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APEVIA (ASPIRE) X-Plorer ATXB8KLW-BK Black Computer Case W/ Window

APEVIA (ASPIRE) X-Plorer ATXB8KLW-BK Black Computer Case W/  Window (: ATXB8KLW-BK)
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APEVIA (ASPIRE) X-Plorer ATXB8KLW-BK Black Computer Case W/ Window
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.14/10
With 14 User Reviews

Review Date: 11/09/09
Cons: Smudges EasilyVentilation flow could be a bit betterSharp Edges

Pros: Light WeightPlenty of room to work withNice design and the blue LED's glow nicelyStrong build
Overall can't complain with the case, it's a very design and it had more then enough room to work around within it. My only gripe is that the clear side panel could use a bit more openings for ventilation. I also had the same issues with others regarding the heatsink, but I found that to be a minor issue.

Review Date: 02/11/09
Cons: fan speed controller died out in a week cuts you alot

Pros: very nice looking love the blue
i would buy this on a *budget* has average cooling isnt to strong weak aluminum got a antec 1200 a month later as i said its very nice looking but no really good features...

Review Date: 01/21/09
Cons: none

Pros: very good case with lots of room to build
i really like this case its very lightweight with lots of room to build in. It also has pre cut holes where the motherboard goes for wire management. the case is built out of aluminum and seems to be quite durable

Review Date: 01/02/09
Cons: none so far

Pros: looks good, very sturdy, silent
I've had this case for some time now and haven't had a single problem with it, the exchaust fan that it comes with doesn't quite move all that much air but you can replace it with any 120mm fan, I have crossfired hd 4850 and it keeps them good and cool.

Review Date: 01/29/08
Cons: cheap temp monitoring (low-med-high)

Pros: beautiful case for price
very good buy, all my friend have the antec 900, but i was just trying to have something diferrent for a little less.i have buy this case and i know i will have it for a long time,and this one is a little colder than my previous old cheap case...the only weakness is the temp display only low med or high...i was thinking it was telling me the actual temp of my GPU but for the price....that is a bonus!!!recommend it!!!

Review Date: 08/27/07
Cons: User manual isn't detailed enough; case fans get in the way of the PSU.

Pros: Strong and well-fitting construction; easy to take apart and put back together; nice to look at and not too loud.
I got this for my first build. It has plenty of room to work inside and is easily disassembled so that you can have access to tricky places. There was no trouble with pieces not lining up; all screws went in straight, with a bit of pressure applied here and there. It's strong and won't be destroyed by being pushed around a little bit. I like the construction overall.The intake funnel on the side panel is a cute idea, but if you're using anything other than a stock CPU cooler, you'll have to remove it, because it's just too long. I even tried taking the extensible funnel end off and just using the plain duct. It still wouldn't fit. The Arctic Freezer 7 Pro that I put in place of the stock cooler is hardly a monster, either.Be aware of sharp edges, as another reviewer commented, especially when working inside the drive cages or punching out plates for drives and expansion cards. One reservation I have about this case really only applies to first-timers: if you haven't built a computer before and you aren't familiar with all of the parts and wiring, the manual for this case (a download, not in the box) is really insufficient. The pictures and descriptions are simply not detailed enough to help a n00b identify all the parts. The other problem is that the topside case fan actually blocks two of the connections on my PSU. Mushkin's XP-650 just barely fits in there. If the PSU was any longer, or if I needed those extra power connections, I would have had to remove the fan (and maybe screw it to the outside of the case?).Aesthetically speaking, if you're put off by the gaudiness of the picture, don't worry -- the blue lighting is actually more subtle in real life and will not outshine your monitor. The case fans are also very quiet. It shares an oddity with some of Apevia's other cases: the door on the front panel that hides the power buttons and drive fronts is hinged on the left. If you keep your tower at your right side, you might find this annoying. On the other hand (literally), if you're a lefty and you use your mouse with your left hand, put this tower on the left side of your desk and you'll be a happy camper. (I wonder if Ned Flanders sells these at the Leftorium.) This review was modfied by poster @ 08-29-07 07:55 AM

Review Date: 08/21/07
Cons: none really

Pros: looks great, high quality, lots of space
this case is very good, and I was able to put an evga 680i in it aswell as a 8800gts, highly recommended

Review Date: 05/21/07
Cons: Temp sensor lead too short, ugly, restrictive fan grills (IMHO), had to bend mobo tray tabs to reinstall after putting on my CPU cooler (which is enormous).

Pros: Roomy , removable mobo tray, great air flow, GREAT looking.
First build. Accomodated the formidable Scythe Ninja CPU cooler with a spare .75" to the clear side, although I had to remove the entire intake funnel that came mounted on the intake hole (which I considered an improvement). I replaced the side grill with one of the laser cut dragons sold here, backing it with the very nice filter from the funnel, and some nuts for the screws. I simply removed the blowhole grill, as there is a rather attractive plain, black grill under it anyway. I've replaced the 80mm rear fan with an 120mm Antec TriCool (a 92mm will fit too), and moved the 80mm up to the front for intake (along with another 80mm I purchased at the same time. I read an online article suggesting that the only air intake in the front of this case is the slot underneath. This is simply not true, as the front panel has air access holes around both the control panel and the silver "gills" to its lower left. The front intakes are doing their job perfectly well; case temp now equals room temp. All fans are blue LED, and with the addition of the dual red cathode tubes I purchased here, and placed top and bottom, the interior looks absolutely stellar. The large space on the far side of the drive bays allowed me to bundle most of the cabling out of sight, leaving the case with a very clean tidy appearance. The PSU is supported by a rail on the side opposite the transparent panel. This rail supports the PSU comfortably w/o the assistance of a rail in the front, leaving the view through the panel fully open. I couldn't be more satisfied with this case, all around. It is everything I hoped it would be, and more. I consider this a terrific buy at the price I paid for it.
Lt. Xenodite@NCIX

Review Date: 09/02/06
Cons: - Shows fingerprints.- Shows streaks when wiped with cleaning wipes.- May not fit some larger power supplies unless blowhole fan is removed, but it fit my OCZ Modstream 450W snugly.- No side panel keylock to prevent others from meddling with your machine, but not too much of a problem. The full-tower X-Navigator does have the side keylock.- No manual, had to print off the web. Only includes front panel pinout sheet.

Pros: - Absolutely beautiful, especially in complete darkness with the LEDs on.- Roomy- Side panel window- Front LCD temp. display, although I'm not too sure it's accurate.- Lots of drive bays.- Side air duct.- Top blowhole fan.- Can add 2 front 80MM fans (preferably intake) side-by-side on bottom.- Front fan controller knob. Also dims lights if connected to fan controller Molex, dims LED fan lights.- Front USB (2) and Firewire (1) for quick connection of devices without having to go to the back of the case.- Rear fan upgradeable to 120MM (I did this already :P ), premade holes for different fan sizes.- Thumbscrews for easy removal of side panel.- Removable motherboard tray.
I bought the very last one of these NCIX had, in May, and I LOVE IT. Lots of room to work in. Some edges are rolled to prevent cuts, but other edges are still flat and somewhat sharp. This was my first complete build and is a great choice for PC enthusiasts everywhere.5/5.LTX

Review Date: 05/06/06
Cons: None

Pros: Very nice with the blue led fans, great price, good cooling
This is one of the nicest cases i've ever seen! It looks really nice with the blue lights. Had no problem installing it, except there are so many wires to connect for all the lights and other things in the front of the case. I would recomend this case to anyone who doesn't want to spend too much on a case, but wants something that would impress your friends.

Review Date: 03/17/06
Cons: Stock fans a bit loudHad to put PSU upside down to fitFront door may break off easily (mine hasnt but known to happen)

Pros: Great design Lights (amazing)Removable motherboard trayCheap PriceTemp Display/and Stays cool!FS FW/USBEasy to work in
This case was purchased for my first build. This case is easy to work in, and looks great all around. The only problem I ran into was putting the PSU in (which had to be placed in upside down) My friend bought another case and then when he saw mine, brought his back and got this one. That really says something! Recommended. =)

Review Date: 12/30/05
Cons: none

Pros: nice designnice lights
I got this case and its super nice, I really like it alot, when my friends come over and chek my case out they want a piece of it :). Only thing I don't know is how to change the temp. reader from F to Celsius.

Review Date: 10/15/05
Cons: smaller power supply, air duct doesn't fit over top of my cpu (so a fan will be going there)

Pros: looks great, quite a bit of room, lights, temp. display and room for more fans
I got this case and I was initially kind of mad since the power supply I bought would not fit in it (Thermaltake TR2). But lucky I had just bought a power supply for another pc and that one fit. Other than that problem, I've seen no other downfalls for this case. And I put 2 additional 80mm fans in this case and it stays quite cool (around 30 degrees celsius)

Review Date: 09/02/05
Cons: have to have smaller sized power supply to fit :(

Pros: price,looks,easy to work in
excellent looking case,people who have seen it after i had it set up ,want it:)the only drawback ,is that i had an ocz powerstream 420 watt, won't fit, unless you take the top fan out,which sucks as it take the cooling as well as the light( blue) away.but other than that,i would definately recommend this case.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

TypeATX Mid Tower
Case MaterialSteel
With Power SupplyNo
Power SupplyNo
Motherboard CompatibilityATX
With Side Panel WindowYes
External 5.25" Drive Bays4
External 3.5" Drive Bays2
Internal 3.5" Drive Bays5
With front LCD displayYes
Expansion Slots7
Front Ports
Front PortsUSB, IEEE 1394
Cooling System
80mm Fans1 x 80mm rear fan1 x 80mm top fan
120mm FansNo
Side Air ductYes
Physical Spec
Dimensions19\'\' x 7.8\'\' x 16.9\'\'
FeaturesMulti-functional thermally advantaged chassisLarge see-through side window panelAir duct on side panel for high level performanceRemovable motherboard tray Easy removable side panel w/ thumb screwsRoomy w/ folded edges for safe easy assembly
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