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PC Games
Logitech Cordless Precision Controller for Playstation 3 PS3 (940-000018) $38.79 CAD
Logitech Dual Action Gamepad 12 Programmable Buttons for Mac USB (940-000055) $23.82 CAD
Microsoft XBox Live Gold 12 Month Membership Card (52M-00072) $51.19 CAD
Need for Speed Shift (PC Game) (014633192209) $45.69 CAD
Borderlands (PC Game) (710425313301) $43.47 CAD
Quantum of Solace (PC Game) (QSOLACE) $52.80 CAD
Call of Duty 4 - Game of The Year Edition (PC Game) (COD4-GOTY) $34.65 CAD
Call of Duty 5 World AT War (PC Game) (COD5WAW) $56.65 CAD
Call of Duty - Black Ops (PC Game) (CODBOPS) $32.01 CAD
Soldier of Fortune Payback (PC Game) (SOF-PBACK) $41.80 CAD
StarCraft Battle Chest (PC Game) Includes StarCraft StarCraft Brood War (SC1BC) $15.30 CAD
StarCraft II 2 Regular Edition (PC Game) (SCRAFTII) $54.72 CAD
World of Warcraft Cataclysm Limited Edition (PC Game) (CATACLYMLE) $86.39 CAD
World of Warcraft Cataclysm (PC Game) (CATACLYMRE) $37.22 CAD
Spore (PC Game) (SPORE) $51.70 CAD
Left 4 Dead Game of The Year Edition (PC Game) (L4DPCGOTY) $36.26 CAD
Mercenaries 2 World in Flames (PC Game) (MERCS2) $22.00 CAD
Left 4 Dead 2 (PC Game) (Left 4 Dead 2) $45.47 CAD
Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition (PC Game) (MEFFECT2LE) $61.49 CAD
Dead Space (PC Game) *Import Version (DSPACEIMP) $27.50 CAD
Bad Company 2 (PC Game) (BAD2PC) $45.69 CAD
Command and Conquer 4 (PC Game) (CC4) $44.47 CAD
Crysis 2 Limited Edition (PC Game) (CRYSIS2-LE) $50.92 CAD
Operation Barbarossa Expansion Pack for IL-2 Sturmovik (PC Game) (OPBARBAROSA) $20.10 CAD
Far Cry 2 (Import Version) (PC Game) (FARCRY2IMP) $41.78 CAD
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X Import Version (PC Game) (HAWXIMP) $40.42 CAD
Tom Clancy's End War (PC Game) (ENDWA) $27.50 CAD
Splinter Cell Conviction (PC Game) (SCELLPC) $56.36 CAD
Company of Heroes DVD Edition (PC Game) (THQCOHDVD) $22.00 CAD
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War PC CD (W40kDOW) $21.99 CAD
Bully Scholarship Edition (PC Game) (BULLYPC) $16.50 CAD
Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures Regular Edition (PC Game) (AOC-REG) $47.36 CAD
Age of Conan Collectors Edition (PC Game) (AGECONANCE) $87.94 CAD
Street Fighter IV Bundled with Madcatz Street Fighter Fightpad (PC Game) (SFIVBUNDLE) $66.53 CAD
Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (PC Game) Expansion Pack Original Game Oblivion Required (G2001) $33.00 CAD
Age of Conan Rise of The Godslayer (PC Game) (Conan) $26.06 CAD
Alone In The Dark (PC Game) (ALONEDARK) $36.08 CAD
Supreme Commander 2 (PC Game) (SUPCOM2) $35.12 CAD
Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia Expansion MINI-BOX (662248904146) $42.68 CAD
Aion Regular Edition (PC Game) (AIONREG) $47.74 CAD
Enemy TERRITORY: Quake Wars (PC Game) (PCETQW) $32.45 CAD
Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising (Import Version) (OPFLASH) $35.80 CAD
Aliens Vs Predator (PC Game) *Import Version (AVPIMP) $55.00 CAD
Bioshock 2 (PC Game) (BIOSHOCK2) $46.64 CAD
Civilization 4 Game of The Year Edition (PC Game) (710425217128) $16.50 CAD
Painkiller Universe W/ Painkiller Painkiller Overdose and Painkiller Battle Out of Hell (PC Game) (PUNIVERSE) $32.54 CAD
Portal 2 (PC Game) (PORTALPC) $38.31 CAD
Mass Effect (PC Game) *Import Version (MEFFECT) $50.57 CAD
Sins of A Solar Empire Regular Edition (PC Game) (Import) (SOLAR-REG) $32.70 CAD
Football Mogul 2007 - Jewel Case (PC Game) (756059114242) $8.49 CAD
Stalker - Clear Sky (PC Game) (STALKERSKY) $44.98 CAD
Trackmania (Jewel Case) (PC Game) (Trackmania) $8.43 CAD
Trackmania United Forever (PC Game) (TRMANIAUTDFOREVR) $32.42 CAD
Armed Assault 2 Arma 2 *Import Version (PC Game) (ARMA2) $47.36 CAD
Cities XL (PC Game) Import Version (CITIESXL) $47.74 CAD
Cities XL 2011 (PC Game) (CITIESXL2011) $35.90 CAD
Brink (PC Game) (BRINKPC) $45.74 CAD
The Witcher 2 (PC Game) (WITCHER2) $43.78 CAD
Duke Nukem Forever (PC Game) (DUKEPC) $44.00 CAD
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for PC (STREETFIGHTERPC) $33.42 CAD
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine for PC (SPACEMARINEPC) $46.20 CAD
Dirt 3 PC Version *Gigabyte Promotional Bundle Only* (DIRT3GBT) $0.01 CAD
Logitech Driving Force GT Driving Wheel With Force Feedback for Playstation 3 (941-000020) $150.70 CAD
Battlefield 3 (PC Game) (BATTLE3PC) $59.91 CAD
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (PC Game) (CODMW3) $51.65 CAD
Star WARS: The Old Republic for PC (STARWARSOR) $61.78 CAD
Ghost RECON: Desert Seige Expansion Pack (008888680277) $53.90 CAD
Civilization IV: Beyond The Sword (PC Game) Expansion Pack Requires Core Game (G2026) $35.20 CAD
Mass Effect 3 by Electronic Arts for PC (014633195835) $56.10 CAD
PC Guild Wars 2 Standard Edition PRE-PURCHASE Pack *Not for Sale* (FG-GW2PRE-SALE) $0.10 CAD
Max Payne 3 by Rockstar Games for PC (MP3) $57.42 CAD
Spec Ops: The Line by 2K Games for PC - Premium Edition (SOTL) $37.77 CAD
Tom Clancy's Ghost RECON: Future Soldier by Ubisoft for PC (GRFS) $46.11 CAD
Darksiders II by Thq for PC (DSII) $51.01 CAD
Guild Wars 2 by NC Soft for PC: Standard Edition (Guild Wars 2 ) $51.65 CAD
Battlefield 3 Premium by Electronics Arts for PC (BATTLE3PC Premium) $56.70 CAD
NC Soft Gem Card 2000 AMR for Guild Wars 2 (GEMS-FRC-2000) $27.13 CAD
Borderlands 2 by 2K Games for PC (Borderlands2) $58.73 CAD
Dishonored by Bethesda Softworks for PC (Dishonored) $59.11 CAD
XCOM: Enemy Unknow Special Edition by 2K Games for PC (XCOM PC) $58.73 CAD
Medal of Honor Warfighter by Electronic Arts for PC (MOHWF) $56.70 CAD
Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 by Criterion for PC (4902462) $49.37 CAD
Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 by Criterion for PS3 (014633366730) $59.11 CAD
Call of Duty Black Ops II by Activision for PC (COD - Black Ops 2) $59.11 CAD
Assassin's Creed III by Ubisoft for PC (ACIII) $59.40 CAD
Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft for PC (FarCry3) $55.00 CAD
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 by Activision Blizzard for WII-U B/L (CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2) $59.12 CAD
Zombiu by Ubisoft for WII-U (ZOMBIU) $55.66 CAD
Assassins Creed 3 by Ubisoft for WII-U (ASSASSINS CREED 3) $55.67 CAD
New Super Mario BROS BY Nintendo for WII-U (NEW SUPER MARIO BROS ) $59.77 CAD
Wii U Gamepad STAND/ Cradle (WII U GAMEPAD STAND/ CRADLE) $19.25 CAD
Nintendo Wii U Console - White Basic Set (WII U CONSOLE WHITE BASIC SET) $327.80 CAD
Nintendo 3DSXL Hand Held Gaming System Blue/Black (NINTENDO 3DSXL BLUE/BLACK HARDWARE) $221.64 CAD
Disney Epic Mickey 2 by Disney Interactive for WII-U The Power of Two (DISNEY EPIC MICKEY 2) $58.54 CAD
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 by Namco for WII-U (TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2) $58.54 CAD
Batman Arkham City by Warner for WII-U Armored Edition (BATMAN ARKHAM CITY) $57.39 CAD
Nintendo 3DSXL Hand Held Gaming System Red/Black (NINTENDO 3DSXL RED/BLACK HARDWARE) $221.64 CAD
Dead Space 3 by Electronics Arts for PC (Dead Space 3 PC) $56.70 CAD
Aliens Colonial Marines by Sega of America for PC (ACM) $49.07 CAD
Crysis 3 by Electronics Arts for PC (014633198102) $56.70 CAD
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