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APEVIA ICEBERG ATX-IB680W-BL 680W Power Supply With 3-Color LED Lights

APEVIA ICEBERG ATX-IB680W-BL 680W Power Supply With 3-Color LED Lights (: ATX-IB680W-BL)
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APEVIA ICEBERG ATX-IB680W-BL 680W Power Supply With 3-Color LED Lights
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.82/10

Review Date: 09/18/13
3 color led lights, blue sleeving, apevia tends to make fantastic reliable power supplies. none mounts upside down

Review Date: 09/17/13
give more than sufficient energy, has a lot more than adequate connectors Really LOUD, it is the loudest element in my computer system

Review Date: 09/05/13
Plenty of energy, good and really when the fans are turned down, the fans are great. a lot of connecters modular cables would have been good this is a great energy supply for the income

Review Date: 08/10/13
-Attractive-Low cost-Potent-It has quite a few several many numerous four-pin connectors -Several several numerous numerous SATA connectors-Adjustable atx connectors permitting for 4-pin or 8-pin connection-Adjustable mobo connector 20-pinቴ-pin-Adjustable fan speed-Adjustable color-Warranty-The incredibly greatest consumer service i have EVER knowledgeable(see 'other thoughts' section)-I was worried that this energy provide's intended installation was going to be clear-side-up which would have totally hidden its see-via beauty from view. That is not the case. It will match snugly into your tower with the clear sides facing the windowed panel(Thermaltake Tsunami chasis in my case). -Did I mention it appears Actually COOL? -The cables are slightly tough to manage. It would have been nice if there was a way to disconnect the unnecessary cables.-This power supply only comes with 2x six-pin PCIexpress cables. Most decent video cards(like my GTX 260) demand two per card. Therefore, if you have more than one video card this is not the power provide for you! But of course distinct customers have distinct needs, and if this PSU satisfies your power consumption requirements I am confident that you will give it 5 stars like I did. I bought this energy provide to go into a new computer I was building. As soon as I opened the box I wanted to verify it to make certain it worked, so I plugged it into the wall and flipped the switch. It didn't light up, so I assumed it was bunk and immediately named APEVIA consumer service. After the incredibly initial ring a lady picked up the telephone and mentioned "Hello, Apevia." I was dumbfounded, because I was expecting to hear "press one particular for english..." Within two seconds, the woman transferred me to a technician who explained to me that I had to plug the power supply into a MOBO for it to light up(im an idiot). He then proceeded to inform me how I could test it by utilizing a paper clip haha. I was blown away not only by the reality that APEVIA did not use an automated phone service, but also by the level of know-how the client service representatives possessed. It was a outstanding knowledge, and by the way the power supply worked just fine!-will update upon receiving the mail-in rebate

Review Date: 08/08/13
It runs fantastic and loud. and can deal with a alot of issues. The price is fantastic and that is why I purchased it. I purchased it to offset a thermaltake 550 which powers the fans and 2 dvd drives. so for a total of 1.23 kw of energy going into my technique. Recently this power provide has gotten a thoughts of its own and has decided not to run at all occasions after I put in two 750 gb sata hds. This has lasted more than a year with running excellent but now this. Anyone who is thinking of purchasing this power supply and other individuals. Get the extended warranty given that they have a tendancy to have challenges following the year is up.

Review Date: 08/05/13
Amazing appears,Plenty Of energy,Overall Fantastic performancea lot more than enough Plugs Sata and 12pin The rails are almost too brief to reach the mobo.not enough power for 8800 GTX sli Apevia X-cruiser case,AMD athalon 64 X2 4200+, MSI K9N Mobo., EVGA 7900 GS 2 Hard drives Maxtor 320/WD 250, two DVD+R/RW drives 1 SATA, 1 PATA

Review Date: 07/20/13
Looks wonderful, runs semi cool, its good having 2 fans. Runs very quiet in my Diablo case. The added fan helps make my case even more freezing cold :pCan switch the colour of the LED to whatever color your computer system wants. See by means of innards appear excellent. Has a adjuster knob for fan speed, on higher is still quiet.Runs every thing thrown at it so far. LED switcher operates all weird and will switch to random colors. You have to press it several instances to get the desired colr and when you restart your pc it reverts back to the original colour (Blue, but thats not a problem my whole personal computer has a blue theme but could be annoying for other folks.) All round a quite great power supply but theres a couple of logistics that could use fixing.

Review Date: 07/09/13
Good windows. The usual voltage sticker label was not pasted to the energy supply, leaving the good window clear and open. Generous power to the 12v rail. Fits nicely in the Qpack two case. Comes with normal cables. Selectable LED colors are extremely good. Affordable price soon after rebate. The LED's vary in brightness. The green LEDs are brightest and the blue and red LEDs are noticeably dimmer. I want the LEDs were twice as bright. I want the bottom of the power supply was also transparent to let light to shine downwards. General delighted with this. I hope it lasts a extended time.

Review Date: 07/02/13
um. its cool. 680watts. 3 different colors. see by way of acrylic panel. fan speed manage. excellent for the price... erm. i didnt spend for it even though... umm.. its a bit noisy, but i dont actually care. it dosnt matter. the energy switch is freeking large. if you are trying to modify the color and you have big hands like me, you will finish up turning your laptop off absolutely... i didnt spend 120 clams for this one, as i recieved it in a trade... i traded my friend a 650 watt MSI turbostream psu for this a single. he stated he wanted black wrap about his cables as an alternative of blue, so we traded. i put it in my Tt Soprano RS case and it looks amazing in all the colors... Obtain THIS! or trade for it like i did...

Review Date: 06/08/13
Delivers solid energy, no matter what I place on it. Enjoy the acrylic cover and illuminated fans. The fan speed adjuster is handy, but the power provide also takes control if it gets too warm. Cables are lengthy. Lots of molex connectors. Has no difficulty staying cool. LOUD! When initial powered on, its deceptively quiet, but after 15 minutes in a game the fans kick into higher speed, high enough that the fan speed adjuster has no effect whatsoever. Only four SATA connectors. The two PCI-E connectors are only 6-pin (but this is to be expected on a energy supply of this age). Would I purchase it again? Almost certainly not. There are much far better (and quieter) power supplies obtainable. Specs:nForce 780i2x 8800GTQ66004x1GB Ramfour SATA challenging drives

Review Date: 06/07/13
Had this product for over a year and still running wonderful, went from amd quad a3 to intel i5 quad a year later, nevertheless all is working nicely, on the 680, says 680 but in fact runs near as high as 1000w higher high quality PSU. as for men and women who had doa, it happens don't let that alter your decision, more than 108 bought this and 90 percent of the feedback are good.it does come about, doesn't mean the product is junk, a its user error or you got a dud, occurs with fruit to. The light issue is a con, that i agree with, going to the back each and every time to adjust colour, never ever stays set, constantly defaults to blue, but i like blue, so i'm cool with it, my front fans are red and side cathode lights are green, so adds a cool RGB effect. nevertheless i feel for other people. regardless of my spelling and grammar, don't let, that alter your decision as well, i'm adhd, so, But i have constructed over a dozen computer system from low to extreme, have not completed a water cooled, but hopefully it will be my next project, just scares me to put next to high priced components, guess i'm a believer of fan controllers, noise silencers, insulation and fan monitoring application, via Computer-Probe and AI-Suite, but 1 day all danger it and go water cooled.

Review Date: 06/06/13
looks truly good lasted for a small significantly less than a year, then the other day I turned it on and BOOM. I'm genuinely fortunate it didn't take out something else with it. Go with anything else, it may possibly last for a small even though, but it will go out on you

Review Date: 04/27/13
Lots of power, tiny money(compared to others), great cooling, two fans with manage speed nob, lights that illuminates your case, nicely wrapped wires, extended wires for complete towers, A lot of four PINS Excellent thought if putting in more fans, very adaptable based on what MoBo you have. Larger than most, top mount(not actually a con but it eliminates the lighting feature. oh properly), altering light colour is difficult due to the fact there is no pattern(red, none, red, none, green, blue, none, red, blue, green, red, none, blue...), fan control is a lengthy nob which makes assembling to a pc is difficult. I got this so I could junk my old PS that came with my old comp鵬 W) This is a excellent PS. it does every little thing I want, give energy, and it keeps itself cool and its quiet. I would suggest this in a heart beat, but only to an individual who is custom constructing. it will not match into a commercial computer system(not with out forcing stuff about and crushing cords. assembly is cake and so is connecting cords. It gives you the selection to have 20 pin or a 24 pin which is great. once again, I would suggest this in a heart beat.

Review Date: 04/25/13
Superb PS for a case that has blue LEDs for backlighting or if it's blue colour will accent to what you want. The wattage is extremely nice for an intermediate gamer Computer. Variable Fan Speed is nice if you want a quiet Pc. Lengthy Cables. Stock Wire looms are fantastic once more if blue is the basis of your color scheme. Priced suitable. No modular plugs; only 4 sata energy connectors; Has much more colors than blue but no way to lock them for each boot to be the very same, defaults to blue. Nevertheless worth the dollars and can truly make your case look tricked out. Challenging to make the cabling neat though specifically in a little form case.

Review Date: 04/23/13
Good wattage, very versatile Died on me right after 9 months. Died on me soon after 9 months, I then purchased a 750w corsair and I haven't looked back. Manufacturer Response:You can do an RMA through us for the energy supply to get an exchange on the PSU if you are still under our warranty period. You can contact Apevia's consumer service at service@apevia.com or get in touch with at 鿍) 718-0789. We try to reply to all calls and e-mails as soon as we can.

Review Date: 04/21/13
I had this power supply for over two full years operating crossfire on first a 580 board with two 1650's and later two 3870's with a 790fx motherboard running raid the whole time without a flaw... lightning got my psu these days but it still managed to guard the components inside cons?... it was a low-cost psu for the wattage it puts out and ran flawlesslyfor a lengthy time... what cons would I have...

Review Date: 04/15/13
This PSU is by far one particular of the most appealing ones on the industry, the changeable LED colors and clear side panel make it a beauty to appear at. Simple to install and lost of further connectors ensures you'll have everything you require to hook your system up. This was a 1st time technique make for me and I got the apevia case and PSU and I'm really pleased with this business, consumer for life! when you remove the screws on the back to make room for the mounting screws on your case the back seems to want to fall off, but as soon as you tighten the mounting screws up its no problem. There is a small gap involving the lip the PSU is suppose to sit on (on the back section) and the bottom of the PSU. Red LED is a tiny soft while green is good and vibrant. Really can't beat this, functions like a dream, 5 min to install, pure eye candy.

Review Date: 03/30/13
Totally stunning! I was searching for a power supply to replace the one that came with my Atrix CSCI-G8022C-C43 case, and because the case has a side window I figured it was significant to make the inside of the case aesthetically pleasing. I've had this power provide because final October and it still works just as properly as from the first day I put it in. With three available LED colors I switch from time to time just for fun. I like that there's a fan speed handle offered, even though I maintain it on max speed anyway. The casing is also sturdy; I've seen other PSUs created completely of clear acrylic casing and are somewhat flimsy, but considering that this PSU has a metal frame you don't have to be concerned about it falling apart. The color does reset immediately after the computer has been powered off and back on, but due to the fact I leave my personal computer on all day it's not seriously a problem. I have discovered that it's quite loud, especially on full fan speed, but if you're one particular to use headphones or listen to music all the time you can't truly hear it unless you're paying close interest. I would surely propose this energy provide to any person who wants a functional and great-looking PSU in their computer system =)

Review Date: 03/30/13
nice loooking, see-in clear case. Unit went dead immediately after a couple of hours. What a waste of time installing it - just to take away it. Decided to RMA to get a single that worked but then changed my thoughts and just got a refund. Why take a possibility on your energy provide of all things?

Review Date: 03/17/13
This power provide rocks. It has enough energy to do the job and a lot more on a decent mid range method. I coupled this with a 550watt thermaltake ps due to the fact I am running a lot more than six difficult drives and 8 fans. The fan is a little weak in pushing air out of the method for a 80mm fan. I would use a couple of far more fans to assist with the airflow.

Review Date: 03/14/13
It appeared to perform flawlessly for 3 1ǘ years. Good lights, Effortless set up thumb tightening screws. Lights will show in various colors per your option. Far more cables than anybody could need to have. A lot of Sata power cables Ɣ) and you can add adapters to others if you need to as there are plenty to spare. Died immediately after three 1ǘ years. At initial the computer system would not boot for about a week, fans spun and it turned off and then one day, wala it booted, this would happend periodically close to the end of it's life and I wasn't sure what was at fault. I took out item soon after item praying it wasn't a faulting motherboard until oine day it wouldn't boot at all and I decided to purchase a new power provide figuring this ought to be the difficulty and it was. This unit is quite loud. I in no way actually new it was the energy supply fans that were so loud in my laptop until I replaced it. I assumed it was the other fans in the box. I was wrong. Given I used this in my media center Pc that I constructed, it was extremely annoying. I had one particular O.S. corruption along the way and several blue screens where the program just reduce out on me over those 3 years. I can't blame it on this power provide as that could have been caused by anything, but I do have to wonder specially considering that the O.S. corruption occured about 4 mths before the power provide ultimately died.I replaced this with the warlock., very same corporation, really comparable in design and style. I've owned that now for two 1ǘ mths and it is functioning flawlessly so far. Also the warlock is super fairly compared to the iceberg and about the similar price tag. I'd recommend it over this model for rather alone.

Review Date: 03/07/13
When I bought this energy provide I was afraid that it wasn't going to give me enough juice to energy my e6700 core 2 duo, and two 9800gtx+s in sli. I was wrong, this power supply gave me all the energy I needed, and it looked great also. None so far.

Review Date: 02/10/13
Dual fans, you can transform the colour of the LEDs in the fans, it's see by way of , the cables are UV reactive and it has tons of connections. The cables are a bit in depth perhaps as well in depth for smaller mid-atx circumstances or smaller sized It's not the TARDIS.

Review Date: 02/04/13
In spite of some of the critiques about this powersupply, I purchased this and I am particularly content with my purhcse. This powersupply is feeding my black edition phenom along with a 9800 gx2 , eight gigs of ram two dvd drives and a variety of usb attachments, so far no complaints have not had any troubles with my setup. None.

Review Date: 02/01/13
High quality hunting psu, a lot of connectors. Not steady, voltages flucuate considerably. Fans died just after a year, the until went shortly soon after. It was wonderful whereas it lasted, but I'd suggest receiving one thing far better...antec or Pc P&C.
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Product Features

Apevia Iceberg
680-Watt ATX Blue Power Supply

Apevia Iceberg 680W SLI-ready aluminum power supply unit is designed to handle power hungry systems efficiently and also to be physically appealing. Only high quality materials and components are used to assure superior performance, reliability and stability. We believe that a good power supply is not only served what it is claimed to be, but also can it be a piece of art to delight our heart. Stylish design with neat colorful uv reactive cable sleeves, plus a fire resistant see-through cover for all the multi-color coated components and PC board, along with its LED fans, it is a powerful yet sophisticated beauty. Constructed by high quality aluminum material which is known by its great cooling, plus 2 built-in fans, this unit has the maximum cooling that you can find in the power supply market. The built-in fan speed adjuster is to reduce the noise level while maximizing its cooling capacity. The best feature is also the gamer's dream comes true, that is this power supply can change its color tone to be red or green or blue by switching the LED light from the bulit-in fans. Accommodated both Intel and AMD, this beauty has vigorous power and lots of connectors for the today's ever demanding computing environment of PC enthusiasts, gamers, overclockers and extreme users. Indulge yourself in this luxury high end power supply and you will find the world is a lot easier and much prettier.


115V/230V - 60/50Hz


20+4 pin
x 1
x 1
x 4
x 8
x 2
x 2

A Closer Look


  • Aluminum casting for best cooling
  • High quality colorful components and materials ensure superior performance and appearance
  • Fire resistant see-through acrylic cover
  • LED color switch for blue, red or green light
  • Excellent ventilation:2 x 80mm crystal LED fans for excellent cooling
  • Super silent:1 x fan speed controller optimizing cooling while reducing noise
  • Wire management:fully sleeved cables to avoid clutter and improve airflow
  • UV reactive connectors, switch and wire sleeves
  • Protection:Short circuit/ Under voltage/ Over voltage/ Over current/ Over power/ Electric-shock free protection
  • Safety approval:UL, FCC, CE, CB, TUV
  • Supports ATX Intel and AMD systems
  • Low noise and ripple
  • 100% Burn-in test/ Hi-pot test/ Viibration test/ Leak Current test

What's Included

Product Specifications

TypeATX12V / EPS12V
Maximum Power680W
Main Connector20+4Pin
+12V Rails2
PCI-E Connectors2 x 6Pin
Power Good Signal100-500ms
Hold-up Time>10ms at full load
Efficiency> 70%
Over Voltage ProtectionYes
Overload ProtectionYes
Input Voltage115/ 230 V
Input Frequency Range50/60 Hz
Input Current10A @ 115V, 5A @ 230V
Output+3.3V@38A, +5V@40A, +12V1@22A, +12V2@24A, -5V@0.3A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2A
MTBF100,000 Hours at full load
ApprovalsCB IEC 950, TUV EN 60950, UL 1950
Connectors1 x Main Connector (20+4 pin)1 x 12V P4 / P8 (4/8 pin)8 x Peripheral4 x SATA2 x Floppy2 x PCI Express
FeaturesHigh-tech aluminum casting with fire-resistant acrylic coverLED light switch - Fan LED lights can be switched to blue, green or red Multi-color coated components & PC boardExcellent Ventilation Design: 2 x 80 mm crystal LED fansUser-adjustable fan speed controller optimizing balance between noise reduction and necessary coolingCable Management: all cables are sleeved to avoid clutter and to improve airflowUV Sensitive On/Off Power Switch, Power Plug and connectorsShort circuit / over voltage / over current protection
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts1 year limited
Labor1 year limited
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