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Kingston DataTraveler 108 8GB USB2.0 Flash Drive Red

Kingston DataTraveler 108 8GB USB2.0 Flash Drive Red (Kingston: DT108/8GBZ)
KingstonVPN: DT108/8GBZ
Vendor: Kingston
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Kingston DataTraveler 108 8GB USB2.0 Flash Drive Red
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.86/10
With 21 User Reviews

Review Date: 10/05/12
Cons: - So small I tend to lose it

Pros: - Tiny- Works as it should
I don't think a flash drive can go smaller than that. Really small, nothing special in terms of design, exposed pins reducing size even more by eliminating the plug case... but hey, it works and it fits everywhere.

Review Date: 03/27/12
Cons: Too Small

Pros: CheapUSB 2.0 Speeds8GB
I purchased 3 of these Flash Drives for computer related services that I offer, on one of them I have my Windows 7 Installation Files on it for the convenience of having Media that doesn't degrade or have any moving parts.I lost one of these units because they are way too small.Very fast transfer rates, I have a more expensive Sony USB drive that is a big-boss for USB 2.0 drives and this matches it.

Review Date: 03/23/12
Cons: none so far

Pros: Small and priced right
nice and small and fst transfer speeds

Review Date: 02/26/12
Cons: - not the highest transfer rates in the world

Pros: - super small!- 8GB for under $8!!
Great little flash drive! They are small, but not so small that you lose them every time you set it down (the nice red color helps to find them!). Despite being rather small, they don't feel like they are flimsy at all. The only downside I can think of is that the drive doesn't have blazing fast transfer rates.

Review Date: 02/23/12
Cons: none

Pros: standard pricegood capacityvery small size
standard price for a 8gb usb. read/write speeds "feel" normal - haven't done any formal testing but it feels standard. the size/aesthetics are very appealing. just a little bit hard to open but i prefer it that way so it doesn't accidentally open

Review Date: 02/18/12
Cons: Slow

Pros: Cheap, good capacity, reputable brand, small, integrated cap
Picked up three last summer on sale. Love the design and they're so small I'm frequently finding a "lost" one in with my pocket change.I've found the write speed to be awfully slow... probably the slowest of all my thumb drives. The large capacity doesn't help with that perception because I'm often using them to move large media files around. Having said that, I've run Linux LiveCDs from them and they're usable for that so they're not horrific.Because of the lack of a metal shield around the USB connector, I've found they tend to sit at a slight angle when plugged in. On one of the three I've got, that means it sometimes needs a little wiggle to get it to connect properly.Oh, and there's some portable apps software in a small partition on the drive. Maybe that's useful to you, maybe not. The first thing I did was a "dd" to wipe it all out and give me a single 8GB partition.

Review Date: 02/03/12
Cons: Becomes hot, not easy to "flip-open"

Pros: Small, good capacity, kingston warranty
Don't expect stellar performance from this drive, but it is able to sustain a 15-20MB/s writing speed, which is not bad at all.I've bought also it's 16GB counterpart. Both perform the same.

Review Date: 01/14/12
Cons: Bit funny to flip open, ultra small.

Pros: Ultra small, great price, good speeds.
Bought two of these little beauties for home use and they are MUCH smaller than the picture lets on. They are roughly one inch long and 1/2 an inch wide! They flip open like a book which makes handling them easier and have a solid click when opened fully. Paid $7.49 each for them and now that I've opened them figure I should have bought more as gifts. I'd like a 16gig version and will be picking one up next sale!

Review Date: 01/14/12
Cons: None

Pros: Everything!
Micro size with great design and metal case. Great speed and amazing sale price. Hard to pass up an item of this quality for $7.50. Kingston is a very reputable brand and i never hesitate to purchase their products.

Review Date: 12/04/11
Cons: - Feel cheap

Pros: + Very small and light
It is a good little key. However, it doesn't feel as sturdy has I had hope. The form factor is very cool. You are sure to not lose the cap. There are none.

Review Date: 10/27/11
Cons: not overly speedy, but you get what you pay for.

Pros: cheap for 8 gigs
I grabbe this guy primarily to upload windows xp so that I could reformat a netbook with no optical drive.. in this regard, it did the trick perfectly. Not a fast flash drive by any means, but for general usage decent enough.. dont bother if youre looking for quick read/write speeds.. installing windows off of it took a while!

Review Date: 10/25/11
Cons: None

Pros: cheap and light
Great unit for the price. its small, and colar is geart. the connector won't fall off like many cheap drive. Ideal for school/work.

Review Date: 10/17/11
Cons: none

Pros: cheapsmallred
I like the small size and the price is just right.

Review Date: 10/13/11
Cons: Aucun à date

Pros: - Bonne capacité pour le prix- Protecteur rabattable pour les contacts du connecteur- Anneau solide pour attacher votre clé- Vitesse de transfert acceptable
J'ai acheté 3 clés de ce type et je suis très satisfait de mon achat jusqu'à date. La clé est bien conçue, elle a une bonne capacité, une vitesse acceptable et une robustesse suffisante. Je racheterais cette clé sans crainte.

Review Date: 10/05/11
Cons: - none

Pros: - good looks- reliable so far
Got it on sale so it was pretty much as steal. No complaints. I just use it moving documents and some photos anyway. No need for high speed, but it's fast nonetheless.

Review Date: 09/26/11
Cons: The cover makes it a little bit awkward to push into the USB slot

Pros: SmallCheap pricematched for less than 8$
Works like any other USB key. Speed is good while transfering movies. The red cover is kind of pointless and does not flip up all the way (think of a flip phone), which makes it hard to insert  into USB slot, for those who are used to pushing in from the top.
Zuo Guang@NCIX

Review Date: 09/11/11
Cons: - Not particularly Fast (10Mb/s read and write)

Pros: - Cheap- Compact- Good looking
For $8 you can't complain. It is a bit slow but it is expected.

Review Date: 09/08/11
Cons: Too small?

Pros: Tiny, solid
Great deal for the size and space. Decent quality metal cover flips open to reveal the USB connector. But maybe it's too small, afraid I am going to lose it. :)

Review Date: 09/06/11
Cons: None.

Pros: Works. Fast.
Fast, cute and easy to use. Tiny model which my customers like. Must buy!

Review Date: 09/03/11
Cons: No lanyard included

Pros: Portable, cheap
Great little device. Very cheap when on sale.Only issue I have is that a small lanyard was not included so I borrowed one from another flash drive I own. Otherwise this device is easy to loose in my gear bag!

Review Date: 08/25/11
Cons: Small enough to lose easily.A little difficult to open (fingernails help!)

Pros: Small and lightFits easily on a keychainShould survive going through a washing machine :)
Bought two of these on sale for 7.99. Transfer speeds seem to be about average. Most of my past USB drives have been Kingston and I have never had one fail on me. This design is less than half the size of most other keys.
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Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand Kingston
Series DataTraveler 108
Model DT108/8GBZ
Tech Spec
USB Specification USB 2.0
Capacity 8GB
Features Convenient - pocket-sized for easy transportability

Preloaded - with urDrive software (optional)

Customizable - Co-Logo program available

Simple - just plug into a USB port

Handy - mini size

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