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Acer X233Hbd Black 23" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor

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Acer X233H 23" Widescreen LCD HDMI Monitor Acer X233H 23" Widescreen LCD HDMI Monitor $64.89 CAD Shop Now

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Acer X233Hbd Black 23" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 8.86/10
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Review Date: 02/25/10
Cons: None i have seen

Pros: Wide screenClear 23 inch Picture
Great Monitor, had for over a year now. I have 3 monitors this size. A viewsonic, and a Samsung, this one is the best hands down. I would recommend this monitor to anyone looking for a 23 incher.

Review Date: 12/09/09
Cons: I'd like to have seen an HDMI port and built in speakers. For this price though, you can't really ask for much more than what is already given.

Pros: -Huge (Compared to my old monitor)-Full HD-1900x1200-DVI (A definite plus)
I bought this monitor as an upgrade from my 19" widescreen and it definitely helps reduce the strain to my eyes. HD is also awesome.

Review Date: 10/03/09
Cons: no hdmi

Pros: Great picture quality1920x1080 rezprice
great monitor for the price, I looked around and you can't get a better one for the same price point This review was modfied by poster @ 10-03-09 01:10 PM

Review Date: 08/14/09
Cons: Flismy standNoiseViewing angles

Pros: CheapGood bang for buck
This was the first LCD monitor I got and it was a decent monitor. It works and had no dead pixels. The stand is a bit weak and causes the monitor to wobble a bit. Also if the brightness is turned down below 50% there is a slight hum that is noticeable if you listen for it. The viewing angles aren't the greatest. Its fine if you sit directly in front of it.

Review Date: 07/28/09
Cons: None (appart from HDMI but no one ever use it!)

Pros: Great price to Inches ratioGood picture quality
I bought 2 of thesses for customer and nobody was disapointed with it. Great picture quelity and hell this is a hudge screen!

Review Date: 07/24/09
Cons: Design and Features: There are a lot of sleekers monitors with much more features.

Pros: Price: You'd be hard pressed to find a better priced 23 in.
Display is perfect, for regular day to day use. I already owned the 22 in, and was satisfied with it, and the 23 in doesn't disappoint. Caveat: I've never owned any other brand, and I do not play games, nor do I use graphic intensive programs.

Review Date: 07/19/09
Cons: Possibly too big, if that's possible.

Pros: Bright, huge, 1080p native resolution, looks good standing up (with add-on stand) or lengthwise.
I've had larger monitors before, but always 4:3. This widescreen plus a NeoFlex arm (so I can move it around my desk and rotate it) has been a huge change to my net experience. It's absurd how much fits on this, and how nice things look. I've never written a product review before, but took the time to write this one because I just want people to know that if you are looking for a monitor to look at video, read text, and enjoy the internet and your computer more, this is a fantastic deal - but don't forget to spend another $100 for a good monitor stand so you can spin it portrait and landscape as needed. The picture looks amazing either way, and when you play true HD video or even lower-quality that is widescreen, it's a riot. Also, spinning it lengthwise, every website fits nicely, and a page-down is a serious event since so much is on the screen -- and not on the screen but hard to read, but on the screen and really comfortable to look at. Highly suggest this, great price, go for it.
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