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Arctic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive 2 X 3.5 Grams

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Arctic Silver ASTA-7G Thermal Compound Paste Adhesive Epoxy w/ Application Wand Arctic Silver ASTA-7G Thermal Compound Paste Adhesive Epoxy w/ Application Wand $28.21 CAD Shop Now
Artic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive 7g ASTA-7G Artic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive 7g ASTA-7G $38.47 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Arctic Silver Premium Silver Thermal Adhesive 2 X 3.5 Grams
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.43/10

Review Date: 08/20/13
Cons: pricematch if you can

Pros: high quality-high performance
works really well. permanent bonding solution,due not use on things you want to take apart later
Wing Tat_Y@NCIX

Review Date: 05/02/13
Cons: A bit expensive

Pros: It works, plain and simple
The thermal tape that come with video card heat sinks are a pain to work with. Decide to get this and not use thermal tape. It does work but it cures pretty quickly, so you have to work quick.
Robert J_R@NCIX

Review Date: 01/27/12
Cons: It really sticks.

Pros: It really sticks.
Good for heat sinks that lack a secure mounting mechanism. Much better than two sided tape or weaker compounds used or supplied by manufacturers. Do not use on CPUs or other applications where the heat sink may need to be removed.

Review Date: 11/19/11
Cons: This stuff is strong, like our everyday home epoxy. Almost no second chance on your installation.

Pros: It does what is says, hold things without mechanical attachment. Better than double side tape.
First, read the instruction on their web site.I messed up my installation on the first time, and I manage to remove the wrongly installed heatsink by putting the card in the freezer for 1 hour (in an anti-static bag). After that, the adhesive crystallise and it's "easier" to remove. Be sure what you are installing is where you want to be on the first time. Cheers

Review Date: 12/10/10
Cons: nothing i can think of

Pros: bond quickly and strong
I needed something better then the adhesive tape for a aftermarket gpu coolerafter mixing and applying this worked great and would recommend for anyone that need to put on a heatsink for long term applications

Review Date: 11/20/10
Cons: None

Pros: Works as advertised - bonds permamently
Works very well - permanently bonds heatsinks to chips. I've used it with reasonably heavy chipset coolers and it has never failed me yet.

Review Date: 08/31/09
Cons: None.

Pros: Works Great
I bought this to readhere a heatsink to a specialty interface card for a large CNC machince at a factory. It worked perfectly and got them back up and running. Very good hold and heat characteristics were excellent. Would definately recommend this for odd jobs where you need the heatsink attached permanently.

Review Date: 05/28/09
Cons: Expensive when not on sale

Pros: holds ram sinks vary good great thermal transfer
used it to attach ram sinks to my 8800 video card that came with my accelero s1 rev2 after they fell off cause the included take sucks.Now the ram sinks aren't going anywhere with this stuff on them and still have lots left might have to put some heat sinks on my voltage regulators on my mother board too.

Review Date: 03/10/09
Cons: Could cause shorts if not applied properly

Pros: Strong bondgreat thermal transfer
I was not aware that this product existed until I decided I wasn't totally satisfied with thermal tape. Although I'm a little worried that I could mess up and short something on my video card, it's a risk I'm willing to take in order to ensure that ramsinks and voltage regulator heatsinks stay afixed.

Review Date: 08/06/08
Cons: Le prix de NCIX est bien trop cher.

Pros: Produit de qualité et qui marche bien.Price matché à 7.82$ avec une des compagnies soeurs de NCIX.
Ce produit fait le travail; il colle et l'échage de chaleur est bon. Une bonne affaire seulement si on le pricematch.

Review Date: 06/28/08
Cons: Pricy unless u price match it.. an then it's still not super cheap

Pros: Works as advertised.. :)
Overall a very good product.. but I've found it best to use it in combination with normal pastes .. a tiny dot of this in the middle and mx-2 etc around it works like a charm and is still removable w/o breaking things later if needed.

Review Date: 03/23/08
Cons: none so far.

Pros: Good quality product, can mix with other heatsink grease to determine adhesive factor.
I bought this to have on hand, didnt reaaly have a use for it. I found out tho' how really usefull it can be. you can attach heatsinks to just about anything that you need to take heat away from, I am very inpressed with this product.

Review Date: 03/13/08
Cons: Hard to remove

Pros: Strong stuff
This stuff is strong. Once you put it on, it'll stay on. That being said, its very good quality TIM. If you want a less storng bond for easier removal, I'd suggest mixing some regular thermal grease in a 1:1 ratio.

Review Date: 01/12/08
Cons: none

Pros: glues well, Arctic Silver product!
bought this for my videocard ramsinks since I will be moving my comp around alot I wasent about to trust the thermal stickies that come with the ram and vreg sinks. Thanks NVdelta for the tip about making this glue not permanent.

Review Date: 01/12/08
Cons: None really

Pros: Great bondGood thermal contact
This stuff is great for attaching pretty much anything that you want to stick and pass heat. I used this to attach some ramsinks to a video card with an upgraded cooler. Works great. I hear you pretty much can't remove the sink once applied, which is good. Gives that piece of mind that you won't have parts falling off inside the case.

Review Date: 11/06/07
Cons: Price

Pros: Glues sinks better and permanently.
I needed some to glue ramsinks on a video card. I mix 1 part of both and added 2 parts of arctic silver premium thermal paste so it would be removable by me if I need so. ((25%A+25%B)mix+50%Paste)

Review Date: 07/02/07
Cons: Price.

Pros: Excellent thermals performance and adhesion strength.
I was tired of thermal tape not sticking properly. If you want ram-sinks to stick to your videocard memory than this is it.

Review Date: 03/31/07
Cons: Expensive!

Pros: Cures Quickly
I used a dab to glue a hold a temp probe to the side of my CPU heatsink to get a more accurate temp reading. The probe was originally supplied with tape that did not hold. I was also warned that the tape could start on fire! Aannyways.......................It works good. Now to find a use for the rest of this glue!

Review Date: 03/23/07
Cons: price 20 bucks a bit expensive

Pros: very good product
freind asked me to install heatsinks on ram for better cooling this stuff worked very well it cools the ram good and good instructions on thier website

Review Date: 04/10/06
Cons: A little goopy, thick, difficult to spread

Pros: Great cooling, great hold
A great product. Perfect for vid card heatsinks. Do be careful, though, and make sure to read what this stuff does, since a friend of mine bought it for his CPU and ended up gluing on the HSF, then ruined his CPU by pulling it off. Awesome stuff, when used for what its designed, and when used properly.

Review Date: 03/29/06
Cons: - Slightly capacitive.- Packaging could be better.- A tad expensive (but worth it).

Pros: - Strong bonding ability.- Great heat conductivity.- Not electrically conductive.
I bought this to fix a copper ram sink that had popped off of one of my video cards. The factory had used way too much white epoxy goop so the sink was barely making contact. Worked so well that I decied to redo all of them. Was able to increase my memory overclock by an extra 10 Mhz and I have plenty left over. Hard to resist using it on things I shouldn't hehe. Will definitely buy more when I run out whether needed or not.
Keith & Michelle_S@NCIX

Review Date: 02/03/06
Cons: Pricey.

Pros: Great heat conduction, strong bond, mixes well with arctic silver 5 for less secure (easier to remove) bond and better cooling.
I used this to attach a home-made heatsink to my PWM IC on my DFI Ultra-D and it worked like a charm. Just cut up an old heatsink, mixed this 50/50 with Arctic Silver 5 (for a less secure bond, making it easier to remove later if I need to - but still secure enough to attach without bracing) and I was done. Dropped my PWM IC temps by about 10C which is fantastic!
El Phantazmo@NCIX

Review Date: 01/09/06
Cons: - The packaging is not the greatest.

Pros: - Great stuff. The bond, after full cure is REALLY strong.
I use this stuff to attach Peltier coolers to heatsinks for industrial applications. The bond has yet to break BEFORE the Peltier does.

Review Date: 09/13/05
Cons: - none

Pros: - works excellent- best for what it does
I've used this stuff for ages and it's great.For ram sinks, southbridges, VGA coolers, you name it this stuff will work for various applications. It's one of those things that's great to have in the PC toolbox.Highly recommend it.

Review Date: 01/27/05
Cons: 1. Expensive.2. Permanent adhesive difficuly to remove if changed your mind later on.

Pros: 1. Good quality.2. Provide heat dispersing and bonding in one application.
I bought this for the adding the heatsink on chipset, and other heat soruces on the mobo. It is a much better quality in heat dispersing than the A/B adhesive comes with the Zalman's chipset heatsink.but $20 for 3.5gx2 is kind of expensive. And permanent adhesive guarantee headache if you want to remove the heatsink nice and clean.Anyway, a good product, but would prefer heat conductive tape, which is easier to remove.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Arctic Silver
Model ASTA-7G (2-PC-SET)
Features Made with 99.8% pure micronized Silver
62% to 65% Silver content by weight
Superior thermal conductivity. Greater than 7.5W/mK.
Temperature Range is -40C to >150C
Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive is a permanent adhesive. Components you attach with
Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive will stay attached forever.
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