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Antec BP550 Plus 550W Continuous Power Power Supply

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Product Reviews

Antec BP550 Plus 550W Continuous Power Power Supply
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.13/10

Review Date: 09/16/13
1st time installing a PSU and went off with no a hitch. all i had to do was plug in the connectors to the main physique of the unit and then into the elements. there are 2 cables that have 3 SATA connectors on each and every for a total of six. identical with molex. the hardwired connectors are the mobo energy 20Ʋ, the CPU energy fourƲ and 1 PCIE connector 6pin. the rest you just add what you want. cables were a bit stiff but hey they are brand new and have been squished into a box. this PSU exceeds my needs which is nice. the headroom is a nice factor to have for whenever i determine to upgrade. newegg doesn't list it as 80plus but it does say it has up to 85% efficiency. on the box for this PSU is says that it is 80plus. i got it with each other with the antec 300 case and they are genuinely made for each and every other.

Review Date: 09/14/13
Powers Every thingModular design and stylelots of cablesHeavy which makes it feel like a very good PSU N/A For those who cant switch the energy off, I feel for you antec drop the ball on that a single. For those who are considering to obtain dont be place off by that because I can safely say my psu worked flawlessly and I can switch it off and certainly every thing powers off permitting me to unplug it safely.

Review Date: 09/07/13
Purchased this issue almost three years ago for my technique. It nonetheless runs just as excellent as it did the day I bought it.Modular is nice.Plenty of connectors for something I've required in my case. None that I can assume of I do a bit of gaming here and there, running a Core two Duo e7200 with a GeForce 9800GTX. I also do a lot of graphics and video stuff, as nicely as music stuff. It's in no way broken a sweat.

Review Date: 08/24/13
modular, extended cables, 80 plus certified, and its quiet! seriously, i had to verify with my eyes to make confident the fan was operating. worked flawlessly appropriate out of the box, as expected. none! this puppy is powering my MSI p67a-gd65, with an i5-2500k, 8gb of ripjaws X, 1 HDD, 1SSD, and a dvd drive.

Review Date: 08/22/13
It's a very good midrange PSU. Semi Modular. 550w is a lot more than adequate to energy my 1 GPU setup. All the cables were lengthy enough to reach on my bottom mounted Antec p183 case. Semi modular, really plain searching, ugly spec sticker. 1 GPU lead...Only cons if you have a ballin rig, then once again you would not be hunting at this PSU for something that needed additional than 1 GPU. Super plain, gets the job done. It's not el cheapo, and its not impossibly fantastic. Its a PSU, get the one particular that fits your desires. Worth the funds not to get an off brand that will give you headaches.

Review Date: 08/07/13
It's modular and had no challenges hooking anything up in the micro ATX case used. Works excellent ! None Keep in mind this is a standard supply. Don't go trying to hook anything up to it. It's 550 Watts so do some addition when working with multiple HD drives and solid state drive.

Review Date: 07/30/13
Great value for very good excellent, Silent, Modular, Long cables, Plenty of cables/connectors Appears like I got a undesirable lot. The psu has began to make a static zzt noise that seems to start out on and off randomly. I hope for greater with an Antec item, of course it could be bad shipping and handling also. I tested it in an additional machine, exact same difficulty. Its surely the psu. So im going with an corsair psu rather

Review Date: 07/24/13
I purchased this to set up into an Antec Case. Big fan and a lot more connectors than I will ever use! None so far

Review Date: 07/21/13
I like the thought of obtaining the bunches of connectors be removable. They connect to the PSU really quickly. Saves lots of space in tight spaces in it. Has such a surplus of connectors, I don't feel ill ever use them all! None so far. Appears to run really cool.

Review Date: 07/11/13
Lots of power and got it on sale! i have had luck with other antec power supples and have had this one for a small more than six months with no problems none so far

Review Date: 07/05/13
This is a great power provide. Don't obtain with an Antec mail in rebate. You won't get it.

Review Date: 07/03/13
Everything Packaging with bunch of paper towels or something.. it produced the corner of the psu box distorted, even so it didn't impact the psu thank the Lord. Newegg's fault on that one particular, not Antec! So eggs lost Ok you know how pc runs on higher temperature even if it's like 30 celcius.. I want to have a grill on top of my pc

Review Date: 06/28/13
trustworthyquietmodular molex, sata, and six-pin connectors lessen clutter not one hundred% modular

Review Date: 06/26/13
Was bottlenecking my old rig with 450 watts, this 550 truly did the trick. This PS is cranking out power and had all the cables I needed. Completely none.

Review Date: 06/22/13
Operating good powering ASUS P7P55DE-LX, Intel i5-750, WD 500GB 7200rpm HDD, Nvidea GTX 460 SE, SATA DVD drive and three 120mm fans. I appreciate the plug in power lines! None so far.

Review Date: 06/13/13
Has plenty of SATA energy plugs for me and it was "on special".Worked the very first time. PSU is quiet...as quiet or quieter than the case fans. 1 egg off for this: PCI-E and four-pin CPU energy cables are not modular. Wish they have been modular mainly because they just take up space inside the case if you don't require them.No sensor wire to monitor PSU fan speed like older Antec PSU models. Not worth taking off an egg for this. Motherboard cable is kinda stiff."snug" match inside Lian-Li Pc-Q08 case. About 1 inch of clearance between PSU and HDD cage. Modular power cables are bent virtually 90 degrees. PSU fan lines up nicely with air inlet grille on side of case.Would look at acquiring again.

Review Date: 05/30/13
Modular cables are great. You can inform the energy provide is very good just by the top quality of the cables. No indication for PSU fan speed. I had this at my door actually 26 hours soon after purchasing on Newegg which is just amazing. I purchased this to replace my dead power supply and so far it has been good, now onl time will tell if he continues to hold up!

Review Date: 05/29/13
really. powers my overclocked program.fantastic for single graphic card systems with an mid range card like an ati 4850 up to a 5850 in all probability a 5870 also its 80plus certified if you go with dual cards get a 650 not a con just filling space

Review Date: 05/22/13
-Quiet fan, modular cable sets, effortless to install. None to date.

Review Date: 05/09/13
Undertaking a follow up critique to assist the fellow man make a decision.Its been 15 months since I've purchased this PSU and this point is nonetheless operating robust with no noticeable hindrances.This point is powering my video card which is an MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II!!!! If you want more wattage, you will have to look elsewhere Proper now I'm operating a program thats not very demanding on power, so it could be the purpose I am capable to energy a GTX 560 with no hiccups.AMD Phenom II x2 545, unlocked an additional core, and operating at three.4ghz @ 1.34v.DDR2 1066MSI GTX560 Twin Frozr IIAsus M4A785-M moboSamsung Spinpoint F3 500gba 7 year old optical drive.Not extremely demanding in the least bit, but nonetheless powerful enough to power the GTX560!!Going to be upgrading to an i5 Sandy bridge CPU and mobo with DDR3 1600 ram, so I guess we'll have to see how it goes with that.

Review Date: 05/02/13
I like how this energy supply has modular plugs it has created it really straightforward to retain the clutter away that other kinds of power supplies have. It would have been good if each and every wire was modular except the motherboard connector which wasn't the case but not genuinely a problem as most of the wires could be unplugged and not enough of a dilemma to minimize my rating. It would have been nice for this energy supply to have far more fans but with the size of the fan this seems to not be an isssue as far as heat is concerned as my technique is staying cool. This is also a very quiet power provide compared to other power supplies I have had.

Review Date: 04/18/13
I run the following:q6600 b0 (power hungry quad core @ 3.0ghz)HD 6850 nicely overclockedREALSSD 64gig750gb F14gb of OCZ Reaperand this thing has no dilemma holding completely steady voltage, and obtaining fantastic framerates @ 1920x1080.. I'd suggest this PSU for most strong single card configurations. It will energy your 6850񴛆륤 & 560 with no problems. I would advise it. Modular setup is partial, but again, for this price tag range.. I don't see a massive dilemma with that. I have been creating a even though, and with some of the larger situations I've observed extensions would have been required. I'm not producing a huge argument here though, due to the fact that is the case with plenty of energy supplies.. and if you are going to genuinely manage your wires correctly.. extensions are nice to do that anyways.

Review Date: 04/15/13
This thing has been rock strong for more than two years. Also, there are no silly LEDs! All go and no show. The four-prong 12v connection to the mobo, that stupid a single that's all the way on the other side away from the principal power connector, nicely this PS has a short a single of those. Sort of frustrating when you take pleasure in immaculate cable organization. I'd buy it again.

Review Date: 04/09/13
Common good Antec develop quality. Fan is near silent and keeps the unit cool beneath a heavy load. Voltages are steady. 3 12V rails. Nylon wrapped cables. EPS ƔƲ) connector for newer higher finish motherboards. My only true complaint with this PSU is the 6ư pin PCI-E connector is challenging wired. When getting a modular PSU I anticipate ALL peripheral connectors to be removable. Not everyone has a power hungry graphics card that requires a six or 8 pin connector. At present powering:AMD Phenom x6 1055TATi 4670Two Seagate 7200 rpm SATA drivesAsus DVD Burner6 140mm case fans

Review Date: 03/20/13
QUIET!!!! I have this in my HTPC and I sit ten feet from it and I cannot hear the PS fan (or any of my fans for that matter.no ugly LED lights. PCI-E six pin cable not modular, I do not require it so I had to coil it and ziptie it off to my case.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Antec
Model BP550 Plus
Type ATX12V V2.2
Maximum Power 550W Continuous Power
Fans 1
PFC Active
Main Connector 20+4Pin
+12V Rails 3
PCI-Express Connector 1 x 6-Pin, 1 x 6+2-Pin
SATA Power Connector 6
Modular Yes
Efficiency Up to 85%
Energy-Efficient 80 PLUS Certified
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Input Voltage 100 - 240 V
Input Frequency Range 47 - 63 Hz
Input Current 10A @ 115V, 5A @ 230V
Output +3.3V@28A, +5V@26A, +12V1@22A, +12V2@22A, +12V3@25A, -12V@0.5A, +5VSB@2.5A
MTBF >100,000 Hours
Approvals UL, CE, TUV, CB, FCC, CCC, C-TICK
Dimensions 3.4" x 5.9" x 6.1"
Connectors 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
1 x 12V(P4)
1 x 12V(8Pin)
6 x peripheral
6 x SATA
1 x Floppy
2 x PCI-E
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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