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nGear EHJ200L Aluminum CD/DVD Carrying Case

nGear EHJ200L Aluminum CD/DVD Carrying Case (NGEAR: EHJ200L)
Vendor: NGEAR
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nGear EHJ200L Aluminum CD/DVD Carrying Case
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7.94/10

Review Date: 02/17/10
Cons: Kinda cheaply made

Pros: Holds 200 DiscsCan move Discs around, shuffle, reorganize$9.98 on sale
Purchased this to hold my TV shows. I got tired or rearranging my binders each time I had to add a disc. And leaving spaces was just a waste. This was a cheap alternative to my sorting issue. It has 100 double sided sleeves, each with numbers 1-200. Sleeves are removable, you can rearrange. The latch has a key lock, but I guess it would only be useful during transport to make sure it doesnt open. Cant complain too much for a $10 item. I still like the binders, but this is good for incomplete collections.

Review Date: 01/25/10
Cons: Where to start... It didn't even make it here in one piece, though everything else in the shipping box was just fine. I'll glue it together, but seriously I can't see it ever being strong enough for regular duty.

Pros: The concept is good.
I wanted to look at one (on sale) to see if this could be an alternative to binders. For sure I'd seen the reports of fragility, so I have no complaints.This is the first item I've bought from NCIX which has had problems, so my luck has sure been good over the years. For this item, unless it was shipped singly, I doubt it would survive most shipping, due to simply being too fragile. The box it was in was packed perfectly.We definitely need to see some good DVD binders on sale again!

Review Date: 01/06/10
Cons: - Weak lock: If your box is full and you just close the latch without using the key to lock it in place and carry it off, it will open.- Cannot be stacked on one another evenly.- Flimsy plastic hanging strut.- Not all labels on plastic strut was securely glued on.- No interior padding just velour type finish. Need to add some foam at the top to keep the folders from coming ajar if you clumsily mishandle it.- Not like its a steel safe but anyone that purchased one of these has a key for your box.- Cheap paper index card. Make your own.

Pros: - Stores your disks from a hanging sleeve and the disk does not touch the bottom of the case which alleviates any stress to the disk.- Has a handle on the top of the box.- If you have two of these boxes and you lose a set of keys for one it uses same key.
Purchased a couple of these in the past with both labels on the hanging strip were dirty with some coming unglued and interior was stained (?). Others I know said the same thing and others have said theirs were clean so it's a YMMV. Cheap storage investment when on sale and if you want store your backups with easy access to rearrange your filing sequence as compared to a 200+ DVD binder. This review was modfied by poster @ 01-06-10 05:59 PM

Review Date: 09/30/08
Cons: No dividers

Pros: Good quality case, keeps up with the abuse of my 2 kids.
You initially have to remove the holes from the sleeves, not a big deal, as it kept my kids busy for an hr or so. I've got 2 of these and it keeps quite a lot of DVD's in em. I'd like it if there were some dividers with the label tabs, it would make organizing easier. I'm currently using some plastic 3m sticky tabs, it works alright.

Review Date: 09/05/08
Cons: Not real aluminumcd sleeves aren't pre punched outjumbled mess on the order when they arrived

Pros: DurableLarge CapacityInexpensive
Originally I had a Ngear 256 disc case, but after being maybe only half full the pages started to pop out. This case on the other hand is great, already filled one up completely still easy to access the discs, and already onto my second one. They are built quite sturdy as I've knocked them around alot and they are still in one piece. Cheaper than other alternatives.

Review Date: 07/30/08
Cons: flimsy box, unsafe to move around, badly cast hanging struts, index numbers and labels bent inward and GLUED to the plastic strut

Pros: hanging rather than flat storage, very compact
Summary: GREAT idea, but VERY poorly doneGOOD news first: storing disks hanging rather than flat reduces the chance of the sleeve plastic sticking to the disk and making it unusable. The handle feels comfortable enough. Using a filing-cabinet approach also makes it easier to access the disks (easier than flipping through pages of binders with the chance of having disks rolling off the top of the pages as they turn). It's easier to rearrange them too, if you give up using the numeric order glued on the struts. When the cover is closed, bands of plastic try to trap the hanging struts in place (but fail if the box is turned upside-down or at a steep enough angle). All of the above... in theory at least. Oh, and it's EXTREMELY light. My kid likes it: "Ooohh, shiny!"Now for the BAD news: the box is so flimsy that I'm afraid to even put it on a chair. If it falls, it's KABLOOEY! There's NO foam or any other sort of crash protection. Try moving it around and the hanging struts come off their rails. The index strips are glued on the struts (good lock trying to change the index numbers or replacing dirty labels), and instead of facing up (so they can easily be read), actually are tilted DOWN. A couple of struts had no hook to hang on; they were not broken, just poorly cast. The index cards have enough space for a four-letter word, and no more.All in all, it's a good start for a home project. Add some reinforcing mesh to protect from piercing, some fitted foam, some thin cardboard and stickers for collection dividers and it's passable. But if you add too much weight, forget about using the handle to carry it; the hinges are just bent, unsecured aluminum.

Review Date: 12/01/07
Cons: none that I can think off

Pros: -Solid-Spacious (200DVDs or CDs)
I had those 96CD ngear cases (about 5 of them), so I decided to replace them with a couple of these to save space and better organize my collection, so I got one of these cases and it's great it has a 100 hundred pouches that accommodate 2cds each. Sleeves fit neatly in the case. Makes a great carrying and storage case for your cd/dvd collection.

Review Date: 11/18/07
Cons: It's got the qualities of something you'd get from a local dollar store, it actually came with the center rack slightly bent down, all the sleeve holes took way too long to pull out

Pros: It looks good from afar, it's cheap when it's on sale, it actually fits 200 discs despite my fears
When you have hundreds of discs lying around and you don't want them to remaing sitting in their cake boxes, you'll probably get one of these. It's not the best, but you get what you pay for and what you pay isn't a lot. I fear bringing this case out to anywhere because I'm afraid at any moment's notice it will just all apart or implode. Despite a sturdy look, I can barely find any part on this case that's actually a sturdy metal or some sort. That isn't the worse part, the sleeves that come with the case were the lowest of the low. I should've just bought some paper sleeves and stuff them in the case instead. I punched out the holes with my hands for hours and many of them were ruined because they were poorly pre-punched, leaving areas that I might as well as have used a pair of scissors to cut out. If you're really, really tight on money, get this. This is your last resort. (My desired rating is 2/5, but since I actually walked into the store and ordered it then and there, I can't seem to find an OrderID on my receipt.)

Review Date: 10/20/07
Cons: NONE, absolutely NONE

Pros: Durable, easy to carry, already has CD DVD sleeves for you to use
This is an awesome case. For $15 or so, you have really good organization for all those loose CDs. If you're like me and burn random things all the time to transport between computers, something like this is good so you don't keep burning the same stuff over and over again. This is great!!! Awesome value for the money.

Review Date: 10/18/07
Cons: too tightly packed when full, not aluminum

Pros: Sturdy, holds 200! index card
I ordered two of these guys for my movie collection. I love the look of them right off the bat. Although they are not aluminum as they try to pass off, they are a plastic shell to look like aluminum. The only issue I've encountered is that once this thing is full, it gets very hard to see your discs. I opted to create my own index file that was bigger. Overall, it's an excellent product for the $10 I paid for it.

Review Date: 08/22/07
Cons: - lock

Pros: - price- capacity
Looks great, awesome price, it fits 200 discs. Its worth the $10 that one pays for, good deal. Highly recommended.

Review Date: 08/15/07
Cons: top/side panels have some playonly some parts are actually aluminumcheap hangerskey/lock is a joke (standard)

Pros: decent constructioncheapnice sleeves
Parts of this are aluminum, like the frame and the top bracing strut. Most of the case, though, looks to be metal-look plastic. The sleeves are the same as other nGear CD/DVD holder sleeves, which are pretty decent. The hangers for the sleeves are flexible plastic, which make them seem flimsy. I'd prefer if these were sturdier, even harder plastic. It comes with an index card which lets you write down some disc info... as long as you can read/write microscopic letters. The index card is CD insert sized, single-sided, and has lines for 200 discs. Not the most useful thing. The sleeve hangers have a little more room to write something useful. The lock is somewhat of a joke, but that's standard for pretty much anything.As another reviewer mentioned, you have to remove all the plastic punchouts, which gets annoying after doing 100 double-sided sleeves.Overall, not a bad case for $10. This review was modfied by poster @ 08-15-07 01:49 PM

Review Date: 08/13/07
Cons: --Crappy lock design

Pros: --Sturdy Construction--With it full of CD's, they won't go anywhere
The interface is nice because they give you little labels that go at the top of the CD's and a full indexing card, which really helps you organize your loads of CD's. Can't go wrong for the price.

Review Date: 08/10/07
Cons: the plastic cd pockets weren't punched out properly, so I had to remove the plastic bits as i put discs in, the handle on the top makes the unit non-stackable,

Pros: lots of storage, it locks, easily holds 200 discs, very inexpensive, excellent for archiving discs.
once I got it all set up, the case was awesome, but I had to remove all the little plastic bits to get the cd's into the case. other than that though, this case is a steal at 9 bucks, other cases seem to wreck my discs and they are $20-40.

Review Date: 07/11/07
Cons: Lock is weak

Pros: Great item. Solid case.
For $10 this is a great deal. Although it takes up some room, it looks sharp and keeps my dvd's/cd's in order. Would recommend.

Review Date: 07/04/07
Cons: None

Pros: Lots of storageLockingIndexing system
I bought two of these to store all of my DVD's in, rather than have a bunch of Jewel Cases or Bulky DVD cases hanging around, I just have two nice sleek boxes with my collection. They've got nice little locks on them, although I don't think that would stop anyone from just picking the thing up and breaking it open if they wanted to steal my discs. There are also some nice index cards at the front of each of the two rows, so you can find your films easily.

Review Date: 06/26/07
Cons: too big

Pros: nice lookinglarge storagenot heavy as it looks
not bad when I got it for $14, but it is cheaper now. large storage, but inside each piece is still easy to break, overall it is not bad.

Review Date: 06/21/07
Cons: you will have to have a good filing system

Pros: Your CD's DVD's are safestackable
I now have three of these cases, I upgrade from the soft case.My DVDs are now safe from damage.A strong recommend to buy.

Review Date: 06/21/07
Cons: Not truly aluminum

Pros: Holds many CDs and DVDs, locking latch.
At $10, it's a reasonable buy. I wouldn't pay more for it though, as the quality is a little disappointing, as another reviewer has pointed out. The panels are not aluminum... they appear to be aluminum-coloured plastic. Otherwise, it does its job and holds CDs/DVDs.

Review Date: 04/04/07
Cons: Weak locking mechanism

Pros: Good for organizing CD'sMetal hinges and clasp
This is a great product. The numbered sleeves and index makes it easy to find your cd/dvds. I use it to store all my computer discs - games, programs, drivers, etc. I took that big stack of jewel cases and paper envelopes and just put the cd's in the sleeves. The case is nice looking to boot!

Review Date: 03/24/07
Cons: don't like the plastic parts of the case was hoping it would have been mostly made of aluminum.The case has a pretty strong smell to it that is taking along time to air out, probably have to put some air freshener into it.

Pros: feels pretty sturdyvelvet like lining is a nice touch
On the box there are pictures of other colors the company offers. If they had the black one I would have gone for that it looked sweet. When I first got this a friend was giving me a hard time that it looked like an old womans makeup box.

Review Date: 03/20/07
Cons: none so far.>>>>>>>>>>>........

Pros: very sturdy unit, can't complain 4 this price
Great for keeping DVD's SAFE!!!!!!!! Would definately buy more! Good idea for gifts, and awesome idea for kids

Review Date: 03/18/07
Cons: I whould've done without the front nGear logo

Pros: Good construction, nice looks, nice size, nice roomy sleeves.
I like this small CD/DVD storage box. It looks nice and is solidly constructed - although i don't know if i would trust the handle when the case if full. Sleeves are roomy, DVDs easily slide in and out (as opposed to another case i've got for which you literally have to force each disk in and out the sleeve which is a pain). The case WILL hold 200 disks or very close - i tried - but it's a tight fit. Recommended.

Review Date: 03/08/07
Cons: Double sided disc holders a little flimsy. Slightly larger than I expected to hold 200 discs

Pros: Solid construction, keyed lock, strong handle.
I guess I might go for a larger version, as the size to disc ratio might be a little high for this one. However, it's well put together and will do the job.

Review Date: 02/21/07
Cons: not really 200 cds.

Pros: stronghas an handle
To keep it short, this is a great product, and it weight qui te a lot, so it's strong, but putting 200 CDs in it would be hard.
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