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Zalman CNPS8000B Pure COPPER/ALUMINUM Heatpipe CPU Cooler 92MM LGA1156 1155 1366 775 AM3 AM2+ AM2

Zalman CNPS8000B Pure COPPER/ALUMINUM Heatpipe CPU Cooler 92MM LGA1156 1155 1366 775 AM3 AM2+ AM2 (ZALMAN TECH: CNPS8000B)
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Product Reviews

Zalman CNPS8000B Pure COPPER/ALUMINUM Heatpipe CPU Cooler 92MM LGA1156 1155 1366 775 AM3 AM2+ AM2
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8/10
With 3 User Reviews
Flying Pig@NCIX

Review Date: 01/13/13
Cons: Serious overclockers will want something larger

Pros: Quiet, effective, and very easy to install
Bought this to replace the small aluminum cooler that came with an i7-3770K. The Zalman cooler installed easily without fiddling, it's very quiet; with the CPU at 100% and reporting 65 C, the fan stays at an inaudible 1100 rpm. It moves enough air to keep voltage regulators and memory happy. I've used Zalman coolers in several builds and have never been disappointed.

Review Date: 09/25/12
Cons: - Rear mounting plate *may* interfere on some boards, but not mine.

Pros: - Low profile, offset design.- Quiet- Good cooling
I purchased this for use on my LGA1155 mITX board. I specifically needed something that would clear the RAM slots ok with standard height modules, clear the PCIe port for a GPU and be low enough for a mITX case with limited headroom. From my research, this is the only heatsink I could find that fit the bill. It runs about 10C cooler than the Intel HSF and even at 100% fan speed, it only emits a whooshing which isn't offensive at all.Alternatively for those of you looking at the 100mm Scythe Shuriken, be advised that because the bulk of that heatsink isn't offset relative to the base, it WILL block the PCIe slot on most present gen mITX boards by an annoying few mm.

Review Date: 03/03/12
Cons: It would appear that for whatever reason I have been able to break my main motherboard with this setup. very poor instructions on how to tighten screws

Pros: seems to keep things cooler than stock. nice and quiet
Instructions say nothing about tightening. Upon initial inspection I noticed the springs with the stops for the screws so when tightening down I did not think that it would harm to tighten to the stops ... wrong. After the first board I figured that maybe getting it out of the case I had hit something.Needing a computer downstairs, I salvaged another board and installed the cooler on it... same results. Everything turns on with no post. On this board I attempted to loosen the screws thinking that maybe it was too tight.... sure enough I was able to get a system to post. I put the stock setup back onto the original board however it still will not post. It seems to work fine on the current board and is nice and quiet. i just would have preferred a little better instructions to be included. Hopefully with this review being the first no one else will follow in my footsteps and tighten too much.

Product Features

Cooling Fan 92mm Fan

Zalman CPU Cooler (CNPS8000B)
The Zalman CPU Cooler provides a great balance of performance and noise level during operations. This versatile all-in-one cooler is driven by a 92mm fan to circulate cool air inside the CPU, and supports Intel/AMD Sockets. The PWM control keeps the fan silent if no additional cooling is necessary, but can also increase the fan speed whenever it becomes too heated. This ultra quiet fan with fluid shield bearing and 1400 ~ 2800 RPM speed delivers efficient heat dissipation to keep your CPU cool. Plus, the 20 ~ 32 dBA ± 10% Noise level minimizes noise and provides excellent cooling. With a Aluminum/Copper based heatsink, this unit ensures amazing heat dissipation. In addition, it also comes with 4 Pin Power Connector. Buy the Zalman CPU Cooler and keep your system cool always.

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • 92mm fan; it circulates cool air inside the CPU
  • PWM control; lets you increase the fan speed whenever it becomes too heated
  • Fluid shield bearing and 1400 ~ 2800 RPM speed; delivers efficient heat dissipation to keep your CPU cool
  • 20 ~ 32 dBA ± 10% Noise level; minimizes noise and provides excellent cooling
  • Aluminum/Copper based; it ensures you amazing heat dissipation

Product Specifications

TypeFan & Heatsinks
Fan Size92mm
CompatibilityIntel LGA1156/1155/1366/775

Bearing TypeFSB (Fluid Shield Bearing)
RPM1400 ~ 2800rpm ± 10 %
Noise Level20 ~ 32dBA ± 10 %
Power Connector4 Pin
Heatsink MaterialAluminum & Copper
Physical Spec
Heatsink Dimensions108(L) X 108(W) X 66(H)mm
Features4 'c' Shaped Heatpipes

The CPU cooler's height is 66mm and designed to be installed in ATX case as well as slim or LP (low profile) cases.
Package Contents
Package ContentsCooler
Side Caps
Loading Block
Double-sided Tape
Thermal Grease (ZM-STG2M)
User’s Manual
Intel Clips
AMD Clips
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