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Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System

Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500   High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System (Corsair: CA-SP211NA)
CorsairVPN: CA-SP211NA
Vendor: Corsair
Price: $276.99 - $276.99 CAD from 1 stores
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Corsair SP2500 2.1 PC Speaker System
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Product Reviews

Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.01/10

Review Date: 03/18/14
Cons: Price (a tad)

Pros: Great soundEasy to adjust bass/volume
First real set of 2.1 speakers, noticed the difference between my headset instantly. The small wired remote is great to easily adjust volume/bass in seconds. Was a bit pricey but so far worth the purchase.

Review Date: 01/21/14
Cons: -Speakers and especially the sub are fairly large in size

Pros: -Fantastic sound-Tons of Power-Extra headphone/aux inputs-Slick control module w/ LCD display
Easily one of the best 2.1 PC sets I've used. There is a lot of power there if you want it and the sound quality is great. The volume/mute/sub level is all quick to access from the control module among other settings. There are several built in EQ options as well but myself I just use the standard reference setting. It's definitely one of the largest subwoofers for a package like but then again most others don't use an 8" sub and have this kind of performance. It's a high quality set right down to the packaging.The price is on the upper side for a 2.1 set of pc speakers but you're getting what you pay for. This review was modfied by poster @ 01-21-14 09:52 PM

Review Date: 01/18/14
Cons: Large Woofer Size.

Pros: Great overall Sound. Bass response is clean
Quite happy with this system. Music sounds great, movies too. Recommended for the price. Excellent overall PC 2.1 system.

Review Date: 09/17/13
The sound with these speakers is just awesome. They are sleek and excellent sized for me. Originally I bought for my Mac pc and they were excellent but then I switched them to my Sony HDTV and wow! Incredible certainly! I almost certainly need to have yet another set now. I adore watching movies with these. I really feel like I am in iMAX theater. They are also great for music and video games. I have to be cautious since they can get as well loud occasionally. The subwoover is powerful too! Wonderful item from Corsair. None genuinely.

Review Date: 09/07/13
Cons: Browsing the remote's menus is awkward. I'm not used to having to pull up a manual!

Pros: The sound is amazing! The satellites really have nice crisp sound and can create  the illusion of surround. The sub-woofer sounds very nice too and doesn't over-do it with sounds that don't need that kind of base.
Very happy with this set, got it on rebate of course but would recommend it even at full price for someone looking for a good set of speakers.Corsair quality and support in case anything happens!

Review Date: 07/26/13
Fantastic sound, very excellent highs, fantastic mids and superb lows from the subwoofer. Diverse built in modes for gaming, music or movies. Replacing my Z-5300 surround sound system and I couldn't be happier, it absolutely blows it away. The top quality of sound coming from these is on one more level. I adore how I can turn the subwoofer off when necessary. Can't actually assume of any cons at the moment besides maybe it not becoming a surround sound program, and the price. But you get what you pay for. Going to two.1 from five.1 may seem like a step backwards, but I have no regrets following hearing the way these sound in music and the games I play. The stereo-imaging it gives is more encompassing and dynamic than the five.1 system it replaced IMO. These issues get soooo loud and sound good whilst undertaking it. It's so nice having a subwoofer that isn't so boomy but is actually really correct and hits notes and tones my other sub couldn't dream of. I'm hearing subtle points in my music I've never noticed ahead of. I very propose these!! Wonderful JOB CORSAIR, i've never owned one particular of your products just before and I guess trying out your leading of the line speaker method was not a undesirable selection. I'm incredibly impressed!

Review Date: 07/24/13
I did own Logitech 5.1 surround sound speakers, and at initial I was hesitant to purchase a two.1 method. But as soon as I got this system right now, I made a fantastic decision. It developed a much better sound good quality and a fuller sound. I can essentially really feel the music I am listening to. Then when I am gaming, it gives me the full effect that I want. I tested it out largely on Get in touch with of Duty, Black Ops. The only con I have and wish it wasn't, is that the cables going to the speakers are quick. I had to put them a lot farther back than I would like to on my desk. Plus the cables are not universal. This would be the only explanation why I don't like this technique.

Review Date: 07/07/13
All the on the internet reviews are appropriate, this program is incredible. Upgraded from a low cost Logitech five.1 technique and quite glad I did.Game performance is quite good. As opposed to my old speakers, there is no voicing coming from the sub. Tends to make dialog sound a lot a lot more natural when it comes through the satellites like it need to. Couldn't believe how considerably detail flow out of the speakers relative to my old Logitech set. Sub is quite highly effective but only when it really should be. Music was also very pleasant to listen to but make confident you use high quality tracks or it will sound horrible. The satellites genuinely bring out the flaws in poor bitrate audio. It is a 1st for me, becoming in a position to hear cymbals in any music. Percussive sounds are very noticeable with this system. The bass is not overpowering at all, even if you decided to turn it up really higher. They sound so very good I get lost in the games sound and finish up dying.The sub hurts when you kick it. Nevertheless attempting to get use to the space it requires up. Appreciate the understated look of this program. The satellites are heavy for their size but I like that. Straightforward but incredibly powerful speakers. Creates a fantastic phantom center. Corsairs boasts about the stereo imaging and it doesn't let you down. You actually can hear exactly where instruments are becoming played. Wasn't use to imaging at very first and thought something might be wrong with them but now i actually like it. The remote is extremely intuitively laid out and the screen is bright sufficient to study regardless of lighting. Handles just about every variety of music I have listened to on it excellently. I only switch the eq from reference to classical and pop based on what im listening to. its on reference setting 95% of the time. Have the method hooked up to a Creative X-Fi soundcard.Very first corsair item I have owned. Lives up to their reputation.Newegg is the greatest and the enormous and heavy box arrived from UPS in excellent situation.

Review Date: 07/02/13
Cons: -Sub-woofer a bit cumbersome (check the size to be sure you have enough space where you want to use it)-Speakers connection to the sub-woofer could be more robust-

Pros: -Good sound-Nice finish
Good product. many features available from the remote. You can adjust independently the volume of bass (sub-woofer) and speakers. Mute the sound by just pressing the volume adjust wheel.

Review Date: 06/24/13
Slick remoteWonderful low bass reproductionSatellites are good n loudSounds wonderful - Hearing specifics for the very first time in songs I've listened to for years Subwoofer starts to fall off at high volumeProprietary speaker leads (a good resolution tho, so extended as they are lengthy sufficient for you. They have been for me)Pricey Came from a Klipsch two.1 ProMedia. The Klipsch set had a louder sub, but it didn't go as low either. I'm not regretting the switch so far

Review Date: 06/18/13
Cons: grab 'em on sale

Pros: great sound quality and build quality
best 2.1 speakers I have ever heard.well made and will last years.loud enough to annoy your neighbors

Review Date: 06/05/13
Exceptional audio with Titanium HD out of the box, even greater with tweaking your audio's supply sound shaping. I'm not a fan of manage extensions on my desk, but this unit has a control extension done appropriate and I really like it. All around, this is very good for music, gaming, anything. 1st: I call for a clean desk. Which leads to the three egg assessment due to the following situation. Very brief audio cables, and they are proprietary at that. I am really disappointed at how this has limited the placement of the sub. Should have 8 foot cables at least. I've no exactly where to place this on the floor due to this shortcoming. Even the energy cord is as well quick, but fortunately a standard Computer cord will nevertheless function even although it doesn't call for the grounded plug. Corsair, I know your staff reads these evaluations and take them seriously. I hope you reconsider these audio cables, and offer to exchange longer cables to those of us who have shelled out best dollar for this superb method. I have a sub 2 feet to my proper, and the cable barely reaches my left speaker. I will even send you a image of my workspace to illustrate how ridiculous it is. This would make a three egg assessment into a 5 egg. I'd rather not go by way of the problems of splicing in my personal wiring to the proprietary connectors. Manufacturer Response:Thank you for your input. This is a new item line for us and as a result a finding out knowledge. Your observations on the cables are very precise. We have noticed the similar problem and have currently place in motion a program to accomodate clients with these cable problems. We do not have a solid release date as of today, February 11, 2011 but we anticipate the updated cables being ready extremely quickly. Please monitor our internet site or speak to client service to determine availability. We apologize for any inconvenience and we'll resolve this ASAP.External Hyperlink(s): Corsair Contact Page|

Review Date: 05/24/13
Cons: -price is high but i guess its worth it

Pros: -sound is great-bass is great-build quality is great-just about everything is great
Great set of 2.1 speakers. takes up a ton of space but its to be expected

Review Date: 03/27/13
Cons: Le prix relativement élevéSystème seulement 2.1Le subwoofer est énorme

Pros: Son d'excellente qualitéConfection robusteInstallation simpleManette de controle convivialeGarantie de 2 ans
J'ai acheté ce système Corsair SP2500 en remplacement d'un système Altec Lansing qui m'a admirablement bien servi pendant plus de 7 ans. J'ai été très satisfait de mon achat jusqu'à tout dernièrement alors que subitement le subwoofer à tout simplement cessé de fonctionner. Les satellites fonctionnent toujours bien et la manette aussi toutefois plus aucun son n'est produit par le subwoofer­. J'ai donc contacté par email Corsair et comme le produit est garantie 2 ans, Corsair m'a émis un RMA. Ce qui me fait chier c'est que je dois retourner tout l'ensemble, une boite énorme qui pèse 30 livres, en Californie USA à mes frais. Il m'en coûte $ 95.00 de poste Canada à partir de chez moi (Québec) pour retourner mon système SP2500 chez Corsair pour une réparation ou un remplacement alors que je l'ai payé moins de $200 il y a 7 mois...je trouve cela un peu cher pour un produit garantie.

Review Date: 03/08/13
Imaging, remote control, appears good. sound high quality, total output, plastic speaker situations, cables are to quick. I have to say for the price tag there are much greater options obtainable. They do have extremely very good imaging but the sound high quality is just not there. The total subwoofer output is weak and the satellite cables want to be longer. These will most likely be given to 1 of my young children and replaced with a Klipsch two.1 Pro Media units for 贄 cheaper price and significantly greater sound high quality & total output.

Review Date: 03/06/13
Delighted with the new Corsair SP2500 technique, definitely the very best Pc speakers I’ve ever owned. The hook up was straightforward and as quickly as I turned it on…wow! The mid to high variety sound is amazingly crisp and clear and the bass performance of the subwoofer is completely fantastic. For gaming, watching films or listening to music, and the sound excellent is impressive. Plus, I genuinely like the way Corsair created the volume manage, looks like a mouse and truly cool, separate controls for mid to high variety and subwoofer, incredibly simple to adjust, and I can plug my headphones appropriate into the controller, which is a good function for me. If you’re searching for higher high quality sound, give this method a shot, you won’t be disappointed. Woofer box is large...would've preferred a little smaller.

Review Date: 02/15/13
Well it has great audio for gaming that’s about it. I would give it a 9 out of ten in gaming audio. It seriously immerses the user in games. Short cables, not for audiophiles in music its rating drops severely three out of ten. Place it in reference mode, set program to none and pop in a lossless flac file to play and it sounds horrible u have do some tweaking to get it decent. Under no circumstances comes up par with reference monitor headphones. If u use reference headphones that expense $$$ then it will under no circumstances come close to what u hear from those. Now corsair recommends playing with EQ due to the fact it sounds superior with specific settings, this is true. But why would an audiophile bother undertaking a lossless rip if he plans to play with EQ. U might as effectively just accomplished a non lossless rip and save u problems. Some thing else I want to point out is paper cones, now paper is excellent if the cone is properly designed; now the poor part is how susceptible it is to moisture which can have a unfavorable impact on the audio quality. Bass is lacking in punch (u can’t really feel the bass). Some songs the vocals are greater in volume than ought to be and the background music is so low in volume lvl and this in reference mode (it’s like reverse karaoke mode u play the background music). Yes, the rip is lossless and sound totally various when I plug in my monitor headphones which price $$$. In conclusion I very advise for gamming, for the audiophile it’s not advised and ur better off with bookshelf speakers.

Review Date: 02/12/13
Cons: Controller is not update  ready for windows 8, but still works fine.

Pros: Blown away from the sound.Im so impressed that I had to write a review. Just trust me get this product. Really shines when playing Battlefield 3. Just WOW!!!!!
Everything was laid out perfect. Cables are plenty long enough. Speakers, Subwoofer all quality built.I cranked up volume to almost max and no cracking or distortion whatsoever. Happy with my purchase.

Review Date: 02/12/13
Cons: subwoofer is quite large in my room

Pros: Excellent high, mid range and basscrisp, clean sound
purchased it today thinking of all the positive reviews on this product. would recommend.

Review Date: 02/07/13
Cons: satellite connections have high risk of being broken because of the thin wires.

Pros: Great sound quality
Out of the box sounds good. This system will need a burn in and a sound card would definitely make this sound really good. I'm playing it from my laptop right now, and the sound obviously isn't too great.I have had the competitor Logitech z623 and I can say that the sound quality of the sp2500 is one step better than the z623's. Bass is more crisp and highs are clear. There is less distortion when the volume is cranked up.

Review Date: 02/01/13
Cons: Not 5.1

Pros: Can go very loudGood bassSounds absolutely great for the money
Bought this setup for 129.99 refurbished, coudn't go wrong for this good of a setup for that kind of money. I'm incredibly pleased with it and it sounds absolutely great.

Review Date: 01/28/13
Cons: -none

Pros: -sound quality-cable quality-balanced
Theese speakeras are amazing the quality and balance of the sound is just WOW glad i bought them.I highly reccomend them This review was modfied by poster @ 01-28-13 09:54 PM

Review Date: 01/22/13
Cons: none for the moment

Pros: Black, quality of the build
I love them, after getting some problems with speakers. When solved, this audio system is very awesome.Easy to setup/install.Normal setting are better then all others ones come with.Great sound in Games/Music & video.Ill give 5 stars

Review Date: 01/05/13
Cons: no mic port on remote

Pros: SoundRemoteQuality
Nice sound compared to other similarly priced speakers. I've listened to quite a few before choosing this one. Was fairly diappointed with the Klipsh and Logitech and decided on the Corsair. Very happy with this purchase at $159 with the MIR.

Review Date: 12/20/12
Breakout handle box lets you set distinct system for listening form, equalizer and EQ.Has Very good deep rich bass and the satellites give excellent surround sound.Speaker stands to help push sound angles for better acoustics.Sattelite speakers and the subwoofer are built really sturdy. No toslink digital connectionValue is a small steepWhen used with dolby digital codec distortion happens I think the speakers are rather excellent but I will up date once I have hooked them up by way of an independent sound card verses onboard audio as I was a little unimpressed, just expected a little a lot more forom the pricing and corsair.
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Product Features

2.1 Channel AUX Input

Corsair SP2500 Gaming Audio Series High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System
The Corsair SP2500 Gaming Audio Series High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System has a powerful 2.1-channel PC speaker system for gamers who demand high-fidelity audio, great stereo imaging, and dramatic bass performance. The Gaming Audio Series SP2500 high-power 2.1 PC speaker system is the product of a design philosophy that embraces the importance of clean, detailed audio reproduction ? not just for games, but for movies and music as well. Building a great PC speaker system is more than about giving you room-shaking power. You also need optimal imaging and positional accuracy, and sonic depth and detail. Since you have only one speaker system, you don?t want to make compromises. That?s why we?ve created the SP2500.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Digital signal processor and dynamic digital crossovers
  • Two-way satellite has discrete digital amplifiers for both the specially developed 3? midrange driver
  • A flexible and capable audio hub that will give you years of performance

A Closer Look


  • The smartest speaker system you?ve ever met
    The digital signal processor and dynamic digital crossovers provide sophisticated processing and equalization effects for a listening experience that simply can?t be matched on ordinary analog speaker systems. Enjoy late night gaming or movies without disturbing others, adjust your listening experience for your favorite gaming, film and music genres, and choose from custom listening environments.

  • The beauty of bi-amplification, and more
    Each two-way satellite has discrete digital amplifiers for both the specially developed 3? midrange driver and the custom-designed 1? ferrofluid-cooled, silk dome tweeter for accurate reproduction. You?ll enjoy pristine audio that?s clean and tight, even when pushed to the limits. You?ll also experience stereo imaging that?s nothing short of amazing, creating a compelling experience that?s as close as possible to how the recording engineer or the game designer intended.

  • You?re in control
    We?ve designed the Gaming Audio Series SP2500 to be a flexible and capable audio hub that will give you years of performance through multiple PC upgrades. You get a PC input, two additional audio inputs (perfect for a gaming console and your MP3 or network music player), and a headphone connector that lets you tap into the incredible digital processing power even when you?re listening in private.

    Master them all with the desktop controller. The 1.8? (4.6cm) color TFT display looks great, day or night, and the intuitive menu system is simple and straightforward.

  • The Corsair Advantage
    With more than 15 years of building enthusiast-grade memory and components, we?ve earned a reputation for quality, compatibility, and performance. Need help? We?re available by phone call, email, or web forum.

  • True Power Reporting
    Wattages stated are the sine wave continuous average power output measured using US FTC Title 16 Part 432 (RMS) rating, not ?peak? or maximum power output.

Product Specifications

Brand Corsair
Model SP2500
General SPEC
Configuration 2.1
Total Power 232 w
Satellite RMS Power /ea 56 w
Frequency Response 35Hz – 20kHz +- 3dB
Dimension Subwoofer: 18.1" x 10.2" x 11.7"
Satellite: 4.25" x 4.7" x 6.25"
Features Designed to be the reference standard in PC audio

232 watts of power provided by six Class D amplifiers

Bi-amplified, two-way satellites for clear, detailed reproduction

120 watt subwoofer for clean, accurate bass that fills the room
Package Contents Subwoofer
Satellites (Two)
Desktop controller with 6’ / 1.8m cable
3.5mm to stereo RCA cable for PC input
Two 6’ / 1.8m satellite audio cables with ATX4 connectors
Power cable

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