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Intel BOXD945GCLF Intel Atom processor 230 Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo

Intel BOXD945GCLF Intel Atom processor 230 Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo (Intel: BOXD945GCLF)
Vendor: Intel
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Intel BOXD945GCLF Intel Atom processor 230 Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.4/10
With 20 User Reviews

Review Date: 05/28/09
Cons: -Needs more RAM slots

Pros: -Small-Inexpensive-Has MoBo and CPU already-Decently fast
A great purchase, made this for a friend with for a small basic web browsing computer. Would of preferred that it had at least 2 slots of RAM, perhaps SoDimm would fare well too. All in all, its a great basic combination. Might invest in one with more then one RAM slot though. This review was modfied by poster @ 05-28-09 11:28 AM

Review Date: 03/19/09
Cons: -Crappy Realtek NIC (Intel makes best in class NICs, why fit a crappy 3rd party one?)-PCI instead of PCIe 1x-Onboard video must steal at least 32MB (why not 1MB, 4MB or 8MB?)-No PC speaker header or onboard beeper

Pros: -Price-Power consumption-Price-Size-Price-Nice Intel touches & quality
Bought this to use in a microATX case as a low-profile, low-power pfSense router. Install of pfSense 1.2.3 (FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE) was uneventful and the onboard LAN was detected (though I don't think it works in 1.2.2).Did I mention this board is dirt cheap? Almost as cheap as a low-end CPU on its own! Like half the price of the cheapest i386 mobo/CPU you can build. Amazing. And it performs more than well enough for lots of headless server tasks.I really love the little touches Intel includes with their boards. The motherboard connector sticker is genius. It's a sticker showing the diagram you find in the manual with the connector locations & pinouts, all nicely colour coded for you to stick somewhere inside the case so you never have to pull out the manual or flashlight.Mostly my complaints with this board have to do with my using it as a headless router. For the money you just can't beat this, the performance is amazing for the price, and it uses very little power. If you're looking for an i386 router platform or low power home server/NAS, this is a great board, aside from the onboard NIC. It even has a serial port! Just use that PCI slot for a nice Intel PRO/1000GT and you're set.Great product. This review was modfied by poster @ 03-19-09 09:54 PM

Review Date: 02/17/09
Cons: Not really suited for anything more than web browing/basic computer usage

Pros: Small, easy to setup, quite powerful
Work well. SATA I/O are fast and the system is much faster than an P3 system. CPU is as slow but all other device are fast and the system feels fast.Good surprise. I have built 3 systems with it so far. 2 were to replace some fried P4 (1.8Ghz). The replacement feels faster.

Review Date: 11/10/08
Cons: -1 pci express port-No gigabit-Not covered in heatsinks

Pros: -Cheap-Quick-Simple
I bought this as a basic as can be desktop cpu/mobo combo and was impressed it actually hums along quite nicely and it was very cheap and the installation was very simple. The only beef I have with this thing is it only has 1 pci port and no gigabit ethernet and not enough heatsinks.

Review Date: 10/14/08
Cons: No gigabit ethernet; 945GC chipset is very inefficient and uses more power than it needs to; only VGA out; PCI, not PCIe.

Pros: Very small; low power consumption; cheap!
I love this board. It is suited for so many different applications. I'm using one to build a pfSense router for MLPPP DSL. Granted, for this, I needed to get an Intel Gigabit PCI NIC, as the onboard solution of 10/100 was not sufficient for my local network data transfer bandwidth needs.I wanted something that I could run 24/7 with little power consumption and noise. Using an older system of spare parts wouldn't work, as the power consumption would be easily 3-4 times greater. I'm really saving in the long-run.Note that if you want to use this as a media server, you will want to get the Atom dual-core version -- it has GigE networking instead. That way, you can free up the PCI slot for a SATA card instead, allowing you to install more than 2 SATA drives on here at once.

Review Date: 10/08/08
Cons: Fan is loud

Pros: Small, easy to setup, quite powerful
I purchased this with a Apex MI-008 MINI-ITX Case and the Scythe Mini Kaze HTPC 40MM Silent Fan... I put WHS on it, 2 SATA HD's and an external TrekStor backup drive. All I can say is "Wicked!"
Signal To Noise@NCIX

Review Date: 10/04/08
Cons: Not really suited for anything more than web browing/basic computer usage

Pros: PricePerformanceDocumentation
If you need to put together a very cheap computer for a family member or friend this is the ticket. I put one together for my mom to replace a 10 year old junker and I must say I was impressed with the performance of this unit, not to mention the low price. She only uses it for web surfing and some basic word games, but so far no complaints!

Review Date: 10/03/08
Cons: Fan loud, Lack of expansion and ram slots

Pros: great low power solution.
I have bought 3 of these so far, they are great boards. I have 2 of them as servers and one as a standard desktop PC. As mentioned the fan is loud. If you want to change this fan i would go for a scythe fan. make the pc nice and quiet

Review Date: 10/02/08
Cons: Need to buy a zalman fanmate to slow the chipset fan to 3500rpm

Pros: Fast overall in OSX Fine for Windows XP
Work well. SATA I/O are fast and the system is much faster than an P3 system. CPU is as slow but all other device are fast and the system feels fast.Good surprise. I have built 3 systems with it so far. 2 were to replace some fried P4 (1.8Ghz). The replacement feels faster.

Review Date: 09/29/08
Cons: Runs HotLoud 40mm Fan

Pros: Cheap, Fast
Works great as a computer for web-browsing and other system tasks. However the northbridge fan is really loud.. It quiets down after 7000 rpm. System Runs Very HOT as well

Review Date: 08/21/08
Cons: HSF

Pros: quality, good layout
I bought this for just browsing for my wife. The fan is pretty big. Will most like buy another one and change the fan and buy a slimline case for. For value this board can't be beat. it is no gaming pc but for what u need to do it will do it.

Review Date: 08/20/08
Cons: -Expandability-Only 2 Sata ports

Pros: -Low power usage-Good price-Easy cable management-Runs cool
Picked one of these up too replace a Pentium 3 1.0 Ghz that had a dieing motherboard. Paired this with a Ballistix tracer stick I had lying around and it does everything it needs too do. The only major issues I have found is it only has 2 SATA ports and not very upgradable, still works wonders for the price.

Review Date: 08/18/08
Cons: fan-cooled chipsetno DVI

Pros: low power consumption
I needed a small box for multi-platform testing purposes, so it had to be also a Hackint0sh.It performs as expected. In Windows and Linux this means like my three years old centrino notebook. In OS X, it is comparable to a PowerPC G4.I hope at some point they will upgrade this board with a chipset that does not require active cooling; replace the 100Mbit Ethernet with Gigabit Ethernet; and replace the PCI slot with a PCIe x16 slot.When not testing I am using the box as media player. For music the fan noise is not disturbing, but it is there. For video it would have been nice if the board came with DVI/HDCP for 1080p output.Another user I can think for this board would be an energy-saving file server, but there is only one PCI slot so it's either the mandatory RAID card or the upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet.Overall, very nice and affordable for an office desktop, a kitchen computer, a thin client. I look forward to the next generation.

Review Date: 08/14/08
Cons: Desktop Graphics Chipset is not low power consumption

Pros: Small, Cheap, Low Power consumption
This is a very nice little board. Comes with an atom CPU soldered on and has a selection of basic connectors to get you up and running.The major downfall of this board is that intel decided to use a standard desktop graphics chipset with the CPU. This almost completely undermines the purpose of having a low power consumption CPU. While the CPU pulls 3-5 watts, the unit as a whole manages to pull a whopping 40 Watts. Someone botched that design decision.Anyways, it is still the lowest power consumption machine I have that can run basic desktop applications. I now have 2 of them running Kalyway OSX (one for myself, one for partner). All hardware is detected without issue, and it runs quite nicely.4/5 stars because of the stupid high power consumption desktop chipset. Everything else is awesome on this board.

Review Date: 07/22/08
Cons: while the Atom 230 is nice, from what I have seen so far, hyperthreaded or not, its not better than the Celeron 220 on Intel's other MINI board (D201GLY2 which I also own)

Pros: The Atom is very cool (literally, its running at about 32*C idle with only 1 80mm case fan, have hit 39*C with it but thats ok) and performs about as good as I thought it would. Board was very easy to install and has full speed SATA2. The GMA 950 graphics are a big improvement from the SIS graphics Intel used in the D201GLY2
The Atom CPU is deffinatly an acheivement for Intel, and hopefully they will be able to expand on it (come out with a low wattage chipset as well) and I won't hesitate to reccomend the D945GCLF board. This is a very nice little board but, depending on what your doing, I would also consider the D201GLY2.

Review Date: 07/20/08
Cons: No DVI output

Pros: Performance / cpst ratio is excelent
I bought this remplace an old P IV i had i am must say this look alot faster then the old computer i am impressed really. Also this thing use like 200Watts less then the old P IV

Review Date: 07/12/08
Cons: The Northbridge fan is noisy and uncontrollable. The Chassis Fan Header is DOA

Pros: Tiny size. Relatively low heat
I love the board, despite having to RMA it. I bundled it with:Samsung M6 HDDPico 90W power supply2GB ramVista 64It all runs really nicely. Apart from the dead fan.

Review Date: 07/11/08
Cons: Limited upgrade

Pros: Good performance for the priceSmall size
I bought this to build a "hackintosh" box. Everything worked pretty much right away. This is a great board for small projects, linux boxes, entry level Mac, etc.

Review Date: 07/07/08
Cons: none considering the price

Pros: Price, power usage, decent performance, Runs ubuntu great.
Bought this to replace my dads dead motherboard. Exceeded my performance expectations. He is running ubuntu 8.10 and it flys with this board.Just a side note to get the onboard nic working I had to reset the bios then install a pci network card.After ubuntu was able to detect both the pci card and the onboard nic and installed drivers for both. I then removed the pci network card and its been solid ever since.

Review Date: 06/06/08
Cons: Noisy fan on the 945 Intel chipset. A single 10/100 ethernet port.

Pros: Faster CPU and better graphics than the Via C7 CPU ITX boards. Runs flawlessly with Ubuntu 8.04. The CPU is cooled passively.
I have to say Intel is going to lay the smack down to VIA with the Atom CPU. The main board itself is everything you would expect from Intel. Solid construction, stable and dead simple to use. I was going to use it as a simple server firewall appliance, but the 3D OpenGL Desktop with Compiz Fusion looked so sweet while testing my Daughter demanded I let her use it for her Destop .. Lol. As such I now need to order another one or three just to ensure I can keep one.All the best, Dan
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