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Foxconn A76ML-K Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

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Foxconn A76ML-K Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.37/10

Review Date: 09/14/13
low-cost price, higher good quality. with a rebat. am2+ assistance so it picked up my Phenom II x3 with out a hitch. not a big challenge mainly because i dont need to have it, but the possitioning of the PCI slots relative to the PCI-E slot means that many of the newer big-video cards will block one of the PCI slots for a price range develop its a no brainer....choose this one up

Review Date: 09/08/13
This factor is steady! This factor seems pretty capable of some good overclocking. So far, I only have overclocked my 7750 from two.7GHz to two.8GHz by adjusting the multiplier in BIOS. I know that's not substantially of difference but I'm a noob at this overclock stuff correct now :P. Oh and it also takes DDR2 667 RAM. I got one particular stick of 2GB of RAM by G.Talent paired up with this motherboard. I was worried that it wouldn't work just mainly because Newegg didn't post the rest of the memory standards that this issue can take.I really like how the north bridge heatsink makes room for any of your PCIe x1 devices. No buzzer! But it's not a difficulty mainly because you're able to hook one particular up anyway. My Raidmax case came with one particular I just just hooked it up to this motherboard. I picked this board just mainly because I was on a really tight price range. But I think that I have gotten much more than what I had paid for. Many thanks to Foxconn for their boards and Newegg for supplying and shipping this board!

Review Date: 08/28/13
Steady for overclocking, relatively good board design and style. Can't beat the value. Foxconn's customer support is truly quite responsive. This board is rated for 4GB of 1066 DDR2 memory, but none of the approved memory on the compatibility chart would get you there. I discovered to late, by way of much analysis, that 1066 memory speeds are only supported with AMD Phenom processors, not Athlon X2.Also, it doesn't absolutely recognize the CPU's temp. My X2 7850 BE runs idle at 12C, but the mobo apparently only reports the temp when it gets over 40C.Ultimately, I've elevated the CPU clock, but BIOS doesn't report a change in CPU speed or memory speed. However, the FOX One Windows overclocking utility that comes with the board, as effectively as other utilities, reads the right overclocked speeds. For CPU temp, I'm operating Core Temp. Functionality Test confirms the overclocking of my CPU and memory.

Review Date: 08/20/13
Easy set up & setup. Fantastic features for a low price motherboard. None for what I use it for. Performs completely for a media center.

Review Date: 08/19/13
Quite Affordable (Price sensible, not build top quality). Nice micro ATX board with some good Overclocking attributes.The Bios is surprisingly rich in possibilities. Building is solid. Supports Only 95w AM2/AM2+/AM3 cpus. So that limits greater end CPU options, but then once more who utilizes a price range 760G board with a highend 125 TDP cpu such as Phenom I's 9000 Series, and Phenom II 920 & 940. Utilized this board to give a Coworker Son Computer an upgrade. He was operating an older AMD XP 2000 cpu with 1 gig of ram and an radeon 9250. Not a bad technique Ƙ years ago). All Joking aside used this board, paired it with a G.Talent Pi Kit 4-four-four-12 DDR2 800, HIS Radeon 4670 ,and an AMD x2 7750 which is based on the Phenom I core. Given that Phenom I's use alot of energy I was nervous about a incredibly aggressive overclock seeing the 95w TDP limit encouraged with the board. Was capable to have the chip very easily do 3.35 ghz but backed it down to three. ghz considering that he is just utilizing the stock cooler.Maybe when AMD releases some 45nm x2's based on the Phenom II you could genuinely get amazing performance from this board. While it is a budget board its bios has alot of overclocking and tweaking attributes (not as numerous as an AM2+ board with 750 SB but close).

Review Date: 08/07/13
none second board that still doesn't function. Manufacturer Response:Thank you for working with Foxconn solutions.Please refer to FAQ:http://www.foxconnchannel.com/enŴDus/support/faq_detail.aspx?ID=en-gb0000079And if it can not repair your challenge,please make contact with officiate warranty by way of RMA center in US,Please dail under tel number and ask for RMA. Tel: 1.909.978.6556 Ƙᛆam - fiveᛆpm PST; excludes national holidays)Any other query in the future, please contact us freely. Ideal Regards, Foxconn Technical Support

Review Date: 08/01/13
Worked eventually with W7 HP, see cons. I had to go component of the way by means of an XP installation to get this mobo to recognise my SATA boot drive throughout W7. Incredibly weird. Attempted many combinations of W7 and IDE and SATA HDs with CD/DVD/Flash installation media, none of which would choose up the challenging drive during the install method. Started an set up with XP SP3, it saw and formatted stated HD, at the initial reboot inserted the W7 DVD and the installation went ahead smoothly. It has worked fine from then on. Go figure, 3 hours of a single Saturday afternoon I wont see again.

Review Date: 07/28/13
operates effectively boots rapidly compatible with all windows (vista xp 7) basic oc featurs didnt set fsb suitable fist time had to manual tell it to run more quickly than 800 mhz. but did run at 1600 with out challenge fantastic buy for 50

Review Date: 07/17/13
Supports wide array of rapidly AMD Socket AM3 CPU's. Has actual live parallel port (most AM3 boards don't). Has IDE & floppy port for these who nonetheless use such devices. This is a fantastic board for an individual who wants the efficiency of a new method but nonetheless has to perform with older technology. Match perfectly in my microatx cube case and my Arctic Cooler Freezer CPU Fan & Heatsink fits nicely. Effortlessly overclocked my Phenom X2 555 BE to 3800MHz, and that was getting conservative. SATA II sped up my SSD by 50% with no other modifications (my old board was SATA I). I like the custom logo at bootup also. Zero problems. Simple, powerful, compatible. Men and women who don't actually require THIS motherboard may complain about only four USB ports on the rear, no onboard DVI/HDMI, having a "useless" parallel port, stuff like that. The reality is these aren't cons, they just shoulda got a various board. This a single is near excellent as far as I'm concerned. It undoubtedly fills a gap among the old and the new. I've read there's a 95W CPU limit (no huge deal, there's a lot of AMD CPU's that run at 95W or much less). The BIOS doesn't report CPU temps under 40C. I'm employing the free of charge Core Temp tray app to read actual temps as reported by CPU. No firewire port. Possibly it was blind luck, but I changed out my Socket 939 motherboard with this a single, plugged everything in, turned it on, and it booted Directly into Windows 7, no blue screens, no drivers to install, I was amazed. Doubled my technique's speed in about 30 minutes time. Worth each and every penny. I may possibly purchase yet another one to retain as a spare.

Review Date: 07/14/13
Setup set up and operates fine all drivers installed no problem. I bought two of these motherboards and they workbut i have no actual cpu temp reading or cpu fan speedcontroll in the bios or with the fox 1 utility i attempted to download bios updates from foxconnchannel.combut two out of three zip files that i downloaded contained crc errors. I have an older AM2 Foxconn K8M890M2MB-RS2H motherboard with a X2-5800 3.0g that functions fine but wanted an AM3 ready board to upgrade with a newer cpu but this board is not it. Also undesirable it is rated 5eggs on this website but i want each and every factor to operate. Does any individual have a fix for this?

Review Date: 05/17/13
This mobo is affordable, and it's modest. If you want a budget AMD board, and you have a tiny case, this 1 will do the trick...it only has one particular PCIe-x16 slot, 1 PCIe-x1 slot, and two PCI slots, but that's all I require. The onboard video is okay, for onboard graphics, as lengthy as you don't want to do any gaming. Only supports 4GB of RAM...(but the manual says 8GB, so I'm a bit confused on that...I'm personally running two 2GB sticks, and they all 4 function in 64-bit Ubuntu...but I haven't attempted it with 4GB sticks), not very quite a few slots, it does run hot, as other reviewers have noted. If you require a low-cost AMD mobo with not very several add-on cards, this a single will do the trick. I have had no stability challenges whatsoever with this thing.

Review Date: 05/08/13
Affordable quality board. No install challenges. Decent bios for overclocking. CPU 95w or reduced.am3 Help CPU temps appear to be set by the board at 40C. In bios and FOX 1 it stays at 40C. Even with the 2.6 BE or the 9750 2.4 ࿿w). At OC it hits 44C then settles back to 40C. wanted to get a different but the EGG is out of stock. foxconn is delivering decent boards in this economy. want an additional one to pair up with the phenom II 925

Review Date: 05/03/13
This little guy was nicely packaged and came in such a cool box. Also, this board is really steady! I picked this board for it's price tag due to a tight budget. It's also a good overclocker as well. Due to the fact I'm new to overclocking, I overclocked my 7750 Black Edition from two.7GHz to 2.9GHz employing the multiplier in BIOS with stock voltage and with the stock heatsink...lol I know it's not significantly a difference but it's a commence for me. I checked out CPU-Z and the frequency of the CPU barely fluctuated which is incredibly satisfying. I installed the FOX One utility which came in the integrated CD on Vista x64 but it brought on the clock speed of CPU and voltage settings to fluctuate according to CPU-Z, with out even messing with anything on the utility. Even soon after uninstalling the utility I saw that the CPU clock was nonetheless fluctuating on CPU-Z as effectively as the voltage applied to the CPU. It would switch involving 1750MHz to 2900MHz and back every second or two. I fixed the fluctuating difficulty merely by reinstalling Vista following uninstalling the FOX One utility didn't seem to work. So when it comes to overclocking, I'll just stick to the BIOS since it appears to be a lot steady in that area.But I nevertheless have to give this factor five stars due to the fact I think that Foxconn tends to make excellent hardware specifically this motherboard. It's just that to me, there application sucks in my opinion...I'm glad that I picked this board as a component of my second personal computer that I have ever constructed.

Review Date: 04/14/13
This board has outstanding audio, full hd audio!!! great. anything else is great also. demands more ram slots but not seriously a con.holds 4 Gb.

Review Date: 03/23/13
So far quite content with this motherboard. Every thing installed with out a hitch. Seems to be running extremely steady. Replaced a failing Asus motherboard. Needed a motherboard with gigabit lan and a parrallel port, this a single had both and for a good price tag 51.00. Moved the processor and really hard drives more than and installed Windows home server. Glad I purchased it. Non so far This was best for my windows residence server

Review Date: 03/15/13
Good seeking board, smaller, properly layed out, and fits good in my personal computer case. The Video card that i have (ATi 4850), had a hard time fitting into the PCI-e x16 slot. also,the yellow Latch for holding the card in was broken off when inside the package, don't know if that was supposed to be broken off or if it broke off through shipping

Review Date: 03/05/13
Under no circumstances applied Foxcon prior to - OK so far: decent "all-in-one particular" mobo with tons of configurable alternatives. Incredibly excellent video and sound. 64-bit Ubuntu 9.04 has all drivers on LiveCD - video, sound, network... North Bridge idles at 55C, riches 66C beneath 3D-Mark test... When back to idle temperature drops gradually...This is the only real issue with this fine board New AMD chipsets all seem to run hot... Why mobo makers not working with forced air cooling ???

Review Date: 03/01/13
I have make and fixed laptop so many. This is was a replace MB that was dead. This MB brought on CPU fan run crazy. No driver for Win 7 64 bits even I dont have a challenge now considering that it is a fundamental laptop. Very good if you want to upgrade AM3. Heat Heat --> CPU fan got noisy. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued Buyer, The motherboard can support AM3 CPU,pls refer to the CPU compatibility list:http://www.foxconnsupport.com/cpusupportlist.aspx?type=mb&model=A76ML-K&cputype=And for the noisy issue,pls use a 4pins FAN and enable the Smart Fan in the Pc Overall health Status.Any other query in the future,Please speak to us straight at Foxconn on the web get in touch with system(http://www.foxconnsupport.com/inquiry.aspx). We would like to enable you with this problem. Thank you. Foxconn Support Team

Review Date: 02/26/13
Its a motherboard... it has Pcie 2. and it was cheep, does every little thing I wanted. it has genuinely very good audio, it appears to have a built in amp since its loud and can have lots of bass. Only has two ram slots but I knew that when I purchased it. it maxed out at 4 GB which I will have in a couple weeks. dosnt support AM3 but i knew that as effectively. i dont have an am3 processor anyway. its cheep, it functions, so if your on a spending budget or your just poor and like to play videogames like me this is worth the obtain. have not used the constructed in video simply because i have a GeForce gts250. I truly drooped it down my stairs prior to I installed it and it nevertheless operates so I know its durable. Manufacturer Response:Dear Valued ClientThank you for supporting Foxconn products.The motherboard can support AM3 CPU,and for detai,pls refer to the CPU compatibility list:http://www.foxconnsupport.com/cpusupportlist.aspx?type=mb&model=A76ML-K&cputype=Any other query in the future,Please contact us straight at Foxconn on-line speak to system(http://www.foxconnsupport.com/inquiry.aspx). We would like to assist you with this issue. Thank you. Foxconn Support Team

Review Date: 02/14/13
Packaging was great. Quite expert box for the motherboard. Seriously enjoyed the indepth booklet that came with the motherboard that actually explained every little thing in the bios. Very good overclocking skills but could be greater. Would have liked to see the last pci slot additional away from the pci-e slot so i could really use it. Also had to modify the I/O shield to fit with the motherboard. If this motherboard last a year FoxConn with have a buyer for life.

Review Date: 02/07/13
This motherboard is great. Constructed a Pc with a Phenom 9600 BE. OC's fantastic with the on BIOS "FOXCONN Stepping." Fantastic graphics chipset. SATA is in a terrible spot if you have a massive GPU (I'm Running a GTS250) Important NOTE: ONLY SUPPORTS CPUS UP TO 95 WATTS!

Review Date: 01/19/13
Decent IGP, supports 1066 (with correct cpu) and AM3. Memory limited to 4gb, only 1 fan supported by motherboard (other than cpu-fan of course) Was my initial develop with Foxconn, and every thing went smoothly, booted up on the first attempt and the included drivers installed simply.Great for spending budget builds

Review Date: 01/09/13
it is what it says it is none

Review Date: 01/09/13
I appreciate this board!!!! It was very easy to install, I was a tiny worried mainly because I usualy like to install ATX mobo's and this is my initially micro, all I had to do is move one particular mobo stand thats it!!!! Worked right from first boot!!! The mobo is full of wonderful overclocking functions, so considerably that it is overwhelming!!! The manual is detailed, but not adequate to cover all the characteristics. Other than that, none that I can think of!!!! Paired this with 4gb of ddr2 1066 patriot memory and a brand new amd phenom II 550 BE and all my games, borderlands, far cry two, crysis, run at Every little thing maxed out with no difficulties what so ever!!! Good cost

Review Date: 01/08/13
Does everything it's supposed to do. None Wished it had more fan connections but, I knew what I was getting.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Foxconn
Model A76ML-K
Supported CPU
CPU Socket Type AM3 Ready / AM2+ / AM2
CPU Type Phenom / Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 / Sempron
FSB 2600MHz Hyper Transport (5200 MT/s)
North Bridge AMD 760G
South Bridge AMD SB710
Number of Memory Slots 2240pin
Memory Standard DDR2 1066/800/667
Maximum Memory Supported 4GB
Channel Supported Dual Channel
Expansion Slots
PCI Express 2.0 x16 1
PCI Express x1 1
PCI Slots 2
Storage Devices
PATA 1 x ATA100 2 Dev. Max
SATA 3Gb/s 4
SATA RAID 0/1/10
Onboard Video
Onboard Video Chipset ATI Radeon 3000
Onboard Audio
Audio Chipset VIA VT1708B
Audio Channels 6 Channels
Onboard LAN
LAN Chipset Realtek 8111D
Max LAN Speed 10/100/1000Mbps
Rear Panel Ports
PS/2 2
Video Ports D-Sub
USB 1.1/2.0 4 x USB 2.0
Audio Ports 3 Ports
Onboard USB
Onboard USB 3 x USB 2.0 connectors support additional 6 ports
Physical Spec
Form Factor Micro ATX
Dimensions 9.6" x 8.2"
Windows Vista Works with Windows Vista
Power Pin 24 Pin
Package Contents A76ML-K
Driver Disk
User Manual
Rear I/O Panel Shield
two SATA cables
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited

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