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Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Supra-aural Headset

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Supra-aural Headset (Logitech: 981-000014)
LogitechVPN: 981-000014
Vendor: Logitech
Price: $39.99 - $74.27 CAD from 4 stores
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Logitech H390 Supra-aural Headset
Newegg.ca - Once you know, you Newegg! 
$39.99 CAD Buy Now

Logitech Padded H390 USB Headset - Stereo - USB - Wired - 20 Hz - 20 kHz - Over-the-head - Binaural - Circumaural - 8 (981-000014)   $55.81 CAD Buy Now
Logitech Padded H390 USB Headset - Stereo - USB - Wired - 20 Hz - 20 kHz - Over-the-head - Binaural - Circumaural - 8 ft Cable - Noise Cancelling Microphone - Black Silver   $65.00 CAD Buy Now
Logitech 981-000014   $74.27 CAD Buy Now

Product Reviews

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Supra-aural Headset
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.22/10

Review Date: 01/31/14
Cons: none so far

Pros: good quality and comfortable too
good quality sound for the price.nice comfortable design

Review Date: 09/10/13
snug match, exceptional audio excellent and clear mic. absolutely nothing needed to be adjusted and other individuals can hear me perfectly. The padding for the ears could be a little much more comfy, losing a single egg for this. General i really like the headset and would get a different one particular if necessary.

Review Date: 08/31/13
Comfy, decently excellent excellent, wireless, long battery life when charged The charger cable (or headset charging port) short out right after about three months. My headset, along with a buddy of mine's, require you to hold the headset in a very awkward position, typically shoving the cable in so tough that it is every thing but feasible to charge. The pads fall off of the ear pieces and are hard to put back on, so if you're in the middle of a thing when they fall off get prepared for some discomfort. Logitech did an alright job with this headset. It was incredibly good although it lasted. Nonetheless, this is my second Logitech headset in a row that has gone negative just due to aging. Not excellent product design if you ask me...

Review Date: 08/27/13
Effortless setup beneath windows vista.Skype and Ventrillo worked right off the bat.Noise Canceling mic worked wonderfully, sounded studio-top quality upon playback, even with Television on in the background. Boom only swivels 90 degrees, so the mic is always on the left side of your head.Headphones can sound a bit tinny for music, but for voice they're fantastic. This is a fantastic sounding mic

Review Date: 08/24/13
Excellent sound high quality. Affordable plastic construction. Did not hold up properly to each day use. Simply stopped working within a couple of months of me working with it. It's cheap, if it breaks you can just get one more.

Review Date: 07/26/13
These things were exatcly what i was hunting for, I consider the sound good quality it quite good and on vista i just plugged them in ahd they automatically did their thing and began operating.-Good sound- East install- Fairly solid structure. ( Not flimsey)- Shiny piano black None so far..if they ever broke for some cause i would probally order them once more , i actually delight in them Use them for gaming and listeing to music late at evening soon after work when i dont want to wake the rest of my household. Fantastic option!

Review Date: 07/26/13
Incredibly great stereo sound. Superb for shooters and other kind activities that call for 3D audio. Music sounds fantastic in them. Good variety of highs and bass. Headset is adjustable, but not in "segments". It's a snug fit, not tight. Earpiece padding is thick and soft, and is not bulky. The earpiece padding seem to be designed to completely go about the ears and lobes, but it didn't appear *quite* large enough to do the job. I say it's snug, but at times it *feels* like it's tight. It feels like it will give me a headache, but it never ever does. I can listen to music for hours and my head feels the identical as it does right after hours of music on any other headphones. Maybe it's just snug to the point where I really feel my pulse... I don't know what it is. Point becoming, it's really comfortable.

Review Date: 07/16/13
Plug-n play with Vista Ultimate, which is what I'm utilizing. Quite comfy compared to the more than the ear hook variety I was previously using. Sound high quality is excellent! The crystal clear sound is awesome. Quite sturdy tough plastic, adjustable. Boom mic simply folds up and away for when not in use. Super rapidly shipping from Newegg! I ordered on the 29th and had them delivered to my door at 12pm (lunch time) on the 30th! All with regular shipping (UPS Ground). None. Really satisfied with my obtain. Wish I wouldn't bought these just before. NewEgg Rocks!

Review Date: 07/08/13
USB connectivity is great, no require for separate mic and headphone jacks, and for my motherboard which has extremely poor shielding and standard headsets choose up alot of noise, this operates perfectly. Voice good quality is superb, a single of the best, as is sound good quality. Ear muffs are produced of challenging plastic and extremely uncomfortable. Flimsy design exactly where the usb plug broke apart in significantly less than 3 months use. Logitech says the headset is below warranty for two years, but finding an RMA or contacting help appears to have been produced intentionally hard.

Review Date: 07/03/13
Straightforward "plug-and-play" method. Microphone functions like a doll. At very first your ears hurt a lot. I would definetly get this if seeking for gaming headsets and so on...

Review Date: 07/01/13
Comfortable as a pillow! I utilized this for on-line gaming for more than six hours, and outdoors of a little ear sweat, I was fine. Amazing good quality sound. The volume and mute buttons function incredibly well. These factors cancel out noise from the area you're in quite very good, which brings me to my con... They cancel out noise in the space you're in, so when I miss dinner simply because I can't hear my wife hollering from down the hall, she gets mad at me. Oh effectively. I'll consume cold dinners on gaming nights as lengthy as I can use this comfy headset! Also, you can't rotate the mic around to use on the correct side, it's a left side only mic. Not a big deal for me, but for some it may well be. I have not had any durability troubles with this headset like other individuals have. Not only are these points comfy, they seem nicely constructed. I want I identified these items years ago!

Review Date: 06/13/13
This is a single of the very best headsets I've ever owned. I use it for voip and gaming. It it incredibly comfortable even immediately after hours of use. I like the noise canceling mic. The people I talk to can only hear me with no background noise at all. I talk to players all over the planet when I am gaming and they say it sounds like I am in the identical area as them. I have generally trusted Logitech for quality and they have not let me down with this product. It is a small fragile so I would not recommend it for younger kids. If you are a person that takes care of the factors you own it will last a lengthy time. Will be obtaining one particular for the wife in the close to future. At this price its a steal.

Review Date: 06/10/13
Excellent sound, great mic. I went by way of two of these in about a year with the identical issue. The cable in between the volume manage and the headset is flimsy, and right after a handful of months, it will begin to cut out on you, ultimately failing fully. Devote much less than บ much more for the ClearChat Pro USB headset. It volume/mute controls are integrated into the headphones, and it has a good thick cord all the way from the plug to the headset.

Review Date: 05/27/13
I haven't heard any complaints. They use them for Skype. none

Review Date: 05/19/13
Excellent when they had been operating..... The USB broke soon after only five months of use... Do not purchase!!!!!

Review Date: 05/18/13
The packaging is actually very good -- quite really hard plastic, sealed like a vault -- and worth much more than the headset itself. Basically put, keep away from this solution unless you wanna be disappointed. These headsets are of low high quality, and are super cheaply made. The microphone arm debilitated by the nanosecond soon after I opened the box. Two weeks right after acquire, the Logitech logo, which holds the mic in place, popped out of the socket, and the mic arm quickly fell down like a dead branch from a tree -- virtually unusable. I only utilised the thing a couple of instances. The other reviewer is dead on; the inside cord began dangling out like a low cost piece of squat prior to the logo popped out. I'm not knocking Logitech; if the solution is great, or fantastic, I say it is. I purchased a Logitech camera 8 years ago, nonetheless performs like a charm, and I nevertheless use it to this day (great product). Also purchased a Logitech Notebook Optical Mouse suitable here on New Egg over a year ago, and it has by no means given me challenges, except a handful of delays when moving the cursor around on a number of occasions (good product). However, these headphones are just awful. If it wasn't for New Egg's outstanding consumer service, I'd be terribly disappointed about this acquire. I will use the refund to acquire a substantially much better pair. I've discovered a lesson: its a very good idea to listen to the reviewers on New Egg, especially when a product is not nicely reviewed. Trust me, if you purchase this pair of headphones, you are taking a major threat!

Review Date: 04/25/13
USB suggests you just plug 'em in and get correct into the joy of utilizing them. These feel fine on my ears, which take place to be a bit larger than average. The good quality of the mic is excellent, I particularly like that it's not bendy and feels very sturdy - it also picks up sound like a charm in contrast to my old headset. Genuinely, these are only comfortable for abaout two or 3 hours but that's how it tends to be with any typical set of headphones or headsets I've ever attempted. I'm running Vista and got these for the plug-n-play aspect as well as the Vista-friendly aspect. Will be using these for quite some time. So far I've utilised them for some gaming and to record a podcast and these did the job perfectly. Unless you get a 贄 headset I don't consider you'll locate a greater pair.

Review Date: 04/23/13
Works reasonably properly for what it is. There are a lot of issues with this headset due to it being USB, and the way Windows will only output to a single device. You can't have your speakers and headset operating at the similar time. This is a huge discomfort for any person who ever desires to get up from their laptop and nevertheless hear sound. Some apps let you switch outputs, but it's nonetheless a discomfort and anything but quick. I honestly can't consider of any reason to get a USB headset more than a normal 1Ǟth inch headset. Every laptop has 1Ǟth inch output and mic jacks, and they complete support splitting, unplugging, and such easy basic functions that USB headsets don't assistance. (I got this for christmas, if you're questioning why I purchased one particular in the first place :P

Review Date: 04/17/13
Superb sound quality. No noticeable hiss or any white noise. Physical structure of headphones does a excellent job at suppressing area noise. None that I can think of. Great headphones when employed with Skype or any other voice chat application.

Review Date: 04/10/13
Simple to adjust volume, very good range of sound, works in Ubuntu eight.04 Linux amd64 not as comfortable as the Logitech 250 (slightly tighter) very good excellent and low-cost!

Review Date: 04/09/13
The very best headset I have owned. That other reviewer must have a funny head because it is quite comfy to me. None I adore this headset but I have wireless logitech mouse which sucks.

Review Date: 04/08/13
Quite comfy once you break it in. Fits snug immediately after a few days of use. Good design and style. Buttons to adjust sound appropriate on the headset a good feature but wasted mainly because I have them on my keyboard (Razer Lycosa, touch pad controls volume). Also the button to mute the mic is good also. Good lengthy cord. Seems to be built fairly low-cost. Cover plastic for the microwave fell off immediately after a couple of weeks, revealing the chip and receiver. Microphone surprisingly lasted a couple of months following that even so. LED light stopped working soon after a week as well. The plug is somewhat bulky but shouldn't be a difficulty for most people.

Review Date: 04/06/13
Really very good sound excellent, sturdy & properly-built, USB connects with out challenge, a really excellent solution. Utilized mainly for gaming and in that function it functions fairly well. That they didn't upgrade me to the wireless version for absolutely free. Like others, I generally seem to have cord problems with headsets despite the fact that this unit isn't close to as poor as other individuals I have owned. All round for ฮ this is a really great headset that enables for clear chat and sound.

Review Date: 03/21/13
Cons: The plug which connects from the headset to the USB port is a little long and tends to get in the way.

Pros: Excellent sound quality.Solid design
One of the best Logitech headsets I have used. Excellent sound quality, both for speakers and the microphone: I use it for VOIP calls and encountered no issues, on both ends.Only con is that the actual USB plug is a little long (maybe 2 inches long) and tends to get in the way when I use the front USB ports on my desktop (i.e. opening DVD tray). I have since moved it to the back ports, just to be safe.I've been very happy with my purchase so far, and would recommend this headset to anyone.

Review Date: 03/15/13
really comfortable the wire gets twisty following regular use.
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Product Features

Over-Ear USB COnnection

Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset with Microphone
Enjoy crystal clear audio using the Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset with Microphone. This flexible microphone is very convenient and delivers high quality audio. It lets you connects to your computer via any USB 2.0 port. The noise-canceling microphone shuts out outside noise letting you get full benefit of the music you are listening to or any other conversation. You can control the volume and also mute it using its in-line audio controls. This rotating microphone makes it easier to push it back when not in use. It is also compatible with Windows Vista. Purchase the Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset with Microphone now.

What It Is And Why You Need it:

  • Noise-canceling microphone; blocks all unnecessary noise
  • In-line audio controls; lets you control music functions instantly
  • Rotating microphone; allows you to tuck it back when not in use
  • USB; connects it instantly

Product Specifications

ModelClearChat Comfort USB
Frequency Response20Hz–20KHz
Sensitivity-62 dBV/µbar
Ear CouplingSupra-aural
Cord Length8 feet.
Microphone SPEC
Microphone Frequency Response100Hz-10KHz
FeaturesComfortAdjustable, padded headband and plush ear pads: Ensure a comfortable fit. Control and ConvenienceNoise-canceling microphone: Reduces background noise for clear conversation and voice commands. Microphone rotates out of the way when you\'re listening to music or watching a movie. In-line volume and mute controls: Instantly adjust headset volume or mute the microphone. Advanced digital USB: Experience superior sound clarity with the simplicity of a single USB plug-and-play connection.

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