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ASUS Radeon HD 6970 EAH6970 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5 Video Card

ASUS Radeon HD 6970 EAH6970 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5 Video Card (Asus: EAH6970 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5)
AsusVPN: EAH6970 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5
Vendor: Asus
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ASUS Radeon HD 6970 EAH6970 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5 Video Card
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.5/10
With 4 User Reviews

Review Date: 12/14/11
Cons: Takes up three slots.

Pros: High build quality.Great performance.Loud though very effective cooler.
Being a gamer, I need a good video card or two. This card is great. Runs nice an cool and beats the hell out of my old 9800GTX+ SLI set up.

Review Date: 09/28/11
Cons: Nothing much to say

Pros: Good temperature
I'm not much of a computer guru, but I will share my experience.For those who wonders, it can fit into a HAF X. But you won't be able to use the air duct with this card. I thought I could cut some part out, but this 6970 is pretty long! So no air duct. (I use the vga bracket instead, else it seems like the card would break in half!)Be aware that if you use 2 or more monitors, there will be a jump in temperature of about ~10C (It overclocks itself). From 37C idle, I went to 47C (That's with 35% fan speed. Any more than that and it's louder than my case/cpu fans) I haven't tried running a game yet, but there's many reviews available for that.(Also, it's 35C Ambient here)Remember to update  the drivers! I crashed a couple of time while working in photoshop and watching a video at the same time.So far, I am well satisfied with this video card

Review Date: 09/12/11
Cons: Size will limit xfire optionsCooler weight, the weight of the cooler will cause it to droop, if it does the heatsink seams to lose contact with the die and causes extremely high gpu temps.Both my cards exhibited this symptom (and reading online this is a common problem) I have gone back to using my cases (Lian Li PCX-2000) GPU support bar that stop gfx's cards from drooping and have had no issues since.

Pros: Runs quiet and coolAble to hit 1G with Asus smart DR on both cards
Good card , performs well in a xfire setup as long as you have the room/air flow.While the card droop could be a issue for some simply checking to make sure the card isnt drooping once a week should fix this.Load temps after 15mins of Furmark are: Top card: 78cBottom card: 88cGaming I have yet to reach these temps though.Fans are using a Afterburner custom fan profile, the default profiles are a little weak IMO.

Review Date: 09/02/11
Cons: Takes up 3 slots on back of computer case, weight of item somewhat causes fans to hang slightly lower than board...is it an issue? Not really.

Pros: Runs very cool, performs exceptionally well.
I was stuck between this and a gtx 570 and decided to go with the 6970, I feel I made a good choice. As mentioned in the cons...the weight of the unit is a bit on the heavier side so the cooling system does kind of hang a little off the board. But temperatures (after a minor overclock) are anywhere from 35-55 degrees celsius at 40% fan speed. Drastically cooler than any other card I've owned.

Product Features

Product Specifications

Brand ASUS
Model EAH6970 DCII/2DI4S/2GD5
Interface PCI Express 2.1 x16
Chipset Manufacturer AMD
GPU Radeon HD 6970
Core Clock 890MHz
Stream Processors 1536 Stream Processing Units
Effective Memory Clock 1375 MHz (5.5Gbps)
Memory Size 2GB
Memory Interface 256-bit
Memory Type GDDR5
DirectX DirectX 11
OpenGL OpenGL 4.0
DisplayPort 4 x DisplayPort
Max Resolution 2560 x 1600
CrossFireX Support Yes
Cooler With Fan
Dual-Link DVI Supported Yes
HDCP Ready Yes
Card Dimensions 11.7" x 5"
Features 890 MHz Factory Overclocked

Speed up heat dissipation with 600% more airflow via exclusive DirectCU with dual fan design

20% Cooler with exclusive DirectCU II thermal solution

Expand your visual horizon across six monitors with four native DisplayPort outputs

Super Alloy Power technology delivers 15% Performance boost, 2.5 longer lifespan, 35C cooler operation

Crank up 50% faster clock speed with exclusive Voltage Tweak
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts 3 years limited
Labor 3 years limited
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