  • Software CD

Product Specifications

Operating System Supported: Windows XP or Windows Vista Mac OS X 10.4 or later
Features: Dig in. Get comfortable. Naturally contoured design: Follows the natural shape of your hand and fingers for increased comfort during long sessions. Large, concave buttons: Let you locate buttons by touch on the home row. Solid, stable design: Helps assure that your gameboard will keep up when your game gets intense.
Parts: 2 years limited
Labor: 2 years limited
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