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Galaxy GeForce 9500 GT 95TGE8DC1CUM Video Card

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NEW Galaxy GeForce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2 PCI Express 2.0 HDCP Ready SLI Graphics Card NEW Galaxy GeForce 9500 GT 1GB DDR2 PCI Express 2.0 HDCP Ready SLI Graphics Card $109.40 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Galaxy GeForce 9500 GT 95TGE8DC1CUM Video Card
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.78/10
With 9 User Reviews

Review Date: 09/09/13
I got this card about 8 months ago when I started playing WoW on my old personal computer and wanted it to run smoother without having placing a hole in my pocket. This card did just that: when I bought it (๥ at the time) it got me running on medium settings and high resolution with 60fps while idle and 20fps when beneath strain (raiding, etc.). If you're searching for an upgrade from your stock card as a casual gamer this is a good card for you. Haven't truly had any challenges with the card for the eight months I've had it. My new develop is a lot, much superior than my old computer, so it has come time to replace this card. For the duration I've had it, it has been really a satisfactory card.

Review Date: 11/05/12
Had this card for a year or a tiny far more can play game like A.V.P COD MW2 Fallout3 np havent found any Was told that SLI is genuinely the way to go with this card and with the value so low possibly i must try it.

Review Date: 05/11/12
none i bought one of these a even though back about a year ago i believe all i had was difficulties i would regularly get a BSOD(black/blue screen of death) it was always makeing my screen flicker the screen would also get all types of diffrent colord spots all of the place looked like pixels going negative in my screen which i knew was not taking place i tried my screen on a pals pc and wasnt a issue there so i had them attempt the card out and very same challenge tried contacting help and nothing no respons to my emails no help what so ever if i was you and your looking at this card i would highly recomend you save your dollars and purchase a better brand the ๟ might appear good but trust me its a skunker

Review Date: 04/29/12
Great support beneath Linux (Ubuntu 10.10)Wonderful for video acceleration.Accelerated Flash below Linux :DMuch much less tearing than employing a Radeon with the Catalyst drivers. Not quite powerful for the priceNot a gaming card of any sortNext month's Catalyst for Linux will fix the tearing difficulty. Got it from a local retailer, and with the mail in rebate it was about ~ŭ. This card is wonderful if you are utilizing it for video, but if you want to game on a spending budget, go for an AMD (used to be ATI) card.

Review Date: 03/31/12
It's low-cost. Watch out! Rather of shipping the Dual-DVI card, they might ship you the single-DVI single-VGA variant. To make matters far more confusing, the manufacturer (Galaxy) apparently makes use of the identical component number for each variants (i.e. 95TGE8DC1CUM). Newegg made fantastic and gave me a total refund. I wish they had a passively-cooled card that affordable--I seem to be having a lot of issues with fans on graphics cards failing.

Review Date: 01/25/12
When i 1st got this i was quite skeptical of its performance but drastic occasions call for drastic measures. Its wonderful how easy it was to install it was really just a plugin and go scenario. i play CoD MW2 and L4D2 and it played these games on max settings i was seriously shocked and amazed by the efficiency of this card. i very advocate this card to everyone this device is just magnificent. none so far wish i couldve gotten it on newegg i got it for 100$ at best purchase =/ oh properly

Review Date: 12/03/11
good low end card, my board only has PCI Express x16, and it functions fantastic. fan is loud....price has jumped 20+ bucks since i last saw it. but sli makes it worth it i guess. this was prolly moved simply because of sli,because it was in the PCI Express x16 section, meh 2 is all approaches better than 1

Review Date: 09/29/11
I've had this card for over a year, great solid performance at a fantastic cost. Incredibly dependable, had certainly zero problems with it. It's kind of bulky and won't fit nicely in slim situations. Attempt to steer clear of putting it near other PCI-e cards simply because as the pic suggests, that fan is quite huge. Worth every penny.

Review Date: 08/16/11
This card can run on medium setting plus some on games like Fallout 3 and Starcraft 2. It works properly on my 1600X900 Asus monitor. I have noticed a flicker in the screen and didn't know if it was the card or the monitor or the dvi cord, but searching at some of the critiques on here I guess it is the card. If it wasn't for the flickering and the minimal overclocking I would give this five eggs. I am new to overclocking so can an individual tell me why in MSI afterburner this card is reading 400 MHz for memory clock and not the 700 MHz newegg is claiming? I can only max out the Memory to 525MHz on MSI afterburner. That is just the max setting it gives me it is no where near stable at that range.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Chipset Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Core Clock: 550MHz
Shader Clock: 1400MHz
Stream Processors: 32
Effective Memory Clock: 700MHz
DirectX: DirectX 10
OpenGL: OpenGL 2.1
D-SUB: 1 x D-SUB

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