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Enzotech Extreme-X Rev.A 120mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler

Enzotech Extreme-X Rev.A 120mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler (EnzoTech: ExtremeX Rev.A)
VPN: ExtremeX Rev.A
Vendor: EnzoTech
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Enzotech Extreme-X Rev.A 120mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 7/10
With 4 User Reviews

Review Date: 03/26/14
Cons: pricematch hard to find noe

Pros: works and looks nice
good looking cooler with good performance

Review Date: 04/06/08
Cons: The size is a factor on my DS3L. I can only mount it one way.

Pros: One of the better air cooling solutions.
This was my first heatsink that I've ever bought, and I was quite happy with it. It keeps my CPU nice and cool while running my Q6600 l 3150.

Review Date: 02/28/08
Cons: it is not a $70 HS, it has alum fins, only copper is the base and the heatpipes are copper aswell, thats it. It works OK.. but I sold mine on E-bay and bought a thermalright XP90c and it saved me $20 and has a smaller footprint w/ 90mm fan + droped the temp by 15* from the Enzotech. You are paying for a name with this thing, not quality for the price. surely not worth its price tag, mayby half. (id give 2 stars but I do not have my order ID#

Pros: it does it's job...
Save yourself $30 and go with a alum thermalright xp90, or get the all copper version, still saves you $15-20. Both would cool AT LEAST as well as this product, I sold this on ebay, as LNIB (like new in box)for $45 because ncix wouldn't take this piece o $#!+ back.The only copper parts are the heat tubes, and the CPU contact base. This thing cools like a $40 heatsink with no heatpipes. (my stock intel was only a little worse, and it had a copper core like this p.o.s. With the Enzotech, I droped 15* from stock HS and the thing is massive )(to cool mosfet, it does that...Thermalright XP90c $20 cheaper ALL copper, only 90mm fan but you choose so I got a quiet one) it droped 25* from stock while overclocking! and it cools the mosfet+memory like the other p.o.s. only it takes up less space and does a better job. (just weighs MUCH more)

Review Date: 12/20/07
Cons: the price?

Pros: a high performance cooler with a low profile. great for small cases. clears heatpipe configured boards
purchased this to run on my new mobo and replace a tt typhoon as i wanted something with more clearance in my silverstone htpc case. this heatsink delivers in spades with at least 1.5 inches more clearance to the lid than the typhoon, a good mounting system for 775 based boards that you can't easily tighten loosen with your fingers especially in a cramped case. the heatsink bottom is mirror finish polished..they even spec out their polishing level and i believe it. the best base i've seen. the only drawback potentially is the price as for a company with little image in the aftermarket cooling community, the price puts it in among some of the best known big boys..but, especially if you have an htpc case you want to cool, it's the best option i've found!

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