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MadCatz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 6400 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse PC/MAC Compatible - Matte Black

MadCatz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 6400 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse PC/MAC Compatible - Matte Black (Saitek: CCB4370800B2041/MCB4370800B2041)
SaitekVPN: CCB4370800B2041/MCB4370800B2041
Vendor: Saitek
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MadCatz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 6400 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse PC/MAC Compatible - Matte Black
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.6/10
With 5 User Reviews

Review Date: 10/06/12
Cons: -Rubbery coating can wear off-In warmer months the glue on the feet can get too soft-Not as customizable as I would have liked-Very finicky laser if you have lots of dust or animals(ugh, cat hair)

Pros: -Great design-Customizable -Better than any other gaming mouse(like a Naga) for large hands like mine
Its hard to really put down thoughts on PC peripheral devices like mice or keyboards or gamepads, because you really have to use them yourself for a few months to see if theyre for you. The customization of the sides and back are wonderful, but I really advise trying out the RAT5 first to see how it fits your hands because its cheaper and you dont "need" the RAT7 unless you need it. Though once I got used to the pinky rest its really nice to not have your fingers sliding on the mousepad. That said I do not regret paying ~$100 for this mouse, though Im not sure if I would buy the same one again because Id probably be happy with a RAT5. It functions great, it feels great in my hands, the thumb wheel has a variety of uses, and a DPI toggle is something you wouldnt think youd need until youve used it(like sniping). The one thing that Im iffy on is the rubber coating. Its just sprayed on, and where my thumb rests my nails have cut through a bit and theyre "long". I mean the coating is great since my hands sweat a lot and they wont slip, and its my own fault for not clipping my damn nails, but since its on a part of the mouse thats not modular it highlights the issue. It really needs to be even more modular, because modability is the main reason to even get a RAT7.

Review Date: 09/18/12
Cons: Uncomfortable initial useno carry case

Pros: Amazing customizationcatered towards larger handsQuality feel, heavyComfortable after first week
Great mouse over all, been using for numerous games online, fps, MOBA, MMO's everything runs great with multiple profiles and great customization. Cramped my hands for the first few days but was a perfect fit after I'd gotten used to is. Solid construction everywhere, easy to change the shape whenever needed with built in allen key. Would recommend to any one if they were to throw down 100, grabbed for a good 70 online

Review Date: 09/15/12
Cons: Software isn't too good

Pros: Comfortable, Adjustable, great tracking, High Quality, Customizable
This is my first gaming mouse, and from the ones I have seen it is my favorite. The profiles and the button to lower the dpi help a lot for different games and the button for sniping. It comes with customizable grips, is adjustable in almost every way and is a great mouse.

Review Date: 08/02/12
Cons: Software that comes with it needs to be more intuitive.

Pros: Adjustable and customizable. Great add on palm and finger rests.
Great mouse works awesome. I'm lost without the functionality of its profiles in Battlefield 3 because you have all you gadgets and grenades at your fingertips.If you download the profiles that work with the mouse (BF3, Star Craft) make sure you put them in the default directory that shows up when you originally try to load a profile.After putting them in the default directory the profiles will then be able to be chosen from the system tray icon instead of clicking on OPTIONS>>PROGRAMMING

Review Date: 07/10/12
Cons: x, y, locking (rarely)

Pros: ComfortableCustomizableGood tracking
This is a great mouse, that is all that needs to be said.But, I will say more...It comes with a box with 4 different grip pieces, so you can change the pinky and palm rests. other than that, you can adjust the position of the thumb rest (forward, back, angle left), along with change the weight of this mouse.The software makes it easy to customise the controls, along with the DPI setting adjustment. You can adjust how sensitive setting 1-4 are, from a low 100, to 5600 DPI.Overall, its a great mouse.

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