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Sabrent Serial ATA

Sabrent Serial ATA (Sabrent: ECS-STU35K)
Vendor: Sabrent
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SABRENT ECS-STU35K Black External Enclosure
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Product Reviews

Sabrent Serial ATA
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 6.56/10

Review Date: 09/01/13
NONE. 1.) It didn't work out of the box, even though the cables are simple to get to.2.) It would not read my HDD, which I KNOW are very good. three.) Consequently it could not transfer ANY data.4.) This JUNK is SO POORLY Made, it Literally FELL APART IN MY HANDS! Don't waste your really hard-earned $$ on this JUNK!Save your income for a a lot more decent, reliable, BRAND NAME that can do the very same factor. It's your Information, don't be low cost.Lesson discovered.

Review Date: 08/18/13
This is the 1st external difficult drive case that had me wishing I had ten a lot more. Its a breeze to set up hard drive. Supports USB & eSATA. NONE Purchase IT.

Review Date: 08/16/13
Incredibly sturdy, uncomplicated to assemble if you can hold a screw driver (included) to mount the drive (screws included) to the bottom plate. If you use a new drive, initialize and swift format it (follow the manual !!) otherwise it will not be recognized. USB cable and power provide integrated. Functions excellent. This is my third and all perform fine. Tested with ATA and SATA drives from 20GB to 1TB. Some people can not hold a screw driver, comply with the manual or do not know how to tighten a hand screw.Dispite some negativ statements...the drives fit easily. Can be centered with lengthy holes. This enclosure runs ATA and SATA on USB 2 and eSATA Other much additional costly enclosures can not live up to that! If I need far more, I will get much more of this kind.

Review Date: 07/30/13
Straightforward to use and set up, performs out of the box, Sata and Pata connectors, reasonably sturdy. A bit flimsy in design, no cooling fan (at this price tag point that is anticipated). This is a great drive. Not a good drive, a Excellent drive. It functions. You can attach the drive inside the case working with screws on the bottom, it has Pata and Sata connectors, so you are covered. No challenges with it, although it runs a bit warm its not too poor.It could have employed a fan to maintain it a bit cooler, but other than that I suggest it if you are seeking for inexpensive external enclosure for that old drive you want to convert.

Review Date: 07/23/13
IDE and SATA compatable....does specifically what I will need it to do. Small cheaply created but no large deal I have had no issues with compatability with this enclosure, It has worked with all my old IDE drives and it operates with all my SATA drives. I have had for six months with no troubles at all. It is metal so heat isnt an situation but it is a small flimsy. Its cheaply priced and its tough to find an enclosure that handles each IDE and SATA with no challenges and I believe this a single does the trick.

Review Date: 06/14/13
Low value.Aesthetically pleasing.Gets the job accomplished.All thumbscrews. Side plates rattle. For such a major box, you'd think they'd manage the cables a tiny better. Not the greatest of enclosures, but you spend for what you get. one hundred% functionable.

Review Date: 05/22/13
SATA and Parallel... if you have a parallel drive, get this, so if you upgrade later, you don't have to upgrade your enclosure. It is tricky to maintain the sides on when installing drive, but i applied a spot of hot glue on the insides to hold the walls in place. Some have stated that there is no way to mount the drive inside. They are incorrect, there are screw holes in the bottom metal, you screw the drive down to the base, not the sides.

Review Date: 05/01/13
Cheap, IDE and SATA compatible. Tight space inside for connecting cables, and the stupid factor just won't operate right after a few weeks. Additional especially the very first couple of hours I had drives in the two of these I bought, for the express purpose of moving contents of a single old drive to a different newer drive, it worked great. 4 hours into it, these issues kept crashing windows explorer, or would disconnect from the USB. I spent a when troubleshooting the connections to my laptop, and the drives themselves, with an old Computer I had laying around. Drives are fine, USB is fine to every thing else. These circumstances just can't sustain a connection to a Pc for much more than about 5 minutes now. I had to resolve to transfering data in tiny chunks, which gave me a bit additional reliability with them, but nevertheless didn't repair the concern totally. These are a piece of junk. Don't waste your time at all, even if they're on sale, or someone pays you to take them.

Review Date: 05/01/13
If it functions it operates grea but 2 out of two units failed proper out of the box. I purchased two of these at the exact same time. A single worked and one didn't. To make certain I tested two different drives identified to perform in other enclosures. Both failed. I got a replacement and had the similar outcome. Of three units tested two ƒ) failed and I had to pay shipping 3 occasions. This is a dog. Save your self the problems and stay away from it.

Review Date: 01/25/13
Cheap, two drive interfaces inside the unit. Cheap good quality wise. the sides come apart very easily, the additional lengths of cable casue troubles inside the enclosure. The unit failed following a identified great SATA drive was connected to it. It failed with a acknowledged very good IDE drive also. In fact, two distinct Winblows installs and a Linux one particular didn't display the drives. In the Linux dmesg output, it said that it was wating for the device to settle, and never ever created it previous that part. You get what you spend for.

Review Date: 01/13/13
Worked out of the box. Uncomplicated to assemble. Looks skilled. Dual IDE and SATA connectors. A tiny bit flimzy. No screw holes to mount the HDD - it's just hanging there inside.

Review Date: 01/10/13
uncomplicated to mount and connect No heat dissipation, the sata cable couldnt be any shorter, plus the USB interface died immediately after 4 or five months of use, it will spin the tough drives but they wont be detected by the OS. Replaced this with AMS Venus DS3 DS-2316SU2SBK and it works like a charm. DONT Acquire IT

Review Date: 01/01/13
Both SATA and IDE compatible--you can't beat the value on this one particular. It only requires four thumbscrews to open the enclosure and pop in the new drive. It literally took me five minutes to remove an IDE drive I had in it and set up an SATA drive. The SATA cables are a *little* tight (you have to bend them over), but it wasn't near as bad as some of the reviews recommend. If you're putting in an IDE drive, just disconnect the SATA cable from the PCB and leave it in the box.I was a small worried about this box based on a handful of of the evaluations, but now that I have it and I'm making use of it, I have no complaints.

Review Date: 11/20/12
Low value, compact size, all-in-a single style and fantastic looks. It rattles a bit during transportation - is this a con? The folks who have been bashing this enclosure due to the fact 'it wasn't designed for all those connectors' are getting rather harsh, IMO. the further connectors (SATA power and IDE data) in all six of ours fold up neatly out of the way, and the drives fit smoothly into location. I constructed six of these in no time at all, not a single 'loose' or 'poorly soldered' connection, everything fits nicely inside, and a month later every little thing is operating just fine.

Review Date: 11/04/12
This is my fourth external enclosure and I am happy with it. I like having all connectors accessible (you don't have to get rid of IDE connectors to place SATA connectors in) and they are a excellent length, not also brief or as well long. The unused cables tuck nicely out of the way with my SATA 500GB HDD. The IDE connector has a manage on it which is a Large plus, I've had a couple of others without having handles pull apart in tight spaces. I plan on getting one more a single. None worth mentioning. Windows XP recognized it proper away. Thumbscrews are superior than typical screws, unless you carry your laptop or computer from place to location. NewEgg shipping is always 1 or two days early!!

Review Date: 11/02/12
Speedy and effortless assembly. Didn't come with any screws to screw it to the case. This case somehow has kept my drive alive for a though. I dropped the case with the drive inside and it nonetheless worked. Considering that it didn't come with screws I had it rattling about for a even though and nevertheless was very good.

Review Date: 09/01/12
inexpensive Did not operate adequately with SATA. Did operate fine with IDE.

Review Date: 07/29/12
All round construction excellent. Uncomplicated access and rapid hot-swap. Has thumbscrews. Works as stated. Tried 2 old drives Ƒ-1.5G and 1-1.3G). Worth the cheap cost. Great mild LED. The other testimonials are appropriate. No soft feet. Rough threaded holes. Spot as well tight if installing drive hold-down thumbscrews. Treat the internals rough and you will break it. Hot glue the corners. It's a dream in Linux. Newegg advertised 3 day shipping and delivered in 2!!! I practically blamed the unit but had a negative drive!!!

Review Date: 06/28/12
Low-cost, bought three units. Handles SATA and IDE Created in China, two amp power supply. Setting up the second unit fried my USB hub with a resounding flash. All 2 amps grounded by means of the hub and taking out it's own energy provide. What cr@p. I'm just tossing the third unit prior to loosing a mother board. Stick with a reliable brand name. Now shopping for harddrive, USB hub and external enclosure. Believed I saved a dime, costing me bucks later.

Review Date: 05/31/12
Straightforward enough to place with each other.Can use PATA or SATA drivesHas USB or eSata connectivity to your systemKeeps drive cool even soon after a full format of 400gb Comes with a short USB cable. Not that massive of a deal.Does not come with an eSata cable which is a huge deal.No rubber feet on the bottom so it could scratch or rattle There are a lot of unfavorable evaluations, I'm concerned about the circuit boards life in the case. Otherwise not massive complications except now I have to get an eSata cable

Review Date: 05/29/12
At very first this seemed like the greatest issue considering that sliced bread. Super effortless to plug in and it took off and ran like a champ. Till.... But all great factors come to an finish and this was abrupt. I had completed some research on the jumper sets for the drive and wanted to experiment a tiny. That was when I started to appreciate the earlier comments about tight the internal elements. I was employing the EDIE internal interface and that is THE WEAK point. Could you, I was cautious in my handling of compontents but it is tight in there. The EIDE cable had broken laterally. I believed I remembered someone producing a comment about replacing the cable, and it occurred, I had a spare EIDE cable of pretty much the identical size. I thought this was great until I looked at the circuit board and my heart sank. The circuit board end of the cable was soldered in place. IF IT HAD "normal" connection I probably could have place an additional EIDE cable in and be running; but that was not the case. This named "Big Disappointment." Just for the record, the SATA cable is also soldered in location so if anything occurs to the cable you are making use of, you are sunk. The power connectered are excellent but again they take up valuable space in an currently Tight compartment. If the situation could have been 1-quarter of an inch long and one particular-quarter of an inch greater, it would have created a planet of difference. The communication cables possibly produced sense at the time, particularly the SATA, but EIDE cables have a effectively earned reputation for breaking, and when dealing with one in cramped quarter and literally two inches lengthy, you are asked for difficulty.

Review Date: 05/04/12
1. Cheap2. IDE (PATA) and SATA internal interfaces.three. USB 2 AND eSATA external interfacesŎ. metal building, effortless to alter drives5. functions with up to 1.5Gb drives, maybe bigger 1. drive wiring inside is a bit tight but manageabletwo. no rubber feet - simply added if desired3. calls for 'some' mechanical dexterity to assemble I have two of these and ordering a third. This enclosure has TWO external interface connections, USB 2 AND eSATA. I don't know why the description doesn't say this. Those who believe the enclosure is low-cost and tricky to assemble, possibly are the exact same people who threw plastic models against the wall as a kid since they couldn't assemble them. I found it hassle-free that the metal side panels could be removed when installing the hdd. Screws are included for the drive and set up in the BOTTOM of the situation, not the sides. Carefully, connect the internal cables, slip the sides into spot and screw the lid on snugly...you are prepared to go. I come across the case is rugged, like all the ventilation holes, and the external connections on the case are fine. The situation does NOT get warm, it is the drive inside that determines the heat generated. Geez. I have a single that has been passed about to good friends and still operates excellent. I've giving this product five stars, as I really feel other reviewer have shortchanged it.

Review Date: 04/24/12
It performs, It's actually low-cost. It's truly low-cost. I consider I will duck tape the power cable to the supply, it likes to fall out. Not fantastic for information.To find your drive in windows 7 you have to go to "storage management" - 1 way is by typing 'computer management' in the begin 'search pro...' box and below "storage management" you can find your new drive with a black bar unallocated space. You have to tell it to use an MBR then uncomplicated space, then suitable click at the top rated where it says volume and you can format NTFS... Hope this Assists!! let you know.

Review Date: 04/02/12
it's low cost. supports each :ide and sata. the screws don't hold the body with each other tight adequate so occasionally is vibrates and makes noise.

Review Date: 03/22/12
I've been using mine with each a USB boot ability and Norton Ghost 2003 for Dos. Yes, its compatible. This high level of compatibility operates nicely as a backup unit. I'm utilizing it with an "nvidia incompatible" 250 gig Maxtor Sata drive, and it is in a position to use that drive just fine. It also keeps the generally hot challenging drive quite cool. That was an unexpected bonus. I've never had any difficulty making use of these devices for what they're produced for (backup unit). I'm positive there are some cons, but this device did all that I asked of it, so there's no complaint whatsoever. Possibly this: Its produced for a backup device--Its not made for a NAS, not made to run 24ǝ, not made for tough drive test equipment, not made for a coffee warmer and it won't change the catbox. USB backups from dos mode are very slow naturally. Even so, I'm really glad that this drive is compatible and that permits me a "hands free of charge" backup instead of utilizing up a lot of cd/dvd discs per every single backup. The very first factor I did with it is make an image backup of my Netbook. I've also spared the time to make image backups of my internet server's boot drive, my desktop, and my linux box. Shortly after that, I had an "accident" with my desktop. . . so I just grabbed this dandy small thing and restored it. Sure, it took about an hour, but it was a wonderful experience. I was at the pub while this device restored my laptop or computer. That's so substantially superior than sitting in front of the laptop or computer waiting on a bunch of CDs for the complete evening. I'd also managed to click the wrong version of update on Linux Mint, got the new kernel and crashed the linux box. When once again, Sabrent came to the rescue and had my personal computer restored "hands cost-free" with no all that manual reloading. Nice!!
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Product Features

Enclosure SATA
3.5" Form Factor USB 2.0 Connection

Sabrent ECS-STU35K Hard Drive Enlcosure

Enjoy a boost in your PC hard disk memory by adding 3.5 Desktop Hard Drive through Sabrent Hard Drive Enclosure. You can connect any 3.5 IDE/PATA or Serial ATA/SATA Desktop Hard Drive to your PC. The interaction is obtained through USB 2.0 or eSATA connection. You can achieve data communication speed of almost 480mb/s through this device. It is also backward compatible upto USB 1.1 specification. This can work as a portable large storage space device and also a personal storage device. The entire devices nests in a durable aluminum enclosure protecting against higher temperature and scratches. Buy Sabrent Hard Drive and carry all your important files along with you!

What It Is And Why You Need It:

  • Hard Drive Enclosure; connect 3.5" IDE/PATA or Serial ATA/SATA Desktop Hard Drive.
  • 480Mbs Data transfer Speed; eSATA connection can generate Data transfer speed of 480Mbs.
  • LED indicator Light; displays PC connection through LED Light
  • Backward compatible upto USB 1.1; Can detect your older devices



A Closer Look:



What's Included




Product Specifications

AC AdapterYes
Internal InterfaceSupports Standard 3.5" Serial ATA or IDE Hard Drives
External InterfaceUSB 2.0
FeaturesColor: BlackConvert any Serial ATA (SATA) or IDE drive into external USB storage Native SATA 3.5 inch Drive to USB 2.0 Solution, Slim Compact Aluminum Enclosure. Plug and Play; Hot swapping
Package Contents3.5" External EnclosureUSB CablePower CordPower AdapterDriver DiskUser Manual
Manufacturer Warranty
Parts1 year
Labor1 year

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