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Logitech 981000040 Digital Precision Gaming Headset

Logitech 981000040 Digital Precision Gaming Headset (Logitech: 981-000040)
LogitechVPN: 981-000040
Vendor: Logitech
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Product Reviews

Logitech 981000040 Digital Precision Gaming Headset
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.46/10
With 14 User Reviews

Review Date: 08/25/10
Cons: Doesn't fit anyones head.Sound isn't greatMic is moody

Pros: Looks kinda cool
I bought this headset a while back and deeply regret it. It is very overpriced for the quality you get. I ended up selling it for $20 and felt like I was ripping the guy off.

Review Date: 03/14/10
Great sound and mic is great quality too... Gamers need this...

Review Date: 01/26/10
This headset worked great when I fist got it. However after about a month of use the left speaker went out. Then the ear pieces had begun to fall off a week or so after that. I bought them as a recommendation from a friend of mine, he however had them for a month after and had the same problem with the left speaker. These speakers are great in terms of sound quality but are put together poorly and won't last long unless the user is extremely carful.

Review Date: 01/10/10
Great quality product! The mic is great even tho it seems a little far away, still works perfectly ... Probable the best mic I've ever owned. Great little headset. Now if you don't have long hair (at least can out your hair up in a pony tail) ... I wouldn't recommend this headset because of the way it sits on your head.

Review Date: 10/19/09
I've had my set for alittle over a year now, and have worked flawlessly, no parts falling off or anything, and ill admit the ocassonal getting up with them still on and yanking alittle on the cord, but all and all, i would continue inveting my money in them.

Review Date: 09/24/09
After having these for a couple months and working fine, the little plastic circle on the end of the headset that say's logitech fell off and left the mic dangling. I thought, no big deal. Then one night I forgot they were on (I know, this was my fault)so I walked away and they yanked out of my computer and the chord snapped and the cushion for the ear fell off, I'm not sure how this happened but it did.

Review Date: 06/09/09
Kept having problems with the "gaming headsets" I had been purchasing. Went through 3 in two months. I have had no issues with these.

Review Date: 04/29/09
1...This headset is light weight and I forget I have them on 2...Sadly when I take them off, my ears hurt really bad. 3...I like the behind the head instead of the band being on top of my head 4...I like how my ears no longer sweat
I'm Hungry

Review Date: 04/13/09
Its not completely comfortable but its toleratable. The mic works but picks up alot of backround noise. the USB adaptor only work for the mic not the sound. Its very lightweight, and the air vent doesnt work that well especially at the bottom, still sweatin and im calm, not hyped up from gaming but listening to philophy right now. oh and the bass isn't absolutly horrible but its noticably worse from ipod headphones. Seems to be different qualities for different people, wouldn't recommend, cuz this thing is worth round $12(U.S. Currency), wish they would make it more reliable and durable.

Review Date: 05/07/08
Got this to match my logitech keyboard and mouse, and I must say that I'm fairly impressed. The design doesn't feel uncomfortable to me, but it's not really an improvement over the conventional over-the-head style. Sound quality isn't bad, although the open ear style cups take away from the bass. Microphone quality is nice with only a little bit of scratch if you're REALLY listening in. Overall, it's decent, I'd just reccomend that if you don't want to risk it not fitting quite right, go with the $40 Genius headset or the Fatal1ty one for about the same price.
Jeff S

Review Date: 02/02/08
Like the others have said before.. EXTREMELY uncomfortable after 20+ minutes of use. I have a smaller head (7 1/4 fitted hat, S/M stetch fit) so the headset pulls down on the top of my ears and hurts. I even wear a hat to try and stop this from happening, but as soon as I move my head, right back on my ears. If you have a bigger head that I would go for these. Great sound quality, inline volume control and mute, and adjustable boom. If I had a bigger head, I would love these.

Review Date: 01/18/08
TRASH. READ AROUND OTHER SITES, TOO! Trash is the only word I can describe it with. Received it as a Christmas gift and used it that very day. It is extremely painful after a short 30-45 minutes of use. Also, it is completely unadjustable. Take note of the fact that it was seemingly made for someone with a head 12 inches wide. I HIGHLY recommend you find another headset. At the price you pay for this one, I am sure you could find a headset that is much more worthy of your money. Also note that there is no windsock (foam thing on the microphone). This means that all your friends get to hear those hisses with every 's', and those deep puffs with every 'b' and 'p'. Not worth it!!

Review Date: 12/17/07
I'm giving this 5 stars for all catagories as this headphone really impressed me over other's I've tried for under $50. I especially like the cooling vents as earphones tihs large usually make your head sweat after a few hours gaming. Good job Logitech! Hopefully a 5.1 (with Rumble) will come out in the same style.

Review Date: 11/09/07
By far the best headset I have ever owned, especially for the price. I have had it nearly 2 weeks now, its perfect. Comfortable, efficient, great quality. Would definitely recommend it!
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Logitech
Model 981-000040
Headphone Frequency Response 20Hz–20KHz
Connector 3.5mm/ USB
Ear Coupling Circumaural
Cord Length 10 ft.
Microphone Frequency Response 100Hz-16KHz
Features Comfort
Cushioned, open-air design: Play in cool comfort for hours.

USB and analog connections: Choose USB for digital plug-and-play, or the 3.5mm connectors for use with your favorite sound card.
Noise-canceling microphone: Reduces background noise for clear, intelligible conversation and voice commands.
In-line volume and mute controls: Instantly adjust headset speaker volume or mute the microphone.

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