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Apex DM-317 mATX HTPC Case Silver Black 1X5.25 1X3.5 1X3.5INT 275W Low Profile Front Firewire

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Product Reviews

Apex DM-317 mATX HTPC Case Silver Black 1X5.25 1X3.5 1X3.5INT 275W Low Profile Front Firewire
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.86/10

Review Date: 12/13/13
Cons: low power supply

Pros: Great case for the price.
Robust housing and enough space for mounting.
I Got 6 Strings@NCIX

Review Date: 06/14/12
Cons: Heavy and a bit of a retro look to the device. My friends think its an old VCR.There is no slot for a 2.5" drive and there are very few screw holes to install a 3.5" drive. There was no where to mount my bracket for my SSD drive so I had to improvise.

Pros: Great case. Solid build and overal decent quality for the price. Lots of features too.
Great case for the price but if you can afford an extra $20-$30 I suggest getting something a bit nicer.

Review Date: 06/07/12
Cons: Unable to mount flash card reader

Pros: Small, sturdy, fits in shelf with other AV components
Used this for a budget HTPC build and was ideal as a basic case that came with a power supply (although non standard) The only glitch was that I couldn't put in my nGear 3.5" flash card reader because it didn't have top screw holes for the case rack that housed the drives.

Review Date: 04/23/12
Cons: Noisy exaust fan

Pros: Compact Design, sturdy design, Power Supply works great
Purchased 2 as part of an office PC upgrade project. They fit the bill perfectly. The side fan is on the noisy side, but not a huge deal. Power supply adequate for office build. Nice basic, small case that represents an excellent value.

Review Date: 04/07/12
Cons: Cant seem to find replacement PSUs or upgraded wattage

Pros: Cheap comes with PSU
Nice small design, fits right into my shelf with all my other home entertainment. Cheap and its comes with PSU thought its only 270w, most HTPC wont need anymore.all in all everything fits great and install we very smooth. instructions are a little vague, but if you have exp building computers, its a breeze

Review Date: 08/01/11
Cons: None That I think off.

Pros: Great looking case, Good quality. PSU as enough power
Really great computer case for small workstation computer or for building a small HTPC or router.The only 80mm fan is well placed and offer a good ventilation (For the kind of computer you build with that).Have bought 4 of them already and would recommand tehm to anyone with tight budget. They are inexpensive when they are in sale.

Review Date: 06/02/11
Cons: Drive Bay Covers Hard To Remove, Screws Supplied Low Quality

Pros: Solid Build Quality, Good Looks, Slim Form Factor, Nice Drive Cage
This case was used in a budget system for one of my customers.I would definitely use this case again, it's couple downfalls do not in any way outweigh the good things about it.I would recommend this case to anyone looking for an HTPC case, or just a Slim-line case in general.If APEX products are all this good, I'll be purchasing alot more of them.

Review Date: 03/17/11
Cons: DVD/HD drive cage sits on a rubber stud. It was too high once I have installed my hard drive. I need to cut to make it a proper length. Not a big deal.

Pros: Solid look and feel.
I was fully satisfied with the case. The case metal is nice and feel solid.

Review Date: 12/12/10
Cons: Case fan is a little loud but not too bad considering my Xbox 360 is still louder than the PC

Pros: Perfect for my htpc, includes power supply and case fan
Overall I am completely satisfied with the case. Low profile radeon HD 5450 fits perfectly in the case. Technically only one hdd bay however I was able to fit another hidden in the floppy disk drive bay without any issues.

Review Date: 12/02/10
Cons: chassis/body design

Pros: small and compact, quiet
i bought this after i knew it would fit in my ikea shelf, lol. it JUST fits with space to spare for books and such, but when the case fan gets blocked...the chassis for the drives is kinda neat, good concept, but is partly the reason i don't like it: makes the case deeper. i also agree with the occasional "edge" when working inside... otherwise, it fit my matx mobo like a glove and the psu and fan are quiet. i haven't put this thing to good use so i've yet to see if my psu will hold out :S
Gerald M_Y@NCIX

Review Date: 05/14/10
Cons: case fan is kinda loud may suck as HTPC case...

Pros: small and cheap
built 2 computers for my business using these cases awesome size they fit perfectly under my counters no psu issues as of yet when it does happen will just replace with a new one for the price of the case can't really complain

Review Date: 04/19/10
Cons: Non-standard power supply size (I think?)

Pros: Small, cheap
This case works great for my HTPC.The power supply is plenty for a Core 2 Duo but for a high-end graphics card you might want to double check the specs.The power supply fan is quiet but the case fan is kinda noisy. After I rewired it to run at 7V, it was barely audible.

Review Date: 12/16/09
Cons: psu

Pros: price, size
You can easily put a quad core amd with a 1 gig video card in this thing for about $300 with the Buy 3 amd product and get 3 free game combos. only issue might be if your new vid card will fit.

Review Date: 11/09/09
Cons: none for the money

Pros: Great HTPC Case
Great HTPC Case, changed the Silver front to blue. the price is great for a starter HTPC unit, biult the system for under $500.00. Looks good in my rack with all the other gear.

Review Date: 10/11/09
Cons: Some users complain about power supply, no problems here yet.

Pros: Good looking, versatile, very quiet, decent air flow, comes with everything you need to build a system on a small budget.
I have chosen this case to build a PC on a budget, my components include:Intel DG41TY boardCore2 Duo E67502GB Corsair PC5300 Value RamWD 500GB SATA driveCD/DVD combo optical driveSapphire Radeon HD4550 512MB DDR3 video cardMitsumi floppy drive/flash card reader combo driveThe case is very presentable, has good air flow and is very quiet. Comes complete with cables and side fan. What else do you expect for around %50?

Review Date: 10/02/09
Cons: -minimal cable management-included power suppy died within a week.

Pros: -multiple front connections-great value-comes with psu and case fan-can be lay flat or standing with the included stand
everything work great for a couple of days until the psu just died. good thing it didn't fry my other component. if your building a budget pc i would recommend getting a case and psu separately. This review was modfied by poster @ 10-02-09 09:15 PM

Review Date: 09/08/09
Cons: Gray bezel in front

Pros: Comes with power supply
Great little case for building a HTPC. Gently take off the gray plastic part one tab at a time, and paint it off black. The case looks much more discrete that way in a HTPC setupI now have to update  my review, the power supply failed after only a few days of use, so now I am shipping it back for RMA. Seriously, I watched about 3 movies with that HTPC I built... crap power supply. This review was modfied by poster @ 10-01-09 04:10 PM

Review Date: 09/03/09
Cons: None

Pros: Great case.
Great case. My build is Q9550S,Asus P5Q-EM mobo,Hitashi 750 gb HD,Corsair 8500 ram 4gb,Samsung Dvd rw, and Sparkle 9600GT low profile video card. I use it for video conversions and everything runs great off the PS.

Review Date: 07/06/09
Cons: Sharp edges everywhere inside the case

Pros: Cheap but well designed
I bought this without high expectation but so far it's been fantastic. The case fan was too loud at 12V so I changed it to 7V and it's very silent now.

Review Date: 06/03/09
Cons: It is hard to manage the sables in there.Also the way the DVD is installed it is not always well center in the front panel slot

Pros: Small caseGood price
I bought this for a compack and somewhat powerfull computer with a E5200. was able to overclock it somewhat but not as well as i expected.

Review Date: 05/31/09
Cons: -Not a lot of place to work with

Pros: -Cheap-Quiet-Solid
This is my first htpc and I'm impressed by this case.The fan is quiet, the case is resistant but a little bit too heavy. For this price, i would by another one if I build a cheap htpc.

Review Date: 05/31/09
Cons: Only two 3.5" drive bays (one int. + one ext.), proprietary PSU.

Pros: Cheap, Quiet (replaced side fan with PWM 80mm Fan), 5.25" drive bay, system keeps quite cool.
Quite pleased with this case. I would have liked to see an included remote and IR receiver, but I was building on a budget. Housing an Asus mobo w/ onboard HDMI and a VDPAU compliant card, AMD 5050e. This thing decodes 1080p matroska files at less than 10% cpu usage, doesn't make a sound, and cost less to build than a bluray player. Great case if you need something on the cheap!

Review Date: 05/16/09
Cons: -A bit crowded, but expected for the size

Pros: -Small-Nice PSU for media center-Quiet PSU-Sturdy build
This is my second DM-317, the first one for HTPC and loved it, the PSU is quiet and works well for and HTPC setup.Second one will also be used for another HTPC setup.

Review Date: 05/07/09
Cons: Fugly FaceplateRemovable Drive Bay Too Easy To Remove When Case Open

Pros: SolidQuietCompact
Surprised at the solid construction of this budget case. Weighs a ton. Great for SFF or HTPC budget build. Faceplate is butt ugly but it's easy to take apart and paint black. Only problem I had with it was the removable drive bay would slide out too easily when the case was open during construction. Quite pleased with it.
Robert J_R@NCIX

Review Date: 05/03/09
Cons: Noisy side fan unless speed controller is used. Low profile restricts cards available. Small power supply restricts expansion and CPU choices. Could have easily been made an inch or two shorter.

Pros: Compact. Small desktop footprint. Inexpensive. Quiet power supply. Good ventilation.
Nice compact case at a very reasonable price. Best suited for a single board PC solution with a low power CPU. You will not be able to load this up with lots of high powered gadgets due to power supply limitations and the need for low profile cards. Average PC users and HTPC users on a budget will love this case.
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