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Blue Microphones Eyeball USB HD Webcam with High Quality Microphone

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Blue Microphones Eyeball USB HD Webcam with High Quality Microphone
Very Good
Below Average
Rating: 9.33/10
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Review Date: 12/24/11
Cons: Average video

Pros: High quality condenser microphone
The Eyeball is really the Blue Snowflake microphone with a small spring loaded video camera button that you can pop in and out. The audio quality is excellent and suitable for podcasting and lecture recording. The webcam is relatively small and it pops out the side of the microphone if you need it. This is a great unit for recording the spoken word with video as a secondary concern. If you need high quality audio this unit works great.

Review Date: 10/03/11
Cons: A little pricey. Mounting options aren't good.

Pros: Better than the mic on my razer carcharias
I recently bought this mic+webcam combo for the mic. I've found it to noticeably better than the mic of the razer carcharias (which picks up sound from the headset since it is an open headset design). As for mounting the Eyeball it did not work on my monitor which kind of defeats the use of the webcam since if you put it on your desk it will be on an upwards angle (no one wants to see that). The camera itself is fine in lots of lighting but fails in lower light conditions. I would buy it if it went on sale, but for the price current you might as well invest in a Blue Snowball and a high end webcam. I'm still happy with what I have since it really did complete my set-up.

Review Date: 11/29/09
Cons: video isnt as good as i would have thought

Pros: amazing sound
the box discribes HD video, but i wasnt all that impressed with the video quality. definatly better than a 40 dollar POS.... but its no 720P camera by far.on the plus side, the audio is amazing. it is a VERY clear mic. i'm satisfied

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