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APEVIA ATX-AS520W-BK 520W Power Supply

APEVIA ATX-AS520W-BK 520W Power Supply (APEVIA: ATX-AS520W-BK)
Vendor: APEVIA
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APEVIA ATX-AS520W-BK 520W Power Supply
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.14/10

Review Date: 09/15/13
NONE. Pure trash, went out on me just immediately after a year Don't get.

Review Date: 07/24/13
looks cool with the green UV sensitive sleeves and that the PSU glows Blue to match the rest of my setup... thats pretty much it IT BROKE Before I HAD TIME TO Set up AN OS ON IT!!!!!!!!THIS Point SUCKS!

Review Date: 07/18/13
Functions if you're in require of a cheap power provide that you don't strategy on utilizing more than a year. Bought 2 of these, one particular made it a year and a half the other just died at virtually two years. Appears like I'll have to replace it with a brand that has a better reputation and a warranty to stand behind their product. Read the evaluations!!! It sounds like I'm lucky mine created it virtually 2 years when other folks are dead after a year (i.e. the length of the warranty). May possibly be greatest to steer clear of unless you need to have a low cost energy provide.

Review Date: 07/14/13
Three fans too move air, variable speed manage, all the cables id ever want, quiet when turned down, power for all my tough drives and drives, Fabulous! it can be a little loud when turned up all the way but thats to be expected. Wonderfully potent for the cost. I hugely propose you acquire it! I'm beginning to buy everything through Newegg!

Review Date: 07/09/13
I purchased this power supply in late 2004 and it is nevertheless delivering stable power. UV reactive green heat shrink wrap is nice if you don't really feel like placing your own on. This isn't a higher finish energy supply, but for what it's worth it does properly. A bit loud. (There is a fan speeder controller on it though!) This isn't significantly of a load (𞳸watt peak) but here it is:Asus A8V socket 939 K8T800 Pro3800+ X21GB Gskill DDR400Winfast 7600GTSony DVD-RWLite-On CD-RWDual Hitachi 80GB Deskstar in RAID WD 250GBGeneric Television Tuner CardSony Floppy3x 80mm Generic Fans and some silly LEDs

Review Date: 07/04/13
Good, reputable, and nice to look at. External-Speed-Manage/nice, also. Plenty of energy for such a spending budget-build, in late ག. Audible indicator snuffed immediately after about 6-months. About one more 3-6-months later, two of the 3 led-fan's flickered occasionally, until they sooner or later burned-out. Followed by an eventual partial energy failure. Which was tricky to diagnose. As time went by it seemed to just be practically nothing much more than standard LED burn-out. The machine nonetheless ran, but started shutting it's self off right after brief-periods, and eventually wouldn't power-up at all. When disconnected to every thing else tests proved the PSU was nonetheless worthy. A New Motherboard was brought in. Nevertheless practically nothing. "Just the Switch?" Nope! Almost everything powers-up w/adjacent machine. In fact, the suspected, 'bad-switch', even powered-up anything, independantly of either PSU. New PSU coming quickly. In all, this PSU only lived up to it's anticipated possible for about a year, and-a-half. That's not excellent, my close friends. Even though, several hypothisis have been verbalized. i.e. Host Power un-balances, top to potential surges, and/or shortages... What good's a grounded surge-protector w/such nuisances abound? ,..... thing nevertheless powers-up, independantly/just can't give power for anything else.

Review Date: 07/02/13
Nevertheless operating following four years Loud Doesn't have the amps to push the new video cards. But nonetheless performs in my second box which has a 7900GS in it :)

Review Date: 06/20/13
Great while it lasted Died 3 years EXACLY!! it died right on its three year mark. Great little PSU, it gave me three years of joy.

Review Date: 06/01/13
Clean and cool looking very good ventilation and ajustible fan speed no PCIe 2.ቬ Energy connection! what are u kidding me that should common by now cool blue glow like neon light beneath your honda. zoom zoom.

Review Date: 05/24/13
Old Version Had Falts? Could have fooled me. I've had one of these running for about 4 Years now and still sturdy as ever. My system is on just about 24ǝ also. This is simply the finest Energy Provide for the Energy to Cost variety. It's appears true nice as well. Really hard to believe any of the poor reviews written, I must of got true Lucky and got a Gem. Super Energy Provide, get 1! or Two.... Can't assume of any, except to upgrade the style and add a PCIE connector for the existing instances. The 4 year one particular is not the only 1 either I've carried out builds for Family members members utilizing Apevia's 500 watt Turbo Hyperlink Power provide and they are two to 4 years and going robust also. That is a nice supply for carrying out budget builds. Thank You Apevia!

Review Date: 05/24/13
Nice solid aluminum case with nice LED fans. Speed handle is extremely good also. Sufficient plugs for most applications. 3 fans make for excellent cooling, much better than most! Apevia opt for a poor brand of capacitors to use throughout this energy supply. Planned obsolence? I feel they knew how extended it would final so you'll have to get an additional one particular after the caps in this die! I've owned 3 of these due to the fact they have been a great deal at the time. Only a single has survived. But it's been totally recapped with new higher high quality capacitors. The aluminum case and fans are nevertheless undertaking well in all the units. Do frequent blasting with can-O-air to maintain dust and lint from building up inside.

Review Date: 05/14/13
It appears cool, and when it works it functions properly. I have gone by means of two of these energy supplies, but after the one particular year warranty is up, it dies. I'm not going to order a third.

Review Date: 05/11/13
Mine's been as sturdy as a rock. I've had mine given that 2񳏆 and it hasn't missed a beat. It's been powering some older hardware as well. 2 GB DDR1 RAM, 2 sata hard drives, 7900gt video card. None

Review Date: 05/04/13
Cheap at the time for a higher wattage. Adjustable fan (but shouldn't this be automatic) Died on me immediately after 39 months. I powered on my laptop and believed to myself "Smoke doesn't generally come out of the back of my computer system, does it?". Then I realized it in fact is not normal, and I am temporarily w/o a personal computer.Can be quite loud at high fan speeds.

Review Date: 04/30/13
Like I stated before, lasted a lengthy time. just went out a couple weeks ago.

Review Date: 04/29/13
ROCK STEADY energy @ rated current. Running 1 Radeon HD2900XT (and playing Crysis) with no troubles. Incredibly quiet, and the blue LEDs appear quite cool with the neon green cable casing. Doesn't come covered in stickers like other PSUs. No PCI-E. Had to obtain adapters when I upgraded the video card. Don't try to place this issue in a minitower or a transportable LAN rig, due to the fact it is heavy, and it is Big. Lots of bang for the buck, although, in present and stability.

Review Date: 04/08/13
Cool HuntingMany Fans with speed adjustmentLow ValueLasted 4 years and nonetheless going (in 1 of my folding rigs) Rails underpoweredHuge energy button will not match in some situations I wouldnt get it once more

Review Date: 04/02/13
Steady, Strong, Extremely nice hunting. Heavy duty. Weighs ALOT much more than my old cr*ppy 400W generic PSU that felt like it weighed 4oz. Moves ALOT of air and keeps my entire system cooler. Sleeving is actually nice. SATA connectors had been Really valuable. Adjustment knob. I locate this knob to be pointless only because some folks are booty retentive when it comes to noise, so the initially factor they do is turn down the speed/knob, then wonder why the PSU burns out. Retain THIS Issue AT THE HIGHEST SETTING! IT'S NOT THAT LOUD! It's also not 1 major 12v rail, it's 2 12v rails. 1 is 16 amps and the second is 18 amps. My old PSU was failing and kept causing my method to crash, Particularly since I just installed a new energy hungry 7800GS. My old voltages were three.1v , four.2v and 11.03v. This amazing new PSU has my voltages at a steady three.3v, five.08v, and 12.13v. All my pc fans spin faster due to the correct voltage now. Hold THE FAN SPEED ON High FOR LONGEST LIFE! Manufacturer Response:LOL! Booty retentive? That is the funniest factor I've heard this year! support@apevia.com

Review Date: 03/30/13
Lots of fans, really fairly, external fan manage. Loud beeps take place each time you start it up. Died following two years of use. Admittedly I was operating a mildely overclocked AMD X2 3800 (at two.four GHz), 2 GT6600 in SLI mode, two Gbytes of RAM and three tough drives, plus a DVD burner. It was almost certainly at the hairy edge for this supply. However I expect my components to last a minimum of 3 years and preferrably 4 or 5. This failed that test therefore I give it an average rating.

Review Date: 03/20/13
It provided power for a couple of years. It died following a couple of years. I'm not a computer wiz, but I built a Computer a couple years ago with this power provide. It has a fan speed manage know, which I assume kinda sucks, and apparently I ought to have kept it cranked complete blast. Even with the fan at less than 50% speed, it was louder than I cared for. Crank it up over 50%, and it was extremely loud IMHO. I expected far more time out of a computer system power supply...specifically a ็ a single. Fortunately I had a Thermaltake TR2 430W power provide on the shelf awaiting my next personal computer build, so I applied it to replace the Apevia Apieceof. The Thermaltake is WAY quiter, doesn't have a stupid fan speed handle knob, and only price ึ...or ว immediately after a ฟ mail-in rebate. Hopefully it will last!

Review Date: 03/10/13
Fan manageOk valueLightsPsu was kept cool wasnt ever that hotWire wrappings Broke after a year of useWire wrappings are low-costCables arent modular its ok rather shell out the added dollars for a modular psu tho

Review Date: 03/07/13
fits the chasis, thats it numerous... primarily two failed on me within 1 year, the otherin 7 months. The RMA took 2 weeks to replace and then it arrived DOA. I will by no means use this supply once again. The factory client service is lacking also.

Review Date: 02/28/13
Functioned nicely as long as it was operating. Died following one and half years, somewhat noisy. Died immediately after one and half years. I would not expect this to die so quickly. I dont do heavy gaming or video editing or something like that. Some gaming, but not hardcore. I will be calling APEVIA to complain about it - not sure what they will do about it.

Review Date: 02/27/13
have had zero challenges with this unit none utilized it in 3 distinct systems, has had enough power and connections for all my various set-ups

Review Date: 02/21/13
Affordable, performs effectively on older systems Not enough present to energy gtx470, no pci-e connectors this was a decent budget power supply when I got it 5 years ago...
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Maximum Power520W
Main Connector20+4Pin
+12V RailsSingle
PCI-E ConnectorsNo
Power Good Signal100-500ms
Hold-up Time>10ms at full load
Efficiency>70% under max range load
Over Voltage ProtectionYes
Overload ProtectionYes
Input Voltage115/ 230 V
Input Frequency Range50/60 Hz
Input Current10A @ 115V, 5A @ 230V
Output+3.3V@30A, +5V@32A, +12V@35A, -5V@0.3A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2A
MTBF100,000 hours at full load/25°C
ApprovalsCB IEC 950/ TUV EN 60950/ UL 1950/ CSA 950
FeaturesFan speed controller, full cable UV green Sleeves, 2.0mm aluminum casting; 1x 20/24pin Main Power, 1x ATX12V 4pin, 8x Peripheral, 2x Floppy, 2x SATA
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts1 year limited
Labor1 year limited
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