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Video Capture Devices
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 Media Center Kit TV Tuner (1339) $128.99 CAD
Q-see QSDT4PCRC DVR Video Capturing Device $83.99 CAD
Hauppauge MediaMVP-HD Digital Multimedia Player (1344) $100.99 CAD
Usb, Smart Card Read/write Blk (mx53-sc-usb-blk) $60.99 CAD
Netgear PTV1000 Push2TV Wireless TV Reciever (PTV1000-100NAS) $79.99 CAD
AVer AVerTV Hybrid Volar MAX TV Tuner (MTVHVMXSK) $54.99 CAD
Hauppauge Acc Cs Wintv-hvr-950 Usb2 1176 (785428011769) $83.99 CAD
StarTech.com USB S-Video & Composite Audio Video Capture Cable w/ TWAIN Support (SVID2USB22) $55.99 CAD
Elsa Group Mpt High-resolution Tv Tuner Box - 1680x1050 (tv-lcdhr) $46.99 CAD
Elsa Group Mpt Tv Tuner/video Capture Box - Usb 2.0 Re (tv-usb20) $50.99 CAD
Elsa Group Mpt Usb 2.0 Video/audio Capture Dvd Maker Ad (usb-avcpt) $31.99 CAD
Elsa Group Mpt Usb 2.0 Audio/video Capture Cable/ Dvd M (usb-ecpt) $42.99 CAD
NEC Display SB-L007KK Video Converter $878.99 CAD
StarTech.com Composite and S-Video to DVI-D Video Converter with Scaler (VID2DVIDTV) $211.99 CAD
EVGA 124-IP-PD01-TR Video Capturing Device - 128 MB $370.99 CAD
Unitech MS240 Magnetic Stripe Reader - Dual Track - 1397 mm/s - Keyboard Wedge - Black (MS241-2KG) $50.99 CAD
Unitech MS241 Magnetic Stripe Reader - Dual Track - 1397 mm/s (MS241-2UG) $50.99 CAD
Elgato EyeTV 10021020 Hybrid TV Tuner $153.99 CAD
Elsa Group Digital And Analog Usb Tv Tuner - Atsc R (tv-usbhd) $50.99 CAD
Elgato High Definition Video Recorder for Component Video (10021040) $210.99 CAD
Hauppauge Acc Wintv-hvr-850 Tv Stick Bil (785428012384) $81.99 CAD
Asus Mycinema-u3100 Mini/atsc Qam/plus, Usb 2.0 High (mycinema-u3100mini/plus) $47.99 CAD
C2G 40481 Multi-Function TV Tuner - Functions: TV Tuning, Signal Conversion, Video Capturing, Video Conversion $92.99 CAD
Hid Identity Omni 5321 Dktp Dual Interface Taa (r53210013-1) $67.99 CAD
Geovision Gv-1120a Dsub16 Port Card V4.21 (55-112au-160) $646.99 CAD
AMD TV WONDER PRO TV Tuner Card - PCI (100-703138) $35.99 CAD
Hauppauge WinTV WinTV-USB2-FM TV Tuner - Functions: FM Tuning, TV Tuning, Video Recording - USB - NTSC, PAL (1334) $34.99 CAD
Axis M7001 Video Encoder (0298-031) $381.99 CAD
DIAMOND ATI Theater 750 PCIE HD TV Tuner Card (TVW750PCIE) $42.99 CAD
Unitech MSR120 Magnetic Stripe Reader - USB, Serial - Black (MSR120B-33U) $110.99 CAD
SIIG HDMI/DVI to YPbPr/VGA & Audio Converter (CE-H20511-S1) $144.99 CAD
Agrident Awr210 Stick Rfid Reader, Iso 11785,rs232 And Bluetooth, Ip67, 110 Volt Us $926.99 CAD
Asus Xonar Hdav H6 Ti Burr- Brown Pcb1796 Dacs 120db Sign- $51.99 CAD
AVerMedia C927 Video Recorder - Functions: Video Recording, Audio Capturing, Video Capturing - ExpressCard (MTVEXHDVR) $145.99 CAD
Hauppauge Pinnacle PCTV 80E Macintosh HD Mini Stick TV Tuner - USB (22461) $108.99 CAD
AVerMedia Video Capturing Device - USB (MEZUSBGFC) $46.99 CAD
SIIG JU-DV0012-S2 Trigger1 plus SiI 162 Graphic Card - 16 MB SDRAM - USB $49.99 CAD
Hauppauge Wintv-hvr 1600 Me3dia Center Kit Bundle (1389) $107.99 CAD
Asus Mycinema Ehd3-100/naq/fm/ Av/mce/rc Tv Tuner Card W/ (ehd3-100/naq/fm/av/mce Rc) $94.99 CAD
AVer TVHD Digital Video Recorder (MTVHDDVRR) $110.99 CAD
Hauppauge 1199 WinTV-HVR-1600 Hybrid Video Recorder - PCI - ATSC, NTSC $96.99 CAD
AVerMedia AVerLife MCEEXVISN Network Audio/Video Player $189.99 CAD
AVer AVerTV Hybrid Volar MAX TV Tuner - USB - ATSC, NTSC (MTVHVMXFC) $86.99 CAD
Diamond Multimedia All-in-wonder Hd 5000 (aiw5000) $138.99 CAD
Laminex Clear/matte Vinyl Badge Holder Vert Top Load W/ziploc,qty 100 (1081) $20.99 CAD
Intermec Microbar 9730 - Bar Code Reader Adapter - Serial Rs-232 / Keyboard Wed (3-230057-14) $144.99 CAD
MSI TV Tuner - Functions: TV Tuning, Digital TV Receiver, FM Tuning, Radio Receiver, Video Recording - PCI - ATSC, NTSC, PAL, SECAM (DIGI@NYWHERE A/D PLUS) $51.99 CAD
ADSTech PYRO A /V Link Capture Device with Elements - FireWire - NTSC, PAL (API-557-EFS) $146.99 CAD
Hauppauge 01192 WinTV-HVR-1955 Hybrid Video Recorder $132.99 CAD
Unitech MSR206 Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR206-33) $434.99 CAD
Posh Systems Usb 3 Reader Hi Low Iso Aamva Stard Card (me6-usb) $420.99 CAD
Posh Systems Usb, Em Rfid Read,125 Khz, Flash Upgradeable, Tk4100, Em4102, Compatible (mx5c-em-usb) $66.99 CAD
Hauppauge 1016 Wireless MediaMVP Digital Media Receiver - MP3, WMA, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DivX, JPEG, GIF - Wi-Fi, Ethernet $31.99 CAD
Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1600 MC-Kit Tv Tuner - Functions: TV Tuning, Video Encoding, Video Recording, Radio Receiver - PCI - ATSC, NTSC (1388) $105.99 CAD
Stansport DELUXE Carrying Case (Duffel) for Travel Essential - Olive Drab (1230) $10.99 CAD
Geovision Gv-loop Through Card (55-vlp16-111) $90.99 CAD
AVerMedia AVerTV C874 Video Capturing Device - USB (MTVUHDDVR) $187.99 CAD
MSI OS3-1121040 TV Tuner $55.99 CAD
Q-see 8ch Real-time Pcie Dvr Card H.264 Software Compression (qsdt8pcrc) $189.99 CAD
Geovision Gv-1008a Dsub 8cam V3.10 (55-108as-080) $638.99 CAD
Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1150 TV Tuner - Functions: HDTV Tuning, Video Recording, TV Tuning, Radio Receiver, Digital TV Receiver - PCI - ATSC (1288) $66.99 CAD
Geovision Gv-1240a Dsub 08 Port Card V4.21 (55-124au-080) $584.99 CAD
Hauppauge Colossus Video Recorder (01414) $162.99 CAD
AVerMedia MTVUHDRFC Video Recorder - Functions: Video Recording - USB $94.99 CAD
HID OMNIKEY 3121 Smart Card Reader (R31210049-1) $28.99 CAD
ATSC Stand Definition (SD) STB (DTV102) $41.99 CAD
Hauppauge PCTV 800i TV Tuner (23040) $75.99 CAD
Adesso AV-200 Video Capturing Device $43.99 CAD
StarTech.com HDMI or DVI to DisplayPort Active Converter (HDMI2DP) $95.99 CAD
Posh Systems Univsl 3 Trk Usb Mgnetc C Reader Up (mx53-usb) $63.99 CAD
Netgear Push2TV PTV2000 HD Signal Converter (PTV2000-100NAS) $104.99 CAD
Hauppauge Colossus Pci-e Hd-pvr (1429) $164.99 CAD
SIIG VGA & Audio to HDMI Video Convertor (CE-VG0011-S1) $154.99 CAD
HID OMNIKEY 5321 Desktop Smart Card Reader - Smart Card - USB (R53210029-1) $85.99 CAD
C2G Trulink Wireless USB to VGA+3.5mm Audio Kit (29355) $133.99 CAD
AVerMedia AVer AverTV Combo G2 TV Tuner - PCI Express - NTSC, ATSC - Retail (MTVCOMG2R) $107.99 CAD
StarTech.com S-Video / Composite to USB Video Capture Cable w/ TWAIN and Mac Support (SVID2USB23) $60.99 CAD
Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 TV Tuner - Functions: TV Tuning, Video Recording, Video Streaming, Digital TV Receiver - PCI - ATSC, NTSC (1387) $70.99 CAD
AVer AVerTV DVI Box7 - NTSC (MTVDVIBX7) $109.99 CAD
Viewsonic VS 13964 Video Processor (VP3D1) $258.99 CAD
HP Magnetic Stripe Reader (BZ721AT) $94.99 CAD
Hid Identity Omnikey 6321 Mobile Dual Interface Smart Card Reader, Non-taa Compliant (r63210004-1) $61.99 CAD
AMD FirePro S400 Synchronization Module (100-505590) $688.99 CAD
Studio Moviebox Ultimate Collection 14 Cdn (82301006881) $124.99 CAD
AVer AVerTV Hybrid A200 TVBox 11 Tuner - ATSC, NTSC - 1 Pack (MTVBOXH11) $184.99 CAD
AVer E232 AVerLife Cinema Video Grabber (MCECINEMA) $23.99 CAD
Panasonic MPL3222 Video Processor $661.99 CAD
Hid Identity Omnikey 5125 (fw5.10) Heavy Sb, Taa, Rohs Con (r51250021-1) $74.99 CAD
HID iCLASS R10 Mullion Smart Card Reader - Smart Card - Wiegand (6100CGN0000) $79.99 CAD
Avid Dazzle Video Creator Plus Hd Video Editing Hw (82303000201) $79.99 CAD
AVer mini PCTV TV Tuner Card (MTVEXMINI) $80.99 CAD
Sony 4 Channel Video Network Station, Basic Function. (sntep154) $631.99 CAD
Sony 4 Channel Video Network Station, Full Function With Ptz Control, Intelligent Mot (sntex154) $817.99 CAD
HID ProxPro II 5455 Card Reader Access Device (5455BGN00) $159.99 CAD
AVer Combo G2 PCTV Tuner (MTVCOMG2W) $26.99 CAD
Avid Pinnacle 82301006721 Video Editing Device $66.99 CAD
Link Depot Usb To Ps2 Adapter (retail Blister) (link-usb-ps2) $6.99 CAD
Axis P7701 Video Decoder (0319-041) $508.99 CAD
Hauppauge WinTV-USB TV Tuner Card (602) $22.99 CAD
Usb Ic Smart Card Read 3trk Mag Up Combo (mx53-sc-usb) $75.99 CAD
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