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AMD A10-5800K 3.8GHz Socket FM2 Quad-Core Desktop Processor

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AMD A10-5800K 3.8GHz (4.2GHz Turbo) Socket FM2 AD580KWOHJBOX Desktop APU (CPU + GPU) with DirectX 11 Graphic
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AMD APU A10-Series A10-5800K 3.8GHz Socket FM2 AMD APU A10-Series A10-5800K 3.8GHz Socket FM2 $64.75 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

AMD A10-5800K 3.8GHz Socket FM2 Quad-Core Desktop Processor
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.26/10

Review Date: 12/18/14
Cons: N/A

Pros: Cheap, effective
Included this in a basic web browsing PC for a client. Can't argue with a quad-core CPU for $100 and baked in respectable graphics performance. Passed benchmarks that I would normally throw at a gaming PC without getting too hot. Included fan is adequate and very quiet.

Review Date: 11/21/14
Cons: not so great at cooling

Pros: Fast, beautiful, inexpensive
plays games on a budget very nicely

Review Date: 09/21/14
Cons: Needs lots of power

Pros: Great processing power
Very good for the price

Review Date: 04/17/14
Cons: The 4MB cache is a bit disappointing in a flagship model. I hope they will improve their design to increase L1/2 caches, which highly benefit games and big programs.-Runs hot on stock cooler. Stock cooler really sucks. I would suggest buying a decent cooler for longer lifespan or heck, get a nice cooler and OC it a bit.

Pros: -Great chip on a budget-IGP is more powerful than you think-High clock means this chip handles tasks pretty fast.
Solid chip, my first AMD chip and I have no problems with it whatsoever.Mine is 24/7 ROCK STABLE at 4.4GHZ giving it 1.46V which is 0.15 volts shy of its "max safe range" of voltage (1.475).I don't have the IGP overclocked as I got a 7770HD for really cheap, so I threw that in there.But I am assuming OCing the IGP will take away the CPU OCing capabilities as they share resources and current and all that.

Review Date: 03/16/14
Cons: None

Pros: Great little processor - meets our needs - easy install - stable and no challenges with running games and general office apps.
I purchased this processor with a bundle deal asus mb and the price was right. I had no install issues and it runs great on all4 cores.
Bok Fei_C@NCIX

Review Date: 02/04/14
Cons: dont know yet , just bought this ,, need to test it out

Pros: trying to build an itx rig, this fits perfectly , no need graphic card
for the cost , cant complain . need to test out graphics and OC

Review Date: 11/13/13
Cons: Not the best choice if you plan on getting a video card. Also, A85x UEFI bioses aren't HDTV friendly(depending on if your receiver/HDTV properly scales) so there are issues where the bios screen would not show up on a HDTV; easily solved by using a dvi/vga monitor. It looked like it didn' boot at first.

Pros: Great for HTPCs. At stock it can run League of Legends at 1080P max settings 62-71fps. Skyrim/Borderlands however was only smooth at 720p ultra settings, had to tinker to med/low settings on 1080P.
I debated between this and the A10-5700k (100w vs 65w) but considering reviews which showed that during load they end up with the same draw and temps. I went with the A10-5800k as i don't leave my HTPC on all the time anyways.The included heatsink was tiny! I was skeptical at first but it does the job. It peaked around 51c with 3hrs under load and case temps at 39c which i thought was pretty good. I'm sure it could be better but given how silent it runs i'm impressed.

Review Date: 08/27/13
Cons: Poor heatsync/fan

Pros: $ value for performance
High end performance for $119? How can you go wrong. This was at the heart of 5, performance budget PCs I built. Total material cost came out to under $350 plus the OS. How can you possibly go wrong? Full featured FM2 mobos can be found for under $75 too.

Review Date: 04/12/13
Cons: Hot these F'ers get hot real hot when OCing. They do not OC well at all but are fun and great for a low cost gaming rig

Pros: Runs great Got it at 4.75ghz on a Seidon Cooler. Games great though with added GPU and DDR3 2133. Highly Recommend
Running on a A85XA motherboard with a 660tf oc and 16gb ddr3 2133 windows 8 pro, max out Crysis 3 with no issues 40-75fps constant.Have had the CPU lock up a few times it does not like volts much but thats it problem not mine

Review Date: 03/11/13
Cons: None at all.

Pros: Scores 7.3 on the Windows 8 performance index. It's a fast little CPU. I have it hybrid crossfired with a 6670 and I can even play crysis 3 on low settings.
Who's a good APU? You're a good APU!

Review Date: 03/05/13
Cons: Not able to OC it (first time I OC)

Pros: The dual graphics solution is very decent I got it with a 6670 and graphics are just awesome for the price.
This CPU is for sure not good as an i3 third gen, but its really damn good for a budget build is tou want to go from a console to computer or just upgrade from an older system. I would not recommend it if you want to use a graphic card that is not dual graphics capable.

Review Date: 02/28/13
Cons: The heatsink could be better

Pros: Fast, inexpensive, powerful
I purchased this for my first ever computer build. It is an amazing processor and is the fastest chip I have ever used. For the price, it is an unbelievable bargain.

Review Date: 02/08/13
Cons: None

Pros: Fast. Better than Intel. Budget gamer? Get this!
Plays all Counter Strike games at defaults 720p with 60+FPS! Also plays TF2 at 60+FPS to.Stock cooler keeps temps at 34c on idle and 60c after ten minutes of prime 95 in a hot Florida home. 74c is max btw.

Review Date: 02/05/13
Cons: stock heatsink

Pros: Good price, runs cool, good cpu
AMD should be embarrassed to include their "heatsink" (don't use), otherwise great product.

Review Date: 01/19/13
Cons: Included Heatsink/Fan is garbage for a high end APU. Temps idle at about 40C and under load low 60C

Pros: Price vs Performance Ratio is high.
This is the best bang for buck processor I have ever purchased. The graphics performance is amazing. The quad core CPU is no slouch as a daily driver. I was disappointed with the quality of the heatsink/fan included, had to invest an extra $25 on Coolermaster Hyper which brought idle temps to around 30C where they should be. Docking one star for the Heatsink/fan.Setup I built:AMD A10-5800KASRock FM2A75M-DGS8 GB G.SKILL RipjawsIt is a very fast computer on a budget.I can play starcraft 2 j 1680x1050 at very playable frame rates.

Review Date: 01/11/13
Cons: none

Pros: pretty fast integrated graphics
It's quite good the price is a bit much over the locked version but it does give a pretty good speed boost when overclock.

Review Date: 01/04/13
Cons: None for this type of CPU

Pros: Best bang for the buck, runs cool, great video performance, easy to install
I love this APU. It runs so cool (I have the Hyper 212 on it). The video performance on League of Legends is excellent. I run it on max at 1280x1024 (my monitor's native resolution). I'm usually the first to reach 100% on the load-up screen.Mated to the Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 and 8GB of Kingston HyperX Blu this system runs everything with ease on W7 Ultimate. I also picked up the Zalman Z9 case and I could run it 24/7 because it's so quiet! Got all of these at NCIX in Toronto - they had the best prices by far!!

Review Date: 12/26/12
Cons: none

Pros: fast and good gpu
This processor is awesome. Out of the box you get wicked performance, and it only gets better. However the heatsink and fan included are poorly made, so I would highly recommend getting a better heatsink if you are going to overclock this.

Review Date: 12/20/12
Cons: None whatsoever for it's purpose.

Pros: Great for budget builds or small form factor cases.
If you are looking for raw processing power, this is not for you. When HSA comes into play, this product may leap forward in capabilities. As for now. this processor should be for light usage such as browsing, youtube and possibly low res gaming.

Review Date: 12/19/12
Cons: None

Pros: CoolPowerful enough
Used this for my HTPC/casual gaming build. Paired with a slim scythe CPU cooler - can barely hear the fan from close distance. Able to play some games like Fallout 3 - not maxed, but at a distance, I can't notice that the resolution isn't 1080p. As with all things, make sure this will serve your purposes before buying it. It's not for everyone.
kevin b@NCIX

Review Date: 12/15/12
Cons: None so far.

Pros: Price and performance of the surprisingly capable integrated graphics cannot be beat. On the CPU side it's equally capable, Passmark CPU charts it's performance in all the FX 4xxx ranges. It's everything I need in my htpc /gaming build. Pair this up with few good sticks of 1866 ram or better and for a budget system you won't be disappointed. As for motherboard I used the msi fm2-A55 for one build and fm2-A75 because of USB 3.0 offerings on it for my second build. From what I've read some people are getting terrific overclocks and for that perhaps purchase the more extreme version mobo from any motherboard makers fm2-85 series. But minor overclocks on stock heat sink is doable with any board. NCIX prices and price matching brought the price for these rigs comfortably under 400 dollars for complete build if you have some reusable parts the price will be even lower.
Gaming on Steam playing all kinds of games at quality settings. For those like my father who flight sim specifically FSX a title that in the past brought very expensive machines to thier knees this outstanding A10-5800k with no overclock flies at the busiest airports at a solid 30+ fps

Review Date: 12/01/12
Cons: none

Pros: extremely good graphics. also amazing CPU
overclocked to 4.3 ghz with only minor overvoltage. wow, just WOW. very fast. best paired with a corsair h40. cheap, silent, cool. running n 27 celcius. you have outdone me, amd.

Review Date: 11/28/12
Cons: None

Pros: Curretly the best integrated graphics chipReasonably priced
If you're a big gamer then no this processor isn't for you. This is, however, for the people that want a decent CPU and a decent integrated graphics chip for light gaming. It would also make a good high-end HTPC because it can bitstream lossy or lossless audio, has 3D acceleration and can handle demanding video renderers such as madVR for high quality video playback. You can also hybrid crossfire the iGPU with certain AMD discrete graphics cards if you have a capable motherboard.For the price I paid, it's reasonable for what you get. A cheap quad-core + comparable discrete graphics card would cost more and this is all integrated into a single chip and allows me to add a video card if needed.

Review Date: 11/25/12
Cons: 100w TDP, cheap stock cooler

Pros: Fast, amazing graphics, great price/performance
I use this connected to my 32" Lcd t.v. at 720p and I can run almost all of my games on max... sleeping dogs, splinter cell conviction, crysis, crysis 2...metro 2033 performance is waayyy better than my old Llano A6-3400m laptop (which I thought kicked ass, and still does in many ways for a laptop) but the A10-5800k is a noticeable performance difference over that. I realize that most people want 1080p or more but I cannot vouch for that, im totally happy with my 720p (my T.V. max).Web browsing, iTunes, games, and HD movies is what I use this APU for and I use it with an ASUS F2A85-M Pro motherboard with 16gb 2133mhz ram and it kicks some major ass... I love this APU, great price/performance...perfect for HTPC.. as soon as my water block gets her im going to OC the s*** out of this.. I can't wait...

Review Date: 11/24/12
Cons: none yet

Pros: No need for a video cardQuad coreyou gotta love the price
For a family pc that will not play very demanding games or graphics software, you can run this cpu without a video card so you just save money
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Product Features

Quad Core CPU Dual Graphics
Unlocked Processor DirectX 11

AMD A10-Series AD580KWOHJBOX Quad-Core A10-5800K Black Edition APU
Get top-notch computing performance and accelerated visual experience with the AMD A10-Series AD580KWOHJBOX Quad-Core A10-5800K Black Edition APU. Featuring a Quad-Core Technology with 3.8Ghz clock speed, this processor will boost your system's overall speed and power. Plus, it utilizes an AMD Radeon HD 7660D GPU with DirectX 11 support to deliver seamless graphics performance, even on intense virtual environments. With its Socket FM2 interface, this processor will easily fit in next-generation motherboards. This processor is also unlocked for easy overclocking to achieve next-level performance. Order the AMD A10-Series AD580KWOHJBOX Quad-Core A10-5800K Black Edition APU now!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Unlocked Quad-Core Processor; delivers an accelerated system performance to handle demanding tasks seamlessly 
  • AMD Radeon HD 7660D graphics with DirectX 11 support; provides top-notch graphics performance
  • Socket FM2; ensures high-speed interaction with the motherboard
  • Dual Graphics Ready; experience gaming at higher resolutions with greater image quality

Product Specifications

SeriesA-Series APU
CPU Socket Type
CPU Socket TypeSocket FM2
Tech Spec
Operating Frequency3.8GHz (4.2GHz Turbo)
L2 Cache4MB
Manufacturing Tech32 nm
64 bit SupportYes
Virtualization Technology SupportYes
Integrated GraphicsAMD Radeon HD 7660D
Graphics Base Frequency800MHz
Thermal Design Power100W
Cooling DeviceHeatsink and Fan included

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