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Bitfenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-12025W-RP 120MM White LED Case Fan 1200 RPM 56.22 CFM 18.9 dbA

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Bitfenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-12025W-RP 120mm White LED Case Fan 1200 RPM 56.22 CFM 18.9 dbA (BFF-LPRO-12025W-RP)   $9.99 CAD Buy Now

BitFenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-12025W-RP White LED Case Fan
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$14.99 CAD Buy Now

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Product Reviews

Bitfenix Spectre Pro BFF-LPRO-12025W-RP 120MM White LED Case Fan 1200 RPM 56.22 CFM 18.9 dbA
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.8/10
With 5 User Reviews

Review Date: 07/11/13
Cons: pricematch if not on sale

Pros: well made and good looking
well made and very cool looking fan.airflow is good with not much noise.nice white leds.

Review Date: 01/28/13
Cons: Not enough CFM and static pressure for radiators

Pros: Looks are great, nice and quiet, fantastic white led
Bought these for my watercooling, but unfortunately they did not perform as well as I was hoping. Transferred to my HTPC rig and they work awesome keeping it cool while looking absolutely great. Nice fans!

Review Date: 05/02/12
Cons: needs an accessory to use the LED switch option

Pros: Quieter than stock CM fansBuild quality, good airflowbright LEDnice smoked plasic look, more subdued than clear like other brandsblack wires, not colored option for turning off LED with Bitfenix controller
So I've had these for awhile, tried them out with my CM212 air cooler. Took awhile as I bought a Khuler 920 at the same time they arrived so I was switching back and forth. Overall they are quieter then the stock fans and obviously look way better than stock as they have white LED's. On core temp seemed to run about the same temp, didn't notice much of a difference besides less noise and they looked way better. They are lighter than other 120mm fans I have; the Silverstone AP 121 and the stock Antec fans that came with my Antec 920 liquid cooler. They are quieter than the stock antec fans as well which were pretty noisy but didnt have a chance to try them on the cooler. If your upgrading from stock fans you'll be very happy.

Review Date: 04/18/12
Cons: Nothing right now

Pros: QuietVery good airflowBright LEDVery strong build qualityAll black cables (Same style as the AX/HX Corsair PSU)
I tested the fans on a CM Hyper 212+ in P/P. I compared with other fans like the Enermax TB Silence and Gelid PWM 12.I used prime95 for 15min stress test, on a 1090T at 3.6GhzThe average temps is 46c for Bitfenix and Enermax and 44c for gelid.Bitfenix/Enermax both 1200rpm, Gelid 1500rpm. Bitfenix has Static Pressure of 1.24 mmH2OEnermax has Static Pressure of 1.073 mmH2OGelid has Static Pressure 1.6 mmH2OThat explains the slight lower temps with Gelid with the higher rpm. 2c lower, which is not much at those temps, but at the cost of sound.As for sound, the Spectre Pro wasnt that loud. The Enermax was slightly quieter, but not by much. The Gelid was very loud at full speed.Just for sheer looks the Spectre Pro White is fantastic looking.Very good fan for what you are getting.

Review Date: 03/28/12
Cons: -Noisy on 12 V

Pros: -Awesome air flow-Good frame-LED
I have in my system a total of 6 Spectre blue LED on 12 V and I can't complain they are noisy. The air flow is awesome and the look is perfect. Spectre PRO is even better ! Design is better and performances as well. But when I decided to place it on my side panel to push some fresh air on the GPU, plugged on 12 V directly on the psu, after 1 minute it started doing some anoying sound. Was going too fast and started being really noisy .. Insuportable ! Anyway on under voltage it works really well and go at a really good speed still ! Depending the place you put it in the case on 12 volts im sure they are not that noisy so don't be scared to purchase this really good product.

Product Features

120mm Fan Case Fan

Provide your CPU with a cool fan via BITFENIX SPECTRE PRO 120mm White LED Fan. It comes with dual frame construction that not only provides great looks, but also takes utmost care of the noise. It contains toughened fan blades that prevent warping at high RPM levels, while steady airflow ensures that cool air can easily reach the installed components. The Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology which is used in this fan handles the noise and grants it a larger operational life. The Fan also contains an add-on feature like on-the-fly light switching, making the fan look smarter, whereas the White LED lights give it a soulful effect. Get your machine the BITFENIX SPECTRE PRO 120mm White LED Fan today!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 18.9 db(A); allows you to focus on your tasks as the fan?s noise is extremely low
  • On-the-fly light switching; light switching is smartly handled in terms of conducting the operations

Product Specifications

SeriesSpectre Pro
TypeCase Fan
Fan Size120mm
Bearing TypeFluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB)
RPM1200 RPM +/-10%
Air Flow56.22 CFM +/-10%
Noise Level18.9 dBA
Power Connector3 / 4 Pin
Physical Spec
Dimensions120 x 120 x 25mm
FeaturesHigh Pressure/CFM Design

Dual Frame Construction

Reinforced Fan Blades

Focused Airflow

Silent Operation and Long Life

On-the-Fly Light Switching

Excellent Extras
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