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Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Blue Switches Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Black

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Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Blue Switches Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Black
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Kiddo Cham@NCIX

Review Date: 04/11/15
Cons: screw beside escape key is somewhat of an imperfection

Pros: high grade construction, brushed aluminum surface, media controls, cherry mx blue keys
The cherry MX blue keys are one of the best keys for typists, and yet not recommended as one of the best gaming keys I find it to be ideal as its my primary use. The audible keys make typing faster for me making it a very pleasant experience. The con I listed was just because I couldn't really think of anything its a tiny screw that is visible. The raised keys are very attractive and the volume control is a roller that works very well in all applications. Very satisfied, would recommend. Though this product takes up two usb ports it also give you one on the keyboard itself

Review Date: 02/24/15
Cons: -Limited LED options-Pricey-LED's tend to die very quickly

Pros: -Awesome build quality-Cherry MX Blues -Red LED's-Media keys-2 year warranty-Easy to clean-Brushed Aluminum chassis
My very first impression of the kK70 was the amount of detail and quality that Corsair had invested into it - and it's truly amazing.When I initially picked up the K70 it was quite cold due to the fact that Corsair utilizes brushed aluminum (now it definitely matches my Cosmos 2!) for the chassis of the keyboard with the keys levitating over it rather than being embedded into it. Additionally, the aluminum frame also adds to the solidness of the keyboard, making it almost impossible for it to flex or ultimately break.The K70 also features a fully back-lit keyboard with red LED's that pack in quite a few features in terms of not only lighting effects, but lighting profiles and brightness controls as-well. I have to say that the red lighting goes very well with the brushed aluminum, as it reflects off of it giving the keyboard a very sleek look: especially in a dark room.As of the mechanical switches, Iíve used blacks and most recently browns, but the Cherry MX Blues really make this keyboard come to life, with an amazing tactile feel with a very satisfying "click", I think that these switches should really be implemented onto more keyboards - since I was having much difficulties trying to find blues on most of the Corsair keyboards. In addition, the Corsair RGB line up (K95) doesnít even have the option for blues at all, only Browns and Reds, in which is very unfortunate since people have strong personal preferences towards certain switch types. Considering that the K70 has the options for Browns, Reds, and Blues, I clearly donít see why they couldnít pull this off for the newer RGB keyboards Ė but hopefully if enough people mention it Corsair may change their minds.In contrast, I really like the K70 Vengeance thus far; Even though it took me a little while to cope with the higher resistance switches and raised keys, itís all part of the experience. I hope that in the future I will not run into any dead LEDís as some individuals were having in multiple forums, but it certainly wasn't the majority of K70 owners, some people had no dead LEDís 16 months in and some were getting them as little as 2 weeks in. So I stand firm with the K70 and also the 2 year warranty it-self, and would highly recommend this to anybody who wants a sleek consistent keyboard with the options of MX Blues.
Roger D ©1999@NCIX

Review Date: 01/25/15
Cons: NONE...

Pros: Solid, Heavy, Quality, Sexy..
Get this, I bought this for a guy that is using this at a local Township Office whom is using this keyboard for email...and Office. LOL... He absolutely can't get over the feel of this keyboard! In his words, "wow what the h*ll am I typing on?"He was blown right out of the water on the noise (which he loves to hear himself type) and the response to the ease of typing he has been treated to. He didn't know what I was buying him, he just asked to purchase a keyboard for him. When this arrived I briefed him on the purpose we gamers like these so much and the quality of the key components because he was looking at the bill! Regardless, he shut right up and went to town mashing his keyboard like a wailing baby given a chocolate soaked pacifier! If you can afford a keyboard because yea it takes a 9th look at the price...I'd recommend thinking about one of these!

Review Date: 11/04/14
Cons: none!

Pros: Well built, great response while typing or gaming
I love this keyboard, well worth the cost of it! The clicks while typing are very audible, just like a mechanical keyboard should be! I'm happy I got it!

Review Date: 05/20/14
Cons: Too bad corsair discontinued the Gunmetal gray with blue LEDs.

Pros: Good quality and good for both gaming and typing.
Got it with price match. I would recommend this for both typing and gaming. Don't believe the MX red activists that keep saying red switches are better. Believe me, MX blue gives you greater feedback in all aspect than rubber dome feel of mx red. It was this or blackwidow from razor, but I picked corsair even though it was more expensive. It was worth it. You just can't beat the quality.

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