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Cougar Turbine CF-T12S4 Case Fan

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Cougar Turbine CFT12S4 Hyper Spin 1200RPM 120mm 3-pin Computer Case Fan 4-pack Cougar Turbine CFT12S4 Hyper Spin 1200RPM 120mm 3-pin Computer Case Fan 4-pack $43.98 CAD Shop Now
Cougar Turbine 120 CF-T12S4 120mm Hyperspin Bearing Case Fan (Orange) Cougar Turbine 120 CF-T12S4 120mm Hyperspin Bearing Case Fan (Orange) $46.06 CAD Shop Now
Cougar Turbine Hyperspin 12CM 60 CFM 17.7 dBA Silent Co Cougar Turbine Hyperspin 12CM 60 CFM 17.7 dBA Silent Co $49.76 CAD Shop Now
Cougar Turbine 120 Cf-t12s4 120mm Hyperspin Bearing Case Fan [orange] (cft12s4) Cougar Turbine 120 Cf-t12s4 120mm Hyperspin Bearing Case Fan [orange] (cft12s4) $49.86 CAD Shop Now

Product Reviews

Cougar Turbine CF-T12S4 Case Fan
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.43/10
With 21 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/26/15
Cons: None

Pros: Great build quality and quite quiet =)
I have bought 3 packs of these fan and I've never had a problem with them. If you are a silence ENTHUSIAST these may not be for you, but if you're just looking to get some extra cooling for a reasonably price I would highly recommend these!

Review Date: 03/09/15
Cons: Trying to install them in my Phantom 530 was a pain, though, because the screw holes weren't exactly cooperating with the provided screws.

Pros: These fans look fantastic, run quietly, and keep my temperatures low.
I got them on sale, and they're all doing their part. Really happy with them! The screw issue wasn't a big deal, but definitely would have been easier to install without that.

Review Date: 02/21/15
Cons: none

Pros: good combo price, nice looking, silent
nice color on my case, not expensive and doing the job perfectly.

Review Date: 02/20/15
Cons: no

Pros: silentgood looking in my phantom 630pushing ALOT of air
no problem just buy them and you will have a great experience

Review Date: 10/23/14
Cons: none

Pros: silentgood looking in my 900Dpushing ALOT of air
easy just buy them

Review Date: 05/24/14
Cons: None

Pros: QuietLots of airflow
Cheap and great performing fans. There is enough airflow to push a lot of air but makes little noise. Makes for excellent case fans. Best value for 120mm fans.

Review Date: 05/21/14
Cons: no PWM.

Pros: Price, looks, quality. decently quiet.
I bought this pack, and it made it to PEI the next day. Well done! These fans are a fantastic deal at $20 and match the cougar archon very well. The fans are fairly hefty, and seem to move more air than the AC f12 pro PWM fans I bought not too long ago at full load, while being slightly quieter.

Review Date: 03/29/14
Cons: none

Pros: Quiet, Lots of Airflow, Price
Best fans for the buck. Moves LOTS of air. Very Quiet.Using is with rads

Review Date: 02/15/14
Cons: - can still hear little bid of noise but no complains for the price that i got them for

Pros: - cheap- looks great- high air flow
Great product and works well except I can still hear little noise, maybe I expected too much? but I got these for $19.99 and I will buy them again if I need more. Can feel it pushing lot of air as well and looks great in orange when its spinning

Review Date: 02/06/14
Cons: if there are 80mm, 92mm available...

Pros: I bought this package (four fans included) for $19.99 last week, all fans work as expected, not like XXX master that anounced 19dB actually felt like more thak 25dB.
Cougar is not the best, but the price is affordable, and the fans work just like the manufacturer said, I can hear noise only when I am a half metre close to the fan.

Review Date: 01/07/14
Cons: None

Pros: StylishQuietCFMPrice per fan
Great looking and great performing fans. At $5 each when on sale you probably can't find much better. I love the orange, works well with the rest of my blue components. I use them in push/pull on my 120mm closed loop cooler for my cpu and they work OK.

Review Date: 12/27/13
Cons: None

Pros: ColorQuiet3 Pin Connectors
They are fans, they aren't better than many other fans at this price point but they also aren't worse. If you're looking for something that spins and continues to spin right round like a record baby then these will do the job.
Highlander Islander@NCIX

Review Date: 11/26/13
Cons: none

Pros: Great quality, great value, quiet, efficient
Great quality fans and you can't beat the price per unit. Very quiet and efficient, lots of CFM airflow. Nice long cables and each fan comes with a molex adapter as well. Highly recommended and will definitely buy again.

Review Date: 11/02/13
Cons: None

Pros: Quiet, Moves a lot of air
For the sale price of $20, these are very good in value. The box comes with 4 fans and adapters as well as screws neatly packaged. The fan blades have this groove that supposedly allows more air to move through. They work quieter than the $5 Cooler Masters often on sale while moving air to the touch. Will definitely stock up on these for future builds when another sale comes around.

Review Date: 10/11/13
Cons: some users say can get noisy at max rpm's but tune down quite well and I don't find them any noisier than other fans of the same rpm range in this cfm / static pressure range/bracket to be perfectly honest.

Pros: 5$ per fanSolid Build qualityGood static pressurereasonable sound levels for the flow and pressure givinmoves good amounts of airlook good if you like orange
You have to understand your getting very similar to the highest end 120mm fan performance h 5$ per fan in this pack.These fans put out solid static pressure for Rad use at a relatively quiet noise level for the performance your getting.most high end fans putting out the same air flow and static pressure that these fans do are about the same or louder in sound levels.I'm quite impressed I setup a entire water cooling system using these and the results were very good even compared to Sythe gentle typhoons I've used in other builds.Reviews of Cougar fans vs other high end fans of similar rpm ranges have been quite favorable and have been upsetting the balance of performance per dollar lately.I expect cougar to either increase the price of their lineup's in the future or other companies to bring their prices down to compete with this company in the future.Even cougars higher end series is about half the price of the gentle typhoons I bought for my Guest rig.Hard to go wrong here and if you don't like orange they have 4 packs of black.

Review Date: 09/19/13
Cons: I own both CF-T12 and CF-V12. If you like to buy this cooler fan ,buy the CF-V12.It runs so smooth.Even full load no noise.But Cf-T12 is cheap.It does not even have the rubber coat on the side to prevent vibration.

Pros: Nice elegant looking.
CF-V12 are each $13-$15.You get the quality what you pay for.

Review Date: 06/19/13
Cons: None for the price

Pros: CheapQuietLooks good
Got this at 16$ after PM, not bad for 4 fans.It's not silent at full speed but with a fan speed controller, they become very quiet and still push a lot of air.

Review Date: 06/03/13
Cons: none got for great sale price

Pros: high quality at a great price
great fans.good air pressure for rads etc. and orange blades

Review Date: 05/26/13
Cons: none

Pros: quietperformancegood quality /price
nice deal for 23$ . working really good ,nice value
Dalek Phalm@NCIX

Review Date: 05/08/13
Cons: -None given price/performance ratio

Pros: -Fantastic value-Reasonably quiet-Decent performance-Weren't orange!
I needed some 120mm fans for a case mod I was doing for a 16 bay SAS Expander in my living room. The stock fans were 80mm delta fans running at near 10K RPM, and the whole case was incredibly loud.I decided to put in some 120mm fans, but didn't want to break the bank. I picked up this 4-pack, on sale, and was INCREDIBLY pleased with the results. The fan's are pretty whisper quiet, considering they aren't really designed as super low-dBA fans. The performance is reasonable, and I was super glad to find out that my fans weren't actually orange!No, these aren't Noctua NF-12's, and won't break any performance records, but the entire 4pack costs almost the same as one high end fan. I cannot complain one bit with them, AND I have 2 extras for additional cooling in any of my computer systems.If you need some fans, even as spares, or for a system that doesn't require the absolute most high end fans, then I highly recommend these.

Review Date: 04/13/13
Cons: not digging the orange...

Pros: move a lot of air, amazing quality for the price!
I bought it on sale as a 4 pack. Altho a little loud for me, they tune down easily with a fan controller or fanXpert on most ASUS MB or equivalent... Push a lot of air, but to be expected when that happens it gets noisy. Had to order some stuff anyways the next week and the all black ones of these were on sale too, so bought another 4 pack, which one can see through my case, but the orange ones I can hide, so its not a big deal, but ummm just knowing theres a mismatch... for a supposed 1200rpm these are quite loud, but given the fact they are the same price for 1 other little quieter 120mm fan, you get 4 for the price of one....
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Product Features

120mm Fan

Cougar Turbine CFT12S4 120mm 4 Pack Case Fan
The Cougar Turbine CFT12S4 120mm 4 Pack Case Fan delivers top-notch cooling and airflow to your high-end systems. The Cougar Turbine CFT12S4 120mm 4 Pack Case Fan includes four 120mm fans with a nine diversion groove blade design that focuses air flow to ensure optimum cooling efficiency. Its aero-dynamical design effectively reduces noisy air turbulence so you can enjoy smooth and silent operations. Plus, the hyper-spin bearing ensures a longer life expectancy than most standard fans. Purchase the Cougar Turbine CFT12S4 120mm 4 Pack Case Fan today!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Four 120mm fans; provides ample airflow within the system
  • Aero-dynamical design; ensures reliable, silent operations
  • Hyper-spin bearing; enjoy longer lasting performance

Product Specifications

TypeCase Fan
Fan Size120mm
Bearing TypeHyper-spin
Air Flow60.4 CFM
Noise Level17.7 dBA
Power Connector3 Pin
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