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Logitech G510S Gaming Keyboard w/ Game Panel LCD Screen & Detachable Palm Rest

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Product Reviews

Logitech G510S Gaming Keyboard w/ Game Panel LCD Screen & Detachable Palm Rest
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8/10
With 9 User Reviews

Review Date: 01/14/15
Cons: kinda expensive for a non mechanical keyboard

Pros: LCD display
Been using it for 1 year+ and no problem at all. Though expensive, but the quality is solid.

Review Date: 01/10/15
Cons: Keys are pretty small and feel cheap to meLCD stop working after standby (must reboot logitech software to make it work again)Space bar is just horrible: sometimes it double space sometimes no space at all and its the same with "shift" and this is VERY handicapping in games

Pros: Lot of macros keys and VERY easy to program LCD very useful in gamelot of featuresNice led customisation
I love all the feature it can either be used for work or gaming but the space bar probleme makes me give only 2 stars because any 30$ keyboard has a working space bar with no problems. I love all logitech products but with this one I am very disappointed.I have bought another keyboard from another brand

Review Date: 08/27/14
Cons: No USB port/hub

Pros: Looks Cool, has a screen, programmable G keys, etc.
I've owned pretty much all of the predecessors to this keyboard - the G15 / G15v2 / G510, and honestly am not sure why I keep upgrading. They are all basically the same thing, but this one looks cooler. I enjoy typing on mine - although mechanical keyboards are a bit better in that regard. And I do wish it had a USB port or two on here - the G15/v2/G110 all have at least one.
Cheng Han_W@NCIX

Review Date: 07/31/14
Cons: heavy and the cost

Pros: nice feel, led color, easy to type
Just tried this keyboard at the store, and must say I love the look and the feel of the keyboard. It features LED light and different short cut combo keys on the layout. And it is easy to type on, maybe not as great as the expensive mechanic keyboard, but much better than the average keyboards. Downside is it is on the heavy side, and also slightly expensive compare to the regular boards. Still recommend for all the gamers out there.

Review Date: 06/08/14
Cons: expensive for a membrane keyboard

Pros: -logitech build quality and support-solid backlighting and feel-screen is easy to setup
Its a good keyboard overall if you dont want mechanical for whatever reason. logitech wont let you down

Review Date: 02/11/14
Cons: - Plastic removable wrist rest feels cheap.- UI and features could be more user friendly.

Pros: - Many macro keys, great layout.- LCD screen is very useful.- Lighting customization.- Best price/quality value.- Too many features to list them here.
(TL;DR: I totally recommend this for any gamers.)This must be the best gaming keyboard I ever got to try. The pricing is great for what you get and the cons are not much of a concern to me.I've been looking for a gamer keyboard for a while and I always thought something was wrong on the different products I could see. That was up until I found this one. In my opinion,this is the only one with enough macro keys and a layout that fits with my personal taste. In combination with my current gaming mouse, I can assign every actions from every game I'm playing to macro keys and have a very optimal control scheme. The LCD is a very big surprise to me since I always thought this was kind of gimmicky. This keyboard is actually making a good use of it. You can scan through your different profile, have a clock,UC/RAM meter, timer/countdown and an RSS feed. Who actually needs more?The software could use a better User Interface, but it's very easy to get into it. It's simply not as practical as it could be. For instance, you have to drag an assigned command to a bin to delete  it from a key assignation; the UI could need some simple shortcut like the "delete " key for key assignation removal). Also, the plastic removable wrist rest feels a bit cheap, but I don't care since it's purpose is only to support my wrist (duh!) and I don't see it taking any shock.

Review Date: 01/30/14
Cons: no mechanical key.

Pros: lot of macro key, good illumination, nice lcd screen.
This keybord replace the G15. It's really good. a lot of macro key, the multicolor ilumination is really great in the dark. The LCS is also great, like the one on the G15. I use it for FPS graph with Fraps and CPU usage/temp with the Coretemp plugin. It work pretty well. The only downside is that this is not a mechanical keyboard. I don't understand why Logitech don't make a mechanical version of this keyboard. I could be one of the best.

Review Date: 12/16/13
Cons: still uses the same rubbish logitech drivers

Pros: sturdier design over previous g-series keyboards
Using it as a replacement for my G15 keyboard. All the G15 apps, macros and profiles copied over with no problem.Overall the design is much better and they keyboard will be more durable than the G15 for those that are upgrading or replacing theirs.

Review Date: 08/08/13
Cons: - rubber dome keys are softer than other keyboards- built-in headphone + mic jacks may interfere with your computer's drivers- could use a single USB pass through at this price range- large (if desk space is a concern)

Pros: - lots of G-keys, great for setting up shortcuts or macros- media buttons are handy- built-in headphone + mic jacks are convenient- LCD panel is extremely useful- LED backlighting isn't as bright as other keyboards- detachable wrist rest
I recently received this G510s at PAX, and I'm using it to replace my Logitech G105.The G510s is a very nice keyboard, but it has some features that are definitely going to be hit or miss with some users.*The Good:First, the keyboard itself is your "standard" Logitech G-series keyboard, with the basic keyboard layout, programmable G-keys (18 G-keys x 3 memory banks) and multimedia buttons. There is also the Windows-key toggle, as well as the LED backlighting toggle. Then there are the LCD panel's selection buttons, and the mute toggle buttons for each the headphone and microphone jacks.The keyboard itself is very well built, and it feels very nice. It does take up more horizontal space then most keyboards due to the extra G-keys on the left side. The palm rest is also very sturdy, and when attached to the keyboard it doesn't wobble around when you're typing fervently (like I am now).The LED backlighting colour can be changed through the Logitech Gaming Softare. Great if you want to differentiate your different gaming profiles with visual cues (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, etc).The LCD panel comes with your basic gaming profile selector, clock, etc. The most useful features I've found are the Teamspeak plugin (for Teamspeak) as well as the gaming profile selectors. Beyond that, I have found no use for the other available panels.*The BadComing from a mechanical keyboard for actual typing, and the G105 for gaming at home, these keys feel mushy. The G105 keys felt very solid, and had a good tactile response: keys required a good amount of solid force to depress them, even for a rubber dome keyboard. The G510s, on the other hand, feels mushy. While the same force is required to press the keys, the keys don't bounce back up with the same amount of force as the G105 keys did. They kind of stay down until you completely remove your finger; the slightest bit of weight keep the keys down. Personally I don't like this much, but since this is merely my gaming keyboard I don't find it that much of a nuisance. However, I certainly would not appreciate this keyboard for its typing experience alone.Depending on your preference, the LED backlighting can be a bit weak. Even at full brightness, the backlighting seems to be about 50% compared to the G105's. Personally I hate extra bright LED backlighting on keyboards (it's blinding in a dark environment), so this dimmer backlighting is actually perfect for me. I already know how to touch type and where all the keys are, so it makes sense that you don't need to light up the keyboard like an airport runway.The risers on the bottom of the keyboard are limiting. There's the open position and there's the closed position. Beyond that, you'll have to devise your own contraption to rise the keyboard to a certain angle if you so require.Finally, there's the headphone + microphone jacks. Having jacks on the keyboard is actually a pretty great idea. It means that you can easily plug/unplug your headset straight into your keyboard without having to reach around the back of our tower or laptop each time. It acts as a USB headset, and basically has its own driver that Windows recognizes. Here's the catch: if you have any specific hardware drivers that control anything like an EQ or otherwise sound enhancement/amplifier, the keyboard completely bypasses it. This is because it's a USB audio device, not a direct pass through. This isn't really good or bad, but something to note in case you have a special audio setup.Long-winded review, yes. But hopefully detailed enough to give some users an idea of what to expect with this keyboard. As a gaming keyboard is has all the features you would need and want: an LCD panel that you can program (software required), multimedia buttons for quick access, convenient headset jacks, and more programmable buttons than you can shake a stick at. In that regard, this keyboard is worth it. It might not be $120 "worth it", but definitely "get it on sale" worth it.Build: 4/5Features: 5/5Value: 3/5Overall (not avg): 4/5
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Product Features

Gaming Keyboard USB Connection

Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510s
Experience terrific control and navigation to your game units with this impressive Logitech keyboard. This G510s gaming keyboard is equipped with its gamepanel LCD to easily provide information on your system as well as VoIP data. It has custom RGB backlighting so you can surely press the right keys no matter how poorly lit your location is. In addition, it is packed with 18 programmable G-Keys to aid you execute complicated commands or actions during game plays. It allows precise and speedy control as you assign different functions. A built-in USB audio port is also there for hassle-free connection setup for your headset or speakers. The gaming keyboard is also multimedia friendly, offering dedicated controls on your volume, mute, play, forward, and many other buttons. Buy this Logitech gaming keyboard for seamless control today.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Gamepanel LCD; provides easy information display
  • Built-in USB audio port; for easy plugging of headphones
  • Instant media access; lets you adjust the volume, play, stop and many other commands in an instant
  • 18 programmable G-Keys; helps you perform commands in blazing fast manner

Product Specifications

Keyboard SPEC
Design StyleGaming
Palm RestDetachable
Mouse Included
Mouse IncludedNo
FeaturesG510s Gaming Keyboard offers 18 programmable G-keys while the GamePanel LCD screen gives a view of vital stats-a clear advantage.
Package ContentsKeyboard
Palm rest
User documentation
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