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Antec Powerup 6000 Battery Pack for iPad USB

Antec Powerup 6000 Battery Pack for iPad USB (Antec: AP-6000)
AntecVPN: AP-6000
Vendor: Antec
Price: $36.97 - $36.97 CAD from 1 stores
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Product Reviews

Antec Powerup 6000 Battery Pack for iPad USB
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 4/10
With 8 User Reviews

Review Date: 05/15/13
Cons: Slow to charge

Pros: Small size, good capacity
Only had this a few weeks so I can't say much about durability. It takes for ever to charge which is bad but otherwise it works as advertised.

Review Date: 04/13/13
Cons: doesn't work (has problem charging devices on their approved list)

Pros: looks nice, lightweight.
2 broken units in 4 months. The first time, it would charge my device half way & run out of power. The second time, after a few uses, it can't recharge any device. even devices on their approved list. Shipping to teh RMA depot is $10 each time. bought the unit for $30 (thank god it was on sale!)

Review Date: 03/19/13
Cons: Short charge cable.

Pros: Small form factor
I purchased one of these in December and it worked very well up until a few days ago. The battery has a power button and now it will not turn on to charge a device. Currently in the process for RMA by Antec because its out of NCIS's 30 day warranty.

Review Date: 02/12/13
Cons: Was great when it worked but just stopped working for me after 5 weeks.

Pros: Not too bigGood capacity
This was a nice little product I used quite often but just failed to work for me after 5 weeks of use.

Review Date: 02/02/13
Cons: Not as good as expected battery life, high temps

Pros: Light, compact, good for charging most devices.
A pretty good unit for the price, a lot smaller than other 6000mah I have seen. Get what you pay for but pretty good quality as expected from Antec. The smaller size leads to some higher temperatures in extended charging sessions. Works on all of my devices.

Review Date: 01/30/13
Cons: faulty battery right off the bat, wont charge!

Pros: none so far, 6000 mah for 30 bucks!
hi, I had bought this for boxing day, and I waited a week before I opened it but I am glad I did before it was too late, first off I never even got to test this because it wouldn't even charge for the first time, no way! I couldn't even get a 1st charge out of it, boy was I disappointed for this is an antec product, so I got it rma'd

Review Date: 01/07/13
Cons: Charge won't stay if charging with included usb cable.

Pros: Stylish, easy to use, white color...
Edit: Just feeling lucky, I tried the AP-6000 again with my phone's original usb cable in stead of the one that came in the package, it actually charged alright, but still leaving one bar after charging my Motorola RAZR HD which has 2530 mAh battery. changing the rating to 3 stars.6000MAH is only for advertising here! After charging my Motorola RAZR HD, which has a 2530mAh battery, this AP-6000 battery only has one bar left! Yes, it charged so fast, but the charge also drops so fast! My phone's standby used to consume 1% battery over night, after using this battery for charging, 64% of battery went to 0% in 8 hours just standby with no Wi-fi,Data,Sync,or anything else! I couldn't even turn on the phone for a while after plugging it in with original power adapter. Not only the charge won't stay, my phone battery started draining like crazy during standby even after charging again with a regular chager. The situation did not change until I reset the phone, and charged it with the original Motorola charger for 6 hours. I'm giving it five star rating because I want this review to show up right away. If review deleted, I will post again. This review was modfied by poster t 01-07-13 11:04 AM This review was modfied by poster j 01-07-13 11:59 AM This review was modfied by poster @ 01-21-13 04:00 PM

Review Date: 01/04/13
Cons: Cannot charge many tablets or phonesSupplied cable is only good for charging the device

Pros: Powerful battery for the priceCharges from microusb (convenient)
The people that designed this didn't follow the USB charging standards, it's instead made with the data pins doing whatever stupid thing apple and samsung devices like. If I plug my Nokia phone in, it's reporting a charge rate of less than 50ma with everything idle and the screen on. If I use a computer USB it gets at least 6x that, and if I use the wall adapter it gets about 14x the power.They could have easily included a cable or way to switch the device to a mode that would do this.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

SeriesPowerUp 6000
TypePortable Battery
Compatible Phone ManufacturerUniversal
Capacity6000 mAh
Volt5 Volt
Amp2A Max
SpecificationsIndustry-Grade Protections:
- Over Charging Protection
- Over Discharge Protection
- Short Circuit Protection (SCP)
- Over Current Protection (OCP)
- Over Temperature Protection (OTP)

6000 mAh Japanese Li-Ion Battery

Safety / Certifications: CE,RoHS,FCC,C-TICK,Gost-R,PSE
FeaturesLED power indicator

Light Weight design

Industrial Grade Protection

Rapid Charge 2A USB port provides fastest possible charging for Tablet (such as iPad)

Contains Antec TruePower Mobile Technology
- Automatically shuts off when device is fully charged,
ensuring no battery is wasted

High Capacity, long-lasting Japanese 6000 mAh cells

Included Micro-USB cable charges battery and devices
Dimension3.1" (H) x 2.0" (W) x 0.9" (D)
Weight0.29 lbs.
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