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Raidmax Smilodon ATX Mid-Tower Case - Black Front USB Ports Clear Side

Raidmax Smilodon ATX Mid-Tower Case - Black Front USB Ports Clear Side (Raidmax: ATX-612WEB)
Vendor: Raidmax
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Raidmax Smilodon ATX Mid-Tower Case - Black Front USB Ports Clear Side
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.78/10

Review Date: 09/09/13
The black Side panel is incredibly nice so you can install the mobo incredibly quickly. Awesome spots for cable management and quite great Fan usage. You created an additional good case Raidmax. Maintain it UP :) The tool box that you slip out that came with it.. currently broke hahhaa..

Review Date: 08/19/13
Great hunting case, enjoy the green LEDs!Fans hold almost everything cool with no generating any noticeable noiseGreat tool-much less style, easy to put every little thing with each other Door doesn't constantly remain closed, and can be a hassle to deal with when plugging in USBs or headphones Other than the door, this case is ideal!

Review Date: 08/15/13
folding panels produced it easy to set up anything. Gpu side panel is a nice cosmetic touch but not genuinely helpful beside the fan that blows over the gpu.I didn't genuinely have a big issue with cable management as some do but i bought a modular cable supply for this particular explanation. Theres a nice spot next to the cdrom bays that you can hide cables. side panel came with a cracked handle. wasn't in the box so assume it was broken prior to they place it in the box and just ignored it as i am. you cant notice it with the side case close so its not worth a rma. I had a bunch of difficulties with the molex connector for the front 120mm fan. It didn't work when i initial plugged it in i had to push the ground wire back in a handful of times prior to i got it right. i will be replacing it soon. Also the front door doesn't constantly want to close flush.I have to push it a small to get it to close evenly. Im pleased with this case the cons are minor and dont take away from the good look. I typically discover myself looking into the major window watching the fans spin when im bored or waiting for a game to load up. You wont be disappointed with it.

Review Date: 07/26/13
Out of the two cases I have ever purchased this 1 was the greatest. The motherboard attempt comes out for easy set up, hard disk cage comes out for simple install of all difficult disk. I like the reality is fairly substantially no tools are needed with the exception of motherboard install. The case is heavy, its both a plus in that it is extremely sturdy and durable, its also a con. The fan mounted to the side of the case on the window vibrates and is noisy when the machine starts up. Its a pain to break the metal reduce outs when trying to install the cd rom. Heavy :D, I have on two occasions had to take this machine areas, its not fun attempting to carry it up a down stairs or try to wrestle it in to my automobile. This case was for my initial develop witch I'm nonetheless utilizing. I hope to be employing this case for a lengthy time. I ended up adding a fan on the other side of the hard disk tray, for the most element my machine stays cool with all the fans that are in this case. I would heavily suggest to everyone to buy this. When I appear for a new case Raidmax will be at the best of my list.

Review Date: 07/04/13
Distinctive design. Fan placement. Appears. Challenging drive bay. Tray removal doesn't truly function. I've had this case for practically 3 years. At initially I loved it. Soon after employing it day in and out even so I've grown to dislike it somewhat. My largest gripe is the difficult drive bay. The clips for the tough drives that slide into every bay stick properly out into the case. They are right exactly where most video cards plug in thier PCIX adapters on the side. I had to at some point cut mine so that I could take my video cards in and out.Also, my second complaint is about the fold out motherboard tray. At initially I thought this would be superb for troubleshooting. And then I put my CPU cooler on. Using any aftermarket cooler fundamentally suggests you can't use the fold out tray... the CPU fan hits on the powersupply location on its way down. So that has been useless for me.Great searching case, but couple critical flaws have me seeking elsewhere.

Review Date: 06/19/13
It appears wonderful. As other reviewers have almost certainly said, the image does the LED's no justice. They are not extremely bright like some of the other situations out there. They have a subtle appear about them, and it will impress your buddies. You may not want the LED green fan to be lit up as it is sort of vibrant and not seriously the very best looking issue ever, but thats just my opinion. The side window is big, show off your program. Tool-less design is a plus. The very best point about this case, although, is the fold out motherboard tray. This is my initially build and i'm not confident how I could have done it without the foldout tray. It makes almost everything so straightforward! You can set up almost everything on the board while its folded down and nonetheless fold it in, unless you have a really large CPU cooler, which you could want to set up soon after you pop the tray back in. The worst thing about this case is there is no space for cable management. I haven't attempted incredibly really hard to handle the cables but, but for now my system appears like the almighty Cthulu is taking more than all of my components. :(Don't let this stop you from buying this case although, in particular if you are good at managing stuff like this. Value dropped after I bought it =[

Review Date: 06/13/13
nice aire flow, nice fan placement, toolless drive bays, tool case for spare case parts is sweet .proper side panel release to access the mothereboard is agood idea.green led lights on the front door look mint! the appropriate side has a fan port to add a 80mm fan for added cooling .case is built properly poor poor cable mangament,took me a when to run the cables but just take your time or purchase a modular ps.unit came with only 1 green led fan and 2regular 120 fans and 1 reg 80mm side fan. front door has to be open if u use the 2 usb ports or a mic and headset..also the left side panel drops down but doesnt pull out other then poor cable routing and the front usb ports this is a sweet case.i added green led 1200m fans for frt and rear and two more 80mm green led fans for the proper side and the vid card fan port.lights up soo night .just requirements far more powersupplies to run green led not just blue . i bought a apreiva warlock 750watt ps before and it has blue,green and red led. excellent point i did lol

Review Date: 06/04/13
Appears cool. Lots of fan bays and drive bays. It does appear nice. Lights nevertheless function immediately after a handful of years. I couldn't use the devoted video card fan because the card took as well considerably area in the case and the fan wouldn't match. Quite a few video cards are larger now and I can't see how it'd be helpful unless you had a smaller sized card. The side panel latches fell off inside six months of owning it. I just pull on the metal bar where the latch was to open the case. But, I feel it should have been crafted a small much better so that wouldn't have happened.You have to maintain the front panel open to use the front USB or headset ports. My case is perpetually open. Not wonderful preparing there. In retrospect, I'd almost certainly not get a case with a front cover door like that once again. A minor gripe is that I would have rather had the drive bays slide towards the sides rather back like traditional cases. I only say that mainly because my wife has a case like that and I really like it. That's not really a knock on this case but rather some thing to believe about. So, I have a lot additional cons than pros. However, I have had this case for a handful of years, so it isn't total garbage. But, I have located a few design and style and manufacturing flaws that detract from this otherwise good looking case. A single a lot more thing to add is that regardless of the numerous fan bays, I was experiencing rather a bit of overheating early on. I'm going to have to fault the mobo (or perhaps the video card itself) on that 1 even though because the PCI-E slot was as well close to the other PCI slots and the video card didn't have space to ventilate. Didn't help that the case's video card fan didn't match subsequent to the video card.

Review Date: 05/31/13
Flip down sides make it straightforward to get to everything and install... Lots of room inside (using a GTX 460 and it fits in there nicely)... Good cooling and the fan on the motherboard side panel is a nice touch Can't use the 'Dirk Tooth' with my GTX 460 installed - some silly small pegs on the arm are in the way (not really a con but you have to place some thing here...). Like a lot of individuals have mentioned - the magnets holding the front door are weak. This one particular small thing is all that seems to be wrong with an otherwise excellent case. Did have to set up motherboard with side closed... my cpu cooler was also tall to clear the side when swinging the door up to close it. Extremely suggest it, uncomplicated to install every little thing (watch the clearance on your cpu cooler!!)

Review Date: 05/09/13
- The fold down sides make motherboard and element installation uncomplicated- The included 'toolbox' is a extremely good way of storing and keeping the accessories applied for attaching components- Metal except for the front panel, the handles on the door, and the see by means of window - Lots on fans on this case, but all of them are really obstructed - The design of the filter in front of the front 120mm fan is extremely poor; it blocks nearly all airflow. If the faceplate is shut there will be very practically no airflow from that fan. - The bottom side fan (the "dirktooth cooling program") is positioned so that about 3ǚ of an inch of the fan is blocked by strong case. The mixture of plastic on the side plate and metal mesh on the actual dirktooth bar holding the fan, properly block all remaining airflow from this fan. - The top rated side fan has slits across it, causing air to reverberate inside the fan. This makes it extremely noisy and reduces airflow considerably. - The top rated side fan is an intake fan. This will cool your CPU a little bit, nonetheless, it will also bottleneck hot air that is trying to escape from your video card. This prime side intake hurts in the long run, because it traps hot air inside, heating up just about every element inside the case. If left in standard configuration, the inside of the case gets hot, more than 25 C ࿭ F) above the ambient space temperature under moderate loads (playing video games).I was able to get the internal case temperature to remain inside 6-eight C of ambient temperature when beneath moderate load by: - removing the metal mesh grid that obstructs the front fan although the door is open. - removing the slits blocking the top side fan (this also produced said fan considerably quieter than it was previously) - remounting the best side fan to blow air out of the case (heat rises, yeah?) - sliding the bottom side fan to the suitable about 3ǚ of an inch, and cutting away the plastic that blocked airflow.This also dropped my GPU temperature by 10 C beneath moderate load, and helped alleviate overheating troubles with my PSU.If you are organizing on acquiring this case mainly because it looks like it has excellent cooling, assume once again. A case with very good cooling will probably have a fan on the prime to remo

Review Date: 05/07/13
This case is excellent. A lot of area for HDDs, and CD/DVD/BluRay drives. Have had no problems, install was a snap. All wires came labeled, and was super easy to put collectively. Fans snap in and out effortlessly. Some nice clips for the drives for effortless placement or removal. Also comes with a good bundle of added clips and mobo screws, that are housed inside of the case at the bottom. I bought this partly simply because the foldout of the mobo side, it's pretty slick getting capable to fold the mobo out (Gigbyte GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R). Tends to make set up/removal of things a snap. (see WARNING in CONs) WARNING: if you have a Massive heat sink (i.e. Xigmatek Dark Knight, or Coolmaster V12) it's most likely to interfere with the power provide and/or front video card fan holder. This prevents you from folding out the mobo side (when the energy supply is in the way at the prime), or prevents you from closing the "video card fan holder", devoid of bending the heat sink fins. I had/have this challenge with the Dark Knight, but it's nothing at all that is a deal breaker, just loss of a super good function (or get unique heat sink, I'm pondering of finding the Corsair H50 water cooler, which ought to give me this functionality back.) I had to modify the fan on the video card side (the side with Dirk-Tooth) so that it would close with the Dark Knight cooler (thing is a BEAST). A couple of clips of plastic off 1 corner of the fan holder, and anything else went smooth. The modification to the fan holder is unnoticeable from the outdoors, and did not harm the case in any way. Appreciate the Green LEDs. Would be good if there have been far more constructed in places for fans, like the leading.

Review Date: 05/02/13
This is a wonderful case, it looks wonderful and the airflow seems fairly great, lowered the temperatures a few degrees for me. The stock fans that come with the case aren't as well negative either. And the foldout motherboard tray is remarkable, makes upgrading your program so significantly easier. Cable management is really hard in this case as they haven't truly added any capabilities to make it simpler. But that doesn't bother me as well a lot, its nevertheless an superb case.

Review Date: 04/15/13
Adore the slide out and the toolless stuff, sorts a cross amongst an old antec superlanbiy and the rosewill conqurer since I could get either of them ank a lot more I went with this case. sharp edges on the drive trays, all the fans are molexƔpin)no energy led plug for you mb

Review Date: 04/09/13
1. Each sides fold downIt's so uncomplicated and good to not have to attain into the tiny compartment to attempt and construct your machine.2. Aesthetics... It's a nice hunting case. I purchased it for the firm I work and am not a huge fan of the lights but for the price tag it's great. Also the lights aren't horribly vibrant so not a major deal. Only con I can think of is that the fan that swings out on the side you have to disconnect the power eveyrtime you open the case. But not a large deal... how generally do you dig about in a case soon after creating anyways? I can manage disconnecting it. Just would be nice if the wire ran along the side of the case down to the floor so it was created to swing open with out obtaining to stretch the wire. I adore this case... most likely a single of the easiest in addition to server chassis' that I've ever put with each other.

Review Date: 04/07/13
This Case is fantastic it has just about every thing you could want in a case! None!

Review Date: 03/27/13
a lot of space, great airflow, all the tower that you require installed a msi gtx560 and it was a really tight fit...other than that there are no space difficulties at all none

Review Date: 03/24/13
good case, lots of space finding rebates from raidmax is Bull .........sell the case's less expensive with out the rebates

Review Date: 03/16/13
quite fan, enough space and green led are quite excellent!!uncomplicated to install!! none so far recommand this case!!

Review Date: 03/14/13
This case is Fantastic!!!... looks good, All fans included W/ One Green LED fan, Packaged Effectively, Rapidly delivery, and stays nice and Cool! None

Review Date: 02/08/13
the mobo foldout tends to make the develop so substantially less difficult (if the cables are lengthy enough). The challenging drive rack is seemless and the tool-significantly less bays surprisingly hold the devices securely. Has a lot of room with lots of mobo layouts for diverse sizes. Bottom line best case for the funds. none The lights aren't also bright but nonetheless is annoying if you are trying to sleep. Which is nonetheless not a bad factor, fortunately we have fingers and can turn it off.

Review Date: 01/31/13
Terrific price, fairly huge interior, good quality is surprisingly superior. Lights look impressive, as does the acrylic window. Fold-out design and style was a lifesaver, as this was my 1st build, it created things ridiculously simple and easy. Fans kinda suck, but can be upgraded relatively cheaply and readily. Also, its kinda modest inside, but hey, if you want more area, get a complete tower, not a mid. High-quality selection if you dont have a lot to spend, as I stated prior to, the good quality and design and style are each awesome for a mid tower.

Review Date: 01/29/13
Fantastic case for the cash. Plenty of fans. I liked the flip down motherboard tray and screwless mounting of the drives. None I missed the filing the rebate out by 1 day. They give you 15 days to fill it out...want it was 21 like the memory I purchased.

Review Date: 01/26/13
-Lots of space, enjoy the fold out motherboard tray.-LEDs are good and not overpowering.-Tooless style is decent.-GPU assistance arm is a good benefit, and obtaining the added fan right there. -Front audio ports do not function!!! Onboard sound not becoming recognized due to this mainly because circuit isn't completed. Had to jumper the pins to get sound out the back. -Integrated fans are loud, can't be controlled. -Incredibly weak magnets, do just about nothing at all to hold the front door shut-Audio/USB jacks at the bottom are inconveneient-Front audio ports really tight, hard to force headphone plug in to Expected much better high quality control in this case; obtaining the front audio ports not effectively connect all the way by way of loses two eggs.

Review Date: 01/26/13
This case is a quite cool case to mod. It looks excellent with the lights. I added glow string about the Plexiglas and put three cathode lights in it, very bright! Not the best airflow for newer kind hardware. The side horizontal door with the fan is pointless with new computer hardware. The fan just hits the prime of my graphics card (GTX 260).

Review Date: 01/20/13
*Amazing Looks (See Other Thoughts)*Excellent Airflow*Magnet Front Door*Swing Down Panels*Lots of Space *Cable Management (See other Thoughts)*HDD Cage Swing Function*Stock Fans are Horrible(Docked an Egg for these Troubles) As my First Pointer, Cable Management is absolutely Nonexistent in this Case whatsoever! Which leads me to Pointer No.two, This tends to make the HDD Cage Swing Function Useless and truly a Nuisance seeing as the PSU is Bottom Mounted all the Cables get in the way of this Feature so as a result installing drives later will mess up whatever cable management any person managed to do in this case assuming anybody could swing the cage later.The Stock Fans that come with this case are junk and must be replaced ASAP if you don't want you rig ending up in Flames (Literally)Now as for the Fantastic parts: The Case looks Ungodly Amazing and tends to make all of the above seem like absolutely nothing when its all with each other...With new fans in the Program this child gets wonderful airflow, Replacing the Side window 80mm with another normal black that pushes 40CFM as an alternative of like 15CFM is an awesome selection for CPU Cooling !TIP: Get a 5" Green Cold Cathode Kit and install on the PCI Enforce Bar. (This is if you replaced Bo
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Product Features

Product Specifications

SeriesSMILODON Extreme Black
TypeATX Mid Tower
Case Material1.0mm SECC Steel
With Power SupplyNo
Power SupplyNo
Motherboard CompatibilityATX
With Side Panel WindowYes
External 5.25" Drive Bays4
External 3.5" Drive Bays2
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays4
Expansion Slots7
Front Ports
Front Ports2 x USB2.0, 2 x Audio
Cooling System
80mm Fans1 x 80mm Side Green LED Fan1 x 80mm Side Cooling Fan
120mm Fans1 x 120mm Front Intake Fan1 x 120mm Rear Exhaust Fan
Physical Spec
Dimensions20.5" x 8" x 17.8" (DxWxH)
FeaturesOne-Click Foldout Motherboard Tray - RemovableClick-Lock Tool-Less Installation Design - 7 SlotsRemovable Hard Drive RackBuilt-In Accessory BoxBlue LED Front Panel LightsLarge See Through Side Panel WindowRoomy Interior SpaceHigh Efficient In-Take Air Flow Design1 x 80mm Side Green LED Fan1 x 80mm Side Cooling Fan1 x 120mm Front Intake Fan1 x 120mm Rear Exhaust Fan3 x PCIe/AGP/PCI Stabilizers
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts1 year limited
Labor1 year limited
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