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Corsair Carbide Series 750D Full Tower Gaming Case ATX 4 TOOL-FREE SSD Cages 2MODULAR Drive Cage

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Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower ATX Case
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Obsidian Series 750D FullTower
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Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower ATX Case - Full-tower - Black - Aluminum, Steel - 9 x Bay - 3 x 5.51" x Fan(s) Installed - ATX, EATX, µATX, Mini ITX, XL-ATX, Mini ATX Motherboard Supporte
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Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower ATX Case - Full-tower - Black - Aluminum Steel - 9 x Bay - 3 x 5.51`` (140 mm) x Fan(s) Installed - ATX EATX   $204.00 CAD Buy Now

Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Full Tower ATX Case - Full-tower - Black - Aluminum, Steel - 9 x Bay - 3 x 5.51IN x Fan( (CC-9011035-WW)   $213.26 CAD Buy Now

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Corsair Obsidian Series 750D CC-9011035-WW Black Brushed Aluminum and Steel ATX Corsair Obsidian Series 750D CC-9011035-WW Black Brushed Aluminum and Steel ATX $194.99 CAD Shop Now
Corsair Obsidian Series 750D CC-9011035-WW Full Tower Case Corsair Obsidian Series 750D CC-9011035-WW Full Tower Case $197.09 CAD Shop Now
Corsair 750D CC-9011035-WW Obsidian Series Full Tower ATX Case - Full-tower Corsair 750D CC-9011035-WW Obsidian Series Full Tower ATX Case - Full-tower $210.22 CAD Shop Now
CORSAIR CC-9011035-WW Obsidian Series 750D FullTower CORSAIR CC-9011035-WW Obsidian Series 750D FullTower $261.63 CAD Shop Now
Corsair Obsidian Series 750d Full Tower Atx Case - Full-tower - Black - Corsair Obsidian Series 750d Full Tower Atx Case - Full-tower - Black - $265.90 CAD Shop Now
NEW Corsair 750D CC-9011035-WW Obsidian Series Full Tower ATX Case - Full-tower NEW Corsair 750D CC-9011035-WW Obsidian Series Full Tower ATX Case - Full-tower $313.80 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Corsair Carbide Series 750D Full Tower Gaming Case ATX 4 TOOL-FREE SSD Cages 2MODULAR Drive Cage
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.93/10
With 15 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/25/15
Cons: none

Pros: lots space
got it i would recommend this for space lover summer coming so testing it out if it goes hot

Review Date: 02/04/15
Cons: the latches for the front fan cover are weak, front drive bays look really bad if you want to put anything in there, bottom dust filters vibrate.

Pros: sleek and simplistic design. lots of room for anything you want to install.
when i bought this case the front fan cover panel latches were broken because the panel is not secured well enough for shipping IMO, had to RMA because of that and the bezel was broken as well. my replacement had the same issue with one of the latches being broken. but i was able to fix it, so i decided to cut my loses.you can see when im talking about herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1X1ur2-LFgover all the case is a good case

Review Date: 02/02/15
Cons: cheap plastic door catches.

Pros: Spacey
overall ok. but for the price they could improve the plastic door catches

Review Date: 01/17/15
Cons: None so far

Pros: Easy to use, great design and very well ventilated!
Plenty of space for any heatsink or graphics card!

Review Date: 12/26/14
Cons: 5 1/2 in Drive bays do not look good without their cover installedSide panel, being acrylic scratches easilyFront I/O connectors aren't sleeved near the connector (looks worse then my multicolored 24pin)The Brushed Aluminium front fascia stains easily

Pros: SpaciousSleek looking (clean and simple)Rubber GrommetsLots of Fan mountsSSD mounting brackets2 sets of Hard drive caddies (can store 3 in each (total of 6)All motherboard standoffs preinstalledLarge CPU cut out for aftermarket heatsinks.
This case is spacious, sleek looking and remains professional looking, as I come to expect from Corsair. The windowed side panel is a bit on the wonky side, with some flex and since it is made of acrylic, its scratches easily. The five and a quarter inch drive bay doors looks sleek when installed but once you put a DVD drive in the there, it ruins the whole aesthetic of the case. The brushed aluminium front fascia stains REALLY easily so I recommend keeping contact with your bare hands at a minimum. There are tons of fan mounting options and 4 SSD drive mounts (you can mount more in the drive caddies). This case works great with water cooling rigs. The cables for the front I/O (HD Audio and USB 2.0) aren't sleeved and they are an eye sore in my rig. Although there may be many things in this case that had problems, I would still recommend this case to anyone who will be building a rig with water cooling in mind or just want to have 3 video cards in one system.

Review Date: 12/20/14
Cons: -More features on the front panel would be nice

Pros: -Very Spacious-Good Cooling & Room for Liquid Cooler-Tooless Access-Window!-Metal Design
We got the Corsair 750D case as part of a promotion with mail-in rebate. It was very good for our first workstation build, providing ample room for all the components and near-tooless installation of all the components. Loved how the built-in motherboard standoffs allow the board to just click into place. The cable routing area was also a plus to keep everything tidy. Very well designed, and arrived on time!

Review Date: 12/12/14
Cons: -Nothing I can really think of

Pros: -Beautiful minimal design-Large side window-Cable management-Watercooling capable-Spacious-Plenty of mounts
This case is a beast! It has plenty of room for pretty much anything you want to throw at it. Construction quality is great, except for the front door that was damaged during shipping (apparently this happens a lot). This case is damn beautiful.

Review Date: 11/16/14
Cons: External bays look bad with anything in them.

Pros: Huge windowQuiet fansTons of roomEasy to clean filtersEasy cable managementTons of room.
Currently two SLI GTX 770 and a liquid cooling system for CPU. There is so much room left over its ridiculous.Removed one stack of internal bays for better air flow.Installing everything into the case was breeze with all the room.Fans are more quiet than I expected. The little noise there is doesn't justify me replacing them with ugly Noctuas when there's such a nice big window.

Review Date: 10/20/14
Cons: Drive Bays Hurt Aesthetic

Pros: Lots of SpaceCable Management RoomClassy Look
I really love this case. I spent a lot of time searching for a classy, high end, AIO-friendly case and the 750d fit the bill nicely. It's a joy to build in.Tons of room inside for anything you could wish to install, a triple rad AIO cooler fits on the top (although it blocks the optical drive bays). A full inch of cable management room behind the mobo tray and plenty of grommets in good locations.The only complaints I have are pretty nit-picky, the thumb-screws are not self-retaining like other high end cases, there is no PSU shroud/compartment.There is no built-in case lighting (for better or worse). Please DO NOT use the drive bays, completely ruins the look of of the front of the case.I would recommend it to just about anyone looking for a mid or full tower case.

Review Date: 08/01/14
Cons: expensive

Pros: Sleek design, lots of space, good cable management
Overall I am fairly impressed with this case. It has more room than I could possible require which is good if I ever decide to upgrade. There is tons of space for cable management. If you are looking for a nice looking case with tons of room, I recommend you pick this guy up!

Review Date: 07/03/14
Cons: None to be seen, except maybe for the a bit higher price.

Pros: Big window, nice defined line and surface that doesn't try to stand out.
Great case that should be used to display your rig.

Review Date: 03/07/14
Cons: didn't come with all the motherboard standoffs

Pros: case looks great case some nice features
over all case is great just wish it had all the part when it got here

Review Date: 01/14/14
Cons: - Lacks 1 dust filter for the optional bottom intake. At least if you remove the ugly huge optional HDD cage.- All this greatness as such low price at to come from somewhere. They've cut on the quality of the material as the metal casing of my 800D is quite heavier, less flexible and have an overall better feeling. Even the side window feels cheaper, flex more and makes an annoying sound if you barely move/touch it.- Don't know if it's because the case is new or if it's because the new window is way cheaper than on my 800D but it's a real dust magnet! Some static on the window which I didn't have before.

Pros: - Perfect height/size. My 800D was too big for nothing.- Only 140mm fan are used, better intake than 800D.- Magnetic dust filters are awesome!- Water-cooling friendly but I'm just using air-cooling anyway.- Very large side window and viewing the 3.5/5.25 bay isn't as bad as I'd thought but you better do a good cable management job!- The case gives a lot of screws, all black.- Case come "pre-mounted" with the spacers for the motherboard so you don't need to put anything to put the board, really great.- Ridiculously cheap for a full tower! Regular price isn't bad already at 175$, yet I've paid 140$ - 20$ Mail Rebate during Black Friday :)- Possible to add 2 extra 120mm bottom fans + either 3x120 or 2x140mm top exhaust.
It seems like a downgrade from my 800D but I'm happy overall as it's less bulky now, looks better, have a larger side window, more airflow, dust filters that I didn't have, the feet of the case don't feel like they will break as it has happened on my 800D. I will soon when they will be available in Canada, add 2x140mm + 2x120mm fans from Cougar, not their Vortex line but their newer/better. I'm just waiting for the non-led version as I highly recommend getting the (NZXT Hue) if you want to add light inside ur case, it will be 100x better than any other possible mod. As for the fans, the best controller is the (NZXT Sentry Mix2). So on the 3 5.25 bay I have one for the Hue, Fan Controller and Blu-Ray burner. No wasted space like the way too big 800D.

Review Date: 12/21/13
Cons: none

Pros: big, a lot of space for SSD, HDD and fans
bought it when it was on sale for $135 and air flow is nice, like this window more!!

Review Date: 11/29/13
Cons: Case looks bad if the drive bay cover is taken offMissing motherboard standoff screws

Pros: Beautiful CaseLarge side panelA lot of room for water coolingModular drive cages
This is a beautiful case with a ton of room for anything you need. There are extra SSD mounts on the back which is convenient, and the cage bays are modular so you can remove for extra room. There is a lot of room for expansions, and a 360 rad on the top. The brushed aluminum looks really sleek and the large side window shows everything inside the case. The case was missing standoff screws, but not a big deal. The beautiful aluminum front looks terrible with a drive bay cover removed - if you decide to use an ODD, it ruins the aesthetics.I would highly suggest this case.
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Product Features

Computer Case ATX
Fan Included USB 3.0

Corsair Obsidian 750D Computer Case
Build your own PC in the Corsair Obsidian 750D Computer Case. This Full Tower Case has all the space you need to build a state-of-art machine. It is ATX motherboard compatible with 4 Front USB slots. It has 9 Expansion slots, 2 Internal 3.5" Drive Bays, and 8 Fan Slots. You also get 3 Fans of 140mm included in the case. Buy the Corsair Obsidian 750D Computer Case to build you dream machine today!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Full Tower Case; ample space to fit in all you need
  • 8 Fan Slots & 3 Fans included; provides perfect cooling for high end processors and drives
  • Multiple Drive Slots; fits two 3.5" drives
  • ATX Compatible; easily fits the latest high-end motherboards in market

Product Specifications

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