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Cables & Adapters
166389-B21 HP Ultra3 SCSI Cable $129.94 CAD
170840-B21 HP MATROX G200 QUAD DVI CABL $114.99 CAD
19K1247 IBM LC-LC Fibre Channel $85.28 CAD
221470-B21 2GB SFP Fibre Channel Module $121.68 CAD
221692-B21 HP 2MLC-LC CABLE Kit $118.17 CAD
22169B22 HP 5MLC-LC MM FC Cable $129.94 CAD
22169B23 HP 15mMulti-Mode Fibre Chan $129.94 CAD
242381-B21 HP LVD Cable Kit $128.83 CAD
262587-B21 HP 8PK KVM ADAPTERS $177.78 CAD
262588-B21 HP srv-HPIP cons switch adpt $98.22 CAD
263474-B21 HP 3ft. Cat. 5 Network Cable $64.48 CAD
263474-B22 HP CAT5e Cable 6' (8 Pack]) $89.70 CAD
263474-B23 HP CAT5e Cable 12' (8 Pack]) $89.70 CAD
263474-B24 HP 20ft. Cat.5 Network Cable $89.70 CAD
263474-B25 IP CAT5 Cable 40' $50.44 CAD
328215-004 HP HD-68 EXTERNAL SCSI $50.44 CAD
336047-B21 KVM USB Console Interface $142.22 CAD
341174-B21 6ft cable $129.94 CAD
366172-B21 HP Starterkit MSA20 $1,248.32 CAD
373035-B21 HP Serial Interface Adaptor $198.25 CAD
39Y9316 IBM BladeCenter Optical Pass-Thru Module $165.88 CAD
39Y9320 IBM BladeCenter Copper Pass-thru Module $426.79 CAD
414126-B21 NC510F PCI-E 10 GB Server Adapter $825.11 CAD
417836-B21 HP SA P400 Battery Cable Kit $114.99 CAD
41Y8522 Cisco Catalyst Switch 3110X $1,849.51 CAD
43W4324 IBM Ultra 320 PCIe SCSI Controller $292.76 CAD
487204-B21 HP SA P812 /1G FBWC SAS Controller $829.66 CAD
488765-B21 HP SC08Ge Host Bus Adapter $331.63 CAD
507925-B21 HP Smart Array P700M 256MB $355.42 CAD
572531-B21 HP P411 SAS Smart Array Controller $651.82 CAD
572532-B21 HP Smart Array P410/1G Controller $473.98 CAD
578229-B21 HP P411 SAS Smart Array Controller $592.54 CAD
578230-B21 HP Smart Array P410/512 Controller $379.08 CAD
614988-B21 HP SCO8e Host Bus Adapter $296.14 CAD
AF556A 6 Foot Power Cord $50.44 CAD
AF612A HP PS2 Server Console Cable 6' (2-Pack) $77.09 CAD
AF613A HP USB KVM 6FT Cable $129.87 CAD
AP767A HP 41B FC Host Bus Adapter $533.26 CAD
AP768A HP 42B FC Host Bus Adapter $568.75 CAD
AP769A HP 81B Single Port Host Bus Adapter $592.54 CAD
AP770A HP 82B Dual Port Host Bus Adapter $711.10 CAD
C2361B HP SCSI Cable 68-pin $153.53 CAD
C2362B CBL SCSI VHDCI MDB68 2.5M $129.94 CAD
C2363B HP SCSI Cable 68-pin $268.71 CAD
C2364A HP SCSI Terminator $106.86 CAD
C2911C HP SCSI Cable 68-pin $102.31 CAD
C2978B HP SCSI Cable 68-pin $77.09 CAD
DL139A HP Video Splitter $77.09 CAD
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