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Etymotic Research ER6IBLKC 3.5mm Connector Canal Isolator Earphones

Etymotic Research ER6IBLKC 3.5mm Connector Canal Isolator Earphones (Etymotic Research: ER6I-BLK-C)
Vendor: Etymotic Research
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Etymotic Research ER6IBLKC 3.5mm Connector Canal Isolator Earphones
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.6/10
With 5 User Reviews

Review Date: 09/08/08
Cons: Feel in ear takes a bit of getting used toNo inline volume control

Pros: Excellent noise isolationGreat sound
Although it takes some adjustment and feels weird getting these to fit just right, when you do, the noise isolation is spooky! On a flight, for example, you will only be able to hear the engines as a low rumble. Anything in the cabin is completely inaudible. I use industrial hearing protection at work - it's at least as good as anything in industry.Putting them in is a bit gross...you have to lubricate the flanges with moisture and often the only available moisture is your own saliva. :-)The sound quality is excellent and there's amazing bass for the tiny driver size. Where's that bass coming from? You can actually feel the bass in your head like it's coming from a subwoofer. The bass is not overwhelming though, it's just surprising to hear it from something this size.There's no inline volume control. I thought this was a significant limitation at first but the noise isolation is so good you don't have to turn it up loud, so the flight attendant won't blast your eardrums out when she announces the buy-on-board service...Noise isolation beats noise reduction/canceling. With noise canceling, the music can get distorted. It usually uses batteries and often requires you to turn it up loud in order to drown out the frequencies it can't cancel. Noise isolation does not distort the music and you don't have to turn it up loud, saving your hearing.

Review Date: 08/15/08
Cons: none

Pros: sound with ipod
I bought these because my Razor clip-on headphones did not hold the sound in well. Theses are very high quality sound producing headphones, I hear tones that I never heard before in alot of my music! bass is pretty decent, its even better when I use the foam inserts since thier a custom fit. overall Im very impressed with theses so I highly recommend you pick up a pair if you have uses for them!.

Review Date: 07/14/08
Cons: Takes some getting used to. Read the instructions.

Pros: superb sound, multiple ear pieces included, noise isolation. Nice long cable.
Really pleased with the audio quality, using these with the Cowon D2. The Cowon earbuds that came with the D2 were quite good, but these are definitely better and more comfortable once you get used to them.At first I found it lacked bass and was disappointed. Thankfully I paid attention to the instructions and allowed time for my ears and earbuds to fit into each other (I use the default ones, comes with 2 others). When it comes out of the package it can be scrunched (like mine) so the buds aren't parabolic until they've been out for a while. The other thing to keep in mind (again from instructions) is to ever so slightly wet the ear buds and twist them into place. If you follow those two things you get excellent noise isolation and clear sound with great bass.

Review Date: 07/03/08
Cons: No in-line volume control

Pros: Great sound, wonderful noise isolation, very comfortable
Simply the best set of earphones I have ever owned. A variety of fittings for every ear size, a long cord and wonderful sound. The noise isolation works much better than noise canceling, especially on airplanes and subway cars. My one criticism is the lack of an in-line volume control.

Review Date: 05/15/08
Cons: Thin Cable, Worried about durability

Pros: Amazing Bass, Comfortable Fit, Adjustment kit with additional flangers, Great Sound Quality, Good Price - Lowest I've seen in Canada (Paid $79.99 on sale)
Overall these are exactly the in-ear studio monitor type headphones I was looking for. I browsed around Amazon and other sites for the best in-ear headphones and these were ideal for my price range. Especially on sale! It was between these and the Ultimate Ears, Shures and Sennheisers.I made the right choice.

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