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Logitech G710 920-003887 Plus Mechanical Keyboard

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Product Reviews

Logitech G710 920-003887 Plus Mechanical Keyboard
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.46/10

Review Date: 04/05/15
Cons: Keycaps might come with hairline fractures in their stems, which can result in the keycap breaking in the future. Minus 1 star

Pros: Great keyboard. MX browns are awesome. Backlight is great, logitech software is good and easy to work with.
Great keyboard. I love the MX browns. I had a Corsair K90 which broke after warranty expired and i got this puppy. Im lucky my corsair keycaps fit perfectly fine on this baby, so im not worried about the keycaps for now. Logitech has been great with support anyways so im sure they will care of me if something happens.

Review Date: 03/08/15
Cons: - Very heavy (might be a pro).- LCD screen would have been nice.- No color options for LED's.

Pros: - Definitely feels mechanical.- Keystrokes aren't too "clicky"- Well made and very sturdy.- Also very heavy (might be a con).- LED's are a very bright white (dimmable).- WASD/arrow keys can be dimmed separately.- Programmable macro keys.- One USB port.- Separate media controls.- No light bleeding!
I finally replaced my first generation Logitech G15 with this one, the Logitech G710+. My G15 served me well for a very long time, but the keys had gotten so dim that it had become pretty much useless, even in the dark. I wanted something bright where each key had it's own LED rather than a cheap plastic light spreader and the G710+ fit the bill perfectly. I also didn't want LED's that bled light from under and around the keys because this creates a contrast issue for me. Only the actual letters on the keys are lit which is how it should be.The ability to have this kind of brightness along with some color choices still would have been nice though, but not a necessity IMHO. The important thing for me insofar as lighting goes was to be able to see my keys in the dark and that isn't a problem whatsoever. In fact I'm glad it can be dimmed a reasonable amount because at full power the keys are very very bright. I also like that the WASD and arrow keys can be dimmed individually from the rest of them.I've always preferred the feel of mechanical keystrokes and you definitely get that with this keyboard. They feel quite satisfying when pressed. Make sure it's something you like before buying though or you may be disappointed. As for macros, I had no trouble setting them up via the gaming software which was already installed due to my Logitech mouse. It detected the keyboard instantly and required no effort on my part.This keyboard is very heavy and thus very sturdy. If you transport your rig a lot and care about weight, this could potentially be a burden. However for those who don't, you can expect this keyboard to stay put as it won't slide around on you at all. Also, the first thing I checked was the keys due to some other comments, but didn't find any problems. Thus far it has been a really good choice for both gaming and every day use and overall I'm quite happy with it.
El Mahdi_Z@NCIX

Review Date: 02/04/15
Cons: Pricy

Pros: Logitech quality
I regret buying it, It's more expansive than what it offers, I admit that I never had a problem but consider buying it only if it's below 100$.

Review Date: 01/06/15
Cons: Keycaps will break off.

Pros: Nice keyboard if it didn't have a major flaw.
DO NOT BUY THIS KEYBOARD. unfortunately I bought mine without reading about keycaps issue. Once I read about it I went and checked my keyboard (has less than 20 minutes of use)Every single keycap is cracked where it attaches to the switch.It is probably not a major issue for small keys.But larger keys like Control where you may press on it slightly off-center the post will eventually break and your control key will fall off.

Review Date: 12/22/14
Cons: -none so far

Pros: -Keys feel great-Very stylish keyboard
Great Keyboard for the money.

Review Date: 10/27/14
Cons: none

Pros: works great
awesome keyboard by logitech
Carbon Rod@NCIX

Review Date: 10/12/14
Cons: Could be a bit cheaper.

Pros: The key switches used provide the perfect tactile response. Not too noisy either.
I think I've found the keyboard I will be using for the next few years.I've tried one other mechanical keyboard before this and felt it was too noisy while typing and it had the same switches as this one does.It's got a great hefty feel to it despite all surface features to be made of plastic. It also comes with a USB pass-through port for connecting your mouse. Other than that, no other flashy features like LCD screens or anything. The single color white LED backlighting is perfect for my tastes. It also has just the right selection of other functionality to suit my needs.

Review Date: 09/05/14
Cons: Back lightning is strong which is a good thing, the only thing weird about it is if you are like me an aging guy still having his glasses to look sharp at higher distance and at the same time starting to have difficulties seeing things too close, it kinds of create  an halo shadow. I have multiples keyboards with other back lightning effects (Logitech G15, Saitek-Cyborg, ...) and this halo effect is only there with the G710+

Pros: The feel of the touch is great, even though it is mechanical, it is not too noisy. Great keyboard overall
Still i love it very much so i decide to buy a 2nd one

Review Date: 09/02/14
Cons: none

Pros: -Backlight-Comfortable -Nice Design-Programmable Keys
A lot of my friends recommend this keyboard for this price tag.

Review Date: 08/06/14
Cons: Limited custom lighting

Pros: Good mechanical feelDedicated media keysSolid cable
As a previous poster had mentioned the key faces are smaller than normal size but I haven't found that to be a problem.I bought this as my first mechanical keyboard and I really like the feel of the switches.I would like the ability to have more control over the custom lighting but as a first keyboard not too bad.It's an ok keyboard but if you spend a little more you could get something with more options.

Review Date: 07/02/14
Cons: -keys pop off WAY too easily-volume control-chassis flex

Pros: -great response from the mechanical keys-dual zone & LED keys with dimming-solid cable
This is my first mechanical keyboard in many years so it has been taking some getting used to for typing, but I really like the responses for gaming. The keys actually feel a little small on their faces.For a $150 keyboard I'd have liked to have a board that didn't have so much flex in the chassis, and the keys pop off way too easily for my liking. I knocked the keyboard over and 4 keys popped off. Since then a few have popped off again.I really like the LEDs but the dual zone is a bit of a luxury for me. The dimming settings are a decent idea too. The software is a bit of a yawn, nothing is not wrong, I'd just like to see the ability to assign lighting to keys other than the wasd keys.There is nothing really wrong with this keyboard overall, as a first "gaming keyboard, but I know I'd like to see something more durable in build quality, and adaptable software wise. I can't say I'd buy this KB twice as it is $150, but I would recommend it for an entry level bit of kit.

Review Date: 06/25/14
Cons: -pricy... especially when not on saleUPDATE:-Back lighting died after 2 weeks of use

Pros: -cool white back-lighting.-perfect clickiness of keys yet quiet
All in all I am happy with this keyboard. Takes a bit of adjusting to switch from a membrane keyboard but definitely has a great feel once you get used to it. It also has a sturdy feel to it so hopefully it will have a long life.UPDATE-After 2 weeks of use the backlighting died for the "enter","shift","." "," and "/" keys. Fortunately it was within 30 days of purchase and NCIX RMAed it. I still love the keyboard, but the cost of the return shipping for the RMA made this purchase even more expensive for an already pricy keyboard. Furthermore, I am now worried about what kind of life span I will be able to expect from this keyboard. Hopefully I just got a bad apple and it is not representative of the quality of these boards. This review was modfied by poster q 07-27-14 06:39 PM This review was modfied by poster @ 07-27-14 06:22 PM

Review Date: 05/04/14
Cons: pricey

Pros: Quality (like any Logitech product)
This is my first mechanical keyboard and I don't regret my purchase. It takes a little time to get use to the keys, but once you learn how much pressure to apply to activate them, this keyboard is perfect. My only complain is that it is a little pricey

Review Date: 03/06/14
Cons: price is a bit high imho if your buying without a price match.

Pros: Bright backlightingquiet mechanical keys scroll for sound very nice.its cleanly laid out
I owned a previous Mechanical kbd it was the Razer Blackwiddow and after all the problems i had with that 120+$ keyboard which eventually lead to me throwing it out i said id never buy another mechanical kbd or a keyboard that costs 70+$ ever again. So since then i had been using a G105 and its a great keyboard but i ended up needing a new keyboard for another pc and decided against all my previous promises to buy this keyboard mostly because i believe in Logitech quality. Well the 710 has been What i wish the blackwiddow was its solid it doesn't ghost , keys are sharp yet quiet , its cleanly laid out and looks sharp for those who are into looks. the white back lighting is nice and bright. the palm rest is just short enough its not in the way but is still nice to use so this will be the first palm rest i actually keep my G15 palm rest was to big and was always in the way ended up not using it. overall a great keyboard with Logitech quality and Warranty which in the past has been amazing for me they replaced a G400 with out even having me send back the bad mouse that's a no issue service right there.
Nguyen Duc_T@NCIX

Review Date: 03/03/14
Cons: Location of pass through USB (good for plugging in your mouse but terrible for flash drives) & price if you buy at MSRP

Pros: Fully mechanical, full back-light, good media controls, six programmable keys, pass through USB & good build quality.
My very first impression of this keyboard when I tried out the keys was "shoot I should've gotten a cherry mx blue board". The tactile feedback just didn't appear to be there, but after using it for about a week or two (doing classwork, writing emails etc.) I've really come to appreciate it. I guess it just took some time for me to get used to it and now I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to a membrane keyboard. And although I do think I am more of a cherry mx blue or even green user I'm really happy with this keyboard. I was lucky enough to grab one when it was on sale for 104.99 and while it's still a bit pricey, in my opinion, its a steal when compared to the regular price of 149.99. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with keyboard unless they're a typist that desire a lot of tactile feedback then I think a board with green or blue switches would be better.

Review Date: 02/21/14
Cons: quality

Pros: mechanicalback-lit keyboard
Been using logitech keyboard for a long time now. Swapped from G510 to G710+. Only problem i would ever have with this keyboard would be the colour scheme really.. I don't like how logitech did not offer any ways of swapping the wasd and arrow keys back to black colour instead of gray. Other than that, pretty satisfied with the keyboard.

Review Date: 02/17/14
Cons: Poor quality control.

Pros: Good design.
Over the years I have owned many Logitech products, from mice to keyboards to headsets, and generally speaking the quality of the products have been exceptional. However there have been exceptions in the past (G15 second edition keyboard) and now again with the G710+.Let me throw down some positives first. I really do love the design. It reminds me of the G110 in away (my current board), that is the "gaming" stylization is very minimal, only offering slightly more of a different look to set it apart from a standard looking keyboard. Cherry MX Brown switches are a good middle ground and probably the switch I would use if the product line only offered one variation. Which is currently does. Logitech have also included rubber o-rings on every mechanical switch to dampen bottom-out sound, something not everyone will like, but they're easily removable if not your thing. It has got just enough macro keys to be effective, but not obnoxious. The glossy black trim around the the key layout is surprisingly smudge/streak resistant. And the build quality is pretty damn good. It also has a volume roller, which has become a must for me on any keyboard.Now the problems I have with the G710 are mostly quality control. I recently bought one, only to discover the volume roller was warped and did not roll very well, or even. The cable was scuffed, scratched and even nicked. So was the left side edge of the board, like it had been dropped on an edge. After about every two or so hours the back lighting for the W and E keys would go out. The key caps do not have even light distribution, which in this day and age with competitor keyboards is something that is expected. Especially when it costs more than most of its competition.In final, I really like the design and the build quality, even though I experience serious quality control problems. If Logitech could solve that issue in particular and upgrade the quality of key cap back lighting, I could easily recommend this board to other people. As it stands now, buy at your own risk.Good alternatives include the Corsair Vengeance K70, which comes in red, brown and blue Cherry MX switches (and different colours, depending on which switches you select). Or the Razer Blackwidow, which I believe you can also get with different Cherry MX switches (blue or black, I think).
Hui Kang_F@NCIX

Review Date: 02/03/14
Cons: - cheap wrist rest

Pros: - quiet MX switches- include a wrist rest- scrolling wheel for volume control- macro keys
This is a very solid cherry MX brown switches keyboard. It's definitely better than membrane keyboard that I've been using for the past 8 - 9 years. The keyboard itself is well constructed and it include a wrist rest, which is a nice touch.

Review Date: 01/14/14
Cons: Keys a little softHigh price for logitechNo audio ports

Pros: Great LooksGood Weight and Feel
Awesome keyboard, I love it!. Would have like to see a slightly lower price on this for being a logitech product. Not saying anything bad about logitech (I have owned several gaming mice/keyboards), but to me they have always been the budget gamers goto brand.

Review Date: 10/01/13
Cons: None

Pros: Build QualityAll keys MechanicalVolume WheelBacklight
This is a very nice keyboard, it is my first mechanical one. The Brown MX switches feel good, not that loud but still have good tactile feedback. The volume wheel is cool, way better than having to hit a button. Changing levels of backlighting is also nice. I got this bundled with the g700s for 180. It was a great deal and I am not dissapointed with the keyboard.

Review Date: 09/06/13
Cons: plastic back board shows dandruff and dust well

Pros: Works wellvery nice feelwrist rest
Very nice keyboard does it job amazingly. Brown mx switches feel nice. Built with quality. Scroll wheel is a nice touch. Backlight.... never had an issue. Only thing I dislike is the plastic board around the keys shows dandruff, dust food particles very well. So you have to be very clean or just use rubbing alcohol or compressed air about every week - 2 weeks to make it look new but really aint a big deal.

Review Date: 07/18/13
Cons: None at all.

Pros: Best keyboard I have ever owned.
This has to be one of the best mechanical keyboards out there. It has really improved my typing speed and accuracy to a levels that I never thought to be possible. If you are really looking for an awesome keyboard for gaming and work, then look no further. I didn't buy this from here but get it from here if you can. NCIX has exceptional service and I wish I bought it from them.

Review Date: 06/26/13
Cons: Glossy parts are fingerprint magnets.

Pros: MX Cherry BrownsSturdy buildFull USB 2.0 pass through
I waited until logitech came out with a mechanical keyboard before getting one and have to say I am very pleased. Everything you like about logitech with the snappiness and tactile feedback of mechanical switches. Backlight is bright which was one thing my previous G110 lacked. Only downside is the glossy areas between key sections are fingerprint magnets but doesn't affect function.

Review Date: 06/18/13
Cons: nothing !

Pros: WOW ! , Build to last , cherry mx brown mechanical keys, awesome media keys , easy macro set up , back lighting is perfect, volume wheel , usb output.
wow ! i just bought this last week , i love the feel of it !! if you want a keyboard thats gonna last you for years this is the one. the keyboard is heavy so it wont move around on you. ive been using it for games like csgo and dayz, and it realy did increase my movement acuracy ! got this on sale for 129.99, i would easily pay 200$ for a keyboard of that quality. buy it you wont regret !!

Review Date: 06/11/13
Cons: - no textured WASD key

Pros: + solid, sturdy+ Cool design and key emplacements+ Cool Software configuration for lights and macros
bought this to replace my old G15, didn't use the led screen too much and needed a best combo for gaming and multimedia. The mechanical keys are great feels for me, although not sure if it everyone taste. I like the way how I can configure the lights on the keys (I can decide to have WASD keys lit, or the invert. The only complaint I have is no textured WASD, which help in the action to not look at the keyboard. Something that Corsair understood.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Keyboard Connection Type
Keyboard InterfaceUSB 2.0
Keyboard SPEC
Design StyleGaming
Palm RestDetachable
Normal Keys110
Dimensions20" x 8.7" x 1.5"
Mouse Included
Mouse IncludedNo
OS / System Requirement
Operating System SupportedWindows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista
System RequirementTwo available High-Speed USB (2.0) port
70 MB of available hard disk space
Internet connection for optional software download
FeaturesTactile high-speed, mechanical keys

Whisper-quiet keys

Adjustable dual-zone backlighting

6 programmable G-keys

110 anti-ghosting keys

26-key rollover

Game/Desktop mode

Instant media access

USB pass-through

Removable palm rest

Durable tilt legs
Package ContentsKeyboard
Palm rest
User documentation
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