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13N0664 IBM 3.4GHz 800MHz Processor $401.05 CAD
174818-B21 HP NC6134 -GB NIC 64 $128.83 CAD
189715-002 SAN MGMT APP $268.71 CAD
218960-B21 HP Modular SAN Array $239.85 CAD
224206-001 HP Power Supply 350W $124.41 CAD
231824-B21 MSL 5026 PASS $1,228.18 CAD
239162-001 BL20P Single Phase Enclosure $726.31 CAD
246107-B21 HP Rack stabilizing foot kit $208.00 CAD
248929-B21 Baying Kit for Rack 10000 Series $237.06 CAD
253449-B21 Monitor Utility Shelf $154.57 CAD
253699-B21 HP Tower to Rack Kit ML530 5 $354.97 CAD
257413-B21 HP Rack Fan Kit (110 V) $268.71 CAD
262659-B21 HP M2402 4 Channel LVD Mod $1,248.32 CAD
262660-B21 SW M2404 4 $1,248.32 CAD
26K4258 IBM DPI V-3Phase 60AMP 208 Volt $127.66 CAD
26K5710 IBM 146-GB 10K 3.5 HP SAS HDD $244.14 CAD
26K6477 IBM QLogic 6-Port Enterprise $4,472.39 CAD
26K6530 Nortel L2/3 Copper GbESM $247.78 CAD
26K6547 Cisco Fiber GbESM $1,058.72 CAD
HP 293475-B21 MSL5000 Fld Upgrd LVD 160 $1,388.53 CAD
32R1904 QLogic 4Gb 10-port Fibre Channel Switch Module $225.16 CAD
337972-B21 HP Smart Array P600 256MB $236.86 CAD
346914-B21 HP BatteryBacked Write Cache $129.94 CAD
347786-B21 HP 64/133 2-ports Int PCI-X HBA $129.94 CAD
348108-B21 ML570G3 Redundant Fan $129.94 CAD
348109-B21 Xeon 2.83GHz ML570 DL580 G3 $149.70 CAD
348114-B21 HP Redundant Power Supply $219.70 CAD
351052-B21 HP Intel Xeon MP 2.2GHz DL740 G2 $1,609.85 CAD
354588-B21 HP 1.44MB Floppy DL360 G4 $89.70 CAD
355928-B21 HP Xeon 3.6GHz BL20p G3 $361.86 CAD
356544-001 HP 700W PS for ML370 G4 $141.05 CAD
361426-B21 HP FC MEZZ CARD 2CH BL20P $116.94 CAD
361589-B21 HP Rack Light Kit $320.71 CAD
368169-B21 HP NC310F Server Adapter $129.94 CAD
372538-B21 HP BBWC 512MB Upgrade $296.14 CAD
372703-B21 HP CD-ROM Drive For Dl320 G3 $128.83 CAD
372704-B21 HP DL320 G3 SATA HARD Drive $77.09 CAD
372906-B21 ProLiant Software Networking Pack] $129.94 CAD
374282-B21 Non Hot Plug U320 Option Kit $102.31 CAD
376190-B21 AMD Opteron (R) 252 2.6GHz DL385 G1 $286.98 CAD
376241-B21 HP Xeon 3.8GHz DL360 G4p $212.10 CAD
376242-B21 Xeon 3.6GHz DL360 G4p $137.22 CAD
378283-B21 Xeon 3.6GHz DL140 G2 $212.10 CAD
378284-B21 HP BL PWR ENCL W 6 PS $1,583.14 CAD
378748-B21 HP Xeon 3.0GHz ML370 DL380 G4 $129.94 CAD
378752-B21 HP Xeon 3.8GHz ML370 DL380 G4 $199.62 CAD
380314-B21 HP BLP PWR ENCL W 2 P S $1,179.10 CAD
380327-B21 HP Xeon 3.0GHz DL360 G4p $162.18 CAD
381018-B21 HP Intel Xeon 3.0GHz BL20p G3 $162.18 CAD
381477-B21 HP Opteron 2.6GHz 852 DL585 G1 $187.14 CAD
381588-B21 HP AMD Opteron 252 2.6GHz BL25p G1 $137.22 CAD
381881-B21 HP BL25p BL45p Fibre Channel $390.13 CAD
382180-B21 HP Xeon 3.4GHz ML350 G4p $137.22 CAD
382182-B21 HP Xeon 3.2GHz ML350 G4p $212.10 CAD
382184-B21 HP Xeon 3.0GHz ML350 G4p $237.06 CAD
383393-B21 HP Opteron 2.2GHz 875 PC3200 DL585 G1 $399.30 CAD
384168-001 HP Proliant ML350 G4p PS $219.44 CAD
390164-B21 HP Slimline Ejectable Floppy $129.94 CAD
390603-B21 HP AMD Opteron 852 2.6GHz BL45p G1 $162.18 CAD
391782-B21 HP AMD Opteron O275 2.2GHz DL145 G2 $137.22 CAD
392440-B21 HP AMD Opteron O275 2.2GHz BL25p G1 $286.98 CAD
393830-B21 AMD Opteron 2.0GHz 270 DL385 G1 $474.18 CAD
393831-B21 AMD Opteron 2.2GHz 275 DL385 G1 $174.66 CAD
397577-B21 HP SFP Fibre Channel adapter $129.94 CAD
398307-B21 HP DL320 G3 G4 Cable Kit $114.99 CAD
431950-B21 HP 300-GB 15K 3.5 SP NHP SAS HDD $239.85 CAD
73P4201 IBM NetXtreme Dual Port Ethernet $128.83 CAD
73P8022 IBM 146-GB 15K 2G FC-AL HDD $289.64 CAD
84894MU IBM X Series 3.2GHz 1MB $912.47 CAD
AF100A HP KVM Interface Adapter $84.18 CAD
AF204A HP Autoloader 38360 Ultrium 960 $1,083.16 CAD
AF916A HP PDU Model S1348 $960.44 CAD
DW028A HP Ultrium 448in Rack $2,083.64 CAD
DY669A HP Xeon 3.6GHz XW6200 $411.78 CAD
J8169A HP ProCurve E610 Power Supply $1,922.18 CAD
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